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GREAT Day for IT Issues at the Office!

I actually needed to go in today to train a new employee -- an Intern started today! Clay was really impressive. And he scored big points with Marilyn when he went in to THANK HER for buying coffee. She always pays for Rich and me to take new people for Starbucks -- and Clay is the first person ever to make sure to personally thank her... (Go, him!)

I was pleased by him. He's sharp and picked up fast on the training. My job is to both train and assess each person -- and it's not always that easy to do in this short span of time. But we've got some really good people this year. I've been pleased...

Anyway, yeah, the three of us -- Rich, Clay and me -- did walk over to Starbucks for coffee (I had Chai tea). It was raining, but not that hard. But, wow, it's been COLD (brr).

Aside from training Clay, Marilyn and I needed to meet with Christine, as the seasonal receptionist is starting this Friday. We wanted to figure out how it would work out for equipment and where each of them would sit in the front area. There are two stations there -- and it's a relatively tight space the way it's laid out. Both people fit okay with plenty of work space, in spite of that.

Anyway, most of the year Christine is our Office Manager-slash-Receptionist -- but during the season we have a seasonal receptionist, and Christine become the Office Manager, only. One station -- where Christine normally sits -- faces front and views the door. This station is by the control for the door and faces the lobby, so it deals with people when they enter. Christine was ready to move away from this spot during the season so the Receptionist could sit there.

This made sense to all three of us, but there were issues to consider! Christine's computer (which sits in that space) is brand new -- the newest equipment in the office. The other station has been known as the 'Front Desk' station -- and that computer is older and slower.

Also, we use VOIP (voice over IP -- or voice over internet) phones. These have a special setup required PER PROFILE -- not per computer. I used to have no trouble setting these up when we were in the Interim Space (where we resided after selling our old building, prior to moving into the Rose Building where we are now) -- but I haven't been able to do the setup since we moved into our 'new' (current) building. I've had to pay Kris to come in and do all the setups. That means it costs us $$$, plus it's all about arranging for Kris -- finding a time he can be there.

The GREAT news for today??? I was able to set up both stations so that Christine's Profile will work on the 'front desk' computer -- and the Receptionist Profile will work on forward computer! This was HUGE for me -- saving both time and money! (We use a generic Profile for our seasonal receptionist. We started that awhile back, to avoid constant new Profiles for those stations and cut back on the confusion involved...)

Aside from these tasks, I also did a TEST on all personnel today. I went to each station and had each User (person) do two different tasks, to prove to me that these were being done correctly. Last week an important folder (very important folder!) went 'missing' from the J: drive (!!!). I had to spend quite a bit of time hunting it down. This happened because someone was clicking and dragging instead of right-clicking and using Copy and Paste to move something (file and/or folder). We have a NO click and drag policy in our office -- because it's so easy to move and lose folders. The best way to be sure everyone understood this was to telling them where to find certain things, then ask them to move these from one location to another while I watched. It worked like a charm, by the way!

I need to do this sort of thing now and then, just to be sure people are following instructions. Plus it lets people practice the skill set. I always plan to do it, but I rarely seem to find the time for it. My goal going forward is to do more of this. It took around ten minutes (or less) per person -- and let me encourage and support each Staff person in turn -- a very good thing!

Marilyn and I did walk out to get lunch today (take out that we ate at our desks). It was nice to have the walk and we got Chinese, which I very much enjoyed. If you're wondering WHY I can suddenly eat Chinese again (!!!), it's because of my health-related news that I've yet to share... Yeah, I'm BAD! I haven't done a 'Health Report' entry since February 13 (well over a week ago!). The good news is that I'm taking Omeprazole, which is generic Prilosec -- and it's really been helping my GERD! I've been able to eat a variety of foods with little or NO issues. It's been wonderful! This has included Chinese, and I was afraid my recent reactions to MSG would mean I'd need to avoid Chinese going forward. Not so!

By the way, Marilyn and I did watch and enjoy the Oscars yesterday! We were quite pleased by a number of the awards this year (and we both liked Seth, just for the record).

Oh! And Jeff was back today -- but still looking pretty puny. He got sick at our Board Meeting last Thursday night -- and all but one member of his family got it, too! It has several of us worried that this was a norovirus -- that could potentially spread through the office. I was chatting with Jeff -- but I stood in the doorway to do so, I admit. The last thing any of us need is to get a bug right now...

Well, that's it for today -- this is already really long!

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