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"The American Bible Challenge" on GSN

Sister Sue phoned me to turn on the Game Show Network and watch "The American Bible Challenge." Sue spends a lot of time watching GSN.

I've never seen this show before (I do NOT spend time watching GSN... hahahahahaha...). According to Wikipedia: The show's premiere episode, on August 23, 2012, debuted as GSN’s highest-rated program of all time. GSN announced American Bible Challenge brought in 2.3 million total viewers for the night, which was the largest in its 17-year history.

I'm pleased that I've actually known a lot of the answers (though not all, by any means). I love the Sisters of Mary team (comprised of actual Catholic sisters). They just won this episode (no surprise to me!).

Jeff Foxworthy is a very likable guy, you know that? Just sayin'...

Tags: 2013, gsn, march-2013, sister-sue, tv

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