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LJ Friends 'Colors'

What an entirely stupid waste of time it was to ever bother setting up 'colors' for my friends in the first place! So I've finally gotten rid of those annoying customizations, once and for all...

There seem to be any number of off things at LJ that still manage to annoy me, all these years later. I just don't think certain things makes sense for the average user. (And in spite of my years of computer experience -- and that I once was a paid Computer Consultant -- I still don't 'get' a ton of what's here. Now why is that?)

I've had several people say to me something that amounts to, "If YOU don't get it, how do you expect the truly average computer user to get it?"

I don't know how to answer that, really.

I've never claimed to be a computer geek. I'm far from being any type of tech. My area of expertise always involved being able to quickly learn a software, then teach it to others. In fact, when it comes to explaining what I do know about the computer, I'm generally heads and shoulders above many who are being paid to write manuals and FAQs... (That sounds like bragging, but it's just an honest appraisal. And it's been said to me many times by many people -- some of whom are teaching the computer on a regular basis.)

Anyway, I'll now return to working on my NaNo novel, and quit ranting about LJ. (Thank God Michael michaelkillan feels equally as strong about things here at LJ. Maybe his new community can clear the air for a few people...)

Begone, ye weird LJ Friends' Colors! (smile)

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