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Crazy Busy Day -- Mostly Website Work...

I can't believe it's heading toward 8:00 p.m.! Seriously, where did this day go to??? A minute ago I looked at the clock and was stunned it wasn't closer to 4:30 or 5:00...

Well, as they say, "Time flies when you're having fun." Actually, I say that all the time! Because even though Marilyn and I work hard (and we work long hours), we do have a lot of fun! If you like what you do, it's easier to put in the time -- that's for sure.

I've been pretty much glued to my computer most of the day, working on changes for the festival websites. There's still so much to get done!

I did take a 'break' to do a load of dishes and clean in the kitchen a little bit. And I heated up some leftovers and ate those standing up in the kitchen in a big hurry. Aside from my work, I had to get myself ready for my dental appointment today...

Unfortunately, I didn't phone sister Sue sooner. I did phone her, when I realized she actually was late to get me. She hasn't been sleeping well, so she dozed off while watching her show (11:00 to noon -- "The Young and the Restless"), and didn't wake until I called...

So we were late picking up Nicole from school (she gets out early on Wednesdays) -- and slightly late for my 2:00 appointment (but not all that bad). Nicole was in ill humor today. She was trying to convince us she was allowed to get another bus pass from her high school, as she's already had one replacement (which means she's now lost two of them). I wasn't having any of that and insisted that as long as she was willing to pay to get it replaced, the school would keep doing that. I suspect she wants an excuse not to take the bus home from school, personally.

Here's the thing: She gets a bus pass that allows her to travel FREE on city buses. That means that every ride she makes to and/or from school is saving her family the money used to buy gas for the car. (Aside from saving Sue the effort to drive her.) I get it -- she'd prefer to be driven both ways. But if we're only talking about finances, that really doesn't make sense.

I tried not to be, but I was annoyed with her today. She was supposed to be taking the bus home -- but she'd phoned Sue and promised she would sit at the dentist office and wait for my appointment to get over if Sue would come and get her. It was pouring down rain on and off all day, so Sue was nice enough to agree with this. After Sue and I discussed the bus pass thing, she was bothered enough to refuse to leave the car. Then while Sue and I were inside, she phones Sue to tell her that Candy (Nicole's mom) is coming to get her. Yeah, sure: Candy just happened to call and just happened to be getting off work so that she could drop by for Nicole. Well guess what??? I don't buy it. Nicole clearly phoned her mom and complained about Sue and me (probably mostly ME, as I told her I'd be glad to go to her school for her to inquire about a new bus pass!) -- and that's why Candy drove all the way over to take her home...

You know what? If you make a 'deal' with someone, you'd better stick by it. That's only fair! I hope Sue will actually stick to her guns and make Nicole start taking the bus home in the afternoons. But I pretty much doubt it. You know, I walked to and from school most of the time from kindergarten through high school. In grade school that was quite a distance (as we were actually outside the school district of the school that our Mom arranged for us to be able to attend). Yeah, Mom did drive us some of the time. But not by the time we reached high school! (By then she almost never gave us a ride.)

Yes, Nicole has further to go, admittedly. But Sue doesn't just give her rides to and from school. She drives her all over town. To her boyfriend's house. To the mall. To see other friends. And on and on. I'd like to believe both Nicole and Candy appreciate Sue's efforts, but I'm not sure that's true. To me, they seem to take it for granted that Sue will be there. Again, this just doesn't seem FAIR to me...

And I hope Sue got a chance to tell Candy her side of things. I am absolutely not convinced the school limits how many bus passes each child may have. I suggested to Sue that she get Nicole a lanyard to put the pass in, so maybe she'd be less likely to lose it. Look, I didn't even make a big deal out of that, because anyone can lose a card -- they're small, after all. But I really think this is about more than just losing her bus pass. (By the way, it's not expensive to replace them, but it does cost money. I bet it's not Nicole paying to replace the missing card...)

It was interesting at the dentist today. I got my front tooth fixed -- the one that's been so ugly and embarrassing for ages. It really looks nice now! (And for whatever reason, Mary didn't charge for the work.) I have TWO (count 'em, TWO!!!) more dental appointments -- and then my work will be done! Very exciting. There are three cavities that need filling (two will be done at the same time). I asked if I'd need a cleaning, but Mary told me I wouldn't. She said I keep my teeth really clean, so it's not necessary. (woo hoo)

I do try to be good about brushing and flossing (and using strong mouthwash for added effect against bacteria). I remember years ago having an issue with dental calculus (tartar) that had to be removed. That was a short period of my life where I had bad dental hygiene. I recall being shocked by the tartar at the time, so it's little wonder that I decided to be much better about keeping my teeth really clean. It certainly hasn't meant much toward fewer dental issues, though. (sigh) That's the sad thing...

Marilyn gave another speech today. I think it's exciting that she's doing this! She told me she quickly made changes to the PowerPoint presentation while working on other things. And the speech takes a couple hours out of her day getting there, doing it and then returning to the office...

Two more days and the Court will all be selected! Marilyn and I might go Friday to see the Roosevelt Princess announced...

Well, Marilyn's still at the office -- and I still have more work to do. So I guess I'll get back to it!

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