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Autumn is 100% Here, I'm Afraid

I had to turn on the furnace this morning. In September, of all things! The kittens and I were glad, as we all three had been huddling to keep warm. It is truly chilly today. We're not ready to embrace autumn (and certainly not winter!).

It's been lovely wearing shorts, sleeveless or short sleeve shirts and sandals. (I love sandals, which are close to being barefoot — which is my favorite!)

I'd like to be on the Sauvie Island beach, lying on the hot sand on blankets and towels, reading books or just snoozing.

I give thanks for our wonderful furnace, and a house that's tight against the weather, but not too tight. We have enough space under doors to allow fresh air to circulate. We're blessed by many, many windows in our house that let the sun in — especially in the front room, where they go from floor nearly to the ceiling.

We love our oil furnace, that works quite well. Yes, I know others who prefer their gas furnaces, but as I've always said, you never hear about a house that's blown up from an oil furnace. We also get good value from our oil furnace (and did from the old one, too).

The dishwasher is running and I'm off to do a load of laundry. I'm happy and grateful to have had my acupuncture treatment yesterday after missing it last week. I'm spoiled to get these regularly, mainly for dealing with the chronic nerve pain of my postherpetic neuralgia. But also to treat my allergies and joint paint. The people of the RiverWest Clinic are lovely (and I enjoy most of the clients, too). I would recommend them to anyone in the local area. (They even have some clients who drive in all the way from Astoria every two weeks.) 

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Reading! I Love It!

A new favorite author — what a delight!

Actually, coming BACK to reading after being away from it is sheer joy. I have spent my entire life reading avidly — everything I could get my hands on. But after my illness in April 2018, I was so sick I couldn't manage it. Could. Not. Manage. Reading! How could that even have been true?

But I couldn't really write, either. I even gave up on this blog, that I love and was devoted to. It was all I could do to read and write as I needed to do for work. I'm grateful I could manage that, anyway.

But I'm BACK to reading! (Can writing be far behind?)

Anyway, my new author is C. J. Sansom. (His official website is here.)

He's especially known for the Matthew Shardlake series.

With well over four million copies in print, C. J. Sansom’s historical crime series takes the reader to the dark heart of Tudor England with gripping realism, sensational storylines and a host of unforgettable characters. As he brings the sights and sounds of Tudor times to life, Sansom provides a masterclass in suspense.

I've always enjoyed Tudor period fiction, but I can't say enough about these books. I finished the seventh novel with dread, wishing that I could know there was another book in the works...

He stopped with a book covering Edward as king, following Henry's death. He has the reign of Mary and finally Elizabeth — and that's a long reign, indeed!

Meanwhile, Marilyn and I have been listening to his novel Dominion using the Audible App.

Dominion is a 2012 alternate history novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is a political thriller set in the early 1950s against the backdrop of a Britain that has become a satellite state of Nazi Germany. The point of divergence from actual history is that Lord Halifax, rather than Winston Churchill, succeeded Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister in May 1940.

We're around half way through and loving this novel. He's an amazing writer.

I keep hoping Christopher (Christopher John - C J) will write another book in the Shardlake series. I have no idea how long it takes him to complete one of these novels. Plus he's been fighting cancer, and try as I might I can't find any information about his current health. Also, I think he's a little sick of constantly writing about Matthew, to be honest...

More about other books I read as they pop up!

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The LiveJournal App for Mobile Devices SUCKS!

I HATE the LiveJournal App for mobile devices.

I can't figure out how to edit an enty.

It's ridiculously hard to make an edit to one word!

I can't figure out how to change my font. I hate this one.

This is so clunky to use. Don't most people use their phones or tablets? Why make it so unpleasant?

I have an entry about our cat, but I guess I'll have to use my desktop computer. This is trying as hell...

Thumbs down, LJ!!!

marilyn-amazing, amazing

Marilyn's Presentation -- the Murdock Talks

Tonight Marilyn gave her presentation for the Murdock Talks at the Museum of the Oregon Territory on Tumwater Drive in Oregon City (run by the Clackamas County Historical Society).
She was invited to participate last summer, and we went to see another of the Murdock Talks back in November of 2019 (to get an idea of what it was all about).

Anyway, the Murdock talks is a series of presentations that focus on local and historical topics and feature a wide variety of experts. These are held in the Murdock Gallery (thus the name) of the Museum of the Oregon Territory one Wednesday each month.

She’s done a TON of research for this, as she always does for her various presentations/speeches. And she created a truly remarkable PowerPoint presentation to go with.

She was happy that her ‘peeps’ (people) turned out for her, as nobody much is going to any gatherings of any kind right now, in light of the current pandemic.
I had been delighted when our friend Shari let me know she’d be coming – as was Marilyn. I had invited both Donn and Denise, but didn’t really expect them to come. I was thrilled when they showed!

Our friends Rolla and Marge came (even though he is seriously fighting cancer). Lovely to see the two of them! A couple of years ago we didn’t know if Rolla would make it…
A bunch of our co-worker friends came, including Carol, Jessic, Steven (and two of his kids: Wyatt and Grace) plus Donn (officially a member of my IT team). Plus several Board members were there: Carla, and Ron (I think I’m forgetting somebody…).

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by who wasn’t there, considering the circumstances. Rich had planned to be there (with his wife, Merlin, I think), but he somehow had the wrong day (poor Rich, confused again). He had an opportunity to see his brother tonight, anyway, so…
Many of the younger staff members just never turn up for things like this.

ASIDE: No amount of discussion during training seems to change this for younger staff, by the way. I don’t know why I even bother to suggest to them that they should ‘have the back’ of other staff members, as we will try to have their backs – because that clearly won’t happen. They don’t show up for events like this, or come to events like the Blessing of the Festival (unless it’s required and they’re being paid to be there). Forgive me for being disappointed, but here’s the deal: Marilyn and I have gone to all these events since we were the younger staff. We’ve been at nearly every funeral/memorial. We’ve represented at anniversaries and political parties. And we’re still doing it more than four decades later.
Who will do it when we’re no longer the ones? I have no idea. I guess nobody. It will fade away with us. That’s really too bad.Can I be forgiven for saying Millennials disappoint me? Yes, that’s a sad generalization. I still remember being the young and misunderstood person – part of the ‘generation gap’ that genuinely existed in the 60’s and 70’s. Plus I know a lot of Millennials who don’t fit this pattern and are amazing. But there’s a reason so many older people are bothered by them – and it’s not coming out of my imagination!

Bother the aside!

Marilyn did a GREAT job! She’s always been a great public speaker and has only improved with time. She’s full of wonderful stories and never has to write out and memorize anything. (Amusing in light of her ability as a speech writer for others who would be better off if they DID memorize what she writes for them. At least they have the benefit of her bottomless knowledge about the festival, plus her incredible grip on communications and current events.)

She stayed on time and shared new material that even I had never heard from before.
She’s already been asked to give this same presentation in May (assuming people are gathering at all by then).

I was able to bring Shari her Valentine gifts (seriously, not that late), and a paper rose for her and her caregiver. And I gave Team pins to everyone in attendance (that wasn’t US from the festival – and there were several).

I was very proud of Marilyn. I know I’m biased, but that doesn’t mean she was entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. In other words, I like her presentations as much as anyone! It was interesting and fun and insightful. I suggested that at some point we have her do it again and we tape it for others to see.

Anyway, we were there early enough that we go to go to the local pub and have a beer before the event, which was very nice.

As I’m typing this, Marilyn is sound asleep on the family room sofa. Johnnie is sleeping on the front part of my chair. It’s pretty cool to be doing this on my chair, actually.
Donn brought my ‘new’ laptop over yesterday. No, it’s not new. But it’s got eight gigs of RAM (!!!) and nice touch with the keyboard. It’s running Win 10. And has one of those little red mice buttons between the G and H, plus the usual touch mouse (though I personally hate them) – and I can also use a wireless mouse (and I do). It’s fairly light weight, which I was shooting for when I suggested what I wanted. Easier to move around.

Right now I’m typing away the same way I would on my desktop (fast) – but I’m NOT forced to sit up at my desktop, which is WONDERFUL. It’s so painful for me to have to sit at any computer. I just wanted another choice. A less painful one.

And when it comes to LiveJournal, doing entries with an iPad doesn’t seem to work worth crap. Which has been especially frustrating for me, considering I want to be blogging again.
We needed to get Marilyn a laptop because her current home computer is still a Win XP (I have one, too). Why get rid of those when they work GREAT and have software on them that probably wouldn’t work with these later Operating Systems (OSs). Anyway, Marilyn has a ‘new’ laptop, too. It, too, is running eight gigs of RAM. And has Win 10. Hopefully this will work until we can get her a Win 10 desktop computer (which is still the plan).

It’s late, and I need to sleep.

I have acupuncture tomorrow, so…

Maybe this laptop will get me blogging again, without fighting my iPad, or my body with the desktop. I guess we’ll see!

I wish the LiveJournal admins gave a damn about how lousy the App for LJ for iPads and iPhones is. And I’ve tried just typing into LJ in Safari, and it absolutely won’t work. Too bad. But at least when I want to use my laptop, I can blog again!!!

Best to everybody. Stay healthy. Stay positive (I’m an expert at that).

Yes, I really am going to read more blogs. I’m always figuring on more free time, so who knows?

Hopefully the free time won’t be related to the festival being closed down in 2020. We have so many wonderful plans!

It’s also freezing here, still – yet things are in bloom all over! What??? So stay warm!

Marilyn is Sick

Marilyn has been sick with a bug (flu?) since Wednesday. I mean really sick. I sat up with her all night (until 4:00) Wednesday night. (She on the sofa and me in my family room chair.)

A true sign of how sick she is? We both missed the annual Board Meeting last night (Thursday). Astonishing, right?

More soon. I want to type this on my iPad, but it's IMPOSSIBLE if you use Safari. I'm testing the App, but it has horrible reviews (!!!). Just make it EASY, please, LiveJournal. (The pain of sitting up to my computer is not appealing.) Thanks. (Right.) Sorry I'm so cynical...

Well tagging doesn't work, anyway. Geez!


Ouch! PLUS Feeling Accomplished

I sat at my computer for hours today -- still the most painful thing I do, all this time later. (No, it hasn't been two years of chronic pain... yet.) Anyway, I needed to work on my work email. I was well over 2,000 items when I started, and down to 130 when I finished. Not bad, right? The shameful part is going over 1,000 to begin with.

The problem is trying to manage my email on my iPad. You simply can't do it on your device. So, you might ask, why did I ever try? Well, head back to my statement above. Sitting up to my computer kills me. Big ouch. But I can do so much on my iPad. And I learned back in 2018 that I needed a way to get my work done that didn't kill me...

But since the latest ios update, email is screwy on my iPad. What a pain! I went down a crazy rabbit hole trying to fix the known bug to no avail. I finally ended up on my computer -- where I need to be EVERY SINGLE DAY going forward. I'm really not looking forward to the pain, I'm telling you.

However, if I stay on top of things, I shouldn't need another lengthy session. That's certainly my plan.

I should mention that I'm sitting in my family room chair typing this on my device, and not sitting in the office at my computer.

I have three comfortable places for doing exactly this: lying on top of my bed (dressed, not in bed), sitting in my chair in the living room and here in my comfy chair. All three spots allow me to recline and keep my feet up. That makes my back so much less painful!

Right now my back is throbbing. (Really bad.) Thank God I didn't miss any of my pain pills, as I sometimes do.

Spoke to Donn about work FOUR times today. (whew) Also set a phone meeting for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. regarding Inflow phone support for 2020. That should prove interesting!

That was all a bit rambling. Sorry! I am pleased with what I got done, anyway.

But my main feeling of accomplishment today was not work related. I continue my goal of cleaning/organizing my bedroom. It's needed it for months. I have a bad way of managing my clothes, but at least I've read that it's not uncommon -- there are others who do exactly the same. While I do have lots in my two closets and many drawers, there are nearly always clothes lying out where I can easily see them. Yeah, I know it's awful that these aren't put away, but I like seeing them. Hard to explain unless you have the same tendency, I guess.

I have too many clothes, I suppose. I don't know if I could even put them all away until I get rid of a bunch -- which I'm currently working on. June wants some, as does my sister Sue. The third bag I'm working into right now is for the Goodwill.

Today I tried on bras, which I 'discovered' inside my drawers. See? Out of sight, out of mind. Turns out I had quite a few! And I just bought a brand new one. I should have 'shopped' in my dresser first! Hahaha. None to share with Sue, but she just got a stack from Marilyn. And only one (so far) for June. But a bunch for myself, anyway -- and they're nicely organized and folded and in one drawer.

Socks are quite organized, too! And panties. And nightclothes. I made great headway today, in other words.

I'm using KonMari for folding (for the most part). The drawers are looking good -- and I really think I can find everything!

I thought I had Marilyn's pearls -- her 'Jackie' pearls she got from sister Sue. But when I tried putting them away in Marilyn's dresser, the Jackie pearls were there -- and there was no comparison! Her pearls are stunningly beautiful. Anyway, glad to know I haven't had those for ages...

I did tidy her top drawer just a little bit while in there. It wasn't bad, but I can tweak nearly any drawer, and did.

I need to stick to tweaking my own drawers, though! And the stacked clothes around the room, which are a constant issue. I've straightened the piles, but still. (sigh)

Made scones yesterday (delicious!!!).

Just missed my five year Fitbit anniversary. It was January 12 (originally 2015). I barely managed to get my 4,000 steps today, unfortunately. (sigh)

Enough for today. I have at least two entries I finished but never posted that I'll try and put up soon and backdate. Yikes! I am trying to blog again, anyway.

Johnnie needs his claws clipped. I've been having McKayla do that. Maybe I can get her over. Otherwise I'll have to bite the bullet and do it myself (gulp).

Sweet dreams, all!
mom young

Thinking of Mom Today PLUS First Blogging Day in 2020!

Marilyn was ill today (she stayed home), and I'm still fighting this bug I've had for several weeks. We both spent a good portion of the day sleeping.

Marilyn had been sure she was better, but when she finally had a bite to eat tonight, she had her usual issues again. Poor thing...

Today is Little Christmas. (Today is also known as Old Christmas. Little Christmas is a traditional name among Irish Christians and Amish Christians for 6 January. Today is also widely known as the Feast of the Epiphany, and is celebrated after the conclusion of the twelve days of Christmastide. Today is the traditional end of the Christmas season.)

In my family, this was my Grandma Elsie's birthday, the day Christmas was taken down (meaning the tree and various decorations) and was the day our Mom died, back in 2000.

It's hard to believe Mom has been dead for 20 years!

I already took down all of our indoor decorations last Thursday, got them all boxed up and stored away. I did that after going to acupuncture and after a ridiculous long ride home where my Uber driver took me on the way to Beaverton (!!!), then on the wrong side of the river (Willamette), and all the way to the St. Johns bridge, then finally down Lombard to home. I didn't report the old man as I didn't want to get him in trouble, but geez. What a long, stupid ride!

Anyway, in the long run (quite long) I'm even more proud of getting so much work done Thursday afternoon. I'd normally need a full day, at the very least.

Mom (I hope she's listening), today I managed to take down the Christmas tree. I did it without waking Marilyn, and with the car in the garage (I normally have the entire garage to maneuver the clumsy box). It went smoothly. Even more smoothly than when I put up the tree. Please consider that upholding family tradition. (smile)

We're having filthy weather right now! Rain with billowing wind. As I write this the wind keeps rattling down the chimney here in the living room.

Johnnie (our cat) has been somewhat under the weather, too. He threw up another huge fur ball. And he wanted water in the middle of the night last night, and then drank and drank. I think he's feeling a little better today, anyway.

The festival's Facebook posted a photo of me and thanked me for my work, reporting today as National Technology Day (that's questionable, by the way, but sweet regardless). Kate posted a pic of me from 2017, riding a ride in Cityfair.

I need to go practice my ukulele, which I haven't done yet today. I try to play every single day, and I think I'm improving.

I currently have 41,948 steps for the past seven days. Fitbit tracks by each seven days as they occur, rather than week by week. Recently I've been trying to walk more, no matter how much it hurts. I think I need regular exercise. Some days it goes really well, other days less so.

Basically, the pain is always with me. But I want to keep doing things, even so.

I'm doing acupuncture once a week now, and think I'll keep that on Thursdays. It hasn't alleviated the chronic pain, but has been helpful for many other things -- along with the herbal pills I take. And over time, who knows? I remain hopeful.

I see my eye doctor this Wednesday for another surgery follow-up. (Surgery was in November last year.) I'm hoping I can now get in and have a regular examination and get new glasses, which I really need.

Twenty years. It really doesn't seem like that long ago... Mom, I finally found a way to 'display' your group of wooden soldiers. About time, right? I need to take a photo! I don't think I'll pack them away, as they are a bit fragile.

Reminds me. I missed the mistletoe ball in the kitchen doorway (between the kitchen and the foyer), a hanging thing in the kitchen window, and a pillow in the living room (so comfortable I might keep it there for my poor back). I think there was something else, too. I almost always forget to pack away a few Christmas items!

I also still have a few Christmas gifts to give out. To my dentist and her assistants, and to a few neighbors...

Time to see if I can continue blogging in 2020!
doctor stethoscope, stethoscope

Eye Surgery Tomorrow - Blepharoplasty

The day has finally (almost) arrived. I've been in the process of having this surgery for some time now. Specifically, it's Blepharoplasty (BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee), a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids and involves removing excess skin, muscle and fat. The nurse (I think she was an anesthesiologist) who phoned me this morning said my doctor had quite a reputation, then told me she does very good work.

On the way to this surgery I've had quite a few tests, and a Botox treatment (injections all the way around both eyes). The Botox already removed the constant jerking of muscles that were pulling down my eyelids so that I could barely squint - and opened both eyes better than I've experienced in years.

My friend (and neighbor) June has had this surgery and said there's no pain. I find that a bit hard to believe, but it sounds like good news to me!

My surgery just changed from being there at 11:00, to being there at 9:45. (Not sure why it bothers me not to be on the hour, but I guess it makes it more difficult to figure exactly when what will happen. Oh well.

I'll miss yet another acupuncture appointment tomorrow (I missed last Thursday, as well). I could have tried going in on Friday, but I prefer seeing Sheridan (and she doesn't work on Fridays). I scheduled Moxi (Moxibustion) for next Tuesday. That will be my third treatment (I had my second yesterday).

Moxi is fascinating for me! Since April 2018 and my chronic pain, I haven't been able to stand heat on or near the injury. (Yeah, I tend to call my postherpetic neuralgia an injury, as my nerves were injured by shingles.) Anyway, heat has even made me scream in pain On occasion (embarrassing, but true). I've been on cold showers year round. But Moxi is a different kind of heat. So soothing! I used to love hot baths and hot showers, but this beats both.

I'm going to do the garbage and recycling today, as who knows how I'll feel tomorrow (my normal day for doing it).

I'm in the middle of coloring my hair right now. That replaces simply showering and washing my hair before tomorrow. Can you imagine that they have to tell you to shower before surgery? Clean! Oh well...

Marilyn and I recently got hung up on the History Channel's series "The Curse of Oak Island" -- an amazing true treasure hunt! The new season just started last night (very exciting).

You can read more about Oak Island ;HERE. Very interesting stuff!

I think the series is mostly intended for men, but anyone who likes a good mystery will enjoy it, I think.

And that's it for now!

Honest, I still plan to blog more again. Here's hoping this entry finds you well and happy! More soon (fingers crossed).

Meeting Beatles Mark! The Stu Fuchs Event.

What a long and exciting (and exhausting) day we had!

Marilyn had been wanting to drive up the Gorge the entire weekend, but we hadn't managed it. So she decided we'd dumb getting pedicures and just head right up as soon as we did a few quick errands.

We'd planned to get up earlier, but we ended up staying up to play our ukuleles, which we both view as being extremely important, and time well spent. I love my personal improvement with learning new chords, strumming ang making chord transitions. I'm far from good -- and miles from Marilyn -- but much better for me, anyway.

It's hard right now, as some days all we want to do is sit and play.

It was and bright, beautiful day, with blue skies, and a lovely drive. We didn't need GPS until we got into The Dalles. The store is called Yesterday & Today Music, and the owner is known as Beatles Mark (Mark Thomas).

His store is remarkable! Beautifully kept, totally tidy and organized, we were amazed when he kept saying the place was 'torn apart' and how sorry he was we weren't seeing it on a better day.

With a store that is named for a Beatles album, you can guess the record store features loads of Beatles albums, plus other goodies. It's decorated with huge yellow submarines and lots of Beatles posters everywhere.

His prices are excellent, and we bought several things. But the joy of being there was meeting Mark for the first time, and having a lengthy discussion about our favorite subject -- and his -- The Beatles! As you can guess, when you get three people together who sincerely love The Beatles, it was a lively and happy conversation!

We were sorry not to be able to visit longer, but we were on a very tight schedule, as we had tickets to attend the Stu Fuchs ukulele event in Milwaukie that required us to be on site by 6:30.

So we headed back home and got here just in time to eat, gather our materials and head out.

Dinner is worth mentioning, as we had the third of three pizzas we'd had in the freezer for some time. I originally heard about them on TV (can't recall where, off hand), but found them locally one day. I'm lucky in that I accidentally bought the better brand of a few that are available! It's the RealGood brand, with cauliflower crust. I know it probably sounds gross, but we found it DELICIOUS! For someone who recently had my doctor tell me that I couldn't use a vegetarian diet because it had "too many carbs," (and I quote), it's nice to note that these pizzas have 17 grams of protein to 9 grams of carbs. The slices are pleasantly filling, by the way. They beat delivery pizza hands down -- no, I'm not kidding!

We were out of salad (we've been eating a salad with every dinner recently), so we had it with cottage cheese (we're big fans).

We each had a three-ring binder notebook I'd prepared on Friday that contained the music for the event inside heavy-duty plastic sheets. We also had our music stands (ours fold up for traveling) and our ukuleles and tuners -- good to go!

What we didn't have was our tickets! Marilyn located the proper email, forwarded it to me, showed me how to find the proper link and then I printed them out, and we were off.

Traffic was good and we made good time, with no trouble finding the venue. Easy parking was a plus.

There was a good turnout. Getting there by 6:30 as requested gave us time to set up and also buy a few things (including t-shirts, a song book and some buttons), to be prepared for the 7:00 start.

The first part of the program was a workshop, using Stu's Ukulele Zen method. We focused on two songs. The second part was a concert of his music. Stu is a classically trained musician.

Then we headed back home where we unpacked the car and ate some more pizza. Again, imagine a basically guilt-free pizza in your life! I can't get over a grain free crust.

Apparently RealGood started out with a crust made of chicken (!!!), but now includes the veggie options. I think there are a total of three kinds, but the funny part is we don't really like the veggie pie -- we had to pick off the onions and peppers before cooking. So that leaves the Margherita and Cheese -- which are both yummy!

We splurged by splitting a beer while watching "Life of Brian," which neither of us had ever seen before. George Harrison not only supported the film (he remortgaged his house to finance the Monty Python movie to the tune of five million dollars), but he made a short appearance, too. Let's be frank: this is British humor, and it doesn't translate all that well for American viewers -- or at least for us. (Yes, I've known many people who loved it.) It's probably more difficult that we can't always understand what's being said.

The subject matter didn't bother us. I personally didn't care if it was a slam on Christianity or not. Humor is an acceptable way to make us evaluate our values, after all. And if something can't stand up to a little humorous jabbing, well...

Rich is back to work starting tomorrow!

Wednesday I go back to my eye doctor. I can't remember: Did I mention my recent treatment with Botox? Anyway, I had injections all the way around both eyes. And I won't pretend it wasn't painful, but oh well! Hardly the worst pain I experience regularly. The headache I had afterwards sucked, but when I mentioned it to my clinician, she cleared it right up with acupuncture! The best news was it worked to stop the 'tic' I'd been having, with the intense jerking down of my eyelid. I could barely see out of the right eye, and it was only slightly better for the left. Now my eyes are open and I'm seeing so clearly it's amazing for me!

Not sure if we go to surgery next for certain or not, but should learn more this week.

Friday we attend a performance by Angel. We often go to see and support his efforts.

And I'm back to Cupping tomorrow with acupuncture, plus more acupuncture on Thursday.

Missed seeing our luthier Miles last week -- maybe this week. I need a low G stringing for my Breedlove ukulele (Grayson), and we want buttons for a few ukuleles that still don't have them. I don't care what some people say/think, I like straps on my ukuleles! It makes them easy to hold and control while playing. (And, yes, I've heard the 'purist' argument against straps. I still feel it's a matter of preference, and not a statement of dedication to the art of the music!)

No new news about Shari's beloved cat Tink, who was let out Thursday by one of her caregivers. We did go out to Oregon City to personally hunt for Tink. And Marilyn offered a $50 reward for Tink's return. I keep praying and we remain hopeful!

Enough already! Here's hoping my blog entry finds you engaged, happy and very healthy! (And ideally pain-free, or close!) Sweet dreams!

The First Day of Autumn -- Lots of Errands!

Yesterday Marilyn vacuumed my bedroom (this included using a brush on my rug to pull up Johnnie's fur). She's been asking if she could do it for ages, and I finally gave in. I'm glad I let her, as it's lovely having a cleaner room.

Today is the first day of autumn. Time just flies!

Marilyn's cleaning in my bedroom is related to finally moving Johnnie's cat box to the laundry room, where we've always kept cat boxes in the past. His was in my bedroom because he lived there for the past year. He appears to have adjusted to the change just fine -- he's such a smart cat!

No cat box means a ton less mess in my room. That's going to be nice.

Later on we decided to put up more hangers for our ukuleles and guitars. These are currently in the family room, but we want some in the living room, too. It's nice to just be able to hang them up, knowing they'll be safe. And it's wonderful seeing them on our walls.

Today we ran ERRANDS all day. Really exhausting. But we accomplished a lot. Marilyn got Pendleton whiskey for her baked beans (her secret ingredient -- I suppose I'm not supposed to share).

We wentto numerous stores shopping. We went to Michael's to get our latest Beatles item re-framed. It's fairly amazing, but will be quite outstanding once the nee frame is done in two weeks.

And we bought a frame four r another project.

Marilyn got some new pants at Ross. We picked several items there, but the pants were the essential item.

We went to Freddie's and Walgreen's and Walmart. I guess the only local store we missed was Safeway.

It was a great deal of errand running and loads of steps -- if only I hadn't left my Fitbit home!

Speaking of, my second wrist band arrived today. It's blact mesh with a magnetic clasp. It's a bit difficult to put on, but I'll get used it.

Johnnie is overdo for getting his nails clipped. Actually, he looks like he has something wrong in his mouth, so tomorrow I'm calling him in for the vet.

They should clip him there if I can get him in quickly enough. I wonder what's the problem? And hope and pray it's simple to fix.

So tired I conked out in my bedroom. Later Marilyn had to come upstairs and fetch me to see Sir Paul on Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert). He was wo, as he always is. I'm glad she came to get me.

We both played our ukuleles while watching. I suspect she'd already been playing. Anyway, we need to play every day, and we take that quite seriously. Besides, we enjoy it! I feel like I made a breakthrough recently with my strumming and my transitions. That feels good.

I can barely keep my eyes open to finish this. It's currently 3:30 in the morning. Again, we did a lot of walking and carrying heavy items.

I love how wonderful it looks as I'm walking down the stairs into our family room. That back wall where ukuleles and her guitar all hang is impressive. It makes me very happy to view it.

We didn't get to adding the hangers in the living room -- hopefully soon!

Again, I love the way they look, hanging on the wall like art.

Sweet dreams, friends. I know I'll have them...