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The Wayback Machine (at the Internet Archive)

I got all wrapped up with the Wayback Machine (located at the Internet Archive) yesterday.

The aside is that I was carefully going through my hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of BOOKMARKS -- to see which were still live and which were dead. And as I found dead ones, I was looking at many of them via the above-linked Wayback Machine...

It's SAD how many websites are gone, by the way. It's a bit frightening, when you think about it! It's probably a good topic to tackle sometime: History and the Missing Websites

Just THINK about it! All that stuff that might have ended up in books or letters or some other HARD COPY format -- something that could be kept FOREVER -- is now just gone. Period. End of story! In fact, I've spent ages -- over many years -- blogging here at LiveJournal. And if it suddenly disappeared tomorrow, all of THIS would be gone, too (!!!). Not a great thought, is it???

I love the cyber world! I love how easy it is to connect to people from around the physical world via the internet. I'm sure that I might never have encountered most of you any other way, if it hadn't been for LiveJournal! And you are IMPORTANT in my life. Well, anyway, I'm digressing (yet again!). I find it both sad and scary to see websites disappear entirely. But I'm not sure what can be done about it! Large, famous sites will surely have many people interested enough to keep them going. But small sites? Who can say? Marilyn and I have several sites, but what happens to them when the two of us are gone?

Does it matter when we're no longer here?

Maybe not. But personally I've been involved with tutorials of one kind or another since I got online -- both using those others have created and creating my own for others to use. This would be like books, magazines or even letters where people told other people how to do something. And I think it's too bad to lose those things in cyber space because a website isn't renewed...

I've been reading fiction (mostly fanfic) from the beginning, too! And will that writing be GONE when it's no longer hosted somewhere? Again, that's a true shame...

Anyway, if you've never used the Wayback Machine, think about giving it a try. Especially if you have a link to a website that no longer goes anywhere (is currently dead)!

I'll give you some examples behind an LJ-Cut for you to try, if you like. You can use the TOP link to try going to the website -- and the bottom TEXT version to Cut and Paste into the Wayback Machine area. It's not really that complicated, so I think you'll be able to reason out how it works. Anyway, you can see what they call captures of the website the way it USED to appear.

Sometimes this doesn't work 100% -- because images don't display, or whatever. And if someone used a bunch of Flash or Java Script, their site might not show at all. For example:

[top: click - bottom: cut and paste]

This was the website of someone who once worked for the festival, then started her own business. This was the company website. I honestly can't remember what it was like -- but using the Wayback Machine doesn't help. There are captures of the site, but it doesn't display at all...

Anyway, I'll now share some other websites you can try!

Here's one! It was a site where you could enter your email address and get a coded version that couldn't be spidered by search engines (like Google). I used to use it years ago...

[Interesting note: I now simply use the special character set to type the @ sign -- which is really all you need to do to avoid having an email spidered.]

Total aside: LiveJournal doesn't recognize the word spidered as being spelled correctly! Okay, at least it now recognizes LiveJournal -- because for YEARS it didn't! Hahahahahaha.

I had a lot more, but I just dumped them... (sigh) Anyway, two of the three below were related to using Paint Shop Pro (and finding brushes and tubes and other goodies for free online). The third was a website for downloading free fonts.

[This now takes you to some Asian website -- with nothing appearing in English. Interesting!]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, you DO go somewhere when you click the above links! But it isn't to those original websites! Don't be fooled -- they make it look like a 'real' website, but it's not.

Well, back to work! I've got a bunch of things I'm working on today! Some of it rather complicated, too. (sigh)

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