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Working Remotely and Grown-Up Movies!

Marilyn stayed home sick again today -- but she spent AGES working, even so! She did it the same I frequently do -- by using Remote Desktop. She connected to her work computer and worked that way...

So today we were both sitting side-by-side part of the day, working in our home office on our desktop computers -- Remoting to the office. Marilyn got a lot done, I think. And I managed to accomplish some important website work, so I'm very happy.

Marilyn has the GFP lineup tomorrow -- one of her most important days of the year. I'm hoping she'll feel well and be strong as she faces it...

I did go to the dentist just past noon -- sister Sue took me. I got the tooth fixed that was bothering me -- and hopefully it will be fine. Honestly, it's too soon to know. I was so numb in the chair that I couldn't tell at all if it's good now, or not! Late afternoon both Marilyn and I took a nap -- and at one point I woke up in a lot of pain. The numbness was gone and that tooth hurt. Probably it was the gums that hurt, really -- Mary dug around in there quite a bit, as I'd complained about how things had been jammed down into the gums. (She wanted to be sure there was nothing caught in there -- and that I didn't have an abscess. But the pain is gone now, happily! Yes, I'm still dealing with an earache (and slight sore throat). The earache seems to fluctuate: Sometimes it's barely there and other times it's very painful. But I'm hanging in there...

Marilyn and I took time to have a late dinner (fish) and watch the film "Hope Springs" -- featuring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. We refer to this as a GROWN-UP movie that actually deals realistically with adult themes and has characters that are REAL. I highly recommend this to anyone -- of any age. You don't have to be married to appreciate it (I'm not!), because it's about relationships, period. It's interesting that it's called a romantic comedy-drama -- I wouldn't really call it a 'comedy' -- except that it has realistic humor as it occurs in our day-to-day lives. Steve Carell is EXCELLENT in this role -- showing his dramatic range (the character is not his typical comedy role). The writing is good, the acting is good, the directing is good -- this is a GOOD movie.

Marilyn compared it to the film "The Descendants" (that I talked about HERE) -- which we thought was another very GROWN-UP movie, that dealt with real life issues...

They CAN make movies like these two films. I wish they would make MORE of them! There's nothing wrong with other kinds of movies, but it's nice to have intelligent movies that deal with realistic subjects that we all deal with in our own lives. Anyway, very enjoyable! We had wanted to see it on the big screen, and I'm glad we finally watched it. (Those three actors rarely ever disappoint, that's for sure!)

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