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Phone Meeting with Rick -- Hallmark Movie "Fairfield Road"

Marilyn, Christine and I had our phone meeting with Rick today at 2:00 (it ran slightly over an hour). Hopefully things will improve with our phones now that Rick (and his company) are taking over how our phones will be processed...

I did some research on an online service for non-profits (not sure how long I worked on that) -- very complicated stuff.

I also did some research on iPad keyboards. I'm supposed to be ordering two -- one for Jeff and one for Marilyn. I have several possibles, so we'll see how that goes...

Marilyn and I did go to lunch today -- and I also went to Starbucks for coffee in the afternoon with Rich. Nice! Some days it's all about the food and the coffee. Hahahahahaha.

Anyway, Marilyn and I left the office late and were home around 8:30 (I think). She had this Hallmark movie on the DVR that we watched -- "Fairfield Road," from 2010. It starred Jesse Metcalfe (who plays Christopher on "Dallas") and was very sweet and entertaining! I'm so glad we watched it.

Then we tried to watch "Snow White and the Huntsman" (featuring Kristen Stewart). But, frankly, we both found it BORING as can be. And talk about evil characters! Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron as Snow White's stepmother) is horrific. I'm not kidding. This goes beyond the fairy tales we all grew up with... (And the way her eyes kept bulging out? Just ugh. Big time ugh.)

Randomness: I need to call Mary (my dentist) about a tooth she filled recently that's driving me crazy. And set up to go see my nurse practitioner, Leslie. Plus I joined today -- and did my first bout of 750 words this morning (well, actually I did 814). My stats include the fact that it took me 17 minutes to write 750 words, and 18 minutes, total... But it's NOT about speed for me, really. I'd like this to become a way to encourage myself to keep writing fiction (the way I was when we had our writing circle active). We'll see how that goes. This is a CRAZY time to try and do this, as busy as I am at work. But I guess it doesn't hurt to try... I have to decide if I want to make my daily blogging part of my 750 words or not, I suppose! But I don't want to give this up, that's for sure! (grin)

SAY! Have I mentioned I'm reading another Mary Russell book (the wife of Sherlock Holmes)??? I love those books -- I really do. Such quality writing. Anyway, like the others I've read, I have it as a Kindle download.

Well, that's my Tuesday. Hope all is well with my LiveJournal friends!

By the way, the above is a total of 452 words. (smile)

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