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What a BUSY Day at the Office: Caroll and Devon Join the Team!

Today was my first of two days of training new festival Staff. The day started with Rich and I taking Caroll and Devon to Starbucks (Marilyn paid -- she's so sweet!). Then I trained Caroll first and Devon second.

Caroll was an Intern with the festival back in 2010, so she's not really brand new, my a long shot. Plus she was an AMAZING addition to the team previously, so I already knew she'd do a great job during training. It was quickly and smoothly. There are a few things that are different since she was here, but really not too much. She's now the Waterfront Activities Assistant, working directly for Steven (and with both Devon and Clay, the Interns for 2013). Nice to have her back!

Devon was a volunteer last year, so she's not brand new, either. It was nice to have my first day of training involve two people who have been through training with me in the past. This year Devon is an Intern (specifically a Waterfront Events Intern), working with Steven and his team. Again, training was quick and smooth.

I'll need to keep an eye on both of them -- and be sure to share anything I might have missed today. I'd planned to have NOTES to work from, but I never got a chance to get those ready. (I've been so swamped recently.) Yes, yes -- you'd think after all these YEARS of training new people (year after year after year) that I'd HAVE a good set of notes, wouldn't you? Well, I do it totally off the cuff -- trying to mold each session to the person I'm working with.

I learned years ago (when I was still in high school, actually!) that people all learn differently -- and those who teach need to gear their lessons accordingly. I prefer to do the training for the office one-on-one specifically so I CAN make it work for each individual. I've only ever tried to train more than one person at a time ONCE -- and it was a huge failure. I need to put the person in front of the computer and sit beside them -- then verbally guide them and watch how they work. They don't learn if I'm 'driving' the computer and they're watching -- because the best way to learn is to DO. Plus I can't assess each person unless I can watch them at work -- and part of my job is to see exactly where people are to begin with...

So, yeah, notes would be NICE -- but they're not essential. I rarely ever forget anything vital during training. And if I do forget something, I simply go and tell the person (or send them an email). So no worries.

Frankly, I try not to overwhelm people during training! There's a lot to remember, and nobody will get it all the very first day. I let them know that I'm there for them, so if they have questions later on they can just come to me and I'll help them out. I always have the backs of new employees -- but for that matter, I try to have the backs of everyone at the festival! I want to be entirely supportive -- and approachable. At least, that's my goal...

I was done in time to sit in for most of the Communications Meeting. We were talking about our Arcadia book launch (woo hoo!!!) and the eNewsletter I need to do, among other things. We're fully geared up now, with the first Court judging having taken place this past Saturday, new Staff starting and everything going along at a quick pace!

I'm not quite buried, but I am really busy! I really have to stay focused to keep up, that's for sure...

I wasn't supposed to work Wednesday, but we've been invited to announcement at City Hall, so I'm going to go and take photos. Sister Sue agreed to come and get me downtown for my dental appointment (very sweet of her!!!), so I'll be able to do that with no problem. Hopefully it will take place close to 9:00 a.m. (which is when it's slated to happen) -- but you never know when it's something at City Hall...

I'll save all my health stuff for my 'Health Report' (yes, I am doing one today -- missed it entirely yesterday!). But I will mention that I'm feeling MUCH BETTER than I did a week ago! Plus I did the treadmill for 20 minutes last night and for 20 minutes again tonight. (woo hoo) No, it's not much -- but I've agreed to start SLOWLY and stick with it. (And considering I was at the hospital feeling pretty awful this past Wednesday, I think it's great I'm able to do the treadmill at all!)

Sister Sue and I did see each other this afternoon, after I got home from work -- that was very nice. And she caught me up on a bunch of stuff going on with her (and her family). I need to share -- but I'd better ask Sue if she's okay with that, first... (smile)

Enjoyed "The Biggest Loser" tonight. Watched "Revenge" last night after the Grammys -- and enjoyed both! Marilyn and I are struggling to keep up with TV viewing right now! We've got too many things on at the same time -- plus we're busy at work and it's hard to catch up with the stuff we need to watch at times other than when it airs... (sigh)

No, we still haven't seen "The Walking Dead" for this week, for example (!!!). But we'll get to it, sooner or later...

Randomness: The cats are making me crazy lately! They wake me really early (think 4:00 a.m.) in the morning -- then keep bugging me right up until it's actually time to get up! Not sure how to deal with it. This morning I had a can of soda by the bed -- and Henry dumped it over! What a mess and how annoying! Cats. Gotta love 'em! (smile)

I guess that's IT for today! We need to head to bed soon, as Marilyn has a very EARLY MORNING MEETING tomorrow!

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