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Dental Woes (Week Three of the Root Canal) -- And Prilosec Revisited

Mary worked on my root canal (this is WEEK THREE for this one tooth) for more than 90 minutes, but finally had to give up. She just couldn't find the third part of the root, no matter how hard she tried. I was depressed afterwards and even broke Lent a bit (and ate some candy -- so bad). We talked about pulling the tooth at some point -- but it's no easy fix, as this is under my bridge and would mean buying a new bridge. (sigh) Marilyn decided I should get the referral to the specialist, even though we really can't afford it. I feel terrible about it, as it means dipping into savings, and we have so little there now. Holly was going to call them with a heads up that I'll be phoning -- so hopefully we'll make the appointment tomorrow... This was much less painful to have done than either the first (horrible) week, or last week. But because she had to 'stir it up' so much while working on it, I have to do all the same meds (with antibiotics) again. (heavy sigh)

Dinner was yummy! We had Steak-umms, which we both love (and have for years and years). (With green beans and cottage cheese.) We continue to eat healthy, having had veggies for lunch today. (And I had my Activia for breakfast.)

Yesterday's blog entry was short -- mainly because of my headache, and posting from my iPad. I didn't give the full picture about Omeprazole (generic Pilosec) -- especially for those of you who are taking it, taking something close to it or have someone you know who is taking it...

Yes. All drugs have side effects -- some worse than others. These only matter if you experience them, or are likely to experience them. And sometimes you have to accept side effects as the lesser of two evils. I've talked about that a lot when I was taking the generic Mylanta (which had the side effect of diarrhea). I decided it was a side effect I could live with, considering I couldn't stand all the symptoms of GERD and how they were impacting my life.

The headache yesterday undoubtedly was from the Omeprazole (it's one of the main side effects) -- and it was NOT a side effect I'm prepared to live with. I wasn't FUNCTIONAL during the headache at all. I was in enough pain to first take pain pills, then to lie around without being able to work. Then when that didn't help, I ended up using Meclizine -- which is heavy-duty enough that I rarely ever take it. (Even half a pill knocks me out and makes me have to lie down and sleep. Yesterday I took a full pill and it STILL didn't help with the headache for ages...)

I've probably only been taking this medication for a week (or slightly longer). And I'm glad I found out the side effects now, so I could stop taking it. I'm not saying others should quit by any means. We all have to weigh things in our own lives and then decide. I also noticed a couple handfuls of hair when I washed my hair last -- and hair loss is another potential side effect. Plus I had some odd pains in my eyes (another side effect is ocular issues). We all react to drugs differently, and this is clearly NOT the medication for me. It also seems a bit more dicey for women, with the thing about osteoporosis (plus a higher risk of breast cancer and musculoskeletal problems such as joint swelling and muscle cramps). Today I read that chills is another side effect (I seem to be chilled all the time, recently...)

By the way, while researching this, I didn't just find lists of issues. I was actually at a very good support community online where a number of people were discussing using the medication at great length. It appears to be highly addictive (as I mentioned before) -- and the withdrawal symptoms seem a bit scary. I'm glad to be quitting it now, early on. There are a lot of other options out there -- and many are natural, with no side effects. I'm going to discuss it with the Gastroenterology people (when I go there), as well as with Leslie (my Nurse Practitioner). Hopefully I can treat the GERD with exercise, healthy eating and other methods. I guess we'll see as I go forward. The Omeprazole side effects ARE cumulative, by the way -- so the longer someone is on it, the more likely it is that he/she will see at least one or more of these. Again, we all have to make our own call with these things -- only we can know what we have to have to be able to function from day to day.

In totally NOT health-related news (aren't you glad???), I've been doing a lot of reading recently (time allowing). I'll have to share the list of books I've read (and am still reading).

One of the things I did read was a download of Stephen King's essay Guns -- which was fascinating. You know, he's always been a favorite of mine -- he's such an amazing writer. And he really made me THINK with this essay! (You can get it for Kindle HERE. It's worth the price and more (it's only 99 cents!). Whatever your thoughts are on the gun issue, this should make you think it all over again...

I worked on a bunch of sets of background slides for PowerPoint for Marilyn this morning -- as she gets ready to make her presentation that she'll take with her to her speaking engagements about the Arcadia book. It's all pretty exciting! I don't think I mentioned when she got the galleys -- I'm hoping to help her review over the weekend.

I missed "The Biggest Loser" this week (!!!) -- bummer. And we finally watched "Dallas" last night (love that show!).

Donn got me the specs for our new 2013 computer equipment yesterday. Hopefully we'll be able to get a check for him so he can get to BUYING and setting stuff up. I'd love to get those new computers in place soon, considering Friday is the start of March!

I should mention things are a bit of a mess for sister Sue and her family right now. Their washing machine went out (after flooding all over the mud room), their dishwasher also went out -- and yesterday Larry had a serious bipolar incident. She was still kind enough to pick me up after my appointment today (just as Marilyn was kind enough to take off from work long enough to take me there, before she dashed back for a meeting) -- and Sue also took me to drop off my prescriptions (which I need to get tomorrow). Your kind thoughts for Sue, Candy and Nicole -- and prayers, if you're so inclined -- are GREATLY appreciated (as always).

That's it for now. I'm off for a much needed nap. My mouth is no longer numb, and I'm ready to try and relax and forget the pain (and drama) of today's work...

Love you guys!

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