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"The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" -- Plus Lent and More...

Marilyn and I watched both "The Walking Dead" and "The Talking Dead" tonight. (Normally we never watch the second show.) It was interesting listening to Michael Rooker talking about his role as Merle...

SPOILER ALERT!!! I'm going to talk about the events of this episode, so if you don't want to know, stop reading now.









You can read about the episode HERE, if you're interested.

It was actually sad to see Merle turned into a walker -- and Daryl forced to destroy him. It was cool to see Merle save Michonne (when it appeared he would do the exact opposite). The Governor biting off Merle's fingers was gross -- a whole new low. (ugh) Glen and Maggie getting engaged was cool, of course. And it was good to see Rick appear to be a little more sane (about time). But all in all this was about Merle -- and I think viewers will miss him. It was interesting how long people waited for him to come back -- and how excited people were about the character.

I get that character death is part of the bible of this series, but there are so many characters that have been lost that I think were a terrible loss... I think I liked those days when you could count on your main characters remaining alive. (sigh)

We're now watching "Revenge" while I type this. Actually, I'm typing this for the second time (big sigh) as I already lost the whole thing once.

To be more specific, I'm on my laptop in our family room, rather than using my desktop computer in our upstairs office. I just discovered that I'm unable to Remote from my laptop, by the way. The same thing has been true for Marilyn for some time -- and it's highly annoying!!! I need Kris to FIX this situation for me (and Marilyn, too, if she still wants it).

This is a really boring episode of "Revenge" this week -- which Marilyn just pointed out. She also said she doesn't like it when our main characters are so inept -- and I also agree with that.

We're not Padma fans, but I guess most "Revenge" fans don't care for the character. To me this should be clear, actually. Nolan Ross was hugely popular the very first season -- and back then he was clearly very bisexual -- and mostly interested in MEN. So why would the producers expect people to suddenly embrace him having a girlfriend? (And a not very likable girlfriend, at that.) No this is not about her background as an East Indian, which doesn't bother me. It's more about her gender -- and just the character they've developed...

I wasn't sure I liked Eli, but apparently he's gone, so it doesn't matter... I do like Aiden Mathis, though -- and like him when he's more effective (please!). Marilyn and I LOVE the entire Greyson family (especially Conrad), plus Emily and Nolan. Anyway, boring or not, we wouldn't miss this show for anything -- it remains our favorite right now.

I need to wash my hair, so I guess I'll do that soon...

I finished another Kindle book today (and read some paperwork that friend June asked me to look at). I also spent some time doing reading for Lent (which I haven't been that good about this year, I'm afraid. At the Vatican, Pope Francis celebrated his first Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square, encouraging people to be humble and young at heart and promising to go to a youth jamboree in Brazil in July, while the faithful enthusiastically waved olive branches and braided palm fronds. In keeping with his spontaneous style, he broke away several times from the text of his prepared homily to encourage the faithful to lead simple lives and resist the temptation to be sad -- "Don't let yourselves be robbed of hope! Don't let yourselves be robbed of hope!" The 76-year-old Pope also said, "Even at 70, 80, the heart doesn't age if one is inspired by Christian joy."

Marilyn has been playing this BubbleXplode game on her iPad for ages -- and now I'm hooked on it, too! She's at level 187 -- and I'm now at level 130. Very fun, and challenging...

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