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Website Work This Morning...

I decided to stay home today, once I found out Marilyn had her hair appointment tonight after work. I suppose I could have gone along and waited for her (I could have taken my Kindle and sat and read, after all)... Maybe I should have gone, after all!

Anyway, I've been spending my morning continuing to do website updates for the festival. Today six of the pages were for one of the 'baby' websites I code. (These sites are connected to a given event and offer more details than is normally the case for the actual festival website. They're pretty easy to work with as a rule, but the coding is different than the original site, needless to say...)

I've also been wading through more emails (my Unread email is my unofficial 'To Do' list) and dealing with both website-related things and non-website-related items, as well. As we head toward the end of the month, there are a lot of website things to wrap up! My goal this year is to have as much done before April 1 as possible -- and it's a goal I've never had before. I have to credit both Steven and Danielle with making it possible by getting me info that I usually wouldn't have until into May. But everybody is really working hard to keep the updates flowing -- and sent in the best fashion they can. It's an interesting year! I've never had so many people really care about the website this way. It's quite gratifying!

Marilyn mentioned last night that she sat in on a bunch of Clown auditions yesterday -- and that two (three?) of the people mentioned that they'd discovered our Clown Corps opportunities simply by googling (searching) on 'Clown.' Then they'd visited the website (which spiders really well and comes up high on the page of results) and easily found our information and resources (application and so on). It's nice to hear positive things about the website, as generally if people are bothering to contact you it's because they haven't been able to find what they need. Not so for these people.

My blood sugar results were HIGH again this morning (sigh) -- which might be related to the constant fever I seem to be running these days. I was so feverish in bed this morning that I didn't even feel like getting up... (sigh) I did take Mary's advice (my dentist) and phone Dr. Johnson's office to ask that he call me. Mary said to do that, rather than ask to just speak to him. (I totally get that he might need to find time to work in a phone call to a patient...) Kay, the business manager, isn't used to this: She still had to hear the details of why I was calling him. She was kind and pleasant, mind you. But they have a policy where SHE deals with patients after the fact -- and she's trying to stick to it. I get that, but it's been more than two weeks since I had the work done, and I'm still in pain and still running a fever. I'm not complaining about the pain, but it does worry me. Kay has explained (in detail) that what they call a 'Re-Treat' (as opposed to a ReTweet... hahahahaha...) often has more issues than a regular root canal would have. And, yes, I understand that I was bruised heavily during the surgery. But for my peace of mind, I need to know that everything is GOOD with the oral surgeries (both the re-treat root canal and extraction), so I can move on with my life without worrying. I'm too busy this time of year to be wondering if I need to stay down with the fever (or what), for example. Right now I'm sitting here in a cool house (not cold, but not that warm, either), in very little clothing, just feeling like I'm burning up. It's a crazy thing!

My thing is that I don't feel Mary should be checking Dr. Johnson's work for him -- because she didn't end up getting a dime for the root canal (that she worked on three separate times!), and he was paid extremely well for doing this work (around twice what we'd expected the oral surgery to cost). As it is, Mary gave me another prescription of Azithromycin to take -- just to be sure I wasn't infected. (If we're going to go there, it's because she'd had me on it before I saw him that I was cleared up enough that he could finish the root canal all at once, rather than in two appointments. But I digress...) Anyway, as BORING as all this dental stuff can be, I'm sure, I don't want to let it slide. It's easy not to phone him (I should have done it yesterday, actually) when I'm busy, but it's a lot of $$$ and so on, after all...

Marilyn and I watched two more episodes of the original "Dallas" TV series last night. The second episode (and first for last night) was BORING as hell. We were joking and laughing about the fact that now if you don't grab the interest of your audience right away, you'd be cancelled immediately. But the third episode was better and showed what the series had to offer. And, no, I didn't really remember it that well -- but this April it will have been 35 (!!!) years since these early episodes first aired, so that's not really a surprise. Hahahahaha. (That's not quite half my lifetime, but it's one hell of a long time, even so!)

Marilyn is right on about what they were initially going for: Spunky young woman goes into a wealthy family where she's the black sheep and has to find a way to fit in. There was always that Hatfield and the McCoys, Romeo and Juliet aspect, too, between the Ewing family and the Barnes family (with Bobby Ewing marrying Pamela Barnes). I don't get the early focus on either Ray or Lucy (characters I never cared for). But the third episode focused on both Bobby and J.R. (as well as Pam), which to me was the meat of the show... My, how YOUNG Bobby, J.R. and Pam are in these episodes! So smooth-skinned and... I don't know... You might think I'd find that appealing, but no -- I really find both Bobby and J.R. far more attractive NOW. (I can't speak for Pam, who isn't on the current series...)

This probably gives me a good topic to address sometime, having to do with the age of characters in a TV series, and how that impacts my enjoyment. Don't get me wrong: I adore John Ross and Christopher Ewing, who are 'hot, young things' on the new version of the series (smile). I guess I enjoy the mix of young and old (not that I was ever a fan of Jock or Digger on the original series!). Or maybe it's more complicated than that... I was 25 when "Dallas" came out -- and the character Bobby was probably supposed to be that same age (or right around that age). I'm sure Pam was supposed to be that age, too... That means I grew up with these people -- and that brings an entirely different vibe into play.

Funny aside: It's taken me more than an HOUR to post this, because I've had numerous interruptions to deal with. You know, that's probably one of the reasons I'm always ending up blogging late at night, when there are no interruptions... Hahahahahaha. Or something. Seriously, it doesn't really take me that long to blog, if I can stay with it, of course.

Well, back to work! Things are hopping for me now!

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