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Work, Shopping (and Grooming...)

We went down to the festival office for around two hours, I guess. We just got home from work and shopping, stopping to pick up a few groceries...

We didn't get as much done at the office as we'd hoped, so we'll be going back again tomorrow. But that's okay. We waited until late to go there, anyway, because we were both snoozin' away in the evening...

We did go and get our pedicures (which we hadn't done since the auction, last Fall) and manicures today. We really needed both. My fingers hurt a bit tonight (it's a painful process, but worth it). And my toes look nice, which they haven't for ages. I can wear open-toed shoes now, if I want to. Our weather has warmed up lately, so that's becoming an option!

I didn't mention that I colored my hair this week, too. It really needed it. The last 'touch up' I did (that was supposedly roots only) didn't work worth a damn. I won't be using Revlon again, I can tell you!

I could go into details of my work from yesterday and today, but I don't feel like it, so I won't. Hahahahaha. I got some amazing things done both days, though. Megan and Emily should be set up very nicely by Monday morning when they start. Eleanore (the receptionist) is off to a good start. And Caroll (Steven's assistant) now gets her space, plus the one next to it (to make up for the fact that she has to be in an Intern space -- the only non-Intern using one).

Loving the book I'm reading on my Kindle, by the way -- I need to share details, as it's a book I'd highly recommend to others.

And that's it for today. Love you guys!

Tags: 2013, books, caroll, eleanore, emily, february-2013, festival, hair, kindle, manicure, marilyn, megan, office, pedicure, reading, shopping, work

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