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Busy IT Day at the Festival Office -- Plus, We See "Argo"

As an aside, Marilyn picked up my latest round of antibiotic medications after work last night -- and I started those today. I'll have taken them all by the time I go to the dental specialist on Tuesday...

Today I trained our seasonal receptionist this morning -- then had a very busy day dealing with IT issues of all kinds. Moving equipment, setting up stations, fixing issues, setting up a slew of phones and more.

I took Rich to lunch (with my own $$$ for a change). Marilyn had a lunch meeting with Jeff and Steven.

Marilyn and I did get away to go to the first Princess announcement this afternoon (at 3:00) -- we knew we were going, so wore our uniforms to work today. Princess Erica -- a junior -- is an amazing young woman that we've known since she was a child, so it was exciting to see her selected.

Donn came in to work on the finance computer and help me with the myriad of IT projects (!!!). He brought along Denise, whom I haven't seen in ages since she got her new job. She was a HUGE help.

There's a ton more to tell, but I'm dying for a nap, so I'll keep this short. Marilyn and I snacked for dinner on peanuts and raw veggies.

We got "Argo" On Demand and watched it. We both enjoyed it, but neither one of us thought it was a better movie than "Lincoln." Well, I guess it's subjective, at best.

We're going to work tomorrow, as we both have a ton to do that we just couldn't get done today.

Marilyn and I are looking forward to SLEEPING IN tomorrow and Sunday, that's for sure! I just hated getting up this morning. Hahahahahaha.

That's it for now, I just can't type another word.

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