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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Jesus wept
Marilyn and I just watched a show on HBO about Rolling Stone -- which ended with the death of John Lennon. Which of course made us both start weeping and weeping. I can't even type about it right now. Just too brutal.

Marilyn stayed home today, not feeling at all well. Her IBS-d flare up was awful and made her miserable. I was still feeling the effects of my IBS-c flare up from yesterday. We both feel it's very unfair when we're making so many efforts to eat well and get more rest! But it's absolutely something about this time of year, whether it's allergies or something else.

We barely ate all day, as neither of us felt much like it.

We did both shower and wash our hair so we could take the OLD Christmas tree down to the office. I've been saving it since we got the new one, as Christine had asked for it to be the 'new' tree for the festival. There had been some talk that we had a good one, but Wanda phoned today and told me she did, indeed, want it. It has one 'bad' branch that is easy to tie up (we did it for years). But the main thing is it looks very real and has the lights already on it, making it much easier to use. So I managed to pack it (two big boxes) into the car and we drove it down. Fortunately it wasn't raining!!!

We need to get to the pharmacy to pick up meds. But we didn't feel like going out today.

We watched "Help!" again today. Such a fun film.

Marilyn missed her hair appointment, but her hair does look great, so... But she wants to get it done soon. And wants me to get mine done, too.

I have no idea what the heck is going on with my computer! I'm typing this, and there's a damn delay! I get that I type pretty fast when I touch type, but still...

Sweet dreams!
charlie 2012 beige
Can't BELIEVE I forgot to mention doing my pills!!! That takes me ages, as I'm on so many medications and supplements. Marilyn really wants me to CUT BACK the supplements, so I guess we'll review all of those soon. I'd LOVE to be taking less!!!!!!!!!! Plus I always hate doing the pills because it seems so complicated and time-consuming...

Also, I did some WORK today! I had to phone Jessica P. at the office and make sure she was all set up on her computer at her new work station. Then tonight I had to log in Remotely and set up her phone, which I totally forgot to do last Friday. DONE!!!

Not that big a deal, I guess. But how did I forget the first time around? Hahaha.
colin relax
Marilyn and I stayed in again all day today. I haven't even stepped on the porch to get our mail. (smile)

It was filthy weather today! Just pouring down rain all day long. We watched TV and mess around on our iPads and that's really about it. I guess we really needed the rest after weeks of very busy days -- including busy weekends.

Candy sent me the information about LifeWatch. It's one of those companies with monitors for seniors. They approached Sue via phone some months back and somehow 'convinced her' (while she was very confused) that she needed to purchase the service. At one point somebody from the company phoned Marilyn who very firmly explained to them that Sue was too confused to be making any decisions like this -- and that there was NO MONEY to pay for the service. But apparently they sent some equipment anyway! This has been boxed up since it arrived. But they badgered Sue until she wrote them a check for TWO MONTHS worth of a service that they haven't been providing at all! And now they're threatening her to either return the equipment or make the other payments. Again, for a service they haven't been providing!!! What a damn scam. I always see red when companies prey on seniors!!! I sent them a message and will see whether they follow up or not. Candy had tried phoning them but couldn't reach anyone. I didn't even bother to try calling. Instead I went directly to the website and used the 'contact' page to leave a message. I was very clear about the situation. In my opinion they should refund her money, but we know they won't. She's not in a position to be paying anyone $140 right now, as they are barely getting by...

As for their taxes, Marilyn says we'll try and help them out. She's very good-hearted this way. But eventually we'll have to stop with all these constant drains. I told Marilyn to start keeping a list of all the so-called 'little' expenses, such as every time we're at the store and end up paying for her prescriptions or other purchases. The furnace was a big expense, and her hair (cut and color) is another bigger (if not really big) expense. There have been several meds lately. And some groceries. I, too, want to help. We feel very bad for both Sue and Candy. But we don't make enough money to provide for them, I'm afraid. And I can only imagine how this must bother Larry (and his family) that we help Sue and Candy and not them... (I know very little about their financial situation as we're not close, but Sue tells me things are frequently bad for them these days. Only one of their two cars is running, for example...)

Marilyn and I re-watched 2007's "Across the Universe," the musical movie that features Beatles songs. We both love musicals so much! (Aside from our love of The Beatles, of course.) It didn't get very good reviews, but we both liked it a lot...

My IBS-c is BAD today and giving me fits. I'm cramping and really suffering. No idea why. It's odd, considering we've been eating more and more healthy food all the time. Hard to understand. We've cut almost all meat our of diets right now. (We eating protein, but from other sources.) We have no cookies, etc. in the house, so we're not eating sweets. Actually, we didn't have that much to eat today -- a good thing, considering! (I did eat peanut butter, though, and sometimes it bothers my digestion. So maybe that's it.)

We sent the leftover Halloween candy to the office without eating any of it. We're really trying to stay away from candy. I certainly don't need the sugar. Speaking of, my blood sugar results have been EXCELLENT recently!

I need to get outside and stick the oil tomorrow and see where we are. It was so cold and rainy today that I just couldn't face it. But tomorrow for sure!

Boring day, I know! Hahaha. We're waiting until next weekend, I guess, for our manicures (which was fine by me!).

I hope everyone is staying dry and warm and happy! Sweet dreams, all.
beauty cats
Marilyn and I did NOTHING today.

By that I mean, we never got out of our night clothes. We never combed our hair or put on makeup. We didn't work on anything about the festival. We didn't work on anything about the house. We didn't cook (we ate leftovers). We slept late. We watched TV. We played on our iPads a little. We napped.

Our latest discovery? YouTube on the TV!!! That's so much fun! We'd never done it before yesterday.

Today we watched The Beatles cartoons. And then we were watching videos of The Beatles performing. And it was such GREAT fun.

Our obsession with The Beatles makes us both very, very happy right now! Listening to their music gives us great joy. And seeing video of them is a delight. Everybody should have something like this to help them be happy!

Sister Sue called at one point. She was very upset and emotional about a fight she'd had with her daughter Candy. It was about property taxes and how they're going to pay them. It was hard to know what to say... We feel bad for them, of course. But taxes happen every year and have to be paid every year. I guess I don't really get it...

But I still felt bad for her, being so upset. I told her Candy wasn't really blaming her or upset with her, and I hope that's true. Because it's not Sue's fault they have taxes. Everybody does. I hope they figure out how to make it work. So that was the most upsetting moment of our day. I wish Sue had The Beatles to make her happy -- but they're not at all her thing.

Aside from that, it was a lazy, lovely, relaxing day. And we both loved it!

It makes facing the coming week much easier, of course.

As of tomorrow, we are exactly three weeks from my 65th birthday. Hard to believe it's here.

On that note, goodnight and sleep tight!
winter branch
It's been cold and wet on and off all week and today was more of the same.

Marilyn and I slept in. We were both very tired last night -- so tired we didn't even eat dinner before lying down for our usual evening 'nap' -- which turned in to going to sleep for the night!

We got dressed today and headed to the St. Theresa Christmas bazaar, which has always been a favorite. There seemed to be less stuff this year. We were going to eat there, but they didn't have enough chairs around the tables. Then when we tried to buy coffee, they didn't have any. Clearly a sign it was time to go! Marilyn did get a cute retro lamp for her desk at work, though...

We went to a late brunch (lunch?) at Elmer's. It was noon-ish, so you could call it lunch, I guess. But we ate breakfast food. We were VERY HUNGRY as we hadn't had anything to eat since our lunch yesterday! (We ended up sleeping without having dinner, as I said before.) Anyway, I had a waffle and Marilyn had an omelet. We weren't perfectly satisfied with our food, but the service was excellent, as always.

Then we headed back home, listening to Sirius radio the entire time we were in the car. The Beatles channel has been an important daily part of our lives.

Marilyn suggested we watch a YouTube video of a favorite movie at home, and we both did that until she dozed off. I watched the entire thing, though.

We were trying to watch our usual METV stuff, but were pretty bored by it tonight. So we finally got ready and went shopping at Walmart. We've been needing supplements for some time, so that's what we were after. It cost a fortune as we were out of EVERYTHING! (Well, that's ME, actually...)

We broke down and bought a new blu-ray player. Our old one which was never very good died like a dog recently. I had to pry the thing apart and actually BREAK IT OPEN to get a movie out that was inside it!!! And as it was one of our Beatle movies (which are hard to find!!!), this was a big deal. These are now really cheap to buy, by the way. And TINY in comparison to what they used to be like.

Exciting thing??? I've been looking for a FOOT WARMER for years and found one tonight! My feet get so very cold sometimes. I can't even say how often I've searched for this. So I'm excited we found it at long last.

And that was our Saturday, for the most part.
It's now 2:35 a.m. -- and we're just in the door from returning from Seattle, Washington (well, Auburn). And we are ALIVE and WELL. So is the car.

And that is really something of a MIRACLE. I'm not joking. Our joke became how often one of us would say: "What's that in the road?" (Or "What's that parked on the side of the road?" or, "What's that beside the road?")

In one case it was a CAR in OUR LANE (directly in front of us) -- which was flipped upside down. I have no idea how Marilyn avoided it!

In another case it was a HUGE BOULDER from a landslide directly in front of us in the lane. She barely managed to swerve and miss it -- and then barely missed being hit by the jackass behind us who had been tailgating us!!!

More tomorrow. We're very tired -- and worn out from the stress of the trip in a total DOWNPOUR plus wind on a highway where we were going 60 and being passed on both sides like we were standing still!

Marilyn is -- as I always say -- AMAZING. We were a good team, actually. I was also praying like mad the entire trip, nearly non-stop. Thank you, St. Jude!!!

I need to put down in writing the many other obstacles we somehow avoided, too. But we have that funeral first thing in the morning, so sleep beckons!

Stay safe, my friends!!!
October 20, 2017 (Friday) 11:59 pm - Sue Used Her Computer!!! [2017, happy, october-2017, proud, sister-sue, sue-computer]
sister sue
I forgot to mention: Sister Sue used her COMPUTER today!!! She may be confused about some things, but that's a huge step in the right direction in my mind! I'm very, very proud of her!!!

I need to help her a bit, but at least she was interested! (woo hoo)

Good night and sweet dreams!
charlie 2012 beige
Marilyn went back to WORK today. I didn't get up until she phoned me at 9:30, if you can believe that!!!

Thankfully her cough didn't seem that bad tonight. She's amazing.

As for me, I did get the garbage in the house taken out today. And some stale crackers for the crows.

I spent a lot of time on the phone. With my friend June, sister Sue (several calls), the furnace people and on and on.

I had a long chat with the office for our furnace company. And later with Rich, the repair guy. Sue ended up with the furnace OFF and not knowing what to do! But later in the day Candy texted me and all was well. She and Sue were fighting, though, and Sue was crying. I tried hard to comfort her. It's been hard lately, poor thing.

After a lot of messing about, I finally got videos from our Auction to Marilyn. Airdrop is NOT all that easy to use, regardless of what you may have heard (or read).

While things were going along, I did see two episodes of "Monk" I had never seen before -- and enjoyed both! I really like that show a lot. It speaks to me somehow and is another one of those 'comfort' TV shows that always makes me feel good.

Saturday we leave at noon for Seattle and the event Saturday night. It's a three-hour drive. We're supposed to have TERRIBLE weather all day long! Tons of pouring rain and high winds. Great. We're NOT looking forward to those driving conditions in the least...

The event begins at 5:30 and runs into the night. We'll see how we both feel as to how long we stay. We have a room at the Econo Lodge where we can get ready and sleep afterwards.

We have to be up very early to make it to our FUNERAL on Sunday, back in Portland!!!

Gowns for tomorrow's event. Uniforms for Sunday. That's a bitch-load of clothes to have to drag along. (sigh)

I guess we should head to bed soon.

Marilyn didn't get home until past 8:00 p.m. No surprise after she was out all week. She's always and forever swamped with work. She didn't have a single break all day long and not a bite of food until she got home.

Speaking of food, I weighed today and my weight was DOWN! I think I might have lost five pounds this week, believe it or not. Wow.

My blood sugar was 104 this morning. And after breakfast it was 130. Around 4:30 p.m. I had a low of 79 and was so wimpy and shaking. Awful. I guess I needed lunch. I haven't been eating lunch that much during the week -- and I wasn't hungry, so...

I brought it back with a burrito and a very small cookie -- no candy or huge amounts of sugary food, anyway! (The cookie was a tiny oatmeal cookie with very little sugar.)

So far I haven't used the second insulin Leslie gave me. At first I didn't have syringes -- which I just got today, by the way. Now I haven't been HIGH ENOUGH to use it! That's a good thing.

I hope I have a white blouse for Sunday (for my uniform). I wish I knew what I was wearing. I guess I can repeat the gown from the Rosarian ball and the Auction (the third time is the charm?). Oh well. I might have gotten another dress if we hadn't been sick and unable to get out. Who cares?

At least my manicure is lovely!!! (smile)

Sweet dreams! And good weather to all! And stay healthy, if you can! (I clearly won't be dancing tomorrow night! Hahaha.)
charlie sick, sick in bed
Wednesday, October 18:
Home sick. Feeling crummy. I'm dealing with constant pain from my left knee flare-up. Annoying. Aside from feeling lousy... And poor Marilyn has been so sick.

But get this: We DID manage to go out in the evening to the annual Clown Corps Award Dinner. Hard to believe, right? You can force yourself if you try hard enough...

The other 'highlight' of the day? Sister Sue FORGOT the appointment with the furnace guy! She was out at Larry's house. Nobody could get there in time to let him in (and even if we'd felt up to it, we don't have a key to the house!), so I had to cancel.

Then I'm told they don't have another appointment until November 5 at the earliest!

Both Candy and Larry beat me up verbally for not making sure they knew about the appointment. I was trying not to bother either one of them, believe it or not. If Sue had been there, I wouldn't have contacted them at all. But it was my mess...

So when I'm next talking to Deluxe Fuel, they offer to 'fit us in' on Thursday!!! What a break.

Yeah, we watched a bunch of TV, but I'd have to ask Marilyn in order to list things...

Thursday, October 19:
Sue is home, thankfully. But very confused when I talk to her. Not a good sign! But I get her up via the phone for when Rick will appear.

Marilyn talks about going in to the office, but she's still not feeling well enough. So she stays home, thankfully.

I chat with Rick and ask if the furnace CAN BE FIXED without fixing the heat pump outside (which is many thousands of dollars to fix). He says yes, he'll call me. It was under $500, happily, so he fixes it. With the other time he was there it puts us around $700 total. Both Sue and Candy want to pay for it -- but with WHAT MONEY??? So Marilyn pays and it's a done deal. (Well, they're going to bill us here at our house. We're trusted as long-time customers.)

You have to use the 'emergency' setting on the thermostat to get the furnace to work. When Rick leaves the heat is on. Later on Sue is confused by her instructions. So tonight there was no heat. I think I can figure it out if I can get over there. I researched it for a couple of hours tonight. Rick is good at fixing things, but a lousy communicator. And Sue is confused, period. We need things spelled out very clearly and WRITTEN DOWN very clearly -- which is my job!

Marilyn is going to work tomorrow, so we'll go over after work and fix things...

Sue is back to not being able to pick up messages on her home phone, so...

Time for bed. I just did the recycling and composting -- it was raining. Made me think of Dad. (smile)

Sweet dreams. I hope you're all staying healthy. (I hope I feel better tomorrow! Marilyn, too, of course.)
under the weather
We always watch a lot of TV when sick (one or both of us). Today we were watching episodes of the Netflix series "Gypsy." Interesting. Unfortunately, it's already cancelled, so what we're watching is all we'll get...

We watched the movie "Our Souls at Night," with Redford and Fonda. Interesting that these two were in one of our favorite movies as young people, "Barefoot in the Park" (which we own multiple times and both consider a classic). It's a 1967 film which also features Mildred Natwick and Charles Boyer as wonderful seniors who end up in a relationship. Marilyn and I are HUGE Mildred Natwick fans -- and she was WONDERFUL in this movie!

We both really liked the film, which seemed to get some mixed reviews. First off, both actors look great! She's 79 and he's 81, and they are both attractive AND also very SEXY!!!!! I don't want to spoil, but there were some moments we especially enjoyed, with Addie's grandson Jamie (another well-cast role) interacting with both leads. Anyway, I highly recommend this movie. Don't let a negative or lukewarm review keep you from viewing. I think you'll be glad you did.

And OF COURSE I continue to recommend "Barefoot in the Park," and always will.

Exciting moment of the day? Learning something NEW about iPad!!! For days I've been trying to research and reason out how you can tell which 'address' someone is using to contact you from when you get an iMessage/Messages/texts (the Apple version).

If you're an Apple user, then you probably know how hard it is to 'message' from an iPad, rather than your iPhone. Anyway, I really prefer most times to use my iPad over my iPhone. Ideally I'd like my messages to go to BOTH DEVICES at the same time, but that's another story. Anyway, today I was finally going back and forth with my friend Shari from my iPad. Fun!

Tired and not feeling great. And I'm having a damn flare-up in my left knee, I'm afraid. Constant pain all day long. At least I'm still functioning, if suffering. In the padt I had times I used to crawl up the stairs from our family room to the kitchen/upstairs. So it could be much worse.

Sister Sue was excellent on the phone today. Her weight was good, she had used oxygen and dreamed (REM sleep!!!) and was very clear to talk to. I'm worried about her being cold (the furnace isn't working), but our guy will go there tomorrow, thankfully.

Sad news: Sue's longtime friend (also our friend), Bob, passed away. I worked for him on and off for years at one point. He was close to my Dad, and there when he passed...

I feel very sorry for both Sue and her daughter Candy (Bob was like a father to her). And for his wife, Sue, too (of course). Bob was a good guy! Like family...

He's another big loss for Sue, who has had so many losses...

Time for bed (it's actually 3:00 a.m.). Marilyn is sound asleep. She's really miserable.

I hope I can sleep. This knee is giving me fits. I wish I could get a bursal injection there, but Leslie doesn't do knees (I guess they're harder).

Sweet dreams!
charlie sick, sick in bed
Marilyn is VERY SICK. The flu, I think. She's burning with fever. Sore throat, post-nasal drip, congestion (snoring a lot), fighting laryngitis and so on. Really suffering. I feel terrible for her. (I'm not feeling great, either, frankly. And even the cats seem to be sneezing. This is a pest house right now.) Marilyn stayed down entirely both Sunday and Monday. We both did very little.

We watched some TV. We watched the Netflix series "Mindhunter" (based on the true crime book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit). Really fascinating. About the beginning of profiling in the FBI. Marilyn has always been fascinated by serial killers, and there's a lot of focus on them. Ten episodes, all of season one. We also watched a USA Network eight-episode limited series "The Sinner," based on the book of the same name. It was excellent. Jessica Biel is really good as Cora Tannetti, and Bill Pullman is wonderful as Detective Harry Ambrose. But all the cast is good and the story was fascinating. We both enjoyed both series.

There's really nothing else to report. Obviously we couldn't take Sue to get labs today. But her weight is at 171, which is very good, so it's fine. Oh, I did set an appointment for Wednesday for her furnace repair. Poor thing not having heat in this chilly weather! It must be fixed right away.

Well, it's 4:00 a.m., and I'm headed to bed.

Stay healthy, friends!
clap, Jesus clap
Friday, October 13:
There are NO WAYS to describe how crazy and busy and exhausting and FUN the day was! It was very much wrapped around preparing for the Auction -- then attending it.

Marilyn went to work in the morning. I stayed home and began applying my GREEN makeup to various parts of my body. Hahaha.

When Marilyn got home mid-day, we headed over to get sister Sue and bring her to the house. She was dressed and ready to go for the event.

I had already put on my outfit and gone next door to show June and Jim how it looked. That was prior to toning down the makeup quite a bit (I was very, very green at that point!) and without my broom -- an important part of the costume.

Sue's outfit was very pretty! She looked really nice. And we added a small witch hat and a small broom.

Marilyn and I spent quite a bit of time preparing for the event. And keeping an eye on Sue. I won't go into the details right now (!!!), but that was far from easy. It worked out just fine, even so. Hahaha.

Once ready, we left for the event, arriving around 5:30 p.m. What an AMAZING night!

Time for a massive PHOTO SHARE!!!

Big group photo by the HOUSE on Nessarose's dead legs (wicked witch of the east)
Sister Sue, me (Elphaba, wicked witch of the west), Adeena (Dorothy), Marilyn (Glinda),
Carla (wife of the mayor), Gary (mayor of munchkins) and Angel

Festival staff photo

Me with Jessica (the scarecrow)

Me with Jessica (different view)

Me, Adeena and Marilyn

Me, Adeena and Marilyn

Me, Adeena and Marilyn

Me pointing at Nessarose dead with Adeena/Dorothy inside the house!

My dear friend Mark with Marilyn

Marilyn and Wanda (tinman)

Marilyn and Adeena

Leslie and Marilyn (both as Glinda)

Leslie, Lauren and Marilyn -- all as Glinda!!!


Jeff with Adam -- as the Wizard behind his curtain!!!

This is the house created as our photo prop this year

Me with Queen Michaela inside the house (fun!!!)

Carla and Gary (as munchkins)

Adeena kissing Marilyn -- sweet!!!

Marilyn and I literally end up so busy visiting with all the attendees that it's difficult to even look at the items for sale! Marilyn bought a couple of things, but I never even saw ONE! I was also baby-sitting sister Sue to make sure she was good all evening...

I bought many drinks for various friends, too. (Marilyn was especially happy I bought Carol a drink, as she never had the chance to do so.)

We were both huge hits in our costumes. I can't remember another time in my life where I've received so many compliments from friends and total strangers! And I was posing for photos all night long. It was really exciting, I have to admit. And Marilyn won the 'battle of the Glindas' hands down. There were many Glindas there, but her outfit was the best! She looked lovely.

Seeing everyone always means so much to me. I talk to tons of people and there are many hugs and kisses! I'm proud of how many people I manage to interact with at this large event.

The video was WONDERFUL! Marilyn should be so proud. And Queen Michaela did a wonderful job with her speech. She is such a sweetheart!

We had several members of the court at our table with us. Mark sat by me and Sue on my other side. And I went around the room and talked to people I hadn't seen in the room below...

Marilyn ended up spending quite a bit of money in support of the festival. Mostly on the Appeal, etc. She got me this stuffed lemur I'd been in love with in the office (she spent quite a bit). But today (Saturday) we took it down to the office to give to Jessica, whom we both dearly love -- and who loved the lemur even more than I did!!! (We decided we wanted to do something special for the three women who worked their tails off for this event...)

We never feel bad about the money we spend at this event, as it supports the organization we love so very much.

After we needed to take sister Sue home to Hayden Island. ODOT was doing CONSTRUCTION work on the bridge, apparently. We sat in standstill traffic for more than TWO HOURS in order to drive her home. Adeena was in it even longer than we were!!!

But we managed to enjoy it, chatting with Sue and singing along with songs on the Beatles channel! How we love that.

Poor Marilyn needed to pee and had figured she'd wait until she got home -- a long wait! (That dress wouldn't have been easy in a public restroom.)

Lots and lots of people ran out of gas and had to pull over! What a mess! I guess Angel lost his headlights driving home. Yikes! I don't know how ODOT can justify it, I really don't.

We were dead tired when we got home. I had to shower and scrub off the green of my costume! I barely remember finally getting to bed...

Saturday, October 14:
We slept in -- surprise! Hahaha.

I was having HORRIBLE leg cramps! I was so dehydrated that I could barely draw blood to test. And I was wearing heels (not that high, happily, but still) last night. And we're on our feet for hours and hours.

We both were just exhausted today.

We went over for me to get my fingernails fixed -- my manicure wasn't done properly and had been peeling off all week long! My woman from last time was there and fixed it right away. I went from black to lavender -- very pretty.

Then we went and got Starbucks and sat and ate egg bites there. We were starving! We took a cup to Sue, but nobody opened the door at her house! (Even though we knew she was home and Candy's car was there.) We finally reached her by phone to tell her to get her drink outside the door!

I had called her just past noon to get her daily report and write it down. And she was very happy about last night.

Then we headed to the festival office and were there for some time...

We had to stop for gas and go shopping before heading home. We got back right around 6:00 -- in time for our METV viewing.

Again we were starved and wanted to eat -- and my blood sugar was under 100. Right now that's low for me, so I was rather shaky...

I did manage to make popcorn tonight, anyway. But I fell asleep during Svengoolie! And woke up during Batman...

And that's my Friday and Saturday! Sweet dreams, all!
Byram HealthCare and Pacific Medical Group (my clinic) -- recent issues resolved. I guess insurance is just REALLY SLOW to pay. Well, a bill from a year ago last June (2016)? Yeah, that's a damn slow pay!

Started my day dealing with that. Then phoned sister Sue.

I had a long chat with my friend June.

I spent ages locating the jewels/gems I keep for craft projects. I used to do these a lot, many years back. But I still keep quite a collection.

Marilyn and I had to go out and find a different witch hat. We got a nice one! And she found shoes she might wear...

Spent time working on her crown...

We were at the office until 9:30 p.m.

Dinner was frozen burritos.

My blood sugar was good today.

Took out the recycling and garbage.

Can you tell how tired I am? This is pretty dull.

We're EXCITED about our costumes and the Auction.

Well, there's more. It will keep. Tomorrow is the big day. I need sleep right now.

Happy dreams!
It's actually 2:30 a.m. right now. I'm tired. And I'm cranky. This isn't a good time for all this crap I'm dealing with. (sigh)

First, I get a message in email from Byram Healthcare. This is my medical supplies provider. Everything with them is done with INSURANCE and is always 100% covered. I've NEVER had a bill from them, ever. But when I log on to the MyByram online site, guess what? I'm being billed nearly $100 for my current order! Why? Clearly because my damn clinic still has not sent them the prescription that was supposed to happen. Otherwise it's because the new insulin IS NOT COVERED by insurance -- and I can easily go back to not using it, just saying. If insurance isn't covering it, why wasn't I informed? The level of incompetence is staggering, I have to tell you...

Just like this crap with sister Sue and the 'appointment' she never had versus they say she did. Marilyn told me yesterday that they are ridiculously incompetent at the front desk at Dr. Markin's office, too. In my case I think we're not talking the front desk, however. We're talking Leslie's assistant... (sigh)

So when I decide to log in to the clinic website, guess what? I have some bill there that I've NEVER SEEN (it should have been MAILED to me) that's over due. In fact, it's from LAST YEAR (and more than a year old) and still outstanding. There's a re-billing charge on it. Um, seriously? Because I've NEVER BEEN BILLED even once, much less re-billed!!! I am really too tired to even think about this right now.

I just logged in Remotely to my email at work. And guess what? Outlook had a nasty crash. I've been sitting here waiting and it's still not 'fixed' as it should be. If only we had a decent IT Manager at the festival, maybe we could resolve some of this crap! Oh. Wait. That's me we're talking about! (sigh)

Does anybody remember me mentioning Michelle from Comcast? She called when I was gone shopping on October 4. Her phone message did not include her LAST NAME. It did not include a direct phone number to call her -- I tried the number that came in on caller ID -- it's the generic Comcast number. If you don't have a last name you can't try finding her at the company. She said in her message she would FOLLOW UP in an email -- she didn't. That was ONE WEEK ago. Not a word since.

I phoned Kris about this and he said he'd follow up. I haven't heard another word from him.

Speaking of that, both Kris and Donn and supposedly (???) working on the issue of SPAM blocking for our work email for the entire office. I have heard nothing from either of them. We have until December to resolve this (a month and a half, in other words). I am SERIOUSLY CONCERNED about this subject.

My wonderful WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition wants to be purchased now. I really should buy it. It's normally $99 on sale for $50. I guess the festival should foot that bill. I need to chat with Marilyn about it.

Exciting (good!) news!!! Marilyn did something to our Sirius radio account. Now I can get it on my iPad and iPhone while she's using it in the car!!! All Beatles all the time, in other words. (woo hoo) One of the best things for the entire day.

Filthy weather. I walked to the corner store to get a lottery ticket and it was POURING down rain. I was sure glad to have my new jacket (it's very warm!) and the hat I got some time back when shopping one day with my friend June. It was raining that day, too, and I got the hat to keep dry. I wore that with my hair tucked in my jacket and my hair stayed totally dry!!! How about that???

Marilyn came home again during the day today. I tried to help when possible. But she's EXTREMELY GOOD at this video stuff, I think! Yesterday at one point she was ready to throw in the towel and go back to doing a PowerPoint presentation (as we have in the past). Then suddenly she 'got' it, and she was really cooking.

She had a complete video as of yesterday, but decided to 'tweak' it today. And did some WONDERFUL stuff. I loved the changes/improvements. If she'll stick with using this App (I started to say 'software' -- yes, I'm old), then I think she'll get to be an expert with it. She's already very good. She hadn't touched it in years until now. And in a couple of days she produced a great video. Most people won't know the difference between how it's done this year and in previous years. The other thing? I'll be given the credit by many people there (just as I was last year). This is her baby. But there's really no telling people I didn't do it -- I've tried before. They always think I'm just being modest. Hahaha. I hate take credit for work I didn't do, but it's honestly not worth the trouble to explain. Marilyn always tells me not to bother. But it bugs me. Hahaha.

Yes, I did help (as much as I could). And, yes, we've done this project together for many years now. And I appreciate the team work aspect, because I love teaming with others to do things. It's pretty much what I'm always doing, really.

The successful video was the HIGHLIGHT of today! Marilyn should be very proud with her final product. And I'm sure people will love it. Plus it really can't have the glitches we've experienced in the past with various PowerPoints that we've done. It's hard to explain if you don't do this 'artistic' PowerPoints the way we do. They have lots of photos and elements and some text and music and special, careful timing. And they can simply screw up and not play correctly. And we like the visual to MATCH the audio! So that matters to us. With video we don't have the issues that can happen with PP. That's a very good thing!

Hurray: I talked to Adeena on the phone for ages this afternoon!!! We're both excited about the Auction on Friday.

No. I did not get my hair colored today (sigh).

No. I didn't fix my hat for the Auction for my costume (sigh).

Marilyn ate a frozen burrito for dinner (heated in the microwave). I ate a can of white beans (heated in the microwave). We were both hungry, but too tired to cook or go get takeout.

We were watching The Wizard of Oz (On Demand) when we both fell asleep. Long day, long week, busy summer and autumn and year. We're hanging in there.

You know, Marilyn and I were talking about LAST YEAR around this time. I'd been sick for months. She'd been seriously sick -- sick enough to wonder if she had cancer (and if she'd survive whatever she did have -- and I mean that). We were both losing weight because neither one of us was EATING normally. Thank God that passed.

But this time of year is always hard on us. I have seasonal allergies that are killer. We think she does, too, in a different way. But her IBS-d is always terrible in the Fall. I always get physical flareups, aside from the allergic things. And we're both always fatigued.

Anyway, we're hanging in there. It's going to be fine. It's not last year, at least! Hahaha.

This cold, wet weather is no help, though...

Time for bed (past time). Tomorrow will be busy again. (I'm sitting here making that allergy noise: where you use your tongue to try and 'scratch' the roof of your mouth very fast. Yuck. I guess I need a pill. Imagine how bad I'd be without the steroid shots!!!)

My hips are better, thank God. My right ankle today? Not so much. (ouch)

Cheese with the whine, Charlie? Hahaha.

Sweet dreams, all. Stay healthy and happy!

Oh! One final note: Sister Sue is dreaming! She uses her oxygen and then has actual dreams when she sleeps!!! REM sleep, people! (woo hoo) If only she'd use it more often...
Tired tonight. We're trying to get as much rest as we can when there's time. The Auction is exhausting...

I started my day talking to Dr. Markin's office -- very annoying. I'm saying to the assistant Marilyn wouldn't set an appointment this week (we've known the date of our auction for months) -- she's saying it was set recently. I'm saying I talked to others in the office SEVERAL TIMES last week -- and wondering why I never heard there was this appointment. And on and on. Annoying. And I wouldn't allow them to phone sister Sue and upset her (like they did yesterday). Anyway...

Then I phoned her myself and we talked at length. Her weight was good. She used her oxygen on Sunday had had dreams when she slept. That means she had REM sleep.

I'm still trying to get her transportation to her labs this week -- but that's not easy. I sent a text this morning to Larry (her son) and didn't hear back until tonight at some point... Marilyn and I will just wait and take her next week. (When the Auction is over.)

I don't understand ignoring people when they try to reach you. I know we all get busy, but still... Oh well.

Marilyn came home from the office so we could work together on the Auction video. I did as much as I could to assist her, but she really did this project. A great job! She got it finished within several hours.

Then we headed to the office. She showed it to everyone and people were pleased.

It was a cold day, like winter, we both thought. Rainy and chilly. We were pleased to finally head for home. We went to Riteaid on the way home and picked up our prescriptions (and I got hair color).

We picked up food from Bong Teriyaki, which is just up the street from our house. Then went home to eat.

After dinner we both were tired and went to sleep. Marilyn has an early meeting tomorrow.

I want to contact Adeena about her costume for the Auction tomorrow. We want her to consider a certain outfit (and help her get it). I hope she's free to talk tomorrow.

Well, off to bed! Sweet dreams to all!
charlie 2012 beige
Happy Birthday to John Lennon! (He would have been 77 today, had he not been murdered at age 40. So wrong.) Such a great talent.

Marilyn and I went in to the office this morning. Yes, it's a Marilyn Monday, but this IS the Auction week, and we had work to do!

I went to Starbucks with some of the girls while Marilyn stayed behind working.

One of my main tasks was setting up Dropbox on Marilyn's iPad, and on my work computer. Then transferring all the Appeal photos so we can start our usual project for the Auction Appeal (which Marilyn and I do every year). I've been working on resizing photos for that project, as I mentioned before.

Marilyn was working on the Auction cards while I did that...

In the afternoon we finally finished up and headed out to Auction costume shop! Marilyn wants to do Glinda the Good Witch. We managed to find her an amazing dress (!!!) with a big cancan to go under and make it even more full. Wonderful! I'll be the wicked witch. I'm still putting together that costume... but we got a couple of possible hats, and green face makeup to go with my black nails. Hahaha. We hunted for a crown for Marilyn, bought her a wand and came home and ordered a coronw online to be delivered Thursday...

Aftter that we headed for food, after not eating all day -- again (just like yesterday!!!). My blood sugar was at 100 when we were at Elmer's. We both wanted waffles. And Marilyn had mention chicken fried steak yesterday -- which they feature! -- so we also had that. A big meal, admittedly, but we were starved! We only ate once yesterday, and it was four before we ate the Elmer's meal...

I didn't mention Fitbit yesterday. I haven't been able to walk well for ages, because of my hips, but things are finally turning around! I didn't make my 4,000 steps yesterday (only 3,624), but I have more than 6,000 steps today! How about that?

I had totally forgotten to phone sister Sue until evening, we were so busy. Somebody called her from Dr. Markin's office (!!!) and made an early morning appointment with HER for TOMORROW morning!!! WTF????? I'm really, REALLY angry about this. How many times do I need to tell them to set things up with me, and not Sue? How in hell is somebody who relies on others to take her places supposed to know if there's anybody available to drive her?

I've already been working out getting her to her labs this week. And now this! The appointment is set for tomorrow (really?) at 7:40 a.m. I don't think so!

I'll call them in the morning to work through it, and try not to rake them over the coals... (sigh)

Little wonder Sue was upset when I did call. Though why she couldn't have called me is a bit beyond me... (sigh)

I kept falling asleep sitting up while we were watching TV. We had the special on about the homeless here in Portland that was very compelling, but I missed the end. Then drifted off several times during Dancing With The Stars. So Marilyn and I both went for naps. We're tired every minute right now. It will be better after Friday!

I've been reading the Kindle book "Celilo's Shadow" for a couple of days. It's fascinating. And as someone who is part American Indian, I really relate to that part of the novel...

It's awful hearing about the wildfires in California. And the hurricane damage. 2017 has been a hard year...

Well, off to bed soon! It's been a long day!

Sweet dreams, all.
Quick entry -- it's around 1:00 and we're heading to bed. We have a BIG WEEK (very busy) in front of us -- especially because of the Auction next Friday.

Marilyn and I FINALLY forced ourselves to go and get our manicures and pedicures today. Actually, they always want to do pedicures first, so that's what happened. We're now always doing shellac, because it's dry immediately, and lasts much longer. (Even though it's more expensive.

We both did glitter colors on our toes this time around -- very pretty.

I did black for my manicure. It was painful as hell, but turned out nice.

We're good to go for Friday night.

Then we went to the Woodburn Outlet Mall (in Woodburn, Oregon). It's a drive, but worth it. Marilyn wanted to get me a new leather jacket at Wilsons Leather. I was having a hard time at first finding something that fit right, but I had picked up two jackets (one very much on sale). Heading toward the front of the store, I found a Calvin Klein that was beautiful and a perfect fit (and priced better, too). So I got that instead of my original choice. I wore it out of the store.

Walking around we were both starving, as we hadn't eaten all day. We decided to get a bite at home. (I did my blood sugar in the car and it was 98 -- the lowest I've been in weeks and weeks!)

We stopped for Starbucks on Lombard coming home. They totally screwed up our order. Mine was done, but had coconut milk -- nasty! And they totally FORGOT Marilyn's order! What gives? We felt annoyed. We go there often, but they're not friendly with us. But they were quite friendly with other customers. I wonder if it's age-related?

Our Starbucks by the office is always so nice! I love those people. Oh well. You seem more likely to get bad customer service than good anymore...

The second jacket Marilyn got me was my 'John Lennon' jacket in celebration of his bday tomorrow. (smile) We love The Beatles, and especially love John.

Well, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but that's good enough. Sweetest dreams, everyone!
Marilyn and I started our day by heading out to Rose Plantings, an annual thing. The VIPs each get a rose planted at their house, where they host everyone in attendance. The first one would be 'brunch' type food and beverages, the second would be lunch and the third is dessert. Usually it's the Rose Society President, the Prime Minister and the festival President -- but this is Brett's second year, so he already had a rose last year (and wasn't ready to host again so soon!).

However, today Charold hosted as Rose Society President -- and she held that same title 20 years ago!!! And her husband, Rich, has held it twice, too. So this is rose number four!!! They have an amazing and HUGE rose garden at their house and a special spot for these roses...

I took presents for both Charold and Lauren (Adam's wife). I had a rose pin for Charold and a vintage souvenir Portland, Oregon pin for Lauren.

The weather held off wonderfully for Charold's planting. And they had AMAZING FOOD, really good champagne for mimosas (plus other beverages for non-drinkers) and dessert, too. Both Marilyn and I ate (often Marilyn does not). Then it was off to Oregon City -- a long, long drive!

We had to stop for gas on the way there. And I guess everybody was having a time finding the place. Plus it was raining part of the trip.

We finally got a place to park and went in where they had lovely desserts set out. They decided to do the planting right away, trying to avoid the rain. But it did rain a bit and some of us got wet. After we had coffee and goodies -- what an array they had!

After it was all done, Marilyn and I headed back home, getting here around 3:00. Next we packed up things for sister Sue and headed to her house...

It was time for Marilyn to check Sue's pills and set them up for another two weeks. She had somehow NOT taken her pills for four days in a row last week (the first week)!!! She swore she had (over and over and over), but the pills were still there! Which explains why her weight has been up.

Marilyn talked and talked to her and set up pills again (except for the pills that needed to be refilled). She spoke very strongly to Sue about taking her medicine.

I gave her two pair of jeans I had for her. And a calendar to try and help her keep track of things. And some more green tomatoes.

Then we gave her the gift of a hand held video poker game and a hand held slots game. Hopefully she'll be able to figure them out and play them. We know she gets really bored being alone all the time. (Which is why I call her so frequently every day.)

We were leaving and Marilyn felt bad for being 'mean' to Sue -- so we went and got her Starbucks. I ran it in and said Marilyn wanted her to know she felt bad for being mean and that she loved her and was just trying to keep her alive. She left us a nice message on our machine at home thanking us.

We were sitting resting and just watching TV. Then Marilyn remembered that they were dedicating the new Michael Curry Fountain in Heritage Park in Scappoose, Oregon tonight! It had started at six and it was nearly 7:00 -- but was running until 8:00. So we put on clothes again and drove there in time not to miss this event.

The fountain is truly AMAZING. They've been working on it for years. It is like a metal tree and sprays misty water and is lit up and has colors that change, plus wonderful music that was done by Michael's son. Marilyn went over to say hello, as she's worked with Michael before for the festival -- then he said he'd been expecting her (!!!) and told us all about it. (One of the Prime Ministers today told her about and was attending and I guess must have told Michael we were coming, too!)

It was wonderful and we made small video and also took photos (I need to share later). And I went and stood under it and got wet, even though it was chilly. I didn't get soaked the way many children -- and some adults -- did, but I got a little wet. It was compelling, standing in the fountain!

We have a fountain right by the Rose Building (where we work downtown), and people are constantly there and constantly getting right in the fountain. So we assume this will be the same...

After that we drove home listening to the Sirius Radio special two-hour birthday show for John Lennon (Monday is his birthday). We are HUGE Beatle and John Lennon fans, in case I haven't said that before...

We kept driving around to hear the entire show (we missed some while at the fountain). Then we came home and watched the end of Svengoolie and Batman (which we rarely ever miss).

Now we're going to head to bed, as tomorrow should be another busy day...

Sweet dreams!
melvin briefcase, busy melvin
First thing today I sent a text message to Larry (Sue's son, my nephew) and Nicole (Sue's granddaughter, my grand niece) and asked each of them to phone me here at the house when they got off work.

I did a LOT of stuff on the phone again today. I lost track how many times I talked to sister Sue, for example. And the office. And Marilyn.

I was up early again and working on some of the same projects as yesterday. I'm trying hard to understand about making videos via Apps. I wish I was much better at it. But I'm improving as I go...

It was pretty out, but decidedly an Autumn day. And it's supposed to RAIN tomorrow (sigh) during the OUTDOOR Rose Plantings that we're attending.

And I never did get a white top ready! I thought about it more than once, too. It's a uniform event for us.

I confirmed who wanted what DINNER for the Auction. (Mostly chicken, but Marilyn decided to get the pork.) Sue is very excited about attending.

I put a load of dishes to wash from dinner last night.

I confirmed with Sue's clinic WHEN they wanted her for labs next week. (Thursday, ideally. But Wednesday or Friday will work. And no set time during those days.) My goal was to get either Larry or Nicole to take her. Marilyn had said we could do it on Monday, but that's too soon.

Late in the day I finally talked to Larry at length. Partly about whether or not Sue should live with him and his family.

Even later I talked to Nicole about being a backup if Larry can't take Sue. And caught up with her, as I rarely chat with her. I sent her a cute photo of Colin in his new box while we were talking.

I also got to speak briefly to our dear friend Shari -- even though that call was interrupted. So many of my calls WERE interrupted today!

My present for Sue arrived at the office today -- we're going to try and give these things to her tomorrow, along with a couple of pair of jeans I have for her.

Her weight was actually DOWN for the first time today! That's exactly what that new med should do.

Marilyn had a three-hour meeting with Molly (Wanda's mom). She said Molly is an AMAZING woman with amazing skills. And that we should try to become friends with her, as she thinks we'd really enjoy that.

What am I forgetting???

We ate leftover chili with taco shells I heated in the oven for dinner, topped by grated cheese and fresh red tomato. Very yummy!

I just woke from a nap. Both Marilyn and I were exhausted by 10:00 when dinner was over. Yeah, she got home right around 9:00 again.

Something CRAZY was going on with Marilyn's Instagram accounts today. They were LOGGING HER OUT and not letting her post. Ridiculous. But we resolved it when she got home. Hopefully it's all fine now. We'd hate to see her lose her primary accounts (or ANY OF THEM, for that matter!). It's so silly how it all works. She'll have issues posting no matter what she's saying. I just don't get that at all.

Well, back to bed. It's now 3:30 and we have a big day tomorrow.

We had thought about having Sue over to the house in the evening -- but Larry wants to take her home to his house tomorrow. I just want him to wait until after we've seen her. And we need to do our Rose Plantings before we can even think about that.

I wonder if the guy on Jeopardy won again today? I was going to try and watch, but got so busy!

I resized around 70-some photos Remotely today for the Auction project. I've never done it that way before! It takes some serious time, I'm telling you. Right now I only have 2 more photos to go -- but I know Marilyn will come up with more. Oh! Plus the 15 photos of each girl on the court. I forgot about those!!! I just checked. I did exactly 73 items... My system was to open one photo. Carefully resize. Save it to a folder that indicated it was resized. Then move the original into a done folder so we could still have it full size but not mix it up with other images not yet touched. And over and over and so on.

I also did more work on my work email, which quickly gets out of hand. I'm happy to be down to under 500 items, which isn't that great. But it beats more than a thousand! Hahaha. And lots of people in our office will end up with tens of thousands. Ridiculous...

I am supposed to be doing more on the SPAM blocker thing, but I've been too busy. Soon, hopefully!

Marilyn and I MUST order costumes for the Auction IMMEDIATELY.

We need to get gas for the car first thing tomorrow. I couldn't convince her to go tonight. She was too tired and hungry when she got home. Little wonder.

And that's my day.

Happy dreams, all!
I was up around 7:00-ish this morning. Marilyn woke me as she was leaving the house for her 7:30 a.m. meeting! She had meetings all morning long, actually -- one ran FOUR HOURS straight!!! I honestly don't know how she does it.

My niece Candy had a long day today, too -- ten hours long. She didn't quite understand my impatience about that. Look, ten hours is a NORMAL DAY for us, not a long one. And we do 12 to 14 hours frequently, plus we work without a single break and we work six days out of the week. So...

Today it was about contacting Dr. Markin, sister Sue's pulmonary doctor. Because Sue's weight has been up all week long and it was more than 10 pounds up as of today in a week period. I found the number (which is now on my iPhone and iPad -- including a photo of Dr. Markin), then phoned and left a message for her assistant. It was one of many, many calls for me today.

I called Byram Healthcare to discuss the situation with my order of supplies. Now that Leslie gave me a second insulin (short/fast acting -- my other one goes all day long), I asked the pharmacist yesterday how to take it. I'm supposed to TEST my blood before every meal, than use this new insulin on a sliding scale. How high determines how many units. BUT HERE'S THE ISSUE: I can't test more than twice a day currently, because I only get test strips for twice a day.

Plus right now I can't use the new insulin AT ALL. I don't have syringes to inject it. I only get 30 syringes a month and use that for my once-a-day insulin. In order to inject three more times a day, I'd need more test strips and more syringes. (You guys can do the math, I'm sure. I explained it OVER AND OVER many times today to many people.) Byram needs a new prescription, so I called my clinic and explained it there to the front desk. That call was cute, because Henry started to howl and she and I discussed our cats... (grin)

Later Latoya (Leslie's assistant) phoned back and we went over and over my new needs. She doesn't just get a form that reads 'number of syringes' -- because that would make too much sense. Hahaha. She has to base the number of syringes on HOW OFTEN I TEST. I was also supposed to get some 'spare' syringes each month, because I've been getting duds that I can't use! Anyway, we did the numbers. Now Latoya has to see if my insurance will actually COVER the supplies or not.

For sure you can bet on one thing: I can't afford the supplies on my own! One box of test strips is $70 and a box of syringes is $50+ -- and you can't get blood from a turnip. Hahaha.

Speaking of getting blood, I inject this morning as usual and it hurt (as it often does). I figure that's because the syringes are cheaply made, long and not that thin. I'm comparing them to when I had the pen with small, very thin needles. You should see the HUGE BRUISE on my stomach tonight! I showed it to Marilyn and I thought she'd die.

Other phone calls? Hearing back about Sue over and over again. She's getting another med (a second one) for water. Plus I got a bunch of instructions. She did, too, but they want to be sure Marilyn and I know exactly what's going on.

My goal is to speak to Sue several times (at least three) every day. I lost track today of frequently we spoke...

I also talked to the office several times. And Marilyn, of course (once her morning ended and she was back in the office, that is!). And I chatted with my friend June several times, too.

I called June about her dental work from yesterday. It only took minutes. She's still terribly infected (!!!) and has had bone loss!!! She's on two new meds for her COPD that make her very sick with side effects. One I think she needs to try, but the other she might need to avoid. Marilyn suggested she stop the one, as well. June had already stopped both, but went back to the one I suggested she try. We'll see what happens. Marilyn feels strongly we all have to watch our own health, do our own research and decide for ourselves. I checked on those meds carefully for June and discussed reasons why to take or not take them...

June has been feeling so poorly she's been sleeping the clock around again recently. As Marilyn says, if the meds make you feel so lousy you can't get up and function -- and can't get any exercise -- how will you ever actually improve???

I also talked to our friend Mark who is paying his own way to the Auction and sitting right beside me.

And I texted with our friend Adeena -- Marilyn is paying for her to go and she'll be with us, too.

Marilyn is also paying for sister Sue's ticket. Sue really, really wants to go again this year. That's a total of four tickets (me, Sue, Adeena and her own), for a total of $500.

I needed to get dinner orders for everybody. I don't remember confirming Sue's!!! Yikes! The choices are pork, chicken and veggie (sweet potato).

I chatted with BOTH Kate and Carol about Auction. Carol seemed in a very good mood. That's hard, because she's working even longer hours than Marilyn and under a lot of stress (just like Marilyn). She started reading off all the people who want to be at 'our' table (with Marilyn and me) -- and it's WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE! You can only get 10 at a table. So we'll have to have two tables side-by-side. (There are actually people who only come with the understanding that they will sit with us, if you can believe that.) I figure it's mostly about Marilyn. But last year she was at another table (with Adeena), and Sue and I were holding down the fort with our normal table. Plus I got complaints after the fact from some people who were upset they weren't near us... (sigh)

I guess it's GOOD to be that popular. Hahaha. But it does have some inherent issues. The physical laws are what they are.

Speaking of influence, Marilyn was at that meeting with a bunch of VERY INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE in this area. As I feel it's proper for her to be. Tomorrow she meeting with Wanda's mother (Molly) for an informational interview (and advice) about her job. I guess Jeff was very surprised when he realized Marilyn was doing that. Hasn't he ever done one??? Marilyn has done them FOR YEARS. And even I have done them. Jeff told her it was 'nice of her' -- and Marilyn said it wasn't nice, it was just something she believed in and did. And that, my friends, is part of the reason why she won an award about mentoring other women and helping to break the glass ceiling.

Of course, it's not always just about women! Some of my own situations were with young men in the IT field...

I cleaned out a couple more drawers at home and got rid of a bunch of 'old' flatware. It's actually perfectly good flatware that I'm going to take in to use in the office! Wow, is that drawer NICE now!!! I rearranged further in the fridge, too. Also nice.

I'm keeping up my goal of working in house cleaning and organizing between work-related projects. Not easy, but what the hell!

Say! It was COLD in the house again today! I had to turn up the furnace, but also put on my tights that I wear in chilly weather. I need to keep my joints (especially my hips and knees) warm, to avoid flareups. I was wrapped in blankets until past 11:00 when it FINALLY warmed up, thank God.

I did some tutorials on the Apps I'm learning to work with today. I'm still trying to wrap my head around those...

Marilyn is gathering photos for us to use. Then I've offered to help her resize all of them (which takes ages).

I had been chatting with June about Jeopardy which I didn't have time to watch today. I was going to phone Sue to call June and talk about it, as she, too, has been watching the show all week. There's an amazing guy on right now. I ended up getting Candy who went off. She's very unhappy with Sue. I guess Sue's eating (and drinking) way too much. The amount of food may be part of her weight gain. And by drinking, I mean taking in too many liquids of and/all kinds. When her weight is this high it means water weight gain, which she must avoid. Even water can be bad then...

And there was some stuff about who is doing what with Sue. Marilyn and I have been taking her constantly to get labs. They want MORE next week (!!!). As I don't drive (and wouldn't have a car if I did), there's no way I could go today to get her new prescription. With Marilyn not getting off until 9:00 or later, she's always too late. (The pharmacy closes at 9:00. Plus it's no easy thing getting to Hayden Island for the traffic each night!) Candy had to go and was unhappy about it.

June asked why her granddaughter can't go -- and I happen to think that's a reasonable question! All during grade school and high school Sue took Nicole back and forth to class. And to the mall. And to her friends' houses. I don't think it would hurt her to do this once a month, at least... (sigh)

I fried green and red tomatoes for dinner -- very yummy.

Well, I'm dead beat and tomorrow is another busy day. So off I go. I did get the recycling outside (it's garbage night -- not the real deal). And composting out, too.

We have Rose Plantings on Saturday and it's supposed to RAIN. These are outdoor events and we have to wear our uniforms (no coats) in the damn rain. It runs from early in the day until afternoon...

Then I figure we'll go to the office to work on the Auction (which is where others will already be, of course). So much to do all the time.

I'm forgetting things. Busy days are like that -- I can't even keep track of all I do. Oh well.

Sweet dreams!