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Home Sick Today...

NOTE: I wrote this at 9:30 a.m. this morning -- but for some reason it didn't post correctly! I've no clue WHY. But sometimes LiveJournal makes me nuts. Seriously... (sigh)

I was supposed to go to the office today, but I'm home sick (and actually planning to stay down in bed). I'd like to be BETTER by the end of the day, as I plan to WORK in the office tomorrow (Saturday)...

I'm currently sitting up, though. I needed to phone Donn at the office and discuss his work (as his manager). Hopefully he's going to be able to take the first steps to fix the finance computer (and see if 01 needs work, too...).

Anyway, I'm heading back to bed now.
Tags: 2013, donn, february-2013, festival, office, sick

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