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I Love Our Cats!

I love our cats, Colin and Henry. They're so sweet, so funny, so loving, so needy. And they do the craziest things...


Today Colin knocked down an entire ROLL of paper towels in the kitchen! I'd just put it up and hadn't used a single one -- and he knocked 'em all down to the floor. What a boy!

See my icon of a cat pulling Kleenex out of a box? Colin also does that all the time. I'm not sure WHY, exactly. I guess to get attention... (smile)

Henry does his rope-a-dope thing. That's what we've always called it. He has a 'rope' (I think it was originally a rope belt for a robe or dress or something) that has been his since he was a kitten. He drags it around the house in his mouth. When he gets it where he wants it, he does a sort of... um... sexual thing. He kind of humps the air with the rope still in his mouth. He's been fixed (very young -- which is what the Humane Society does with kittens prior to allowing them to be adopted). But there's no doubt at all that this is some kind of sex replacement for him... And totally harmless, of course...

The other day I saw Colin trying to sort-of MOUNT Henry (!!!). Again, Colin is fixed, so he has no clue what he's really doing... But I guess both the boys still have sexy feelings, which makes me happy for them. I mean, why not?

Indy and April (cats we had years back) were both fixed -- but Indy used to mount April all the time (and she loved him and didn't seem to mind). The bottom of Indy's body never touched April, just to be clear. He would bite her neck (as toms do) and be above her sort of humping, but there was nothing even close to penetration going on...

When we were kids we had a gray female cat named Tiny. She had some litters before we had her fixed, so she knew what it was all about. (smile) And she was always popular with the 'boys' -- even after she was fixed! She went outside, usually going from the front porch to the back (just barely around the side of the house, in other words). But she was going OUT to meet up with the toms! We used to see her being mounted all the time. She might have been fixed, but she still wanted to 'get some,' even so...

Tiny's one of the only cats we've ever had who wasn't fixed early on. Times were different, and there was so much focus on making sure cats didn't throw litters of unwanted kittens back then. One of Tiny's kittens -- Smokey -- looked a lot like her, except that he was male. Sister Sue had Smokey as her cat. (smile) And we did get some others adopted out, too...

But after that we always made sure our cats were fixed as soon as the vet thought it was time.

Both Colin and Henry were adopted from the Humane Society -- and as I said, they fix them BEFORE you adopt. So they actually do it really young. Colin has always had this high-pitched, tiny voice, that I think is directly connected to him being fixed so young. I don't think they trust people to fix their cats, but we would! Oh well. It is what it is.

Ultimately they haven't taken away the passion that our cats feel, quite clearly! Not sure why that makes me so happy, but it does...

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