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Columbia River Gorge RIDE -- Plus Work at the Office... (surprise)

Marilyn and I are BACK HOME and ready for a nap (can't wait!!!). We've actually been looking forward to napping today the entire week long. (grin)

We did take a short ride up the Gorge. It was such a perfect day for a ride! We did a lot of chatting, which included discussing the RHSAA and things happening at work (at the festival). But we got to see the beautiful scenery and stop at briefly WAAAM (the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum), which I'd never been to before. No, we didn't tour -- Marilyn's done that long, long tour before. And with my sore feet today, I wasn't really up for it! But we did get to see their Curtiss pusher -- which is suspended from the ceiling of the gift shop area. So very cool!!! I felt the spirit of Silas Christofferson (the bold, young aviator who flew off the Multnomah Hotel here in Portland back in 1912) there in the room with us!

And Marilyn got an aviator teddy bear that she immediately named Silas -- and is going to keep in her office at work! Really cute!

After that, we went straight to the office and did some work (surprise). Yeah, yeah. We were supposedly taking today off. But that's how it goes! We both agreed to stop, so it's not like there's anybody to blame...

It's good to be home. I got a bottle of Jose Cuervo GOLD at the liquor store, so I might just have a shot of that, too. (grin) We were out of tequila, never a good thing... (smile)

More later...

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