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Six Computer Setups Later...

There aren't words for how BUSY I was today, so I don't think I'll even try to convey all the work accomplished. Jeff said great things about me to Marilyn right before he headed home tonight, so that was nice!

And let me stop and say good things about Donn -- who also worked his tail off today! We were a good team!

The following brand new computers were added to the system (Server): A machine for Steven, a machine for Emily and a machine for Rich. Steven and Rich are permanent employees -- and the station where Emily's computer resides is where Marilyn's permanent assistant will be sitting. That person may end up being Emily, but basically ALL four of the seasonal assistants are in the running for that job (meaning Emily, Caroll, Danielle and Megan). All of these women are amazing in their own way, so it's going to be interesting to see what they accomplish on their way to impressing us (especially Marilyn), by the end of festival this year...

Naturally there's never a day like this -- with a TON of big projects that need doing -- that comes off without a bunch of unexpected additions! Caroll's computer crashed over the weekend, so it had to be replaced. We talked around and around this subject first thing this morning, and Marilyn helped me to determine where each piece of equipment ended up. So Caroll got 25 as a replacement. (Each machine is named PRFA plus a number, such as PRFA25 -- it comes from the days when we were still an association, rather than a foundation. We're now PRFF for short -- but I decided ages back to just keep the PRFA, considering how many machines have that designation...)

Machine PRFA25 (or just 25) is a GOOD machine, that used to belong to Laura ages ago -- and then to Sara (and to Emily, up until today). I took off a bunch of stuff to make room for Rhino (our CAD software), so hopefully it's going to run smoothly. I guess we'll see!

Plus Jeff got 08 to replace 09 (which he's had for ages) -- with more RAM and a faster processor. It's not brand new, but it's better than he had. So hopefully he'll enjoy it! (On the downside, Donn had cannibalized 09 for RAM to put into 08 -- then Jeff tells me he had around 30+ files on the C: drive of his old machine! So Donn has to take another machine and grab RAM to bring 09 up to speed long enough to recover the files. It's totally against our policy to put anything on the computer hard drive, needless to say -- as we only backup things on our Server! But I'm hardly going to give my boss a hard time. Besides, he never complains about his equipment or asks for anything, so I kind of owe him, you know?)

After getting the NEW machines on the Server, each one has to have software installed, which takes quite a bit of time. There are other basic setup things that have to happen, like setting up our antivirus application and so on. The final step is putting on the individual Profile of the user. Each time you set someone up on a 'new' machine (different machine), you have to do the Profile over again (setting up elements of Outlook, like signatures, viewing choices and on and on, is one example). I haven't been able to time a new setup in forever, because I get interrupted so many times in the course of the work (!!!). But it takes a sizable chunk of time, that's for sure.

We also moved the finance computer that was NEW in 2012 over for Shelley to use (this machine used to belong to Rosanna) -- and set up Shelley's old machine in the spot where the support person will be sitting. I didn't want to set Shelley up to Remote on the older machine, when she deserved to be on the new one, so this needed to happen.

But what a can of worms!!! Suddenly she can't log in to Quickbooks (!!!) on the new computer. And her check-reader hardware won't work on the new machine, either. So ages was put in to fixing it by both Donn and Kris.

There was a lot of other minor things that needed to get done, too -- like setting up a new public folder calendar for Christine (to use for our President), and making sure Christine got her Admin printer put back on her computer (don't ask).

I did go out briefly to buy lunch -- and Marilyn and I actually ate our lunches around 5:00 p.m. I was pleased we had the food, because by that time we were both pretty hungry!

Marilyn? Her day was even more busy than mine! She had CONSTANT back-to-back meetings, plus other stuff to get done. She ended her day working on the Arcadia book, finishing up the final edits before it goes to print (!!!).

When all was said and done, we finally got home by 9:30 p.m. So we missed most of "The Biggest Loser" -- and will be watching "Dallas" at 11:00 tonight. Marilyn is currently on the treadmill, working out, while I type this up. I suppose I should make us dinner, as one meal in a day doesn't really cut it. (smile) But we both need to wash our hair tonight, too. So I don't know about actually eating at this point...

I have a computer I want to set up for Sue's granddaughter Nicole -- and I'd kind of hoped to do that tomorrow. But Sue's got a busy day, so that might not happen, I guess...

Nicole's poor toe is badly infected. But she's supposed to be able to go back to school tomorrow, which is a blessing.

I had planned to phone Dr. Johnson's office today about my work from last week. I seem to still have pain (not awful, but still) -- and to be running a fever. So I don't know if it's infected or not. Yes, I'll see Mary on Wednesday -- but maybe I need to go back to Dr. Johnson for a follow up on HIS work (???). It's hard to know. Let's just say I didn't have a MOMENT today to think about it all, with how busy I was.

There are things that will probably need my attention tomorrow. We have four new machines (one from 2012, but the other three new as of today), with THREE that won't Remote at this point in time! This is a HUGE issue for me, and needs to be resolved ASAP! Kris is looking into it, and I hope he can figure out the issue. Kris, Donn and I all are in agreement that if this can be resolved for ONE of the machines, it can probably then be resolved for ALL of the computers in question.

Kris is sure it's a setting on the individual machines -- but I'm NOT as sure about that. These three computers show up as 'Offline' on the Server -- and it seems to be a rather common problem with the new Small Business Server (SBS) software, from the research I've done. But I'd be delighted for him to be RIGHT about this -- because that would probably be an easy fix! (grin)

Do you believe this is the SHORT version of my day? Hahahahahahahaha. Maybe someday soon I'll find time to reply to my recent comments (!!!), read the entries of my Friends here and comment to some of those! It's all I can do right now to keep on blogging, I'm telling you...

As for our weekend 'off' that we'd hoped for this past Saturday and Sunday? It just didn't happen! I could have used more down time to read and sleep, believe me! But it's okay. The work has to get done, after all...

Food? A nap? "Dallas" is on shortly!

I guess that's it for today...

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