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An Apology -- And Clarification...

In my entry yesterday, I said this:

I remember talking about this with someone close recently, by the way -- referring to another strong female on a TV show. I thought this woman would relate to this reality TV woman, but she didn't...

I owe this woman (who called me on this, by the way) an apology. Mostly because I didn't make myself CLEAR enough when I posted this. I was NOT saying that the woman in question doesn't support strong women -- I simply said I was surprised she didn't support one particular strong woman (who appeared on a reality TV show we both watch). She said she's always supported strong women during her life and her work career -- and that's very true. And she said that her reason for not liking the woman from the TV show wasn't about that woman being strong. And, frankly, I realize that's true. So I'm sorry I brought this up as an example. (When I'm wrong I say so -- and I apologize. End of story.) Nothing else I said (before or after the sentence quoted above) was about this particular incident, though, in case that wasn't clear. Look, I've got plenty of examples of OTHER women who don't support strong women. And I never mentioned a single name for many reasons -- my goal wasn't to call out any individual here. I was trying to make a point about how there ARE many women who don't support strong women...

If I ever offend YOU (whomever you might be), I hope you'll tell me. My goal in my blogging isn't to offend others -- or hurt anyone. I'm just out to express my personal feelings. You don't have to agree with me -- in fact, I don't expect people will agree in many cases. You have a right to your own opinion about things. So please let me know, one way or another. I'm not too stubborn to admit when I'm at fault. And I'm eager to apologize when I'm out of line.

That said, I'll only apologize when I feel it's appropriate -- and I believe I've been in the wrong. My opinions might not agree with others, but if I feel strongly about them, I'll stick to what I think and what I say (or type).

Thanks for reading!

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