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Stormy Evening at the Beach House

Colin (our black cat) has been screaming near the front door. This is actually my fault. I had the front door open, and was looking out at the storm. I encouraged him to come over and have a look -- not realizing he would try to GO OUT the front door! I mean, the entire porch is soaked with rain, the wind is howling through the trees and pushing wet inside the open door and it's chilly. So why in hell would Colin want to go outside? He's strictly an indoor cat, after all...

Coming down today (we got here around 3:30 this afternoon), it was Henry who was howling like mad in the car! He started that in Astoria and kept it up until we arrived in Seaside. (sigh) We thought maybe he needed to pee or poop -- or was feeling sick to his stomach. But hell no! He was starving! I brought him in first thing (before anything else) and let him out immediately. He ran to his dish and was very impatient as I went to the fridge to get out food and fill their two bowls. He was eating while I was still pouring...

Henry is like that about both food and water. He has a health condition and has to be medicated every single day. Both his condition and the medication make him hungry and thirsty -- and when he is, he really can't wait to eat or drink. But even so, it was a surprise to have him howling for food in the car! He doesn't normally cry for food or water -- he just acts up until he gets me to realize what it is he wants. (smile)

Not surprisingly (grin), we did sleep in this morning, as I'd expected we would. Actually, Marilyn didn't sleep in that much, but I certainly did! (It was quite nice.)

Wow! You should HEAR the wind right now! (yikes) It's blowing hard and the sound through the trees is something else.

Both Marilyn and I did wash our hair (dry and style it) this morning. And we were kind of taking it slow getting ready to leave. She was watching a movie on TV (I was, too, at first). And I even logged on to the office and did some work (!!!) before stopping to get packed up for the trip.

An Aside: I really HATE the new Update page here at LiveJournal. The font and font size alone is awful to look at. My eyes freak out and the white glare is horrible! I can't understand why they insisted on making these changes that everyone seems to hate -- and not allowing us to opt out and use the old version. (sigh)

Marilyn has already been given some cards and gifts -- some really nice stuff, too! Sue B. gave her a SoundBender, as seen on ABC's "Shark Tank." Marilyn and I saw that episode and immediately recognized the device, which works really well, by the way. (Sue gave her a lot of other nice things, too -- I'm just excited about the SoundBender... smile...)

No, I still haven't bought a card or gift for her -- but hopefully will soon! (Her actual birthday is on Sunday.)

Marilyn just came upstairs to tell me that I'm missing "Flea Market Flip" -- a show on HGTV that we both really enjoy. I need to wrap this up and go watch!

Sister Sue is coming down EARLY tomorrow. I don't know when June and Jim will come, but they're coming tomorrow at some point, too. It should be fun to have them all here! And we plan to go to dinner to celebrate Marilyn's birthday tomorrow (Saturday) night.

Well, I'm off to watch the show! Sorry not to share more about today, but that's how it goes. (grin)

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