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Saturday Work at the Festival Office...

Marilyn and I didn't get much sleep last night, but we were able to drag ourselves up to head off for work today. She had Court judging at the Lloyd Center, and I was doing more computer Profile setups at the festival office...

My plan to get Starbuck's didn't end up happening. Sorry to be TMI, but I had the runs for several hours this morning. (sigh) I didn't take anything for it, and it resolved just fine -- and it didn't keep me from getting a TON of work done today! It was only mildly inconvenient (my space is upstairs and the bathrooms are waaaaay downstairs... but whatever), really.

I stuck with my Activia and water during the day. Jeff came in to work, too. And offered to get me something when he walked out to Subway, but I declined. I figured I'd eat when I got home in the afternoon...

I got most of the Profiles done -- for the six new people who will be joining the Staff, four starting on Monday and Tuesday.

I also (finally) got Marilyn updated for her Microsoft Office Suite. Our entire office is now using version 2007. Yeah, that's old, I know -- but it beats where we HAD been! Marilyn was still using Outlook 2003 and the rest of the software 2000! So consider what an improvement this is. The upgrade went pretty smoothly, over all (thankfully!). She was back in the office before I had it done, which turned out fine.

I also put the 'new' (donated) monitor at the V location, where I had a monitor that was going out. Plus I swapped out two mice that were messed up.

I have an issue where these seasonal spaces (we call them 'Intern' spaces, as it's always been interns there in the past -- not the case this year) -- off season people have a habit of using them for storage (for example, for auction items). They jam things there and end up banging and cramming the computer equipment around, which means things get abused. Those two mice are a perfect example! And it looks like I have at least two sets of speakers that are also dead. We can't afford to have equipment go out because of abuse, so it's annoying to me... I discussed it with Marilyn, and hope to mention it during Staff meeting at some point.

Aside from having the runs today, my health is amazingly improved! It's night and day from a week ago. Hard to believe how much better I feel, really. I still need to get in to see Leslie Cody -- to discuss this condition and hormone replacement therapy -- plus my diabetes. And I need to get to the dentist next week and get my root canal done. When I was in the hospital I was running a temperature, which is probably directly related to infection from the bad tooth.

Anyway, after putting in a very busy day of IT-related work, on my part, and Court judging for Marilyn (much of it on her feet), we were happy to get home by 4:00 p.m. We'd considered going out to dinner with June and Jim (to celebrate Jim's 85th birthday from yesterday) -- I'd totally spaced that they had plans with his family today! No worries: Marilyn and I were both tired, so we headed almost immediately for a nap.

We'd also talked about going to a movie, but that didn't happen. It's okay -- we'll do something tomorrow. Or not! Sometimes just getting some extra sleep is what we need after a very long and busy work-week.

We had to dash to get (fake) Mylanta, as I was out. We also found over-the-counter Tagamet, which I used to take years back, when it was prescription-only. So we got a box and I'm going to try it again. If it helps, I might see about getting it from Leslie as a prescription (so it's covered by insurance). Or something like it. I guess it's old news for acid reflux (etc.) now, but when I was taking it before it was cutting edge. (smile)

Oh! And I'm trying an over-the-counter horomone replacement therapy (it's a multivitamin, I guess), called Estroblend. We'll see how that helps me. It's mostly a stop-gap until I can get the real thing...

My bloodcounts remain low -- I'm really pleased about that! Oh, and both Kris and Chris mentioned my weight loss this week, telling me how good I look. That's always nice, too! (grin)

I NEED to color my hair (the roots) tomorrow. I should have done it this past week. (sigh) I hope I can force myself to get to it.

I guess that's it for now! Hope all is well with all my LiveJournal friends. I haven't had much time to read and comment lately, I've been so slammed. Hopefully I'll get to it soon... I miss keeping up!!!

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