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Manicures -- IT for the Festival -- Other Work...

I stayed home this morning and worked on some stuff for the current eNewsletter. Plus I made some last minute changes to the GF Walk (baby) website (we were on deadline to have that ready to go today, with registration opening as of April 1).

No, I didn't pull any April Fools jokes today, more's the pity!!! Hahahahahaha. Darn!

Sister Sue was kind enough to take me to grab a few groceries -- and then we got Starbucks. We chatted about things that have been going on, including her cribbage tournament this past weekend. She had a good time -- and though she was still sick and coughing over the weekend, she seemed much better today when I saw her than when I saw her last week (a good thing!). (I loaned her another book on the Catholic religion to read -- one I found in the bookcases at the beach house...) Sue and I share a love of reading -- and she (like me) is always in the middle of reading yet another book. (smile)

Oh! This afternoon a man came to the door, asking if we wanted our roof worked on. Ron and his son Leonard and I chatted for some time -- I really liked them. Interestingly enough, Sue and I had just been discussing the fact that we need the moss on our roof treated -- and when I talked to Marilyn about it, she had been thinking the same thing! He gave me a quote (spendy... sigh...), so we'll see what happens next. I'll check him out on Angie's List and so on. Gosh, he reminded me of my dad (even though he was much younger).

Marilyn came home for me around lunch time -- and we went to get our manicures as our 'lunch break.' I'm glad to have that out of the way, that's for sure! We both really needed them. It's awful when our nails get so long we can't easily do things (like take my contacts in and out without difficulty, or type easily...). I did my usual French manicure (with pearl tips, rather than white). Pretty!

After that we headed back to the office. Our Communications Team meeting was delayed until 3:00 today. We talked about a number of subjects, including the full schedule of eNewsletters for this year. I need to get the current one pretty well DONE tomorrow. Plus I've got a News item for the website to work on...

Oh. And I need to do some website stuff: Work on the Media Guide page (already started) and the World Environment Day page (yet to be started).

I met briefly with Kathy (who is doing finance work for the festival now) and Shelley. And Shelley and I worked with the woman from the bank to get the check reader hardware working with Shelley's computer (instead of the other finance computer). Good deal!

Marilyn and I were actually home from work by 6:30 tonight (!!!) -- which felt like a vacation. (This time of year if we get home before 7:00 we're feeling pretty happy, that's for sure!)

I fixed dinner (fish) and we ate. We topped it off with chocolate Easter bunny (smile) for dessert. (I got two for 50% off when shopping -- the only way to buy Easter candy...)

We took naps in the evening and I finished reading my book (on my Kindle): "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War," by Max Brooks. I really enjoyed it! (I need to get his other zombie book now...)

Then we watched "Dallas" (on tape). Two episodes next Monday!!! (woo hoo)

Now it's time for bed. That's all for today!

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