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Home from the Office by 7:00 -- No Dinner Yet at 9:30...

It was an extremely busy day at the office. I worked on the RHSAA eNewsletter (it's close to done), building some new banners, trying to set up a template and so on. The 'Winter' edition should go tomorrow -- we're moving from monthly to quarterly. This makes sense, considering even the festival doesn't do monthly eNewsletters -- and it's far bigger than the alumni group! (It was Marilyn's idea to go quarterly, by the way. Plus, she gave me the Copy to use. So it looks like it's the two of us responsible for producing this... sigh...)

Today was Staff meeting day (every Tuesday). I mentioned the problem with 'missing/moved' folders on the Server -- which is pretty serious for whatever reason this year. After that I met with Rich and Marilyn to discuss the 'Media Guide' page we're adding to the festival website. (In fact, Rich and I had a lunch meeting to discuss it that carried over from the meeting we'd started right before lunch. And we finished this up with Marilyn right after lunch. We came up with what should be some COOL ideas for the website... fingers crossed...)

I met with Chris around 1:30 to discuss the issues with his computer -- where he'd managed to almost totally fill his 40 gig hard drive (!!!). After explaining (yet again) why we save to the Server and not his standalone computer, I helped him move around 7 gigs of stuff from said computer on to the Server...

I spoke to Alina about how she was resizing images for proposals (she doesn't -- she just makes them appear smaller inside Word), considering the huge size of these documents. I also told her to start using the .doc extension instead of .docx -- we don't use .docx in our office currently.

I talked to Ashley about Copy for the baby GFWalk website -- which is supposed to be done by April 1. Frankly, I don't want to work on it over Easter weekend, thank you very much. Marilyn said if it wasn't done by Friday afternoon, we'd scrap the registration launch on April 1 until it could be finished next week. (woo hoo)

We pushed the festival's eNewsletter planned for this week back into next week, to allow me to focus on other deadlines.

I fixed an issue for Jeff on his computer (easy fix -- woo hoo). I showed Emily how to add things to the 'ribbon' in Word, so she could help Marilyn or others with it.

Yesterday I set up Kathy's Profile on the Server from home, then late today I (finally) got Kathy's Profile set up on computer 26 (located in the finance office).

I'm leaving out other random tasks. Oh, yeah! I had to change the featured sponsor on our Home page (it was late). And I did some other website things that just don't stand out right now.

Marilyn and I got home by around 7:00. Then I had a phone message from June, so I went over there for around an hour to help her. That's a long story, so I'll skip it for now. Maybe I can explain tomorrow...

Which brings me to now -- and I still haven't fixed any dinner so we can eat. I noshed on some peanuts and Marilyn snacked on something. But she had a lousy lunch and didn't eat it, and in spite of my good lunch, I'm still hungry. So I need to go cook something now.

That's my very busy day. I'm tired. But part of me wants to finish up the RHSAA eNewsletter! (grin) Or make some new "Dallas" wallpapers (I've been having fun with that...).

There's more to report, but I'm done for today -- stick a fork in me...

I'm glad that my concern that June might have had some accounts hacked seemed not to be true. That's the best news of the day!

Well, no time to read anything here or at Facebook right now... More tomorrow, hopefully!

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