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Movie: "Warm Bodies"

Marilyn and I went to the Seaside Cinema to see the movie "Warm Bodies" tonight.

It was really a fun film -- and who couldn't like a zombie movie with a HAPPY ending??? (I don't think that's a spoiler -- this has been touted as a zombie love story... smile...)

The two young leads are both really attractive and enjoyable to watch. The concept was delightful. I'd recommend this to you whether you're a zombie fan or not.

[CLICK this photo for a larger version.]
Warm Bodies

We did see Jeff and his family today. We drove over to where they have their RV in a Cannon Beach RV Park this weekend. The goal is for them to 'store' it there year round -- then they can use it as a 'beach cabin' get-away. Isn't that a cool idea? They have to store it anyway when not using it for vacations, so why not store it here where they can actually come and stay at the beach? Jeff loves the idea of having the RV as place to come and stay, and I don't blame him.

The RV park has amenities like a pool and game room and laundry and store. And it's not that far from downtown Cannon Beach, even if you have to walk. But if you have a car, you can easily go into Cannon Beach and on to Seaside, too. There's so much to do in both cities...

Alicia and the girls were heading to the pool, so Jeff came alone to see the house. He really seemed to like it and we had a nice visit. I'd fixed some veggies to serve (with blue cheese dip), and we also had cheese and meat and some taco chips and salsa. Jeff enjoyed the snack with a Bud Light...

Other than that, we spent the day watching the Planet of the Apes marathon (yeah, we're huge fans and have been forever). And we napped and read. Very relaxing.

Now we're watching SNL. Goodnight, all!
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