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The Funeral of J.R. Ewing

Funny. Yeah, I knew J.R. had to die -- especially considering Larry Hagman had passed away back in November of 2012 (plus seeing trailers that hinted at a NEW version of 'Who Shot J.R.?'). But I still wasn't ready for him to actually be DEAD.

It was like the death of an old friend, because I felt like I'd known J.R. for a long time. (smile) And we were always J.R. fans, by the way. I remember how much our dad liked him...

We watched the show late last night. I have to say that they did a very good job with this episode. And the graveside ceremony was FABULOUS -- everything you could want it to be if J.R. happened to be your father (or some other close relative or close friend).

The emotion seemed very genuine. Of course we know many of the actors were actually close to Larry Hagman -- and this was a chance to express their actual grief at his passing. But Josh Henderson (who plays John Ross, J.R.'s son) was especially impressive, I thought -- and obviously he's only known Larry since the new series began...

There's a good article about the episode HERE, for those interested. I'll simply share the final paragraph of that article, because it's so right on: "It also hurt to say good-bye to J.R. because he’s been around as long as (or longer than) most of the people watching the new Dallas. For viewers of a certain age, the TNT version inspires a mix of affection and melancholy: It’s great to see these actors again, and hey, they look good! followed by, Geez, they’re all so much older now, and so am I, and guess I should get that weird mole checked out. When you virtually bury a character that you’ve lived with for most of your life, you can’t help but think about your own past, present, and future. Art and life, drama and spectatorship blurred in “J.R.’s Masterpiece.” The final shot of Bobby, the George Bailey of Southfork Ranch, weeping for J.R. was devastating because it compressed so many different kinds of grief into a single image: a brother crying for a brother, a good man crying for a bad man, an actor crying for a colleague, and a fellow Dallas fan mourning the end of an era. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, pardner."

Marilyn and I had to go shopping when she came home from work, after starting her day quite early, mind you. She just mentioned that she 'got to sleep in until 6:30' this morning (!!!). Remember, we got home from work last night at 9:30...

While shopping, we splurged and picked up the first season of "Dallas" on DVD -- and were looking forward to watching it.

As for the future of the series, there's a part of me that wishes they could have kept J.R. alive somehow -- by finding another actor who could have taken over the role (as has been done many times in the past). No, Larry Hagman could never really be replaced. But if you've got a good role, there's no reason more than one actor can't play it...

Well, the spirit of J.R. will surely live on. And I suspect he'll still be mentioned often. John Ross is J.R.'s son 'tip to tail' -- so there's that, too.

But it's just not going to be quite the same...

Funny. This loss feels very personal to me. But I didn't cry last night, even when Bobby was crying at the end (and that was very moving). Well, J.R. is alive for me -- one of the wonderful things about actors and what they leave behind for us! They get to live on as we watch their various roles over and over again.

I suppose if we'd make home movies of our loved ones, they, too, could live on. I used to think we should do that, but we were never good about it, really. I wish we had audio, at least, of some departed people -- so I could hear their voices now and then. Our friend Mitch had the most amazing, rich and deep voice! I can still hear it in my head right now, but I imagine it will fade over time... (sigh)

Life is partly about loss. We can't avoid it. It hurts more if we LOVE, because the more we care about someone, the harder it is to lose them. But I wouldn't miss that love for anything.

And some people probably think it's odd to care deeply about TV characters -- to even feel LOVE for them. But I've been that way my entire life, and I'll never change -- nor do I want to! These characters are part of my extended family. They've made me happy and sad and angry and more -- and they've been close when I've needed them...

J.R. may have been a 'bad' guy -- but he was a bad guy we all loved, even so. And I'll miss him!

I wonder if we get TV shows in heaven? If so, I expect they'll have all kinds of NEW episodes of our favorite shows for us to watch! Imagine that! And perfect movie sequels, too. Maybe we'll even get to be INSIDE these shows and movies, interacting with beloved characters. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Well, maybe not to everyone -- but it does to me!

See you in heaven, J.R. Ewing. (Never mind telling me he wasn't headed that way, because I'm not buying it...) I want to sit and drink with him, and gaze into that grinning face! Someday (but not too soon!)...

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