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Headache Today... And I Think I Know Why...

i had a bad headache this afternoon -- the kind I used to get with my vertigo. I took pain pills, but they didn't help. So eventually I took a Meclizine at Marilyn's suggestion. The pain finally stopped in the evening. Of course, Meclizine makes me loopy, so I was having a time being fully awake during and after dinner (Marilyn made chili -- it was good!)...

Did some research on Pilosec (Omeprazole). Guess what? Side effects include headaches and vertigo, both...

Also, it's very addictive -- hard to quit even after using for a few weeks. And it has other side effects, like stomach cancer, osteoporosis, fever, elevated blood pressure, hair loss, liver disease, weight gain, sleep disturbances, urinary issues, joint pain, ocular issues (eyes) and more.

I found many suggestions for alternative treatments -- as well as ways to deal with the many issues involved with quitting the medication (difficult even after short-term use, apparently).

Prilosec may have seemed like a miracle to me, but clearly some things are too good (or NOT) to be true...

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Tags: 2013, february-2013, gerd, headache, marilyn, meclizine, omeprazole, pain, side-effects, vertigo

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