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Back to Portland -- Two Hours of "Dallas"

We slept in, then spent some time cleaning at the beach house. We took off for Portland pretty late and didn't get here until 8:00 -- in time for the two hours of "Dallas" we'd been looking forward to!

The cats were pretty good coming home, thankfully...

Tonight we're all tired out and ready to head to bed early (for us). Marilyn and I both need to wash our hair before bed. Tomorrow is a very BUSY (long) day, so the sooner we can end our day, the better.

I should chat about "Dallas" (LOVED the two hours tonight!!!), but there's no time. Maybe tomorrow...

Tags: 2013, april-2013, beach-house, cats, cleaning, dallas-tv, hair, housecleaning, marilyn, portland-house, sleep, tv, work

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