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Finished the eNewsletter -- Made PowerPoint Slides -- More Dental Work (Woes)

I finished up the eNewsletter today -- which goes out tomorrow morning (hopefully right around noon-ish, actually).

If you'd like to subscribe to the eNewsletter (which also requires you to OPT-in), go HERE. We rarely send more than two eNewsletters a month -- except during the festival weeks. And most of the year we don't send anything (if you worry about being spammed). I do the art for these and hand code them -- plus I write a lot of the Copy. I'd love to have you see them, but there's NO PRESSURE to sign up if you're not interested...

Today I made some PowerPoint background slides for Marilyn (to her specs). Then she picked out one version and I made her two more slides to match it. She was working on the PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow night's (winter) Board Meeting until late -- which mostly bothers me because she ends up there alone at the office. (The building is fine during the daytime, but it's really not a safe area after dark -- especially for a woman all alone...) Anyway, she finally got done and got home, safe and sound!

I enjoy the artistic side of my work, considering I was an Art minor in school... (smile)

I did some website work, too -- which is going very smoothly this year (so far). I can't recall ever being so on top of it before. I can't take the credit, really -- it's all about people getting me the changes -- and doing a really good job with what they're submitting! Yeah, I still have to do my job, but it's easier to do when others do their part so well.

Finally, sister Sue was kind enough to again take me to my dental appointment. We went to Starbucks (Sue paid -- sweet sister that she is) first, then she headed off to take her granddaughter Nicole to HER dental appointment, while I walked over for mine. Poor Mary (my wonderful dentist) was out sick this week with the flu (!!!) -- and she never gets sick! In fact, there was reason for concern that she wouldn't be in today. I was glad she was better for both her sake and mine...

She worked on the root canal that she started last week (that was so painful). She got more of it done, but was unable to finish it. So we'll need to work on it again next Wednesday. I'm still hopeful she'll be able to do it, as there's no way we can afford a specialist! But she wasn't certain today. She didn't charge for it because of her concerns -- and she had to do an additional x-ray to see what was what.

Yeah, it hurt -- but nothing like last week! I was even able to drink my Chai tea from Starbucks right after the work...

I'm on more antibiotics, which some of you will recall causes problems for me. I've had to take them quite frequently the last couple of years for dental reasons, and my body isn't crazy about it. They make me nauseous, so I have to take pills to help with that. And it messes with my digestive system, yada, yada. Boring, I know!

I actually found a liquid that doesn't contain sorbitol (!!!), believe it or not! Okay, Kaopectate isn't officially an antacid, but it is an anti-diarrheal and upset stomach reliever -- so I'm hoping it will work for me (I haven't tried it, yet). Obviously I'd like to be taking Mylanta, which the doctor suggested at the hospital -- but unfortunately it contains sorbitol. (sigh) By the way, I went to their website -- they are currently not producing Mylanta! Interesting. (I wonder what it's really all about?)

I discussed this with the pharmacist today, who agreed I should try Kaopectate -- and you can generally trust the pharmacist more than your doctor when it comes to medications! So we'll see.

Dinner tonight was the Harvest Orange Tomato Soup I mentioned before (very yummy!!!), with raw veggies and some sliced cheese. I like the carrot chips we get from Freddies -- such a nice way to eat raw carrots! And the celery was delicious -- the pea pods, too!

So cute! Both cats are here in the office with me as I type this. Time for a nap, boys!!!

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