CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Rosanna Father Died on Monday...

Marilyn came home from work, picked me up and we went directly over to our friend Rosanna's house to visit. Her father (who was in stage four cancer treatment for months) passed away early Monday morning (1:30 a.m.).

We stayed there for over three hours, but finally had to go. We were both starving and worn out from work (we were both yawning when we left). But we were glad to spend time with her, of course, and felt terrible for her loss.

We dashed to the store for some veggies and a couple other small items, then hurried home to fix dinner. We've just finished dinner and are ready to sleep...

Dinner included raw carrot chips (love those), celery and snap peas tonight. We're enjoying adding more veggies to our diet.

I tried to help sister Sue with her computer today, using TeamViewer to Remote in. But I couldn't get the damn Java to work in either one of her browsers (Firefox or Chrome), no matter how hard I tried. What gives with that??? I uninstalled the old version. I installed the newest version. I followed all the steps to enable Java -- but it wouldn't WORK. She can't use her favorite game site without it, so I need to try again at some point. I had to stop, because I had to work on the eNewsletter for the festival (due to go out Thursday morning).

I needed to make SURE the eNewsletter would be DONE today -- so any tweaks could happen tomorrow. My dentist is sick and probably won't be in tomorrow -- which is when I'm supposed to have the second half of my root canal from last week. Anyway, I got an appointment for Thursday, just in case. But it meant I needed to be ready to 'push the button' on the eNewsletter early Thursday, so I could make my appointment that's just before noon (when I'm normally sending it out).

In HEALTH NEWS, today I discovered that my (fake) Mylanta (liquid antacid) contains SORBITOL (!!!). I was SHOCKED to see that! The laxative effect of sorbitol is a well-known side effect. How can you recommend something to help with diarrhea that CAUSES diarrhea??? Does that make sense to anyone???

With the ridiculous goal of making EVERYTHING 'sugar free,' it turns out that there are apparently NO liquid ANTACIDS (??? !!!) without sorbitol. I checked over and over online -- and tonight at the store, too. But I couldn't find a single one without it.

Personally I've always been sensitive to even small amounts of sorbitol, so this is a huge pain. I need the benefits of the liquid antacid, so I guess I'll have to live with having the runs all the time. I had them all day today, by the way. How annoying...

You can read about the side effects of sorbitol HERE.

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