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Busy and Sore Day...

Busy, busy day. And I was far from 100% today (still somewhat under the weather). Plus I was sore! I guess from lifting my bike (which is pretty heavy, with those metal baskets -- even the bike dude was surprised by the weight!), and from riding it for the first time in ages. Ouch. Time to get back in shape, no doubt about it!

Got the eNewsletter out and the World Environment Day page done at the festival website. I did a bunch of other website stuff, too. (I actually did a News item for the website, plus got another News item ready to send on Monday, as well.)

It seemed like I was just busy every second. Plus I did a load of dishes and took care of the garbage and recycling (including the cat boxes).

I also fixed dinner, but that was pretty easy. We had one of those pre-cooked chickens, so I pulled that apart. Then I cleaned more celery and got out the refried beans I'd cooked last. (By the time I finally had the beans cooked, we were both too tired to eat them...)

Marilyn and I have been watching the teen romance comedy movie "John Tucker Must Die," with Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher Ewing of "Dallas"). It's highly entertaining -- and John Tucker is darling. In fact, there are no real villains in this film. Even when the girls are all ganging up on John, it seems pretty harmless... Let's face it, Jesse Metcalfe is darling -- really fun to see in whatever role he portrays.

Both Sister Sue and friend June would like to get together and watch some "Dallas." Sounds like a plan to me! It turns out that June is another J.R. Ewing fan (what's NOT to love???) -- something I totally understand. (grin)

I did get a chance to go over last night and visit a bit with June (and her husband, Jim), which was nice. These days it's hard to get to see anyone unless it's about work...

Marilyn was home a little bit earlier tonight (by 8:00). Not terrific, but it beats 9:30 and later, which has been true much of this week!

I never did do a second entry yesterday to cover all I did -- which was a ton of festival-related work. But I was just too tired to ever get around to it. Right now it's all I can do to type an entry each day... You know, last year I only wrote two entries for the entire month of April! Shocking. Well, it was a combination of being busy with work, plus dealing with the beach house -- which just did me in. I'm determined not to let thing overwhelm me to the point where I stop blogging this year! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In fact, I've been managing to keep reading my Friends blogs, too -- and commenting almost daily. I think that's pretty good!

But I've totally dropped the ball at Facebook recently. And I rarely go to Pinterest, either. Never seem to Tweet. I guess no matter what, something has to give!

Finished my latest Mary Russell book "Justice Hall" (by Laurie R. King). I love this series of books -- and Laurie is an AMAZING writer! If you like Sherlock Holmes, or historical novels, then you'd really enjoy this! Or if you just like quality writing. She's one of my favorite authors.

Before I forget to mention it, my friend Shari finally got a new cat! She hasn't named it, yet. And she's upset that it's hiding a lot right now -- but it takes me back to when Marilyn and I first got Kittie Scarlett. I'm sure it will be fine once the cat gets used to her new home.

Well, it's late and I'm dead tired, so I'm going to close for now. Good night, all!

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