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Busy Day of Training and IT...

Megan (Carol's new assistant) and Emily (Marilyn's new assistant) started today and needed training. We three -- plus Marilyn, Carol and Caroll -- all went together to have Starbucks (Marilyn bought for all of us). Starbucks with new people has become a tradition... (Usually I do this with Rich, but he was away at a conference today.)

I did Megan's training first -- then I had Donn arrive. We had a lot of IT to do, including setting up dual monitors for both Megan and Caroll (which Donn took care of, in spite of some difficulties). Donn was tired from spending the weekend installing new flooring in his house with Denise -- so exciting for them! I understood where he was coming from, as Marilyn and I did work both Saturday and Sunday at the office, plus the work we did on the Arcadia book last night. (smile)

Total aside: I'm watching "The Biggest Loser" while typing this. I just came in to my home office to do a very necessary website update that I didn't want to delay on. And to blog, of course! (I hate to ever let a day go by...)

I'm thrilled that ALL of the contestants managed to lose 5% of their total body weight while away at home -- very exciting. I'm just loving the show this season!

Marilyn and I went to Chinese for lunch -- loved it! It's funny how hungry you get when you're working really hard...

We also had a nice dinner tonight: Hamburger patties with green beans and cottage cheese. Those burgers were very yummy and a nice change. Oh, and we also had a TON of celery sticks -- we've gotten really hung up on celery as a snack...

I have my dental appointment tomorrow with the specialist to finish up this root canal at long last (four weeks later)... Please send positive thoughts my way (and prayers, if you're the type who prays) that this goes well. I'm hoping it will be relatively simple and not take that long -- and that it will be as inexpensive as possible, under the circumstances.

Cool change at the office today? Caroll figured out how to remove the divider between the two spaces that she was given to use -- making them in to one larger space. (woo hoo)

Donn and I started preparing a new computer for Jeff that's faster than what he's been using. I'm pleased for Jeff. We were going to put it in place today, but decided to hold off until next week with the other new equipment (which should be done and ready to go out on the floor by the first part of the week).

Nice weather today -- sunny with blue skies! Yes, it was COLD, but there was no rain! (woo hoo)

I didn't get to train Emily until very late in the day -- that's just how things worked out! But she's excellent and required very little training, so it's all good. She jumped right in today and started moving on projects with very little guidance. How cool is that??? I was impressed by both Megan and Emily and think they're wonderful additions to our Team!

Shelley was out sick today -- I'm excited to sit with her in her new space and discuss plans to get things more organized in the finance office (hopefully tomorrow)...

I think that's about all that comes to mind. I've barely been at Facebook in days, haven't been at Twitter at all and have just managed to blog here at LJ -- but am very behind in my reading (and commenting). It gets hard when I'm really busy like this...

Well, I'm BEAT (so tired!!!), so I'm off to read and snooze.

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