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Loving "Dallas"...

Marilyn and I have been watching a lot of "Dallas" lately. Gosh, we're really loving that show. And it's always fun to really be hung up on some TV series... (smile) That's actually the story of my life -- the best times have frequently been wrapped up in some television show.

I even went and searched for some fanfic online. And we're both thinking we'd like to write some "Dallas" fic...

I even sort of started a couple paragraphs of a fic today -- not many words, granted. But it seemed pretty natural. Probably because I was writing a scene where Christopher Ewing was out riding -- and anything even slightly like a Western is right up my alley. (grin) When it comes to short stories, I lean toward Westerns frequently. I was writing them a lot when we had our writing circle active...

I've read a lot of Western fiction in my life, by the way. And I used to love to ride, just for the record. Of course, I was raised on classic TV Westerns, like "The Big Valley," "Bonanza" and so on...

Anything that gets us writing again is a good thing, anyway. I miss writing fiction and fanfics. It seems like we only get to write for work now.

But we're both thinking of writing "Dallas" fic, like I said, so who knows? It could be fun!

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