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Why, Yes. As a Matter of Fact, I Do ROCK... (grin)

Busy, busy day (yes, AGAIN). Finishing up the eNewsletter after people had checked it over, for one thing. Getting some other website work done, as well.

Thanks to everyone who offered healthy wishes (and prayers) to Marilyn! She's feeling better today, thankfully. (I doubt she's 100% -- but she's still looking forward to this coming weekend and having her birthday off.)

This morning I took Marilyn's old desktop computer over to Sue's house for her daughter Candy to have. Then I had to set it up, which took much longer (!!!) than expected. In fact, it was taking so long that I finally installed TeamViewer (for Remoting) on there and left it still installing Java.

And that was a BIG mistake. (sigh)

It's possible that Buddy (Candy's boyfriend) stopped the Java install when he got on her computer to play games. He said he didn't, but... Or maybe it just didn't work correctly. First you have to go in and remove every version (and update) of Java -- then do a download and reinstall. This can take up to two hours, for whatever reason -- and it was taking FOREVER on that computer. Maybe we got a corrupted DL, who knows? But there's no way to do this Remotely. I need to get back over there again and try uninstalling Java -- then I need a new DL and I'll have to install again, from scratch. (sigh) What a pain. But in the meantime, I guess Candy might have to hook up her old computer (!!!) and use it. Seriously???

That was hours of my time over at Sue's and from here at home. I hate the waste, but what can you do?

So I'm working away on festival stuff and suddenly I remember that it's Wednesday -- and I have a dental appointment at 2:30 p.m.!!! I'd totally forgotten about it (and so had sister Sue). I call her and we initially want to postpone. But I can't reach anybody at the dentist's office, so we just decided to go in. The good thing? That's my last appointment until I go back for more x-rays in June! (woo hoo)

After the appointment we went to Burgerville. I'd received an email from them, mentioning strawberry goodies -- and Sue wanted a strawberry shortcake. Let's just say their strawberry shortcake -- which has the old-fashioned biscuit-like cake -- are HEAVEN. Delicious! If you happen to be near to a Burgerville, don't miss out! (smile)

Back home I got right back to making eNewsletter edits, plus website edits. Marilyn and I finally talked for the first time all day (she was in tons of meetings today) -- and she needed me to work on the GFP page and add a PayPal donation element for the Vancouver (Washington) float -- which turned out nicely, if I do say so myself!

She was on her way home past 7:00 when I got a call from a security agency. Turns out there was an alarm at the Rose Building (where the festival office is located)!!! I told the woman I was sure it was a false alarm -- and that's what it turned out to be. Marilyn was ready to head back alone to be sure. I was ready to have her get me to go with her and check it out. But Christie phoned and said she'd cancelled the police, so all was well...

I made refried beans for dinner, which we had with loads of fresh (and very good) celery -- and a fresh pot of coffee. We've been sitting chatting (discussing work and other things) and watching some TV. And now I'm blogging before heading to lie down with my Kindle and read and nap. I'm ready for that nap, believe me!

Today doesn't sound as impressive as yesterday, I know -- but I was busy all day long. I ate sitting at the computer (except for a few bites of shortcake in the car coming back home) and was on the go most of the day.

Oh! Sue and I did take a break first thing today to go to Starbucks over on Hayden Island (where she lives). They took out the old Starbucks ages ago, and just opened the NEW one last Friday. It's good to have one there again, that's for sure! We didn't finish our drinks there, but we did sit for a few minutes to sip and chat -- then headed to her house for all the computer stuff...

On the battle front...

The ants are still around -- but perhaps a bit more controlled. That Terro stuff seems to at least be drawing them away from the cats food dishes, thankfully. We still have ants, though. (sigh) I need more stuff to treat them with, but there hasn't been time to go out and get anything.

I need to go and buy Marilyn a card and some GIFT for her birthday (which is Sunday!!!). I can't believe I haven't done that, yet. Sue was asking me about it today. I can't tell her what to get, because I don't know what I'm going to get! We're both getting a bit anxious, because we don't have much buying time left. Hahahahahaha.

And we were originally planning to go down to the beach house Thursday night. Now we've decided to wait until Friday and give ourselves a break. We'll probably want to WORK LATE tomorrow, considering we won't be working for four days in a row (!!!). That makes perfect sense to me -- and I know Marilyn feels the same way. We were laughing, saying we could tell ourselves we'll get up early Friday and head out -- knowing that will never happen. We'll be lucky if we leave before noon on Friday, I think...

Sister Sue plans to come down Saturday and stay over night (and go home on Sunday). Friends June and Jim are also planning to come down (for the day) on Saturday -- and all five of us will go to dinner that night. Should be fun!!!

I'm probably forgetting something I wanted to share, but I'm toast, so I'm off to nap now...

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