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"Dallas" Fanfic...

It's been a lazy Saturday -- the kind of day Marilyn and I earn when we have a really hectic, full and stressful week (like this past week). We've done very little in the way of work today -- which is not to say we've done NONE, just not all that much.

And that includes doing very little here around the house, as well...

Plus we went out for dinner (to the The Burrito House), where we each had a margarita. (grin) And peppermint ice cream for dessert!

Recently I've been 'on the hunt' for "Dallas" fanfic to read. It's not all that easy to find, surprisingly. I'd expect that the new series would have engaged a whole new pack of fic writers -- to say nothing of the original series. Which isn't to say that I found nothing at all. But there's a lot less than I'd have guessed.

Anyway, there were TWO drabbles at the new Dallas fic community today -- so that gave me something to read and enjoy. (smile)

Plus I'm reading a new zombie book on my Kindle, "The Zombie Wilson Diaries" -- but I haven't decided what I think of it, yet, to tell you the truth. It had some good reviews, so I decided to give it a chance. But I find it really ODD, so far. And the protagonist is a creep, as far as I'm concerned... So I guess I really wouldn't recommend it, in case you're wondering! But I'll probably finish it, anyway. I've ended up reading quite a few zombie novels. Obviously some are better than others! (smile)

We need to go to the office tomorrow. And get manicures (sigh). But I hope we can sleep in! (woo hoo)

Good night, all!

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