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What's the Deal With Java???

So, as most people know, Java has MAJOR security issues.

So why don't they FIX them??? What gives with that?

Meanwhile, there are lots of sites that won't run without Java. Thankfully I don't use any personally. At least, not at the current time (knock on wood). But my sister Sue and her daughter (my niece) Candy DO -- one of their fave game sites.

I took ages to uninstall all the OLD versions of Java on the computer I took over for Candy. Then I downloaded and installed the latest version. Then I enabled Java in the Control Panel and on the browser. Come on! Could there be about ten more steps???

Finally, I checked at the official Java website to see if it showed up as installed on her computer -- which it DOES (with the very latest version).

But no matter what, I can't get the damn game site to work. I tried on Tuesday and I tried today. No luck at all...

I suppose I'll have to uninstall and install again, just in case it's corrupted or something. (In which case, why would the official site be able to 'find' it?) I've no clue what else could be the problem...

Java, what gives with this, anyway?

Well, in the middle of working on it, my TeamViewer connection was LOST. I'm so done with it all that I just don't care.

This entire day has been like that, by the way. Nothing but annoying crap from morning until now (it's around 6:30). I hope the evening is better!

You know, if not, could we just leave annoying behind as of tomorrow morning, please?

(Marilyn's been having one of those days, too... sigh...)

Tags: 2013, april-2013, candy, computer, java, sister-sue

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