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LJ Cut IS Your Friend (And Mine)...

I was going to try and quickly read some of my Friends here at LiveJournal. But I've got some un-cut photos that make my Friends View IMPOSSIBLE to read...

I honestly don't have time (nor the inclination) to try and go back and forth and back forth with a horizontal scroll bar so I can read things.

LJ-Cut is your friend. And mine.

PLEASE don't get me wrong! I probably really (really) want to see your large photos (or links, or whatever else will break my view). I'm a person who almost always clicks on a cut to see what's behind it.

But when I'm in a hurry, I'll probably wait to click those cuts until I have more time...

Well, I didn't plan to post now. I'm SWAMPED with work and need to get back to it. So much for taking a 'break' to read, I guess. (sigh)

I MISS seeing what my Friends are sharing! That's for sure! But I just have to fit it in where I can.

(Yes, I can always take people out of my Default View -- and in the past I've done that many times. But I hate that I'll possibly forget to add 'em back again! And I love my Friends, so I rarely will remove them from the Default View EXCEPT because of LJ-Cut issues...)

Tags: 2013, livejournal, livejournal-friends, lj-cut-tag, march-2013

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