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Wait. Another LJ Mini-Rant! (LJ Tags)

First of all, I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) the new tags. I really do! I use them frequently in my own blog and in communities.

But it's really a BITCH to REMEMBER them!

I guess my question is, why can't they come up with a way to SELECT from your previously existing tags??? Say the way you can with Memories?

I've no clue how hard it would be to set up, in all honesty. I just figure that if it was done for Memories (as we know it was), it should be do-able for Tags. (Or is that what makes Memories such a pain? And puts the limitations on keywords and so on? Is it some entirely different system... duh?)

Well, all I know is I'm constantly forgetting what I named a tag in the past. Which means I'll skip tagging at the time I post, because I'll almost always end up naming it something slightly different than I did the time before. (It's annoying to end up with five different tags that all basically point to the same category -- merely because I can't recall the first-used tag name. sigh.)

Or I'll need to go back and edit my tags. But my current style doesn't readily allow for that! (What a pain in the ass...)

Seriously, I do love tags. I just hate the way they work!

Enough bitching. I've got writing to do...

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