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What a CRAZY day. I can't even believe how much I got done today... Nor can I believe how much I need to do that I didn't get a chance to touch! I have to wonder as I start a list of what I finished today, whether my 'To Do' list right now wouldn't be a lot longer. (grin) But it's April and we're less than two months from the start of the 2013 festival -- so it's little wonder...

  • I worked on tweaks for the GF Walk (baby) website (and the GF Walk page at the main website, too).
  • I created a News item for the website about the Walk.
  • I did a sponsor logo change.
  • I found numerous photos of the Walk and other things to use in the eNewsletter -- and prepared them for use.
  • I worked on the header banner -- and finished it (!!!) -- for the eNewsletter.
  • I took the Copy and did the eNewsletter layout and coding (plus I read over and tweaked the Copy).
  • I worked for ages on the RoZone page at the website, including preparing images for the new concerts for 2013.
  • I worked on the Rose page for the website.
  • I talked to Rick about the phones.
  • I talked to Christine about my call with Rick.
  • I talked to Marilyn about setting a meeting with Rick next week (and about my call with Rick).
  • I made numerous phone calls to Staff at the office regarding all of the things mentioned above.
  • I worked on organizing my email and answered a bunch of emails (more than 30, as it turns out).
  • I located some lists I needed to share with Megan, tweaked them and sent them to her -- which included doing some research.
There may be more (no doubt!), but I can't think of what right now. It's often difficult for me to even keep track of all I do in a day, actually. I should probably keep really good notes (the way Marilyn does -- she's excellent about tracking everything she does!), but I've never gotten in the habit. Not that I don't keep notes on a ton of things, because I really do! But I don't just jot down each thing as I tackle it, the way she does...

Well, in spite of the work I didn't get done (sigh), I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now! I still would like to wash my hair (which I planned to do earlier today). And I should start thinking about what I'm going to fix for dinner at some point, too. Of course, it would be nice if I got dressed at some point! This was another one of those days where I didn't even take time to get out of my nightclothes before starting to work. Hahahahaha.

I could stand to do a load of dishes and some laundry, here on the home front. Hmm... I wonder if that's going to happen??? Somehow I doubt it. (grin)

Well, it's now after 8:00. Marilyn phoned me on her way home from work between 7:00 and 7:30 (she came in the door around 7:30). She got SICK at work -- so even though she would have preferred to stay and work longer, she had to come home...

All she had to eat at work today was some food from a caterer who is being tested out to do a function for the festival (!!!), so this isn't a good sign. (sigh) We're both thinking it's food poisoning -- but we'll wait to see if others who had the same food got sick or not. This time of year (March/April) is frequently when Marilyn will be sick with the flu, so anything is possible.

Considering how much we're looking forward to her BIRTHDAY WEEKEND starting on Thursday, we're both hoping this will pass quickly (!!!). We're planning to head to the beach house as soon as she gets off work on Thursday, staying until we come home on Monday. Marilyn has really earned this four-day weekend for her birthday, too!

So keep her in your thoughts (and prayers), please!!!

I just made her a hot cup of tea. She's certainly not up to eating, so I won't be fixing dinner, after all. I'm off to wash my hair and check on her...

Oh! I almost forgot. I got bad news today. Rudy from Inflow (our phones at the office) has passed away. Rick told me when we talked. Apparently he died on February 17. I had an email from him on February 10 -- and had spoken with him on the phone. It's such a SHOCK. He was in his 30's...
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