CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

12-Hour (Plus) Day

Marilyn and I got home from work a little past 9:00 -- making it a 12-hour day.

I made fish for dinner (it takes about half an hour to cook). We went out for Chinese food for lunch today. (I was supposed to be having lunch with Denise today, but she'd been emailing back and forth with me -- then sent me a text that I missed. So we failed to connect... Hopefully we'll get another chance, soon...)

Still reading my Mary Russell book. I keep falling asleep without getting very far. (I wonder why!)

Lots of website work done today -- very busy! But Marilyn's day was even more busy. I don't know how she does it!!!

We got word today that a dear friend is dying. (We both took time to send him cards with notes.)

Marilyn and I watched most of "Flea Market Flip" -- we really like that show!

Last night we watched the 2010 film "The Tortured." There were a lot of holes in the plot -- and it was very violent. But the two leads were good, in spite of that. Interesting concept, actually...

I'm sure there's more, but I'm too tired to type. So I'll end for today...

Tags: 2013, busy, dinner, festival, festival-website, food, kindle, lunch, marilyn, mary-russell, movie, reading, tired, tv, work

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