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Back From the Memorial.

I still can't believe Marilyn and I were up by 9:00 this morning! Yes, that's sleeping in -- but I would have liked to sleep in even LATER, frankly. Oh well.

We were going to go and get our (much needed) manicures, but something else came up at home, so we didn't. Oh well.

I'm saying 'oh well' quite a bit. Hahahahahaha.

We STOOD for the entire memorial service -- first outside (it was COLD!!!), then in a tiny, very cramped room. The hospital chaplain who performed the thing was AWFUL. One of the worst I've ever heard in my life (and that's been a lot, by the way). But the photos of Mac (Rosanna's deceased dad) were wonderful. And the few words spoken by those who knew him were touching.

And they had a bagpiper (Marilyn helped Rosanna to get him) was excellent and played twice. When they were taking the casket out from the (tiny) room to the car, they had a row of cars and people all revving their engines! This was all done at PIR (Portland International Raceway), because Mac was a car enthusiast and racer himself -- and these other racers were his extended family. It was moving to see the older men in the crowd wiping away tears or trying not to cry. Mac will truly be missed...

So the bagpipes, photos and revving were the highlights -- and if somebody could have put in sock in the chaplain's mouth, it would have been pretty nice -- the weather was kind and there was even sunshine and some blue skies (and NO RAIN, thankfully!!!). I wish I'd been smart enough to take along gloves the way Marilyn did (!!!), considering I've been chilled all week and fighting off a cold. But oh well. Said it again, didn't I? (grin)

We had Mexican food afterwards as a treat -- and especially enjoyed the margaritas! We earned that treat this week...

Now we're home and getting into comfy clothes and preparing for the Academy Awards (hours and hours of it, starting with the red carpet stuff). Maybe I'll even make popcorn at some point...

I'd love to doze off for an hour or so (if there's time). Yeah, I'll miss the red carpet portion of the coverage, but oh well (again!). It might be worth it!

I need to talk about all the stuff going on with the Vatican at some point. I did watch the special Mass that aired this morning in honor of the Pope, by the way. That Donald Cardinal Wuerl (the Archbishop of Washington -- who is 72) performed the Mass and was impressive -- but they say there's no way an American will seriously be considered for pontiff (no surprise there, really).

(Or as Marilyn says, they may have had two popes who weren't Italians, but the Italians still run the Vatican...) America still doesn't seem to get much respect in Rome, but we are a very young country by their standards. (smile)

Anyway, that's it for now!

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