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First off, I can't believe I never blogged on Wednesday!!! What??? This time of year I hate to forget to blog. So much happens every single day. And I would have SWORN I did blog (???), seeing as I can recall what I wrote! Very odd indeed. On that note...

Wednesday, May 31: Adeena and I ran our errand to Seaside, Oregon. Marilyn and I had ordered a case of Margarita bottles (watermelon) from Kevin -- and Adeena and I needed to go pick them up! On the way down we literally had to pull off the highway so I could code a piece of the eNewsletter for Kate. What a kick. (When it comes to coding, I've still got it!) While there, we went to see the ocean, of course! But we also went to the Antique Mall, where in the vintage clothing we found a mink stole and I bought it to wear to the VIP Party -- where the theme was Old Hollywood! I also bought new sunglasses -- my first pair in years! -- at Riteaid there. (Gosh, I so remember typing all this previously.) And sister Sue called on my cell phone and both Adeena and I talked to her. Later when I was home again Candy came by for her concert tickets. Can't think what else I'm forgetting. Hahaha.

And now I have a PHOTO SHARE (my first in ages!). That covers Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday).


Adeena in Seaside on the beach
May 31 (Wednesday) - Adeena in Seaside on the beach

Charlie in Seaside on the beach
May 31 (Wednesday) - Charlie in Seaside on the beach

Charlie, Leslie and Marilyn
June 1 (Thursday) - Charlie, Leslie and Marilyn at "Wonder Woman"

Charlie, Sue B. and Marilyn
June 2 (Friday) - Charlie, Sue B. and Marilyn at the VIP Party

Jeff and Marilyn
June 2 (Friday) - Jeff and Marilyn at the VIP Party

Adeena, Marilyn and Charlie
June 2 (Friday) - Adeena, Marilyn and Charlie at the VIP Party

Jeff and Charlie
June 2 (Friday) - Jeff and Charlie at the VIP Party

Charlie and Jocelyn
June 2 (Friday) - Charlie and Jocelyn at the Seether Concert

Charlie and Kezia
June 2 (Friday) - Charlie and Kezia (Steven's daughter) at the Museum in City Fair

The photo from "Wonder Woman" should include Adeena, as she was there, too!

Marilyn and I were talking tonight about the fact that she and I never seem to get our photo taken together, just the TWO OF US. (sigh) It's a disappointment to both of us. But I guess it is what it is. I suppose nobody thinks of the fact that we might want photos together. It's odd, considering how often we do things together! Oh well. Tonight was yet another night like that...

One of the reasons it's odd is that Marilyn will end up having her photo taken with so many other people (aside from me). There's nothing wrong with that, of course! But I think it would be nice to have pictures of us together, just for the sake of memories.

My foot was driving me crazy today. Whatever I did to it on Thursday (yesterday), it really HURT today. Yet I managed to walk enough to get 5,000 steps today, even so -- and to stand around on that foot (ouch).

Marilyn and I call getting ready to go out somewhere taking our 'pretty pill' -- and it often involves having a drink BEFORE we leave the house. (smile) Just taking the edge off enough to relax and let our personalities shine. Because the 'pretty pill' isn't really about dolling up! It's about turning on the thing that can make anyone pretty. I'm far from a stunning person, but I'm happy to say I have personality to spare. Hahaha. And it goes a long, long way, believe me!

The weather ended up lovely today. The venue -- All Classical Portland -- is just wonderful! It's a perfect place for a party! We got there at just the same time as Adeena and Sue B. Even entering the building was fun, walking the red carpet!

I was almost immediately separated from Marilyn and Adeena (no surprise). I always have so many people who want to chat with me that this constantly happens! I was shown the 'quiet bar' where I immediately got a drink (a riveter!). And I saw tons of people that all wanted to hug and kiss me and visit.

Marilyn looked so beautiful tonight! I'm always so proud of her. She is incredible. Yes, she's physically beautiful (and always has been), but much of her beauty is an inner beauty that shines through. People love her so much, and rightly so.

Adeena was really stunning in her lovely gown! She's tall and beautiful (I actually envy her perfect height). I think we three looked quite special together.

Oh, by the way, Sue B. had her hair almost exactly like Marilyn's!!! It was hard not to notice that...

As I told Marilyn after the party, people were MAD for my mink stole! It was a huge hit. I guess the surprising thing was that there wasn't a single person who made a negative remark about me wearing fur (and it was pretty clear to everyone that this was the real deal, it's so obviously a quality fur). After that it was all about wearing the cameo that Dad brought back with him from World War II for Mom from Italy (also stunning). Even when I would forget to share the story, someone would admire it! And they loved that my hair had that 'vintage' look -- thanks to Marilyn styling it. Finally, as frequently happens to me, I had people telling me that I smelled good. It happens CONSTANTLY to me. Marilyn was remarking on how strangers will come up to me to tell me that, and it's true. Everywhere I go people (both men and women) admire my fragrance. For the record (I'm sure I've shared this before), I wear Fantasy -- it's a Britney Spears scent. I've worn many, many other perfumes in my life, but this one seems to work with my chemistry, because everyone loves it on me! (smile)

After the party (near 10:00 p.m.), Marilyn, Adeena and I headed to the office -- and then to the 'Park' (into CityFair), to attend the Seether concert. We went almost directly to the VIP area and shot a few photos. That's where I got my picture taken with Jocelyn, from Spirit Mountain (she represents one of our most important Sponsors of the festival). She's a great friend (American Indian), and I love seeing her. She told me Seether was her husband's favorite band!

We three were STARVING (!!!). I didn't eat anything at the party, which had an array of fancy finger foods. I did try to get Kate stuffed mushrooms, which I'd promised to do -- but they were out by the time I got near the food. Visiting with so many people kept me from those tables for hours. (I grabbed her some potato skins instead -- I'd brought along plastic bags for that exact reason!)

I gave that food to Carol when we arrived at the concert to give Kate (she was on a break). Better something than nothing, I guess. But I always try to do what I promise!

Anyway, we headed back into the park, where we stopped at the Museum and said hello to Kezia and I got my picture taken with her. She's Steven's amazing oldest daughter, graduating from high school this year and ready to head to college. She's a brilliant young woman and I really like her. (Steven and his wife Michelle have five kids.)

We did see Jeff at the office and the park -- he had changed clothes. Adeena changed, too, as soon as we reached the office. But neither Marilyn nor I had brought along a change...

This is weird, but as much as I LOVE hot dogs, recently I've barely been able to eat them. I have no clue why. (And I hope it does NOT remain true.) We two got pronto pups, but I only took a couple of bites of mine and threw it away.

After eating, we decided to head for home. We were all tired...

It was nice to get home and change and relax and eat. And have a nap. I had NOT intended to lie down to sleep -- I was just in on the bed giving Henry his pill. But the minute I was there, I went right off to sleep.

It's now nearly 4:00 a.m. (!!!) and I need to get a few more hours before it's time to get up for another really busy day!!!

Saturday is Starlight Parade day!!!

It's also Special Needs day in the park -- but Marilyn will NOT allow me to attend. She's sure that last year I got my terrible bug on that day. I was around a ton of young children, and held hands with several, and lifted and carried a bunch, too. (smile) I love kids so much! But I want to stay healthy -- and we need my voice for a week from Saturday!!!

On that note, good night and sweet dreams!
coins in glass, may your glass be half full
I'm so tired. It's nearly 2:00 a.m., so this really needs to be short -- and quick. And (as is always true this time of year), there's so much to say! Damn. I'll try to rush through.

Today was one of those days. Things were messed up. And yet, it was also a good day. So...

Adeena picked me up for work this morning -- that was good! Sue B. gave me darling earrings made from old typewriter keys (so cute!). Also good!

I got work done without any trouble -- also good. There's always plenty to do, but I like to work.

We went to Starbucks -- good. I had a coffee frap (so did Adeena).

I'm still trying to figure out how I got more than 7,000 steps today -- good.

I've been having awful and nearly constant leg cramps -- bad. But I had 85 (!!!!!!) for my blood sugar this morning -- really, really good. Especially when you consider I ended yesterday with a cookie. And normally pain will elevate my blood sugar...

I met with Jessica and Sue B. in advance of our afternoon meeting to give them a 'heads up' on how things would go during the meeting (good).

I walked with Rich to get some lunch -- they had one of my fave home made soups (good). I bought a sandwich, too, but was full after my cup of soup (good). My appetite remains small (good).

Jessica and I left for the meeting held at the gas building (our office used to be there years back). I smashed my left foot REALLY HARD (the entire foot) while getting in her car (bad). It really hurt -- still does hours later (bad).

The meeting is always nice. I like the people who are involved -- volunteers, like me (good). It's nice to see them again each year (good).

I did a TERRIBLE job during the meeting (bad). I really forgot things (bad). And sounded like an idiot more than once (really bad). I embarrassed myself (really bad). I've never been more happy for that meeting to be over (sigh).

We're heading down to the car, carrying stuff. I have stuff in my arms, plus a box of stuff. The bottom falls out of my box (!!!) and the contents land -- yeah, you guessed it -- on my left foot. Man, there aren't words for how much pain I was in at this point.

I managed to gather the stuff in my arms, and carry the flat, empty box somehow (Jessica is carrying her own full box and additional stuff). We get to the machine to pay for parking and it won't take any card she tries to give it! So I juggle my stuff and give it cash (which thankfully works). Annoying, but okay.

We get back to the office. She's terribly kind about my poor performance, but I'm smarting from not performing well.

Here's my thing: Prior to all training sessions and all meetings I'm involved with, I pray to do a good job conveying information to whomever else is involved. I want to be able to impart the information necessary to help others do a good job. I really hate to fail at that goal... And I run part of this meeting and have done so for years and years successfully.

We get back to the office and I pack up and Adeena and I head to my house. We're supposed to meet Marilyn and Leslie at the show to see "Wonder Woman" in the evening. We get to the house and plan to take a short nap. I'm constantly tired right now due to the leg cramps keeping me from getting a decent night of sleep ever. So I really want an hour of rest.

Estelle (our neighbor) brings over an invite to her retirement party -- good. Which is on the day after GFP -- bad. I doubt we can go...

Adeena lies down on the sofa in the living room and I lie on top of my bed in my bedroom (good).

Henry almost immediately starts to HOWL LIKE MAD. Not his usual howling, but even louder! And he won't stop. I finally get up and follow him downstairs. He takes me to Marilyn's bed, where he eventually howls and howls, then poops a small, hard turd out. I quickly clean it up -- no big deal. He gets constipated and will howl at me like I somehow 'help' him just by being there. Then he goes to his potty box and is straining to get out more poop. After that I take a wash cloth and wipe his poor butt for him. He finally stops howling at some point.

Meanwhile Colin is retching and retching and he throws up. I think he was trying unsuccessfully to get up a fur ball.

Marilyn texts back and forth with me. Then she finally calls and says we NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT AWAY -- otherwise we'll be late! I've kind of spaced where we're going to the movie.

We head toward the Lloyd Center. Adeena has told me we're going to the Lloyd Mall to see the film. I have it in my head that it's the old theater that used to actually be in the mall (I guess that's gone now -- if I knew that, I've totally spaced it). Her phone is giving her crazy instructions to get to Lloyd Center, so I tell her a different way. We park near where Court headquarters is, and I limp inside.

Marilyn phones us. Good thing -- we're supposed to be at the theater that's across the street! There used to be TWO theaters -- one was the Lloyd Cinema, the other the Lloyd Mall. Now there's only the one. We run (limp) to the car and drive over there and park and dash (limp) inside. I get popcorn and pop and we get seats -- I actually liked where we were sitting. It's Adeena, Marilyn, Leslie and me.

Thankfully I have on my vest and leather jacket, as it's COLD in there! Leslie had taken off her jacket and had to put it back on. It turns out poor Marilyn was freezing!!! She had no jacket at all. (sigh)

The movie was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it. It was far, far better than I would ever have guessed! We all four love it. It's getting great reviews, too. So that was super-good.

We come home and grab a bite to eat and I'm so damn tired I fall asleep in my chair! Bad.

I need to do the garbage and recycling. Well, it's not 'real' garbage week (happily). But I didn't do my pills today (bad). And I need to take my nighttime meds -- of course. And I need to get the cat boxes changed (sigh) and take out the recycling. Which I haven't done, because I needed to stop to blog -- always a good thing! (smile)

Just being with friends and seeing a movie puts me in a good mood, by the way. And Marilyn always makes me happy. So a bad day ended well. There's no such thing as an all-bad day, after all.

I'll be glad to get the roll bin down to the curb and the cat boxes cleaned. And I need to clean the cat water, too.

And head to bed, as I'm beyond tired...

My meeting might have been bad, but I'll get over it. At least it's done for another year! Hahaha.

I still don't know how I got 7,000 steps today! Ironic that I'm getting so many steps at a time that I'd prefer to get less. But exercise is always a good thing, after all.

I bet my bloodcount will be good again tomorrow (in spite of whatever pain I'm having). That's pretty amazing...

The Queen was picked today -- that has to be a load off for Marilyn, as the judging process is pretty intense and exhausting.

Tomorrow is another busy day. And tomorrow night is our VIP party! And after that, the Seether concert. A long, long day!

I need to finish up and head to bed when I'm done with this.

And in spite of all I just shared, I'm probably missing a bunch of stuff, as there's so much that happens in a day during the actual festival! Several things just popped into my head, but I'm letting those go. I need to get going!

Good night and sweet dreams!
I just woke up from a NAP after dinner with LEG CRAMPS. Yes, again. Constantly, really.

So, I'm trying the spoonful of mustard thing. Specifically, I'm trying Jack Daniels jalapeno mustard -- what amazing flavor! I was going to say that the jury's out on whether or not it works, but I do believe it works. Not perfectly -- but nothing I've tried does that! Hahaha. And Marilyn finds the idea of getting yourself to take it with a spoon pretty disgusting. But I'd do just about anything to stop all the pain. And they might just have the very BEST mustard I've ever tasted.

Although, I have to admit I still like classic French's mustard with my Heinz Tomato Ketchup. And Heinz??? I really HATE those commercials where the Heinz boy breaks up with the French's mustard!!! Not in my house, thanks very much! Hahaha. We do NOT use Heinz mustard around here! But we do sometimes like the Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup!!! (smile)

I'm not kidding. As much as I love the Heinz commercials where the whole 'family' of their products has wiener dogs in buns running toward them, for the most part the Heinz boy dumping the French's girl just annoys me to death! Be true, Heinz! Please! I'll never get over that, I swear. Yeah, yeah. If you ever even saw it you're thinking it didn't stick with you, right? I guess I love some commercials, what can I say?

My sister Sue phoned TWICE today. More about that...

Adeena and I had our BIG DAY of running errands for Marilyn! First we were off to Seaside, Oregon. But before we could leave I had work issues popping up like mad! I had to tell Rich I'd contact him in the afternoon about our weekend Press Release/News item for the website. I couldn't reach Kate before departing, so planned to call her from the car. I promised Christine I'd get back to her later. And I forget what else. Hahaha. I'm so valuable. Right.

We finally left and drove highway 30 to Cornelius Pass -- you go through St. Johns (where we stopped at the Lombard drive-through Starbucks for drinks and goodies) and across the St. Johns bridge, heading past the Sauvie Island bridge. This connects with the 'quick way' to head to Seaside (as opposed to the Astoria direction).

At one point I'm chatting on the phone with Kate and we have to actually pull over so I can hear her better. Then she emails me CODE from the eNewsletter that was going out -- so I can write additional code to 'fix' her issue for her. I just couldn't explain it without seeing it. And it was faster to write the code myself, so I did. Using my phone for a hotspot and my iPad to do the actual code. Hahaha. I love this stuff, I honestly really do!

Before we took off Marilyn had called about me checking the Starlight Parade script one last time, which I did -- after Marilyn sent me the Word version that I could edit, as opposed to the PDF I had from Jessica. I did find some mistakes. And I rearranged the order of some Copy. This has a bumping order. PA announcers will start by reading the first paragraph. Or, the first line of the first paragraph. It depends on how much time they have! So if essential information is in the second paragraph or (heaven forbid) the third one, I put that into the first. If that makes sense! For example, the band director's name(s) always goes in the first paragraph...

And I found a couple of spelling errors (easy fix). Plus suddenly I notice an eclipse event that says it's on August 17 instead of August 21! Oops! How did I miss THAT the first time around??? Hahaha. So I emailed that back to myself and Remotely moved it into the proper folder at the office...

It was overcast driving down. But the sun really came out while we were there, which was nice! We went directly to the liquor store where Kevin was holding a case for Marilyn and me (I'd arranged that via phone). He wasn't in, but the two women were ready with our order! Taco Time is CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I'm sorry to report! So no crispy meat burritos for us! Hahaha.

From there we went to Riteaid near Safeway to get other items we needed. Adeena was dashing to the bathroom (long trip with Starbucks to drink!). I was on the phone with sister Sue. She was crying and unhappy -- she wanted Candy to take her back home. I now need the bathroom, so I have Adeena take the phone...

We got more IBgard pills (amazing product!!!). And I found darling sunglasses! I wasn't specifically looking for these, but they were there so I got a pair. I haven't bought new ones in years!

We also got coffee creamer, which we needed at home. And some minor items (I forget right now what).

Then we need to go drive to see the ocean! I'm wearing my new sunglasses by now. (smile) We jumped out and got photos, by the way. And I'd seen the Antique Mall that's on Broadway, so we drove back and parked and went in. I had it in my head to look for something that would work as a fur stole for my dress on Friday night -- the Old Hollywood theme.

Adeena has a full length, beautiful dress she's wearing! I can't wait to see the real deal (I saw photos). She's very excited about it!

We go in and find a leopard-spotted table runner I'm thinking I could buy. Yes, they do carry vintage clothing. And then we find a MINK STOLE. Adeena gasped when I put it on. Needless to say, it was perfect!!! So I call Marilyn and she says 'get it,' and the rest is history!

Then we're back on the road heading quickly home, as we both have work to do!

Adeena dropped me off and headed to work in the office. I threw on my 'new' stole and went over to show it to June and Jim. June asks if it has pockets -- I later read that this is the sign of a more superior stole, by the way. It's in beautiful condition. No 'bald' spots or bad lining.

Yes, yes, I know. It's so PC to avoid wearing fur these days. I still don't really understand it, if I'm being honest. Minks were raised for their fur. Most people still wear leather without feeling guilt. Anyway, I can't wait to wear it!

I sold Mom's fur right after she died. And though it was in bad shape, I've frequently regretted it. I think she's smiling down from heaven today -- as she would have loved this stole! It's going to make my outfit, paired with my 'Marilyn Monroe' style dress. I guess I fail at being PC... But this is so beautiful. I've got it hanging where you can't miss it in my bedroom! (smile)

Then I get right to work with Rich on the Press Release/News item, which I put up the second we finished it.

Next I get all the info for the Fleet page at the website and carefully fix it so I can add it. It was a ton of work. Christine checks it over and chats with me and I fix it all accordingly...

Candy came by to get her Seether tickets for Friday night. She bought one so she, Sharla and Dave can all three go. Marilyn and I will go there after the party and hopefully see her!

Candy also took Sir Mix tickets for Saturday night, even though she has a conflict. I hope she gets to come. I love his concerts! Marilyn and I will be there...

Marilyn was actually HOME by 7:00 tonight! HUGE SHOCK!!! She really wanted to avoid another long, long day...

She ate chicken (from last night) and I ate rice (from yesterday). And we were supposed to have more raspberries and cookies (molasses from Franz -- our faves!!!). But we were both so tired we went to sleep...

I had PERFECT blood sugar this morning: 95. Wow. Even after both raspberries and cookies before bed last night!!! Wow.

But these leg cramps are murder!!!

Marilyn has Court judging tomorrow -- I need to come in to work with Adeena. Marilyn gets her hair done in the evening and will come back to get me after that...

I have my all-important PA Meeting in the afternoon!

I need to head to bed now... We were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" again tonight. Such fun!

Say! I'm pretty proud I can lift a box of SIX BIG BOTTLES of Margarita Watermelon (pre-mixed)! I carried it to the car in Seaside and into the house here in Portland -- and it's damn heavy!!!

Yes, Sue called again when I was home. She was VERY CONFUSED about her doctor appointment, which she told me was quite bad -- and Marilyn told me was NOT. Marilyn still gets the reports by email. (sigh)

And now it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm facing a very busy day! Just saying!

Sweetest of all dreams, my friends.
I've had a toothache since last Friday. I would have phoned about it on Monday (yesterday), but it was a holiday. (And I think my dentist's office is closed on Mondays, anyway...) So I called this morning and they fit me in at 12:15.

That gave me time this morning to color my hair, which really needed it! I was really looking white/gray at my roots. Yikes! Not good to be worrying about during the festival, that's for sure.

Adeena took me to the dentist. Mary didn't really find anything. She thinks there's a possibility I've got a root canal that's going bad. That could be serious (sigh), as she'd need to send me to a specialist -- which is very expensive! But it might just be that I've been grinding my teeth and that's what's causing the pain. It's so radiated that I can't even tell which tooth for sure is bothering me. I've been brushing like mad with my Sensodyne toothpaste (designed for people with sensitive teeth).

Interestingly enough, my blood sugar this morning was really GOOD! 109 early on and 111 a short time later (when I actually did my insulin). That's especially astounding because PAIN elevates blood sugar. And I was up and down all night again with leg cramps. Those cramps were especially awful when I got up this morning. Thank God for my Hyland's pills!!!

I was up early enough to see two episodes of "My Three Sons," which I recall we used to watch -- but I was young at the time. I think Mom and Dad were fans, meaning we kids sort of saw it. (smile) One episode featured Bub O'Casey -- he was the boys' live-in maternal grandfather, played by William Frawley (of "I Love Lucy: fame, as Fred). The boys were annoyed by him, but ended up glad he had butted in. The other episode was clever, featuring the space program on TV and how a day in the life ran... Hard to explain, but fun to watch. Anyway, it's on at 7:30 a.m.

I usually don't just sit and watch TV during the day, by the way. I have TV on while I sit at my computer and work in my office. When I'm facing my computer, the TV is on my left, on top of four-drawer vertical file cabinets (in other words, up in the air and behind my head). So I don't ever tend to look at it -- I just listen to what's going on and sometimes glance at the screen. (grin)

The TV is on right now and "Frasier" is playing... I guess you can't really call it WATCHING TV, considering I mainly LISTEN to TV. Hahaha. But I'm used to it. I'll often have TV on in the kitchen while I'm doing dishes or cooking. Or in my bedroom sometimes when I'm cleaning... I guess it keeps me company.

After the dentist, I walked to Starbucks to meet up with Adeena. I got coffee and we walked back to the car (parked in the lot behind Mary's). It's always nice to see Mary, Holly and Shannon, by the way.

We took my FOUR (!!!) prescriptions down to Riteaid. I'd planned to just wait for these, but it was going to take AN HOUR (!!!). So we went over to Safeway and got Chinese from the deli and picked up a couple groceries (and chicken for Marilyn from the deli, too).

We went back home to eat. Then called at one hour later and were told it would be another half hour! Adeena had an afternoon meeting, so she headed out to go back to the office. But she called Jessica and found out the meeting had been cancelled, so she came back. Eventually they did finish my prescriptions, and we got them and I started taking them...

Mary wanted me to take one of the heavy-duty pain pills and try to rest -- and see if that would help the dental pain. Guess what? That actually worked!!!

Adeena left and went back to the festival to work.

I read a bit and then actually napped (!!!) -- something I rarely do in the middle of the day!

Then I got up and Remoted to work and did some email and other stuff. And I talked to Rich about work at one point.

Finally I got wrapped up in picking up my bedroom, which has been quite a mess. It's hard this time of year, being so busy! But I put my various pairs of boots away in the closet and folded up clothes and put them in drawers and hung other stuff. I really got my bedroom in decent order! That often isn't true during the festival. It's just hard to keep up with it. And in many ways it's convenient to have the clothes we're wearing just stacked where these are easy to put your hands on -- rather than in drawers and closets.

I'm very happy with how that turned out.

Marilyn was at work until 10:00! That's a 15-hour day. Good grief.

Sue B. is in town to help with the Starlight Parade. Marilyn is very pleased! They were really cooking today.

I ate more rice for dinner (which I had earlier). Honestly, it's easy to chew and that's good right now. I did start my antibiotics (yes, again) today. We'll see if that's necessary or not. Mary felt it would help, so...

I still need to do laundry, but I did do a load of dishes, anyway!

Marilyn got on the treadmill (!!!) after dinner! Inspiring, isn't it??? The last I heard she had more than 10,000 steps. I didn't even get 4,000 -- which is probably just as well, considering my leg cramps. So frustrating!

Marilyn and I were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" while she was on the treadmill. Such a great movie! Beautiful Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe! And all their gorgeous clothes! And singing along with the music. So fun!!!

Friday night the VIP party has the theme Old Hollywood. I wish I had a faux stole I could wear with my dress! Hahaha.

Time for bed. I may have had a nap today, but I'm still behind in getting enough sleep.

Oh! I forgot to mention that sister Sue called today. She was trying to reach Candy. So I called Candy to have her call Sue. It appears Tammy is being unpleasant with Sue. Candy texted later and said she might bring Sue back home. She doesn't want her to put up with Tammy...

Don't know what else I'm forgetting! But sweet dreams, all!
I write therefor I am
Larry was picking up sister Sue at Candy's (well, Sue's house!) to go back to his house (where she's been staying). Sue spent the weekend with Candy.

Anyway, they dropped in and stayed for more than an hour to visit! Very nice! We had a lovely chat.

Larry is working hard to lose weight. And Sue's weight is down, too.

Larry is going to take Sue to the parade. And Candy is going with friends.

Our neighbors and close friends June and Jim are also going -- and will be sitting with Donn and Denise.

Jan and Bob (Shari's brother and sister-in-law) are going with friends. And Shari got six tickets so she and some people from her home can attend.

Finally, cousin Linda is going (I don't know who is going with her -- she got two tickets). We haven't had so many family and friends attending in years! Very nice! It's always special to have loved ones there, considering the amount of work we put into the parade...

Marilyn had another very long day. She got home around 10:00 p.m. She said Adeena stayed with her the entire time, which meant a lot to her -- and to me, too!

I'm proud of Adeena. She did a good job writing the script. And as I said before, I really enjoy doing the editing. I finished it up today -- and hadn't expected to do so until tomorrow.

Normally our PA Meeting for Starlight would be happening tomorrow (it's always been the Tuesday before the parade, which is on Saturday). But we couldn't get the meeting venue. So this year we're having the meeting on Thursday. I think it's actually going to be a positive change.

I'm sitting here sipping a Coke Zero. Now that it's festival time, I've been drinking a little bit more soda than I've drank in months. Usually I drink coffee and lots and lots of water -- and I had lots of both today.

Normally on Memorial Day Marilyn and I go to Float Maneuverability at the float warehouse. But I was at home and Marilyn was just swamped. So we didn't make it. I guess they were pretty disappointed...

I usually take them team pins and souvenir programs. And they feed us hotdogs.

Anyway, when Marilyn brought it up on the phone, I decided to surprise her with hotdogs here at home. So I baked a batch, and later put on pans full of cabbage. That with some tomatoes and black olives was our dinner (past 10:00 p.m.). At least I had a cheese sandwich for lunch (rye bread and some cheddar cheese). And Marilyn and Adeena got corn dogs at some point. Marilyn said they weren't very good, though...

Marilyn just works and works and works. And she must be tired out after the Half Marathon yesterday!

I was mostly focused on the Starlight script again today, plus some website stuff.

It was a chilly day, for the most part. But because of the sun on the windows in the living room and office, it got terribly hot upstairs! I was sweating like mad. But I tried not to run the AC too much. I didn't want the family room to get too cold.

I can't think what else to share...

I've been hung up on watching Diagnosis Murder -- and METV switched to Remington Steele today during that time period! (Yes, I've always loved Remington Steele, but still...) But I decided to search for my show. And found it's playing at the same time on a different channel!

I also watched a little bit of Monk today. I don't really end up watching any show all the way through, because I'm busy working and spend a lot of time on the phone. But that's fine.

I tried on dresses today. In case I want to wear one for Friday night. I actually have five (!!!) dressy dresses. One was for the Centennial Ball (back in 2007). Another was for From One Rose (also back in 2007). Another was for when I got a 'lifetime achievement award' (when I'd been at the festival for 30 years, or so). I honestly don't know where the other two black dresses came from, or when I wore them! I'd have to guess for some festival event, like the Auction. But I don't recall.

I don't wear dresses very often. And I also have two tuxedo jackets I could wear. The theme is 'old Hollywood.' I think the one black dress -- cut in a Marilyn Monroe style -- is probably best for that theme. I need to figure out my under garments for that dress. (smile) I was trying it on in the buff for Marilyn to see...

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. I want to phone Mary tomorrow about my toothache. It's still bothering me, but actually seems better today. But I still want her to look at it.

Finally, I'm enjoying reading my current book. Something to do when I wake up from leg cramps in the middle of the night. Hahaha.

And I'm off to bed!
marilyn-amazing, amazing
Marilyn and Jeff actually walked the entire Half Marathon this morning!!! No, I'm not kidding. I don't know how they did it -- especially Marilyn (who is probably around twenty years older than Jeff). Without training! In fact, while putting in grueling long hours for ages (especially Marilyn). Which shows how strong some people can be!!!

I wish I'd been at the finish line to cheer for them and congratulate them!

Marilyn came home with only a couple of blisters -- but so thirsty she was going crazy! Shades of her last half marathon! Hahaha.

And after that -- and only a soak in the tub and a very short nap, she and I went out shopping tonight. All told, she got 35,000 (!!!) steps today! Amazing! That was three different badges at Fitbit.

I somehow managed to get 5,000 steps myself -- maybe not such a good thing, considering I'm having such terrible leg cramps every night now. These wake me over and over. Last night I was afraid I'd wake Marilyn I was making so much noise. And I'm even having cramps in my hands... (sigh)

My accomplishment for today? I got almost the entire Starlight Parade script edited -- with the exception of some things I'll need to check out tomorrow. It should be done tomorrow, but I might be held up by the holiday. So perhaps not until Tuesday. I guess we'll see.

Marilyn is sound asleep. I'm just pushing myself to blog. I'm so damn tired I can barely sit here. I think I'm even more tired than I was Friday night.

I tried to call sister Sue today, but didn't reach her. I think she'd have been excited to hear about Marilyn and the Half Marathon.

You know what? I love editing. It's actually enjoyable for me! Of course, I love writing, period. But I think I'm a pretty damn good editor. Just sayin'.

Adeena did a good job with her writing of the script. She's really a fine writer -- and I'm picky as hell.

Marilyn bought three wonderful dresses at Ross tonight! She's going to wear one of those for the party on Friday night. No, I have NO CLUE what I'm going to wear... (sigh) I'll figure it out, I supposed.

I need to turn in more ticket orders for GFP -- Marilyn wanted them LAST WEEK! Yikes. I'd better get that done tomorrow.

I have a toothache. I can't figure out how serious it is. I'll have to try and reach Mary and see if she can work me in. That's no small order right now! Why another issue to deal with? I'm trying not to complain, but I do have a lot of health issues all the time...

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, friends!
Before I blog, I have to rant a bit. The mobile App for LiveJournal sucks (as I think everybody knows). So I quit using it ages ago. But every so often I give it another chance, even though that's a waste of time. But trying to blog via Safari on my iPad? That sucks, too, in many ways. For example, tons of my icons (user pics) simply don't display. Why is that? Rant over (for now).


Marilyn went to work and put in many hours this evening -- and night. She's amazingly hard working, I have to tell you.

The day started with us deciding what to wear and then heading to the office for the Point One Run, our fun run that started last year.

I wore the tee from the 90's that shows a Queen with a tear in her eye, excited that she'll be riding as Queen on the Court float. I need to share a photo...

Marilyn wore night clothes and carried a pillow. At one point Kate from our office told me she was trying to figure out how 'that homeless woman' could be wearing a staff credential! Hahaha.

This is such a fun event, anyway. But, wow, was it HOT out there! Whew. Beautiful, sunny and hot.

After that event, Marilyn and I came home and took naps. I can't speak for Marilyn (I don't even know if she did nap!), but I barely read to turn off my brain, then went right off to sleep!

I had a rough night last night -- loads of leg cramps after all that walking yesterday -- tons of which was up and down stairs (as always). And I paid for it! Wow, what awful cramps!!!

I was really tired today. But I got up soon after Marilyn drove off. I cleaned up in the kitchen a bit. And so on.

Then I started looking at the Starlight script. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Marilyn is falling asleep on the sofa. It's 1:00 and she needs to be up in a couple of hours!!! She and Jeff are walking the Half Marathon in the morning -- and it's VERY early!

We just watched some Celebrity Ninja Warrior -- it was amazing!!!

And that's it for today.
So, we survived the first day of the festival. There were several good moments during the day. (Plus many difficult moments.)

It's currently five minutes to one. We're just barely home from a very long day.

Rob and Jeff came by to pick up their wristbands and visited for a bit. (I also gave them Chalet passes for GFP.)

I got to briefly see our friend Shari (I looked and looked for her later, but never found her again). She arrived just as we needed to be down in CityFair for the Opening Ceremony, so I didn't get to really speak to her...

I rode two rides with Kate (from our staff). The second ride Rob and Jeff rode, too. And I got to ride a third ride with my niece, Candy. And I got to meet several of Candy's friends.

I got to see and chat with cousin Linda and her daughter, Katie. (And I saw Linda's friend, Barron.)

I got to briefly see Nicole (Candy's daughter) -- surrounded by a group of young men.

Mark came down and spent hours hanging out with me (and Marilyn and Adeena and others). His son had been in a car accident away at school, but wasn't hurt, thankfully.

I saw Larry and his daughter Abby and a friend of Larry's. Larry has lost a lot of weight -- he told me 75 pounds. But his sister, Candy, looked like she'd lost weight, too.

Suddenly while I'm riding rides for fun, I have people looking for me! The website is down! So I have to hurry back to the office. Jeremiah was there, thankfully, when I emailed Atmosera. And he had it fixed within 20 minutes of my emailing him. Pretty darn good! He never fails me.

But that shouldn't have happened! I knew we'd increased things in previous years for the months of the festival, so... It means we were get a ton of hits and this literally crashed us. Which is actually sort of a good thing. (smile)

Everybody was complaining about sore feet! (Yes, me included. Right now my feet are just throbbing.)

I got 13,125 steps today! At one point Marilyn, Adeena and I were neck in neck for who would have the most steps. Hahaha.

Jeff was in a very serious mood today. He promised that 'fun Jeff' would come out to play tomorrow!

I somehow managed to get a News item up about Opening Day. It was hard, not being able to run it by Rich who was running that event...

I saw Donn and Denise briefly, who said they'd had fun. They left long before the fireworks.

Jessica bought corn dogs and fries for us to eat. I hadn't had much to eat all day, so I was really hungry.

Tomorrow is the Point One Run, so I need to get to bed. It's at 10:30 a.m. However, I never picked up my packet today (I totally forgot), so I need to do that before the race in the morning.

So I guess I'd better get to bed!!!

I'm probably forgetting a ton of stuff to share, but whatever! I'm tired and ready to sleep.

Good night!
Tomorrow is the big day! The first day of the festival for 2017. Wow. Another year. Hard to believe...

Accordingly, it was a hugely busy day (of course).

I got to start my day with news that the Exchange was down. (sigh) So I had to phone Kris who had to dash in to fix it. This is NOT the time of year we can stand to be without email for even a short time! Thankfully he fixed it right away...

I was at my home computer in my home office early, where I would spend nearly the entire day.

Actually, I just woke from a short nap -- it's now past 1:00 a.m. and I need to finish up the garbage and recycling (!!!) and get it all out to the curb. Then quickly wash and dry my hair and get to bed for the night. We have to be up early!!!

Marilyn is sound asleep on the sofa. As we were sitting side by side, she kept falling asleep and nearly dropping her iPad on the floor. She's worn out, poor thing. She had an exhausting day that ended with her attending a judging dinner for the Court. Sound like fun? It's not...

She ate a little more when she got home. She told me it was supposed to be a fasting day for her. But she's so hungry right now! I think she needs to keep fueling up and getting through each day.

I spent ages on website again today. Yes, yes. There were MANY MORE pages to take care of!!! It's hard to believe. Usually by now I'm barely touching the website, as I don't have much time to be sitting in front of a computer for that.

Adeena gave me the first draft of the Starlight script. I hope it's pretty well done, because I'm not in the habit of getting another version after this point! Perhaps a paragraph or two to plug in -- but not the entire script again! My plan is to start working on it tomorrow a little bit, then finish it up this weekend.

I spoke to June today. She's never heard of Dwayne Johnson, by the way. She had a lot to tell me. She got both a manicure and pedicure and took her recently purchased purse back to the store. I told her we're going to try and get her and Jim tickets near Donn and Denise for the parade.

I also was in touch with my niece Candy, her daughter Nicole and my nephew Larry regarding wristbands (and tickets). Both Nicole and Candy (and her best friend Sharla) came over to get these. It was fun seeing them. Colin was excited to see Nicole. He loves her and always has.

Candy took me to pick up my many prescriptions -- including my insulin. So that's out of the way!

Speaking of my insulin: I phoned it in today. While doing that, I mentioned the dose on the box is now wrong. I said I was taking 30 units once a day -- not 10 to 20 units (which is how it's always read since last September -- and I've always taken over 20 for months). Leslie changed me to 30 when I last saw her. The woman asks if this change was prescribed, and I say yes. She checks, and she has an entirely NEW prescription for my insulin, so she tells me she's going to change me to that. Change? It's the exact same medication in the same size vial. And would she never have found it if I hadn't mentioned this???

I barely ate again today. I have a really limited appetite right now, which is for the best.

I texted back and forth with Mark for ages. I might see him tomorrow. It's been ages.

Well, off to do what needs doing. The sooner that's done, the sooner I can get to sleep! I'm very tired.

We're expecting good weather this weekend!

Whatever I'm forgetting is just because my days are so packed with things now. It's hard to keep the days separate!

Oh! When I was out working on the recycling, Estelle our neighbor told me she was inviting Marilyn and me to a party on June 11. I laughed, because timing is everything (that's the end of the festival!). Well, the invite is kind, even if we can't go.

Sweet dreams.
roses box, gift
Training Tashae went quite well. Let me first admit that Marilyn was 100% correct -- the location right by the side doors near Jeff's office was ridiculous and didn't work AT ALL. So Tashae moved her own computer from that location to X (in the center on the seawall), which is where she was located last year...

Marilyn, Jeff, Rich and Jessica were off to a meeting first thing. So it was only a few of us going to Starbucks (Carol, Tashae, Sheila, Steven, Christine and me).

I used my NEW NOTES (which had the addition of a security section and how to close software applications) for the first time. They need some tweaking, but it went decently, anyway.

I had to do some major IT settings today. Man, I'm glad I keep good notes!!!

Diane from the One More Time band came in and brought us cake, t-shirts and medals this morning! Marilyn had worn pink pants which looked GREAT with the tie-dye shirt that had pink in it. I immediately put on my medal and wore it all day. (smile)

Soon after finishing up training, Adeena brought me home so I could work here. I had some website stuff to wrap up. I didn't think it was a big deal -- at first.

But the next thing I knew it was TEN EVENTS that hadn't been included at the website to date! Including some major events with important sponsors. And multiple day events -- which are very complicated to do.

I spent hours on this, working with several people. Rich and I were on the phone for ages going through things together. I got some of it done, but got burned out and had to quit. I'll finish it up tomorrow.

I don't know who dropped the ball, but I'm responsible for the website, so I'm to blame as much as anyone. Marilyn wrote a strong email to our Communications Team, but didn't place any blame. We all know we need to own the mistake -- and people were scrambling to fix it. But ultimately I personally need to do most of the work (and I will).

Tonight Jeff, Adeena, Marilyn and I went to see the movie "Baywatch," with Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach (and more). Who doesn't LOVE Dwayne Johnson??? He's just fabulous in everything you ever see him in and that's the case here, too. In fact, when he's out of the action for a spell you really miss seeing him.

The movie has terrible reviews. You know what? Go see it anyway, just for fun! No, it's not a perfect film by a long shot, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves and I think that's good enough, sometimes. Man, Dwayne and Zac are so buff. And Alexandra and Kelly are curvaceous and lovely. The humor is crass and some parts are very gross, but who cares? Sometimes this is just what you need...

There was some drama today, but oh well. Marilyn and I are determined to remain positive, no matter what. Things are certainly better for us than they were last year. And everything will get done. But I feel for Marilyn who is under constant stress and never left alone all day long. People simply can't function without her.

I only had two bites of the cake today. I had very little to eat, actually. But I ate a hotdog and popcorn at the show. Hahaha. So that blew all the being good from earlier, I suppose. My blood sugar was good both this morning and this evening.

Annoying! I missed 5,000 steps by less than 100 steps. Seriously? Hahaha. By the way, bad leg cramps again today.

Cousin Linda came by today and picked up her wristbands. I gave Donn wristbands yesterday. I still need to get wristbands to family members -- but I feel the onus should be on THEM just a bit...

Time to head to bed, anyway!

Sleep well, and happy dreams, friends.
Yes, today is officially Mayor Harry Lane Day -- according to our mayor and because of Marilyn's efforts!

Here are a couple of interesting articles about Harry Lane: Meet Mayor Harry Lane -- Funmaker and Harry Lane War Hero.

Harry Lane was a well-known and respected Oregon politician. A medical doctor by profession, he was the grandson of the first territorial governor of Oregon. He was mayor of Portland after the turn of the century and established a reputation as a man of principle. He was considered the worst enemy of the corrupt politicians, cops and shanghai artists who were virtually running the city when he arrived. He had a reputation as a supporter of women’s suffrage and an advocate for more respectful treatment of Native American tribes in the state of Oregon. And he was a man of peace during a time of war.

Be sure to read more about him using one of the above links. Or go and google him. He's a man worth knowing! Portland actor David Rianda has impersonated Mayor Harry Lane as part of the festival's Living History program since 2007 -- that's ten years as of 2017! Dave is a wonderful man who takes this role very seriously. So David and several members of our staff -- including Marilyn, Angel, Adeena, Suzanne, Christine and me -- started our day in Lone Fir cemetery beside Harry Lane's grave on this very beautiful, sunny day. Soon joined by our 2007 President Leslie and the Court for 2017. Because this is a man worth remembering! I wish I had all the words of the 'Whereas' here in front of me that Marilyn wrote on behalf of the mayor, because it's very cool and very impressive!

After that the Court headed off on their way (they are very busy right now every day). And most of the staff went back to a busy day at the office. But Marilyn went off to discuss security for the festival in light of world events (and especially all the issues happening here in Portland). I met with Donn about the work he was doing in the office today. And with his granddaughter Ashley (who calls Donn 'Grandpa'), who wants to volunteer to help me at the Grand Floral Parade this year.

And soon after Adeena took me to Safeway for deli Chinese food (and peanuts), then home (before heading back to work).

I've been suffering with leg cramps. And today I was also having spleen pain (again). Good grief.

But what a gorgeous day! Perfect for our 'event' for Mayor Harry Lane!

I got a bunch of work done on the computer and rested as much as I was able.

And went briefly over to see June and Jim (who gave me some keyboards for the office).

Then after another crazy day at work, Marilyn came home pretty early for her! We were ready to lie down for a 'nap' around 9:00 -- which is unheard of here at our house! Hahaha.

Now it's past 2:00 and I'm blogging as usual. And I'll take my meds and head off to bed.

Tomorrow I train Tashae, who is my last trainee for this festival season (considering our festival begins on Friday!!!). Normally I wouldn't be training someone this week. But if you check out last year, I was training this same woman on May 25, so... Hahaha. Yes, I'm actually re-training her tomorrow.

And I have my NEW set of training notes ready! We've added a bunch of stuff. More about that later. I really need to head to bed now!

Good night and sweet dreams!
Happy Birthday, Mom. If she were alive, she'd be 93 this year. (She passed in January of 2000...) I suppose it's silly to bring it up, but I was thinking about her (and Dad) today.

Today was a long, long day. And a busy one! And I'm very tired tonight.

June told me she had leg cramps all night long. I was having them starting early in the morning and they were around on and off all day. (sigh) Oh well.

I did a bunch of festival work. Website stuff and IT stuff. I spent some time re-drafting the training check-list I use when working with new personnel. It needs some tweaking, but should be ready when I re-train Tashae on Wednesday.

I talked to June and use TeamViewer to help her with her computer.

I talked to Donn about work tomorrow.

I chatted with friend Shari for fun!

I called Hector about the yard (he's coming tomorrow -- yes, he did do the gutters).

I emailed the garbage service at the beach. No clue if that's fixed, or not.

I took out all the old food in the house (finally). And did a load of dishes.

Adeena took me shopping to Walgreens and Freddies. I got light bulbs (finally) and a bunch of stuff I really needed, including cat food and cat snacks! So important.

Adeena stayed until past 11:00.

Marilyn got home right around 11:00 from work and her massage therapy.

We have a BIG DAY tomorrow. I'm super tired tonight. I still need to go set up my pills. It takes around half an hour (and I can hardly see straight right now).

I was starved by the time Marilyn got home -- so was she! It was a pleasure to eat. I hadn't fasted for 24 hours like Marilyn, however! She's amazing...

It was HOTTER THAN HELL here today. Really miserable. I tried not to run the air conditioner too much, but I was sweating like crazy. Awful. Poor Marilyn was FREEZING downstairs, as running the AC makes it too cold downstairs while trying to cool it off a little upstairs. The hottest room in the house seems to be the office where I was working for hours...

Tomorrow is Mayor Harry Lane Day!!!!!!!!

I need to count out wristbands for people. And get Marilyn the list of Grand Floral Parade tickets, too!

I should get the Starlight Parade script to start editing tomorrow. Adeena was finishing it up tonight.

How can it be past 1:00 a.m.??? I just didn't get as much done today as I planned. (sigh)

I better go do the pills and search for my tee. And get to bed.
fun - spinning ball
Marilyn was up very early -- especially for a Sunday! And she got ready and went directly in to work, before I even got out of bed!!!

I had LEG CRAMPS (!!!) again today -- very bad. But my wonderful pills helped, thankfully.

While Marilyn was working away in the office, I decided to take out more garbage here at home. And do the cat boxes. I'm using Arm & Hammer SLIDE for the very first time. I was SHOCKED when I saw it! It's like SAND more than kitty litter. So I sure hope the boys are willing to use it! It would be bad if they weren't. Hahaha.

Supposedly it keeps things smelling fresh for 7 days. And comes out of the box with no muss or fuss. Normally we use plastic liners in the box. But this time I just put the stuff in the box without a liner. We'll see how that goes! Hahaha. Hopefully you can teach an old dog (CAT!) new tricks.

After that I did some work on the computer, then jumped in the shower and washed my hair. I let myself read my current book while drying my hair.

Marilyn called on her way home. We'd been thinking about taking a ride in the afternoon. But she suggested we drive down to the Seaside Liquor Store (!!!) to get more Cuervo WATERMELON Margarita mix in the ready-to-serve bottle. So I checked online and it said they were open today. I called and they had two bottles left, so he was holding them for us. Hahaha.

We drove down the long way so we could stop for gas and at Starbucks. We also decided to shop at Ross in Warrenton and both got some nice clothes! I got jeans and Marilyn got pink pants and a pair of black and white pants that look amazing on her!

We also went to Famous Footwear in Seaside, so Marilyn could get more of their socks. And we ended up getting some shoes, too. Hahaha.

The Liquor Store had our bottles. And we chatted with him and ordered another case of the watermelon. We really want to use it for after the Grand Floral Parade! Much easier than taking both mixer and a bottle and making drinks.

We got food at Taco Time and then took it to the house to eat. We only hung out briefly before getting back into the car and heading to the office. We were there by 8:30 and worked until 10:30, getting home by 11:00.

The quick trip to the beach gave us the feeling of having fun in the middle of all the work we did this weekend...

We both just ate some peanuts and are now getting ready to head to bed, facing a very big week! The festival begins on FRIDAY of this week!!!

I'm staying home tomorrow, but we have Mayor Harry Lane Day on Tuesday! And on Wednesday I'll be training my last staff person for this year (hopefully!!!). At least for this festival. (Who knows about later in the year...)

The weather was beautiful today! In the 80's with blue skies. But it's supposed to go into the 90's tomorrow!!! Good grief.

I spent ages on Tashae's setup. This new method of Profiling is still a bit confusing for me. And writing out the instructions! I can hardly decide where to keep all of the instructions I write for myself.

I know the best thing would be to put them up cyber (online). But that's a lot of coding. Maybe I could make a ton of PDFs and just load them all up and link them! That might be an idea. I wonder if it would make them easier to locate when I need them? Hahaha.

Well, time for bed! Marilyn has massage therapy tomorrow night, and plans to just work straight through until time to drive to Donald, Oregon. That will be one LONG day for her. But lately they are all long days!

I almost forgot! I got 6,000 steps today! What do you think of that? Hahaha.

Sleep well, friends.
Marilyn and I did sleep in. We made it to the office by 10:00. Several people were there: Steven (and his five-year-old daughter Grace), Jessica, Suzanne, Adeena, Christine, Jeff -- and Carol, of course.

Our friends Rob and his partner Jeff (and their two little dogs) came by with food for us past 3:00.

We did get Starbucks. But later I had low blood sugar again. It really messes me up.

I spent a bunch of time with Grace, whom I just love. I have toys upstairs, under my desk.

Marilyn did a TON of work -- and, no, I didn't help her. I did try to help Jeff with his PDF issue to no avail (sigh). I was able to help Carol with her Pagemaker issue, though. And that's always my job.

I worked on a complicated set of instructions. But forgot to explain one aspect, so I already need to edit it.

Marilyn and I got home by 6:30.

Later on I made us popcorn, which we almost always have on Saturday ight.

Marilyn and I are tired. We fell asleep watching TV...

My new wallet I was so excited about? It doesn't work worth a damn... (sigh)

I got an email back from Joanna (from Elmer's). And talked to Donn at one point.

It's been a long, busy week. And today was a long day.

I got my 4,000 steps today, certainly without trying.

Time for sleep.
friend-june, june
Today was the appearance of our Clown Prince (the festival mascot, played by our friend Angel) and the festival Court, who helped serve customers at Elmer's restaurant. We were excited about it, because it's our favorite Elmer's right here in our neighborhood!

June and I were there at 11:30-ish, and the Court had already arrived. Several members of our staff were also there -- Christie, Adeena, Marilyn, Carol, Jeff and Rich. Leslie and Linda were there with the girls.

I just loved the General Manager, Joanna, who has worked for Elmer's for 27 years. Wow! She was delightful. But everyone on her staff was delightful, too.

We had three television stations show up: KGW, KPTV and KATU. The Court did a lovely job, as did Angel. It was a fun event.

The Rose Meal was delicious! I had planned to pick up lunch for June, Adeena and me -- but Jeff picked up the tab for the entire staff, plus June! Wasn't that nice?

Instead of going in to the office, I headed off with June. She and I went shopping to Ross (the Gateway Ross). She got some tops and another pair of really pretty (and comfortable) shoes, plus a purse. I got some pillows (good sale), a purse, some shoes and some other random items. The shoes are Pumas and very comfortable, and pretty, too (black and pink). And my purse is a lovely pink backpack-style bag.

It was actually HOT today! June and I had to stop for something to drink on our way home. The dog at the store -- a big guy -- jumped up on me several times. He was so friendly.

I did some work in the morning before showering and washing my hair. And some work when I got home from shopping, too.

Unfortunately I had low blood sugar (!!!) when we got back. I started to feel lousy and shaky. I was thinking 'this can't be low blood sugar,' because I'd had that big lunch (more than I'd eaten in days!). And my fasting number hadn't been all that low this morning. But, yes, it was low. So I had to have a piece of bread...

Marilyn and I chatted on the phone at 7:00 and she sounded like she was coming home. And later around 8:00. She ended up at work until 9:00, though. Little wonder she falls right to sleep after eating! She had yet another very intense day today. What a week for her!

Important Note: I got a text from SISTER SUE this morning, asking me to call her!!! Actually, she told me Abby had sent the text for her. But I called and we did speak, the first time we'd talked in weeks! She has a new phone, but has lost her charger! She's no longer sleeping in the room with the kids. Tammy cleaned out a back bedroom with a twin bed (Candy gave her new sheets for the bed for Mother's Day). It's small, from what she said. But at least she has her own room. And she might be coming to the parade! It was nice to talk to her.

I also spoke briefly with cousin Linda who wants to come by for her wristbands and the bag of clothes Marilyn is giving her. We're going to talk again this weekend and work it out.

And my friend Shari and I talked for around an hour later in the day, which was nice. I'd never thanked her for all her wonderful gifts, so I did that. I just love the cat hot pad she gave us, the cat bag, all the pencils (I spent ages sharpening a huge pile of those for the office) and so much more. She is very generous with us. And she gets us a lot of things we can use at work!

I just stubbed my middle toe on my right foot before starting to blog. It's still throbbing. And the nail is fine, thankfully! But it bled like mad. What a mess. I don't know why I'm always stubbing my poor toes...

I got 4,000 steps today. Shopping, I guess. But I was on my feet a lot at Elmer's, too.

We're working tomorrow and have a ton of stuff to get done. I'm actually looking forward to it!

We had sausage and cheese on crackers for dinner. Plus I made popcorn after that.

We're expecting some sunny, hot days coming up.

Oh! I wore my new uniform pants today, which I really love. Very comfy and light weight -- so they'll be nice for parade day, I think.

Can't think what I'm forgetting. Sleep well and have sweet dreams.
melvin briefcase, busy melvin
The day started out with Sheila have issues with Quickbooks -- yes, again. I can't make this stuff up (as we like to say). Donn jumped right in. I started consulting immediately with Donn. And Kris was right behind that, checking on things. Crazy morning spent on the phone, I have to tell you.

And my friend Rob was sending me text messages and nagging me about going to dinner Friday night. It's hard to make people understand how our schedules work right now. But then we talked for ages while we were both working at the same time. Finally we hung up so we could concentrate better. Hahaha.

Worked in there was texting to both Larry and Candy, trying to pin them down about wristbands. And to find out more about sister Sue and her new cell phone. That was a ton of text messages to find out that Sue has a new phone, the same number and still isn't answering calls. Nor does she have her voice mail set up.

Anyway, everybody wants wristbands, which is good (including Nicole, who also texted me). And it's possible Sue might want to go to the parade, too.

There are a number of IT concerns that need to be addressed and are wrapped around security issues. Annoying distraction considering how busy we are. I spent ages on it, anyway...

My fasting blood was again good this morning. And I was eating peanuts in the middle of the night. Hahaha. Which shows you that peanuts are, indeed, good for you. Marilyn used to eat them constantly, by the way.

Speaking of Marilyn, she just looks MARVELOUS right now! She's lost a LOT of weight and her hair looks great and she looks young and stylish.

She told me tonight this might have been one of her most intense days at work ever! She had a lengthy interview, some very important and intense meetings and a ton of other work to do. She was at the office until well past 10:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, I was working on website stuff for many hours today. I was sitting in front of my computer and working through a bunch of complicated things.

One page just wasn't displaying correctly! Calisa had told me about it after Carol had mentioned it to her. So I went through that code with a fine-toothed comb. Over and over and over again! I was remembering the days when one little piece of code could completely mess up how a page displayed. I cleaned up the code several times, but couldn't find anything. Finally I turned to David at Fish. And it was an issue at his end! So he fixed it for me. Those are hours I'm never getting back again. Hahaha. Oh well.

Carol provided the Copy for several pages and I updated it all as we went along. Today was not about Sanctioned Events. Well, I did make one change to a Sanctioned Event page, but it was pretty simple. The rest of it was all MAJOR pages of our site, so I was happy to work through it.

Marilyn called to tell me that tomorrow is lunch at Elmer's for the Court -- and she's planning to attend. So she wanted me to invite June to go. She also suggested inviting our sister Sue, but there was no getting in touch with either her or Larry. I tried calling and texting, but no luck.

We've done the Elmer's lunch before, and it's fun. Angel will be there as the Clown Prince. And the members of the Court have lunch, then help serve patrons, mingled with those there.

This is a great group of girls! I really enjoyed talking to them at the Board meeting. So I'm looking forward to this tomorrow.

Hopefully June will feel up to it. She's dealing with the aftermath of her own bursa injections (for her knees). She did what I did and did not take it easy yesterday after her shots! And she was paying for it today. So I guess we'll see how she's doing. If she doesn't go, Marilyn is planning to come and pick me up.

Adeena and I wrote back and forth today. She's working on the Starlight script and plugging away at it. It's not easy work, but you can punch it out in a few days if you need to (which most people who do it have had to do). She's on deadline, but right now we're ALL on deadlines! It's that time of year.

It was COLD again today. I was barely avoiding getting chilled.

My friend Mark and I texted back and forth for a bit in the afternoon. If he's not tied up tomorrow, he might come to Elmer's, too. (The lunch is at noon.) When patrons order the Rose Meal, it benefits the festival!

It was amusing this morning! They're doing something at the office with Marilyn and needed a photo of her with Colin! And he just hates having his picture taken. It wasn't that easy to get any decent pictures. Hahaha. But Marilyn was sure looking good!

I got the recycling out tonight, barely. I was just so worn out. I know it's not physical, as I didn't get any steps to mention today. But mentally I was exhausted. By around 10:00 p.m. I was really done...

My blood sugar was good all day long! Of course, I wasn't really hungry, so I barely ate anything until tonight. And then I had cheese and crackers and some peanuts. Earlier I had a slice of bread. Haha.

I can't think what else I'm forgetting, but I'm off to bed. I need to get up and wash my hair in the morning before going to the lunch at Elmer's.

I was just thinking about reading all that code today. You know, I really do enjoy it! I don't get much opportunity these days. I used to be looking at code every single day a couple of years ago...

I need to post about The Big Valley that I saw part of today. About blue for boys and pink for girls. Hahaha. More about that soon, I hope.

Tonight is garbage night -- thankfully not 'real' garbage!

And now, to bed!
love to code
I started my day with happy news -- my fasting blood sugar result was 131, which I swear is one of the best numbers I've had since starting on insulin. (I might be wrong about this, but that number certainly has been this good recently, anyway.)

Yes, Leslie did have me change from 26 units to 30 (of insulin) after my recent appointment (last Friday). But I was still high -- because steroids raise blood sugar, of course. That's a sign, I think, that my body is processing the steroid shots. I hope that means the shots will take total effect soon, as I'm still limping from hip pain. But the bursa injection IS like a miracle medication! I just think all the time about how it's helped me in the past.

Of course the current inclement weather is no help. Getting COLD is what gives me these flare-ups in the first place. And, boy, was it ever cold today!!! I had to keep turning up the heat! Normally I'd never need to use the furnace in the month of May! It was rainy and COLD. I went out to the garage for something (maybe when I was taking out garbage) and it was like a meat locker out there (brr). Clearly the dampness is no help to my health, aside from being cold...

Marilyn was home late again tonight -- 9:00-ish. She didn't even get a chance to work on her formation map for GFP until well past 5:00 p.m., she was so busy.

I discovered a bunch of website errors I needed to correct today. Part of the problem is new hands on the pages -- and the site is complicated enough to require experience. And even if you have past experience with the site, it can be hard remembering all of the little nuances involved with each page!

When we're doing a Sanctioned Event page, for example, you have TWO places in the right hand column where you must check-mark Sanctioned Event. If you forget, things don't display as they should in every area. And every page has a header banner across the top -- and this also needs to be selected as the Featured Image of that given page. This means, for example, that when you do a Search on that page, the featured image will display after the search in the results. Otherwise a generic gold rose background appears...

I know these sound like little things, but my job as webmaster is to make everything look right in every version of the website! It's amusing to me that until I got my new iPhone, I didn't tend to view our festival website with my phone. I'd do most things on the computer, of course. And with my iPad, too. But it's a whole different look with the phone -- and most people are looking look at it with their phones these days! Which is why we've made numerous tweaks to the website for exactly this purpose...

I'm proud of what we've accomplished this year with the website! But the smallest mistake changes elements that we who do the code might miss. For example, if you miss one of those Sanctioned Event check-marks, then it doesn't turn the Calendar links BLUE -- which indicate a Sanctioned Event. We have a legend that shows certain colors for each type of event (parade, walk or run, sanctioned event and so on), so things need to match accordingly.

And now we do a lot more ACTUAL CODING than we did previously -- so you need to be able to read some basic HTML now. WordPress does NOT do away with the need for HTML or CSS! We're using it all the time at our website. So no matter how much people shy away from using it, it's a fact of life. And why not learn a little about it? I don't believe it's complicated to use. I'm really not a genius! Seeing that movie Hidden Figures reminded me of how little I actually know. Hahaha. I can't read a lick of computer programming, for example. (I recall a time when Marilyn wanted to learn it. But she's far more mathematical than I am and always has been! Maybe I'm speaking out of turn, but I think being left-handed is part of my issue. And I really believe in the 'right brain, left brain' thing, by the way...)

The good thing about HTML and CSS is that we who speak and write English are viewing this code IN ENGLISH. You don't have to learn a computer language to use it! I'm always surprised how daunted people are by the addition of a few symbols and brackets...

Well, I didn't mean to run on so much. But this is where I was today. I need to be sure to spend more time with the others working on the website and help them to really learn these aspects of the work. And continue to document things and make them available at our How To website. I'm getting there more all the time!

On the other hand, I was reminded today how little I personally understand Word! I just don't use it hardly ever -- nor can I see much reason for me to do so going forward. I was going to make a page of images using Word then make it into a PDF. I decided it was just as easy to create an image that contains several images and load that up, so that's probably what I'll do.

I had a bunch of changes to do for two different pages today and I spent hours on both! But I'm happy with the results.

Christine contacted me about setting up the phones for festival weekends when we'll be open on Saturdays and Sundays. The way Shoretel phones work, you do this on the back end of the phones, via the Phone Server. And I'm the one who does all of that for the office. It's not really complicated. But it requires you to have access to the Phone Server -- and you can only do that locally, if that makes sense. Which means I can do it Remotely, but need to be logged on where it appears as if I'm working locally.

Then it's just a matter of knowing where you go to change the settings. I have -- OF COURSE -- a detailed instruction sheet that tells me exactly what steps to follow. And I could probably do it without looking at that, as I'm pretty familiar with the steps. But it's helpful to know I have that reference source, just in case. And I believe others could follow the steps, if need be. Or the support people at Inflow could do this for us, of course -- but that's an emergency method.

Speaking of support people, I had to email Brit and David about a weird website glitch today. I've already heard back from Brit at 9:30 (we're not the only ones working late, clearly... hahaha). And she, too, couldn't figure out what I was asking about. She said she'd defer to David. I'm curious to hear what he says, because it appears to be done correctly -- but it certainly isn't displaying that way! (No, WorPress isn't perfect. Haha.)

Marilyn DID manage to do her Grand Floral Parade formation map today -- and it's very complex. It can't be done on a device, unfortunately. The thing is, you need to have UNLIMITED numbers of layers. Plus it's handy to be able to really zoom in very close. Both of those things are restricted on an iPad, I'm afraid. As I've said to her before, there are things about Apps on devices that I really love! And if you could combine the best parts of computer software and device Apps, you'd really end up with something amazing! But it is what it is...

I'm PROUD OF HER that she did this work without my help. I'm not suggesting, again, that I'm a genius about it. But I'm simply more experienced doing the work. I don't touch it quite as often as I used to, but this time of year I generally am using it on a daily basis or close. And often it's just a matter of practice that makes it easier. Marilyn doesn't get as much opportunity to use it, even if she wanted to! I don't know how she ever gets actual hands-on work done, considering her meeting schedule! As always, she amazes me.

I contacted our niece Candy and nephew Larry today, to see if they wanted wristbands for Opening Night to ride the rides. Both responded, as did Nicole (Candy's daughter -- our great niece). I got a number from Larry and hope I get one from Candy tomorrow. As of today we were nine days out from the festival (!!!). Yes, I'm still in denial!

My friend June got her bursa shots in her knees today! (woo hoo) AND she found the shoes we were looking at yesterday -- two pairs in different colors -- at another Walmart! Her poor feet are so swollen she can barely get shoes on them. And when she does it's terribly painful for her.

Marilyn and I deal with constant swelling of our feet, too, so we totally understand. We're not as bad as June, though, poor dear.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: Sister Sue apparently has a new phone. Which is why I can never reach her calling her on the old phone (makes sense). I need to MAKE A POINT of asking Larry for the new number tomorrow. It would be nice to talk to her now and then. But he indicated that she's much worse now. So for all I know she doesn't even think about either of us...

He couldn't say if Sue would be attending the parade this year. That's a shame, as she loves going. But maybe she's just not up to it. I couldn't say, as I don't even remember the last time I talked to Sue.

Marilyn and I ate Reser's sausage with Tillamook cheese for dinner. And raspberries and (fat free) half and half for dessert.

She went to lunch today (with Marcia and Gail) and was able to eat -- and it's all about those peppermint oil capsules! As I said before, these are a miracle for Marilyn.

I can't believe I didn't blog about Marilyn's gastro appointment on Tuesday!!! What was I thinking about? We went to that first thing BEFORE WORK yesterday. And she mentioned her amazing results with IBard -- and the doctor said something like, "I would have gotten there eventually" (!!!). Eventually, doctor??? When would THAT have been??? After she'd suffered more? Or when? And the nurse gave her a COUPON they have in the office to get these pills for $2 off. (They are spendy, believe me.) Are you kidding me? At least he didn't brush aside using the pills. But he KNEW about them and never suggested them??? Good grief.

I can't even say any more about that. Except to say that Marilyn always seems to know more than our various doctors. She was always a jump or two ahead of Sue's many doctors. She just happens to be great at research -- and has an amazing, logical mind. We make a lot of jokes about Dr. Marilyn in our family, anyway. Hahaha.

I took out garbage today and did some laundry. Real life is hard this time of year.

Well, it's nearly 3:00 a.m., so I'm off to bed.

how to, teach
So tired tonight. Marilyn made me promise to take it easy tomorrow, and I think I'm going to do exactly that. I didn't plan it, but I got more than 6,000 steps in today. Yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to be avoiding walking and exercise. I've got that. It's just not always that easy to do.

Starbucks with several members of the staff (we picked up coffee for Marilyn) to welcome Grace. She's an intern this year -- but she also happens to be our current Queen. A lovely, sweet and smart girl!

Training with her went very well -- we were done by 11:30.

Jeff was off to Pendleton (Oregon) today. He's out now traveling until Friday...

Jessica was back today after being out with a migraine. She, Carol and Marilyn all worked quite late. Marilyn was at the office until past 9:00 (and Carol and Jessica were still there when she left).

After I finished training, Marilyn brought me home. I did some work on my email (both home and work). Then I went in and laid down on my bed with a blanket over me and was trying to read. The next thing you know I took a short, refreshing nap.

I've been having insomnia every night since my shots on Friday. So the nap was lovely.

When I woke up I phoned June and she and I decided to go shopping. We went to the Walmart in Scappoose (Oregon). It started to really rain while we were on our way! I was wearing my festival pullover, but June didn't have a jacket. We were dashing inside when we arrived!

I bought myself a hat! Black and cute. I wanted to wear it back to the car to keep dry, but it wasn't raining by then.

We shopped for quite some time before heading home again. I got a little dizzy in the store. I was at 148 when I tested my blood, which was fine. But when I got home I was down to 90! Probably because I hadn't eaten...

As I said, Marilyn got home around 9:30. Then we had baby tacos that I bought today for dinner. (smile) Delicious. And raspberries for dessert. Aside from the slice of rye bread I had when I got home from shopping, that's pretty much all I ate today. I really wasn't hungry.

But I was VERY thirsty and drank a lot of water!

Poor June! Her feet are so swollen. It's impossible for her to get shoes on. She really needs to get some new shoes. We looked today, but couldn't really find anything...

Well, off to bed. I hope I can sleep tonight. Sweet dreams.
I had some Profile-related stuff to do today. And I needed to explain the current new staff person to Donn, who was setting up the Profile on a new machine at the office this morning. I was trying to reach him, but he didn't get to the office until after 10:00 a.m... oh well...

I needed to explain the Generic Profile versus the Name Profile. I think I explained this before, but here's how it works:
We set up a Generic Profile on a computer, such as WaterfrontIntern (for our current Waterfront Intern to use). Then I make a Name Profile using this person's actual name -- but we do NOT actually set up this Profile on the computer. Instead, we tie the two Profiles together. Emails appear to come from the person's name -- and get forwarded to the Generic Profile on the computer.

That means we can use the Generic Profile over and over again, simply by tying a new Name Profile to it each year. At least, that's what we're doing in theory. Hahaha.

So far this year Braden has been using it (he has a Group Sales Generic Profile) and Caitlin has also been using it (she has the Receptionist Profile we've been using for years now). I love the concept, but it's a tiny bit confusing to set up -- meaning more work for me, but eventually less work for Donn, who sets up the Profiles on our computers.

He still had to set up a full Profile, as we're still working with the fact that we moved from one OS (operating system) to another from last year to this year. And for that matter, last year our Waterfront Intern didn't have a Profile set up at all! She was primarily an on-site person -- and will be again this year, too. But Steven asked me to give her a Profile, so I'm doing that -- seeing as he's down a full person this year (he had one other assistant last year that he doesn't have in 2017).

It's currently 1:30 a.m. and I got up to fix my pills (which I didn't get done earlier today), take my night time pills and blog, of course.

I was so tired earlier tonight that I had a nap and slept pretty soundly until an hour or so ago...

But I had so much to get done today that I needed to finish the above Profile setup.

This morning I called about Henry's pills, seeing as I hadn't heard anything about them. I was told they'd left a message for me, but I never got it! Anyway, they were saying I needed to see the vet BEFORE they could refill the medicine. Henry takes it EVERY SINGLE DAY -- and the couple of times he's been off it, he's gotten sick and nearly died. I told them what our schedules were like this time of year. I told them about Henry's health.

And I said what I also say about my OWN medication whenever there's a question about getting something filled: I can't take what I don't have. So the answer is simple. I just won't take the pills until I finally have them. Obvious, right? And Henry can't take pills I don't have to give him. But I said exactly what I just wrote above: Not taking his pills could KILL him.

One of the main issues is that nobody can relate to working these sort of hours -- early morning until late at night, six and seven days of the week. And they aren't open full hours on the weekend (obviously), so...

Then I call back and ask about getting him in today. June has agreed to take me in (Marilyn certainly cannot!). They have ONE 'emergency' appointment available -- meaning that walking in the door to see a vet will cost $85 without any treatment or medication (!!!).

But eventually the vet on call (who has seen Henry before) calls me back. She says we can bring him in when the festival is over and she'll fill the prescription today! She actually has a friend who has worked for the festival, so she understands our hours. (When I told Marilyn that she said she doubted the vet actually does understand, but oh well...)

By the way! Henry was in on May 28 last year -- so it has NOT been a year since they've seen him! Technically, they have to see him at least once a year to give him his pills. It's Oregon state law. But we're still inside the one year! I think they should have been far more cooperative from the get-go. As I told the young man I first talked with, we've been going to this clinic since I was in high school -- and I'm now in my 60's. (He's young. We've gone there since before he was even born.) We went to the clinic when it was at it's prior location! When Dr. McCoy was still in charge (before he retired). You'd think that they would be able to make allowances for people who have been with them for DECADES, wouldn't you? Customer service has certainly changed...

So this afternoon June and I went there and got Henry's pills. Then to Riteaid to get my prescriptions. Then we went over to Walmart to shop (the local small Walmart). The good news??? I finally found my SOY SAUCE I've been shopping for over and over again! I like La Choy, but it's nearly impossible to find. Plus I found Marilyn's popcorn salt!!! I've been having such a hard time finding it that I actually ordered it at Amazon.com, but it was going to take ages to get here. The last two times we had popcorn Marilyn didn't even like it, because of no popcorn salt (it's butter flavored).

June and I both picked up a few other things. And it was starting to rain when we headed home, but the weather was pretty decent aside from that. Except that it was cold again today and I had to run the furnace again. In May!!!

June and I were both hanging on to our shopping carts and limping around the store -- but at least we were out shopping! My hips are still giving me fits. And this cold weather doesn't help at all. Today my right wrist is swollen and painful, too. I need to be patient, because sometimes the steroids don't go to work right away. And I just got the injections late on Friday, so...

I got WAY TOO MANY STEPS today -- more than 5,000! I'm supposed to be doing as little walking as possible for several days. Little wonder I'm in all this pain. Hahaha. It's not always easy to do what you're supposed to. And tomorrow it will be IMPOSSIBLE! I have to go up and down stairs when I'm in the office.

I actually enjoy training new personnel, by the way. And Grace is a very sweet girl (our current Queen).

Marilyn and I just ate this and that for dinner. I had leftover fried rice and peanuts. She had peanuts and those 'baby' tomatoes with dressing. Plus we had our popcorn! (smile)

She had one hell of a busy day at work today. And Jessica was out with a migraine. We're already planning how the two of us will get a bunch of work done on Saturday to make up for Jessica not being in. We've done it before, and we can certainly do it again -- no matter how long it takes!

Marilyn got her formation area map done today!!!!!!!!! That's a huge project. I only had to tell her one small thing about the software -- she did the whole thing by herself.

Our ballots are ready to go -- we need to hand deliver them tomorrow. They've been sitting here for ages waiting for us to sign them and finish up the process. (We have mail ballots here in Oregon.)

I just heard noise in the living room and had to go check it out. I thought maybe Marilyn was awake and up, but it was Colin playing under the coffee table with his beloved tissue paper. Hahaha.

Time for bed. Training days are hard -- I guess because I'm very serious about helping the new person to adjust and learn. These are intense days, but well worth it.

I'm probably forgetting things. Oh well! Sweet dreams, friends...
Marilyn and I actually DID get up this morning and go directly over to our nail salon to get our manicures and pedicures. We're always proud of ourselves when we just jump in and do that. We tend to put it off because it's such a pain to have it done.

This time we did something totally NEW! For the first time ever, we got gel on our toenails, as well as for our manicures. What that should mean is that our pedicures will last the way our manicures do -- without chipping. I always end up stubbing my toes or being rough with my pedicure in some way. And it ends up looking pretty bad after several weeks. Hahaha. But this might mean that doesn't happen. Or so we hope!

Marilyn is never quite as hard on her pedicure. It reminds me how I was always harder on things as kids. I'd bang up my knees and elbows, for example (though that might partly be due to having psoriasis, which Marilyn didn't have). But I was also harder on toys when we were little (which might partly be due to my being left-handed, which Marilyn was not). Anyway... Marilyn always seemed more dainty and feminine than me. I was such a tomboy, with my big 'man hands.' And such a klutz. Hahaha.

I just looked at my manicure and felt delighted by the color. I need to share a photo (when I have one). We both did matching, manicures to pedicures, for color. She got a blue shade, and I did a sort of bronze that is orange-ish. I selected mine to match our Brilliant. festival theme for 2017.

Directly after that, we drove straight to the office. We considered going home first, as we could now have PUT ON SHOES, something we normally can't do the day we get a pedicure! Gel nails cure immediately and can't be spoiled the way other pedicures can. But I said I didn't mind being in sandals, so off we went.

We got to the office at just past 1:00 and stayed until just past 6:00. So we got a good five hours of work done. Marilyn was working hard on timing the Grand Floral Parade (more complicated than it sounds -- there are several versions of the lineup). I spent some time moving all the files and folders that were on my jump drive over to my NEW external hard drive. I knew that would be a huge pain, as well as a time suck. But now it's done, thankfully! And I was working on getting my email down and some other projects.

I had the email report for the entire office, and decided to just go on the Server to the Exchange and up the quota amount for both Steven and Jeff. They were getting up there, and I didn't want any bouncing during this season... That's an interesting process, actually. And I was doing the math to make it a reasonable jump up, without making it as high as Carol is set, for example. (Actually, once I'd done that, I lowered Christie to the same number -- I had had her at the same as Carol, which is WAY TOO HIGH for most staff.)

The day was chilly again, and rainy -- but not nearly as bad as it could have been! I actually saw a bunch of blue skies and sunshine.

I was trying hard at work to walk less than usual, but I don't think I managed all that well. There's no way to avoid the up and down stairs because of where my work station is located. Oh well.

When we got home we had some leftovers to eat.

After dinner, we decided to get a movie to watch. Originally Marilyn tried something we'd both agreed on that ended up being HORRIBLE. (sigh) But then she suggested the 2016 film "Hidden Figures," the most wonderful, feel-good movie. For those who don't know, it's about three amazing black women who were involved with work at NASA, Katherine (Goble) Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan -- and you just have to love all three incredible women. And talk about BRILLIANT! These women have WONDERFUL minds. I know I'm being effusive, but it's totally warranted. These are names we should all know.

As an IT person, I just marvel at the knowledge of these women. I envy their mathematical abilities (I'm really pretty bad at math, even now).

By the way, if you don't already love the recently deceased John Glenn, this movie helps make you an even bigger fan.

Marilyn frequently sends me notices about inexpensive books that I can purchase for my Kindle. She just sent me "Clan of the Cave Bear" (which was published in 1980), and I immediately bought it. Of course I had read it right after it was released. The author Jean M. Auel is a Portland native, and I got to meet her years back at book signing where I was buying a couple of her hardback books that I had signed for my Mom (who was also a big fan of the series). It's been some time since I re-read it, though, and now I'm really enjoying starting the book all over again! (smile)

Well, time for bed (it's 1:30-ish). My plan for tomorrow is to take it pretty easy, if I can. I'm still having a reaction to my recent shots -- and I'm not supposed to be doing as much walking as I have since Friday...

Tuesday I'll be training Queen Grace (an intern for 2017). She's not quite my last for this year, but certainly getting there! I have training with Tashae (from last year) on May 24. (Strange, as I don't usually train on a Wednesday. But oh well.)

Donn will be in tomorrow setting up Grace's Profile! I'd better send him all the info soon! Hahaha.

Good night and sweet dreams, dear friends.