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Phones, No Water and TONS of Website Updates!

Rich and I went to Starbucks this morning -- I paid as a birthday gift. (smile) His birthday was April 14, but I haven't seen him recently. I gave him some awesome rocks for his birthday, and he was really pleased. (smile)

I've been trying to get somewhere on the phone issue at the office for ages now. We had our meeting (Marilyn, Christine and I) with Rick more than a week ago -- he's supposed to give us a proposal, but said it could take two weeks to get things set up. In the meantime, we've got more issues with the phones, which were barely able to be used yesterday.

Today I spent more than an hour on the phone with Seth from Inflow, discussing the Phone Server and whether our problems might be with a failing Server...

I did resolve one issue, which was an IP conflict -- with Kris' help. He and I had a lunch meeting and also discussed the Backup issue. It looks like we're going to move to cyber backup in place of our current tape. Tape backups have a lot of issues, so this would be a huge relief!

Unfortunately this afternoon Marilyn discovered a serious issue! She was in the ladies room and she found the floor was humped up, with the tile floor cracking. Plus the floor was tacky. That part of the building seems to be directly on a concrete slab (no basement or crawl space under it) -- and there's some kind of flooding going on. So the City (who is our landlord) had to shut off the water to the building. We've got no bathrooms and no source of internal water right now. They brought over porta potties for our use. (I am NOT a porta pottie person, for the record...) There's no telling how long the repairs will take -- and we've got a busy building, with people working from early morning until late at night. What a pain this is... (sigh)

Well, in other news, I did a TON of festival website updates this afternoon. In fact, so many, I lost track. I wouldn't be surprised if it was 30 or more (I did 11 in one hour alone). I suspect it's a record for me...

We got home by around 8:30 p.m. tonight, so it was another long day. Tomorrow is the Blessing of the Festival (Marilyn has other work early in the morning and will have to dash home to get me to go to the Blessing). Sunday we can sleep in, but we have Clown Corps graduation during the day. So it's a busy weekend.

I should go see if I have uniform pants ready to wear this weekend (both days are uniform events). Anyway, that's pretty much it for today.

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