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Season Finale of "Dallas" -- It Was Perfect!!!

Last night (Monday, April 15) was the two-hour season finale of "Dallas" -- and it was really perfect. Marilyn and I were so pleased!!! There were a few twists we didn't begin to expect -- very fun! I won't spoil, but we truly enjoyed the show... And who killed J.R.? It wasn't really a surprise, when you think about it... (smile)

Marilyn didn't feel well today -- she's been fighting some kind of bug for ages now, but today she just had to stay home. She's got the GFP lineup meeting on Thursday, so I hope she feels much better in the morning.

I've got an earache and sore throat. I've had them both for a few days. I don't think it's allergies, as spring isn't really my bad time of year for allergies (I suffer in autumn). Not sure what's going on, but it's mostly annoying. I hate getting earaches, as they can sometimes lead to vertigo. I don't really get vertigo all that often anymore -- really cool, when you think about it.

I still haven't had a chance to set up to see my nurse practitioner. I had a dental appointment yesterday that I got last week. A tooth that had multiple fillings (next to 'last' recent appointment) is catching food -- very annoying! So I set up for Mary to take a look.

My dental appointment ended up turning into an adventure! (smile)

Sister Sue was going to take me (as she does most of the time). But she forgot the appointment, so I needed to get there on my own. (NOT her fault -- I forgot to remind her in the morning.) So I decided to try and walk there. This is do-able, but I didn't really have enough TIME to get there by my actual appointment. I stopped near a bus stop to catch my breath and phone Marilyn. I was talking to her and telling her I might catch a bus ride, but that I didn't even know the cost of the fare (recently changed). A man on a bike had pulled up, obviously planning to catch a ride on the bus (with his bike up front). He ended up giving ME his bus ticket!!! What a sweet thing! He said he only had a mile to go, so he'd ride his bike the rest of the way.

I got on the bus and it was PACKED. A man got to his feet and offered me his seat! I was still late to my appointment (I'd phoned and they said they'd wait for me), but at least I got there. Mary took an x-ray, but had to put the work off for another time (because I was late), but that was okay. (I'm going in tomorrow.) Then Mary suggested I could use the same bus ticket to get home -- but just in case she handed me five dollars to cover the fare.

On the way home I had the same bus driver (!!!), who let me use the ticket, even though it had expired. Look how NICE everyone was! Such an adventure -- and I had fun listening to people riding the bus, too. Anyway, the day was sunny and dry and it really wasn't bad at all. Except that I really pushed myself walking as fast as I could for ages before catching the bus, so I was sore today (little wonder).

Finally, Marilyn and I took it VERY easy today (she did some work, but I really didn't). We did watch "Dallas" again (!!!). And tonight we watched "School of Rock" (from 2003) with Jack Black -- who is just an amazing talent. I loved that movie! Great fun.

That's it for today...

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