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This was officially Rich and Christine's last full day. So hard and so sad...

I had both Donn and Kris in today. Such a really BUSY day!

Marilyn and I didn't get home until past 9:30. Just so much to get done!

Donn moved Allison's computer to her new spot (between Calisa and Steven). She's coming in to train on doing audits tomorrow.

Donn also broke down three stations in the back -- removed all the computers and phones. Those areas are empty now -- we're going to use them to store Auction items for this year.

Personal note: Donn has offered to make us a headstone (tombstone) for Mom and Dad. He would carve it out of marble. He wants to do it for his costs (the slab of marble plus a drill bit) as a gift for us. Plus he says he'll still make us our sign for the beach house. He's such a dear!

Kris did a lengthy examination of Sheila's computer and recommended the same thing Donn had suggested: that we reformat the machine. No rush to do that, but I think that's what we'll do. She added a lot of extra softwares without permission and really slowed down the computer...

Donn and I went to lunch and had Chinese (I bought). I had green beans that were wonderful! A nice break in the day.

Kris and I met with Marilyn to discuss IT for a couple of hours...

I never got a chance to meet with Christine about the phones -- she was just way too busy. She wanted to make sure she had helped to transition everything.

I got to chat with sister Sue and my friend June -- and use TeamViewer to check out June's computer.

There was plenty of work today, that's for sure! I'm probably forgetting details...

Lots of steps today -- more than 8,000!

We're not far away from vacation.

And I finished another Clan book yesterday -- and started a new one last night.

Cheese and sausage with crackers for dinner. And raspberries for dessert.

Tired. Goodnight.
hate apple, apple hate
iPhone 7 FAIL: Are You Kidding Me, Apple?

It's ridiculously difficult to MOVE YOUR APP ICONS on the iPhone 7!!!

No, I cannot make this crap up. Seriously. (sigh)

I installed a new App. As those of you with iPhones know, this goes to the last 'page' (screen) by default. If you use several screens, this may not be convenient. In my case, I wanted to move the App icon to the first/main screen. No sweat, right? We do this all the time, right?


You used to HOLD DOWN FIRMLY on the icon until it began to 'wiggle' and display an X (if it's able to be deleted, that is -- a whole other topic). Then you can slide it to the side and move it to another screen. Simple, yes?

Nothing is ever simple with Apple. Never.

No matter what the heck I do, I can't get that App icon to move! Instead, it keeps opening up the App! Are you kidding me???

It turns out that with the iPhone 7 you press 'gently' on the icon and then this will work. Press too hard and you're screwed. Once you press gently, your icon should wiggle and you're good to go.

You know what? It was NOT that easy for me to find the answer to this problem. Really, Apple? Every time I start to like Apple something STUPID like this comes up! And I want to beat my head on my desk. (sigh)

Thankfully I don't give up easily! So now that icon HAS been moved where I want it.

Now I need to spread the word, obviously. I hope somebody else who is equally annoyed will stumble on my solution and save themselves some grief.
summer 2007, roses 2007
As it's currently past 3:00 a.m. and I STILL need to wash and dry my hair before bed (!!!), this will be quick (I hope). I was so tired that when I decided to take a 'nap' it ended up nearly impossible for me to force myself up again! Hahaha. I actually got a bunch of physical exercise today that wore me out... (I kept waking up and trying to get out of bed and turning over and going back to sleep again...)

Today Hector came by WITH A CREW (!!! -- so glad to see that!) to do our yard. So I went out and had a 'serious' talk with him. Then discussed it with Marilyn and went back out and told him we were keeping him and not to worry. (smile) He hasn't been doing a good job on the yard lately, I'm afraid. But hopefully this will improve soon.

This inspired ME to get out and doing some trimming. We always trim our own roses, for example. So I started in the front with the rose on the corner of the house near the garage. Looks good now! And I got it to stand up better and not hang near the garage door, which drives Marilyn crazy. So now there's a big pile in the side yard there.

Then I went out back to start on the rose there. It's covered quite a bit by tarps, and hard to reach. But I managed. And I saw how much the curly willow needed trimming, and started in on it! And then the pink dogwood. Then finally the lilac, which was completely blocking our Whirly Vane (that we bought years ago at the Arts Festival). So I trimmed it, too. And I just went back and forth until I had a huge pile of branches and couldn't do anymore...

As most of you will recall, I was very sick this time last year. And I was down sick -- literally DOWN -- for months. So it's taken me ages to recover. And I still don't have my full strength back. Partly because you have to get back to actually DOING THINGS for that! So this was good for me today. But, boy, did it wear me out!

Then I came in the house and chatted on the phone with Marilyn and fully intended to take a nap -- knowing I was working at the office on Wednesday (tomorrow).

But I got involved cleaning up under the table behind the sofa in the living room. We had a huge box that Clayton gave us ages ago, and I wanted to clean it out and get rid of it (finally). It's one of those huge plastic storage boxes and was FULL of stuff. All his festival collections from over the years.

There are some very cool things in there. And I just sorted and sorted and sorted until I'd emptied the box. But when I got done I was done, too. Hahaha.

I originally was planning to trim the front bushes, but I didn't even touch those!

Marilyn and Carol were meeting with the women from the One More Time Around Marching Band after work (at 4:00, actually). Marilyn phoned me on her way (she can easily speak hands free). She was stuck in TERRIBLE traffic trying to get there. Traffic in Portland has gotten so bad. And heading toward Vancouver almost any time of the day is bad. She was ending up at least twenty minutes late.

These four were going to have drinks and discuss the band. It just occurs to me that I never asked her what happened when she finally got home here! Hahaha.

I was actually trembling when I finished up my work. So I checked my blood sugar, but it was fine. I hadn't eaten -- I just wasn't hungry. I ended up having pistachios. Then I had cottage cheese and some chips -- yummy! And I let myself have a beer, too (I figured what the hell).

I was sitting and watching TV when Marilyn got home. Then I fixed more bowls of cottage cheese and we ate that for dinner.

We were watching "The Fall" -- but I was drifting off, so we quit. I don't know if she ever slept, as she was awake now when I got up (!!!). She's awake a lot during the middle of the night. I get that during tennis tournaments, but not all the time. I think it's the stress of work.

Our office is closed Friday because of the Jazz Festival. It's set up just outside our office (right by Marilyn's office!) and makes it impossible for anyone to work on Friday for the noise (it's loud). And after Friday, we're on VACATION (woo hoo) for the next week!

Both Kris and Donn are coming to the office tomorrow, so I'll be BUSY.

And on that note, I need to get cracking so I can get some more sleep before time to get up!!!

Sweet dreams. I hope you're enjoying your summer, folks!
This will be another difficult week for Marilyn, right before vacation. Dealing with the fallout of our staffing change. No one wants to take on the summer receptionist job, so she'll need to arrange that through an agency, I guess. Well, she'll figure it out -- she always does!

It's pretty quiet around the office now with the seasonal staff gone. But there's certainly plenty of work to do!

I stayed home today and worked in my home office. Some website, IT stuff and catching up with my email. And making phone calls.

Tanya needed passwords -- Sheila's was changed (of course), but so was Tanya's. So she's good to go. She works two days this week and next week and then starts full time the week after that... She is NOT replacing Sheila, who was the business manager (that position is being eliminated).

Donn and I will be going in on Wednesday. We hope to meet with Christine about the phones. But have other work to get done, too.

Donn will be moving Allison's computer back to the center space in the back of the office. She'll be our summer intern working on audits and needs more space for that job.

Adeena and Jessica M. had their last days on Friday (Adeena is now on vacation with her family). Jessica has a very busy summer in front of her!!!

Marilyn was home late again today. We had fresh corn on the cob cooked in the microwave for dinner -- delicious! We ate dinner while watching American Ninja Warrior -- it was very good tonight, as always.

I think we'll be heading to bed soon, so I'm blogging earlier than usual.

I went back and read a bunch of my blog from last July. We ended up staying home during our July vacation and not going to the beach house at all. I was very sick (I had mono), and Marilyn was sick, too with her major gastrointestinal issues.

I meant to contact Rich today and find out how he and Merlin are doing with the heat this past weekend. And check with Christine about her move in the heat! Not sure why, but aside from work calls (many), I didn't make any personal calls.

Well, off to bed. I'm tired. I'm hopeful Marilyn and I won't go down SICK at all this summer. But it's so normal for people at our office to get ill after the festival ends. Fingers crossed, I guess.

I already feel better than last year, though, when I was so sick! And so tired all the time...

Marilyn could really use some time off! She's worked so hard and been under such stress. And now all this.

Relax, friends! And sweet dreams.
sunflowers summer, summer
Today was a furnace outside, I kid you not! The high for Portland was 101' -- the hottest day of the year (so far). Portland, Oregon does NOT tend to have days in the hundreds as a rule...

Marilyn and I actually went OUT today, believe it or not! We stopped at Starbucks (the drive through -- we walked up) and got coffee and those egg bites we love. We had seen that Sunday Parkways was going on right around our house this year, so we thought we'd check it out.

So we went to Kenton Park. First we had to find a place to park -- not easy! Then we walked the several blocks to the park in the heat. And Marilyn walked all the way across to the opposite of the park (quite a distance!).

Then we drove to Peninsula Park and found a place to park again, and both walked into the park. We discovered the actual tents were set up outside the park, so we went back to the car and moved and found a different place to park and again walked over. So hot!!!

We got free popcorn from NW Natural Gas. We were going to wait in line for Shave Ice, but decided just to go, it was so miserable.

We stopped at McDonald's for fries and drinks before trying to come home. The first time we pulled on to our street they made us TURN AROUND (!!!). Marilyn was burned. We both just wanted to get to our house. But we drove around until we found a way here and that was good -- we were home at last!

I got my 4,000 steps today and Marilyn must have had at least 6,000.

The house was FABULOUS. It's just wonderful to have AC in this weather. It doesn't get the heat down too much upstairs, but it gets super COLD in the family room! We even had to pull blankets up at one point. (smile)

We watched TV including a good movie (can't remember the name). And then "Towering Inferno" which neither of us had seen before. Finally we're watching "Jaws" -- which happens to be a damn good movie, by the way!

Thought I should blog before we settle down for the night.

Work tomorrow...

I think I was planning to have Donn in on Wednesday (I don't remember right now why that day). I need to chat with Tanya tomorrow and check over Sheila's computer.

Anyway, that was our day today. So hot!

Sweet dreams and stay cool!
sunshine, sunny
Marilyn and I got a late start. But we finally were packed up and left for our beach house. It was a nice drive down -- we stopped for Starbucks on the way.

We planned to stop in Svensen, Oregon, for their monthly flea market held on the third weekend. It turns out this is the fourth weekend!

We only stopped briefly at the house to unload our bags, then drove on to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, for their annual Pirate Festival, planning to meet up with Carla and Gary.

The weather was SO HOT! It was 99, then 100, then 99, then 100, then 101!!! At the beach!!! This never happens!

We got there and parked. Then Carla, Vicky (Carla's sister) and Ally (Vicky's daughter) joined us, quickly followed by Gary.

We saw and heard pirates singing. And went to their condo and had drinks (Marilyn and I had taken a bottle of watermelon margaritas there. Then we went out for dinner at a mexican place. They had two menus (back-to-back): Mexican and American. Gary and I had burgers (fried egg on mine), and everyone else had Mexican.

We had fun chatting at dinner.

After that we drove back to Seaside to our house. It was WAY TOO HOT to spend the night, so we packed up again and came back to Portland. We're pretty lucky to have AC here. Especially when the weather is past 90'!!!

We were home in time to se the end of Svengoolie and then to watch "Batman."

It was a wonderful summer day with friends.

It's nice to be resting in our comfortably cool home. Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot day!

Sweet dreams -- stay cool and enjoy your summer (unless you're having winter now, of course!)...
As of late last night, Marilyn and I were unsure whether or not we'd go to the Oregon City Heritage Days event today (she really was having a time dealing with her IBS-D -- and I'd been up for hours during the night doing the garbage and recycling, then dealing with leg cramps). But we just really wanted to go TODAY, especially as we'd set up to do that with Christine and Adeena.

We had to drive in to the office and get gas, so I phoned Christine to let her know. And found out that Xander WAS coming along! It turns out that she invited him, he said no. She told him I was going. He said yes. I just love him so much!!!

Adeena came to our house and we three went to the office. Then on to Oregon City. We were expecting a VERY HOT DAY in the 90's and that's what we got!!!

The event was GREAT FUN! It was held at a total of EIGHT locations:
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive & Visitor Information Center
William L. Holmes House (Also known as the Rose Farm)
Stevens-Crawford Heritage House
Francis Ermatinger House
McLoughlin and Barclay Houses
Museum of the Oregon Territory
Oregon City Municipal Elevator
Mountain View Cemetery

We made it to all but two of those: Museum of the Oregon Territory and Stevens-Crawford Heritage House.

Marilyn and I have been to the McLouglin House and Barclay House several times in the past. But Christine, Xander and Adeena had never been to any of these places before! We've also been to the cemetery and the William L. Holmes House -- plus the elevator! (The elevator is the only vertical street in the United States, by the way!)

We had fun together and saw a lot of wonderful things.

And we got to say hello to many of our friends from the Oregon City group. Including Rolla at the Interpretive Center (Marilyn got to finally give him his huge book on the Civil Way). He was so excited. And Rocky at the Francis Ermatinger House. He offered a ghost tour for the festival staff sometime, which sounds like fun! And John at the Barclay House. Plus Karin and Marge at the cemetery. Oh, and Denyse at the William L. Holmes House, just before we finally headed for home.

We ate lunch at Mike's (Rocky suggested it). It had a 50's diner vibe -- very cute! And good food. We had burgers and hot dogs -- and Xander and I split a sundae! (smile)

Christine was a very good sport. She hadn't wanted to go to as many places as she ended up doing, but Xander insisted and she went along. She's busy packing to move to her new house...

It was quite HOT and we got a lot of steps going from place to place. But what an experience! It was even better than we'd hoped for! And we were so happy for all of them!

It's actually 3:30 a.m. right now. I just did my meds, which takes forever -- especially when I have to open up new bottles (why is that so hard???). At least that's done for another week!

Tomorrow we head to the beach and the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival. There are still more events going on...

And I just had another bout of leg cramps. So frustrating.

I need to share PHOTOS (still!). Hopefully soon! I got some good shots today...

Good night!
This has been a very hard week.

Marilyn is having a flare-up of her IBS-D -- little wonder. Stress alone would account for that.

The thing is, we'd be TIRED anyway after the parade. I don't know if it's even appropriate to call it the 'end' of the festival, with all the events we have going on this weekend (some starting tomorrow). There's often a big let down. And people frequently get sick during the end of June or during July. You can only keep up that pace for so long, I guess.

And now we're not only losing the seasonal staff, but we lost a third of our year round staff. And Marilyn has a ton of work on her plate (as she always does), but tons more.

I can't say this more clearly: I do not want her to face a summer of doing all this work alone. It's not fair to her. She works very hard all year long. But she deserves some rest at some point.

If she's not feeling better in the morning then we'll wait to go to the Oregon City event until Saturday. We do not plan to miss that event entirely! We've been looking forward to it for too long.

Then we'd go down to the beach late Saturday, and go to the Pirate Festival on Sunday... Again, this is a busy weekend facing us -- and Marilyn could use at least a DAY with no expectations.

Poor thing! She went out for drinks after work. But what started out as fun for her turned into just more WORK. She needs a break!

As for me, I did finally get my hair colored after all the crap all day about our internet and email. That's at least something. And it's real garbage night, so I'll get up in the middle of the night and tackle that. (sigh)

We went directly to the store to pick up my insulin (and it turned out other prescriptions were ready, too). Then over to the BottleDrop to take bags from here at the house and from at work. THEN to Walmart to shop -- especially to get cat food, kitty litter AND all many tons of supplements. Lots of $$$. And I'm sure it was EXHAUSTING for Marilyn.

We both admitted we were tired after this week. I wonder when Marilyn will finally get a day to relax?

I'm going to nap now -- then do the garbage and recycling.

I just changed Sheila's password -- today was her last day. Thankfully I can do that Remotely...

We were watching "The Fall" before Marilyn went to sleep. It's creepy (about a serial killer). Suddenly I heard noises upstairs! And both cats were in the family room with us. Plus Henry looked up at the noise, too! I had to come upstairs and check all around. (sigh)

Sweet dreams, all.
How have I spent my ENTIRE day (so far)??? Screwing with my computer, with my CenturyLink modem and with my Outlook settings. What do I think of MOST CenturyLink Level One support people? Stupid. Well, perhaps UNTRAINED and UNINFORMED would be more accurate and fair. But when you're me dealing with them and it's really frustrating and time-consuming, stupid seems apropos.

Here's how it starts:
I go to my computer first thing to check my email. Email isn't working. So I try and number of Outlook fixes for about half an hour. Then I suddenly realize I'm NOT ONLINE. This is a bigger problem than just Outlook being weird (as always). I phone CenturyLink and get a recording: They've been doing service in our area. Unplug my modem for five minutes and then plug it back in and everything will be fine. I try this four time within around a forty-minute time period. I'm getting pretty annoyed. So I call CenturyLink's support line AGAIN. No recording now, by the way!

The first Level One I reached tried a bit to help. Couldn't. Was sweet as can be (told me she was in Utah). But also told me I needed to buy a new modem to resolve my issue. BUY A NEW MODEM? "Your modem is pretty old," said she. And that was the extent of her knowledge. The second Level One I reached had a bit more smarts -- but was intimidated by my knowledge and snarky as hell. So much for sweet! She kept telling me to 'slow down' as we talked -- because she's following a sheet of instructions, obviously. Eventually between the two of us we managed to RESET the modem. Then the Level Two my Level One has on the phone resets our account password and my girl tells me what it is so I can set things up on this end. I'm finally on the internet (back online)!!! Woo hoo!

But Outlook won't work and I'm not getting email... (I let her go without helping with Outlook because she was quite clear that she had no experience with it. I bet.) So after dicking around with it, I finally get annoyed and call them back AGAIN. Why? Because I'm thinking maybe our email passwords are also corrupted and need resetting. This time I get Justin (who appears to be East Indian -- but the first two women were clearly Americans). At first I think he's not all that sharp. But suddenly he tells me the Qwest emails are being DISABLED!!! And that we should have (should have, mind you!) been notified in May that they were shutting them down. Um, I'm pretty incensed at this point.

First I'm told I need to buy a new modem. Not true. Now I'm told they've deactivated our email accounts without prior notice -- and believe me I went directly in and checked my emails to see it I'd gotten anything -- which was a big NO.

Then Justin goes into our account -- with much checking of who I am and do I have the account number (of course) and Social Security info (of course). Guess what? He finds that we have 'protected' emails. Good news! Except they mine work, of course. Hahaha. And then he tells me there are ALL NEW SETTINGS for the accounts! It's a new POP3 and new SMTP. Clearly if you have those wrong, you're not going to get or send email! Hahaha. So we walk through it. I can tell right away he's pleased that he doesn't have to tell me where to find any of these settings in Outlook, because as HE later said, I obviously know Outlook better than he does. (Probably true, as I work with it all the time at the office.) He gives me the changed POP3 and SMTP, plus the changed port info. And a few other settings. We're still having issues! I'm convinced we have corrupt passwords. But he makes a good point: I'd been to their online account and logged in using my username and password! So it's not that... But it keeps popping up over and over and over asking for the password. Then he asks about the username. This is usually not the full email -- but he tells me to try it. And it works! That's the good news, anyway...

So now my email is working just fine. I thank him many times and praise him and promise him a good review (which I'll absolutely do). Now I move to Marilyn's computer and her email. And start the process again... BAD NEWS. Marilyn's Outlook does NOT seem to be working. (sigh) So I guess I need to phone them all over again! Are you kidding me??? I'm so frustrated. What a wasted day!

And now, on a totally different note: When I mentioned recently about having Donn help me 'set up' a computer for sister Sue...

Guys, YES, I'm very, very experienced with basic computer setup. Hahaha. I've been doing IT Management since 2007. Plus I've been supporting people with their computers for a long time before that. Not only can I set up a home computer, but I can add a second monitor (set up dual monitors, in other words). And I can set up a home network (I've networked a lot of computers over the years). But unlike Donn, I do NOT open up computer towers if I can help it. I actually used to do that a bit way back when. But I don't have the expertise -- and have no plans to learn how. Why bother? I've got Donn for that. I have enough to learn on the software and Server side (my personal area of expertise). It's rarely necessary, anyway. But if it is necessary to open one up, I send computers to Donn -- who has been building them forever. (Know your limits, I say.)

I don't know if that sounds odd to people or not. But I manage IT -- which primarily means I'm the one who manages the people who work on our equipment. Frankly, for a manager I do a ton of hands-on work, which I don't mind at all, by the way. I do try to avoid lugging around heavy equipment anymore (I'm not supposed to because of my enlarged spleen, so this is not an age-related cop-out). There are loads of people who know more about this IT than I, of course. And remember: I have had NO FORMAL TRAINING for the work I do. It's all hands-on experience -- and a lot of reading of manuals and online information. But I do believe I know more than the average person does (and sometimes more than so-called experts I deal with, too). Otherwise I certainly couldn't do my very complex job.

So why would I have Donn help me? Because I'm not planning to do something standard. Plus he has the unit (I had him buy) that we'll use to hold the equipment. And he's the one who most recently had his hands on my sister's computer, not me. (In many ways Donn has more free time than I, so I often get him to do this work when I'm tied up with other things. He's not full time by any means, as you may have guessed by reading my blog.) And I don't mind having Donn by my side -- which I do at the office quite often. That doesn't mean he does all the work -- it means we have a partnership in the work we do!

I think somehow I gave the impression I couldn't put a computer together and hook it up to the internet, but that's just not the case. I'm pretty handy with computers and devices...

In other non-IT-related news, I just heard from Megan with the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association (RHSAA). She wants my help to revert to the website I created for them several years back, which I've told her I will be glad to do. She has experience with websites and HTML. But I don't think she hand codes or uses an FTP to upload pages. So she's unsure how to take what she already has (I gave them every single page a couple of years ago) and actually put it Live again.

It's very handy to be able to write code, read code and upload code without using anything fancy to do those things. I'm so grateful I learned all three!

That's it for now. I need to get some actual WORK done! (sigh) More later (I hope).
Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Sending out birthday greetings to my friend, Kathy! (Sorry this is late!)

Kathy, I really hope you had a wonderful day! And that you have a great year, too.

Happy Birthday, Kathy !

many waterfalls
I spent hours of my day on the phone talking to various people.

I had tried in the morning to call sister Sue, but hadn't reached her. So I called my friend June, as we hadn't talked since before the parade. And while on the phone with her, Sue called me. So I spoke with her for some time.

She mentioned that she'd like to have her computer out at Larry's -- the first time she's mentioned it! Actually, I've brought it up before but she had no interest. And while we were talking she had her show (soap opera) on in the background -- but her grandson wanted to change channels. She doesn't have her own TV there... After speaking to her I had a long, lovely chat with June, bringing her up to date with our lives. Then I spoke at length with Donn. I wanted to find out if he could help me set up Sue's computer at Larry's. He really got stuck on getting her a TV when I mentioned her not having one. It made him a little crazy! Anyway, he's going to help me with this project.

And then I talked with Larry (Sue's son, my nephew) for hours. Interesting conversation about Sue.

And I was texting with my friend Rob and later my friend Mark. That took up most of my day, believe it or not!

Still need to do a photo update of the festival. I just need to get motivated.

Tomorrow I need to be sure to color my hair. I want to look nice for Friday and the weekend (attending events). I found it hot today! I was uncomfortable and not very hungry...

Marilyn got home around 7:30 (8:00?) tonight. I hate her being at work so late right now. But it can't be helped under the circumstances.

I called in my insulin this morning, intending to pick it up tonight. Tomorrow... And we need to go shopping for supplements, too.

We had popcorn for dinner and very much enjoyed it!

Time for bed. I'm TIRED. Marilyn is, too. We watched some of "The Fall" tonight.

This isn't a very good entry. But at least I blogged.
June 20, 2017 (Tuesday) 11:59 pm - Hard Day. [2017, bad-day, festival, jeff, june-2017, marilyn, personnel, personnel-change, sad, staff, work]
bummed out
This was a really difficult day. The festival laid off four full time employees. One had been there 10 years. Another five years. (Both close friends.)

Marilyn and Jeff were suffering today -- it's hard to be the bosses and lay off people (especially people you care about).

My friends both cried -- so did I. It's hard to imagine the festival without them.

That's all I can manage today. More details tomorrow.
When I started blogging years back (in 2002, to be exact), I had no intention of making this anything except a journal. And not a regular one. I had almost no LJ friends for many years and had no thought that anyone but me (and maybe Marilyn) would care to read it.

But later on I became VERY ACTIVE here at LiveJournal! I had more friends, but aside from that, I was active in a number of communities. I wrote fanfic (which I've done most of my life) and shared it. I created icons to share. I managed (maintained) communities. I made tutorials on how to use Paint Shop Pro, which at the time was a very popular graphic software that many used (partly because it was so affordable).

Over time, keeping TRACK of the details of my life became more and more important to me. I've never kept a journal other than this blog, so when I wanted to remember what I'd done, I noted it here.

Later, this was a place where my friends and family could keep track of what I was up to. Especially when I got more and more busy with work and had less time to communicate with others.

And as age and memory issues came creeping up on me, this was a great place to remind myself of details, both important and not-so-important.

And I gained a bunch of VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS online -- many of them here at LiveJournal. People I feel I know really well. In many cases I know them better than people I see all the time in my day to day life. I care a lot about my LJ friends.

Because I really love how LiveJournal works, I was very active with the 'suggestions' community at one point. I wanted to help influence how LJ worked and how users were treated.

But I have to admit something that pains me: I've had a hard time in recent years keeping up with reading the blogs of my friends. It's NOT because I don't want to do that. But so frequently it's all I can do to post an entry for a given day. So, yes, it's true. I don't read and don't comment the way I used to.

I just checked my stats:
11,817 - Comments posted
13,002 - Comments received

That used to be FAR MORE COMMENTS POSTED than those received. But that's very much a sign of how my life has changed in the past five (even ten) years.

You could easily say that I could make a point to prioritize reading other blogs -- and you'd be right. It's always a matter of personal priorities, after all.

As it is, I nearly quit READING at all (meaning fiction and non-fiction) during this past year. And that's about as TERRIBLE as it gets for someone like me, who has been a crazed reader of books my entire life. I've rarely ever been reading fewer than five books at any given time since I hit the fourth grade. And that usually didn't count non-fiction (especially manuals of every variety).

When I got really SICK last year, I was pushed about as hard as I've ever been pushed. I realized I'd spent years not getting enough rest and enough sleep to function properly and stay healthy. So, yes, I've made rest/sleep a priority more than it's been in decades for me.

And, unfortunately, health issues have continued to take more and more of my time. It might sound crazy, but just my normal daily routine focuses a ton on my health. Getting up first thing every day and testing my blood sugar might not sound like a big deal. But just the amount of time I spend washing my hands during any one day takes far more time than it used to. Yeah, it sounds stupid to say that. But I wash my hands. I test my blood. I fix and inject my insulin. I wash my hands AGAIN before I insert my contact lenses. Just setting up my weekly medication/pills takes me a minimum of half an hour (usually longer).

I doubt I ever fully appreciated the extra time I had before all this. Hahaha. But there's no easy alternative that I can think of...

Obviously my work load has changed over the years, as has my level of responsibility. I used to find lots of time years back for writing up detailed tutorials/manuals/instructions/how tos (etc.) for the people I work with -- and for myself. And because many of my tasks are complicated, but only done infrequently, there's no other way to remember the steps. Again, my memory isn't what it used to be. Of course, I had a lot less to remember in the past! Hahaha. So maybe my memory isn't as bad as I think. I've been trying this year to go back to more of these detailed instructions. I want to be able to allow others to do as many tasks as they are able to do -- but I don't want them to tackle things they are NOT going to do correctly. In the long run, mistakes simply make more work for me to do.

By the way, that's WHY so many people have difficulty delegating their work. It's often easier to just do it yourself than to take the time to teach others how it's done. It sounds like a simple task to teach things. But it's not. Nobody learns the first time -- or even the tenth time -- you teach them. Many people don't take notes, won't use your notes (written instructions) and additionally can't remember things. I always attempt to be patient, but the fact is that there are only so many hours in a day or week. And work must get done and be done correctly.

I just spent part of today making corrections to the website when I discovered more errors there, for example...

I'm digressing.

Why do I blog?

Some days I have to fight myself to make an entry. Because I'd rather sit quietly and read. Or watch TV (especially mindless TV, just to relax). Or I'd rather sleep. Or do all the normal chores that keep a home running, like my laundry or housecleaning.

But I like having my blog as a reference. So it's mostly still for me -- and my closest friends and family members who have indicated they enjoy having it to read.

I always believed -- and I STILL believe -- that my blog was BORING AS HELL. It's not that well written. It contains a lot of personal details that aren't at all interesting! Like what we eat or things about my daily health and on and on. And I still can't believe ANYONE BUT ME wants to read the myriad of posts about my work! IT isn't interesting! Setting up Profiles on the Server is dull stuff! My battles using WordPress can't be worth reading, surely.

So I guess the real question is: Why do YOU read my blog???

I could easily make this blog private, I know, if it were just about me. Yet there are people who want to read it (or so they tell me), so I don't. In fact, I've rarely ever made any friends only posts in all the years I've written this.

I think I'll TRY and make a goal of spending time -- AGAIN -- reading my friends' blogs. But I don't know how that will go.

I have an account at Facebook, and rarely ever use it. The same for my Twitter account and my Instagram, too. I feel bad that I'm not better at Social Media, because it matters to me -- and I feel strongly that people should use it.

Of all these things, LiveJournal is my favorite and has been for many, many years. And so much of that is about my LiveJournal friends!!! In fact, I've felt really bad more than once when an LJ friend stopped being active here. I'm always hopeful people who 'disappear' will come back again someday...

As for my day, I had low blood sugar right after Marilyn got home. And issues with my IBS-C (I'm constantly dealing with constipation, as TMI as it is to bring up). Today the weather was in the 80's and it was uncomfortable in the house -- in fact I'm in a total sweat as I sit writing this. But I did do some laundry and some festival work.

Tomorrow I'm going to the office. We're starting up Staff meetings again (we always stop them during the actual festival weeks because we're so busy). There are several big events happening this coming weekend, as the festival isn't over yet. And Rich and I went back and forth today about the Press Release/News item for this weekend... Marilyn is doing the treadmill right now. Then we need to head to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day at the office.

On that note, you do matter to me. Please never think you don't! I need to find time to read your blogs. I need to comment more, like I used to do! I need to reply to the comments you write. I have no expectation that you'll treat me special, believe me. And I do value your comments more than I can say.

Life is very busy. I know something, somewhere has to give. I just can't figure out right now what that should be. Maybe less TV watching. But, you know, I find that very relaxing. And Marilyn and I really do need to find ways to relax...

I hope things are going well for all of you! More soon. Less wordy, I hope! Hahaha.
This was a good day! First, it was lovely to be able to SLEEP IN for a change!!! It takes some time for us to catch up our rest, but we're headed in the right direction now.

Marilyn and I went out to Starbucks and got their Sous Vide Egg Bites (specifically the Egg White & Red Pepper, which we like best), and drinks. And we took a ride down to Sauvie Island, which we just haven't had the time to do in ages!

We also took cans and bottles to the BottleDrop -- bags from work and from home. (You can only take two full bags at any one time. But we can take two from each, meaning four altogether.) We've got another full two bags here at home -- and many at work to take.

And we forced ourselves to go in and get our pedicures and manicures, today. It's great to get that chore out of the way! And it lasts for weeks. We last had it done on May 14, so it lasted us a little over five weeks. Pretty darn good! I got Red Stone and Marilyn got French Pink. Very pretty!

Marilyn needed some more hangers, so we decided to try HomeGoods (and maybe IKEA, if we didn't find them at HomeGoods). They had exactly the kind we wanted at HomeGoods. I got black (which is what I already have in my closet here in Portland). And Marilyn got pink. She has a variety of colors in her Portland closet. (We have white wood hangers at the beach house.)

We got tacos and guacamole take-out for dinner. I've got one heck of a stomach ache tonight, so I guess I ate too much. (sigh) It didn't really feel like it, though! (I only ate one of my two tacos.)

My blood sugar was only 72 when I got up this morning! And later in the day right before we ate dinner it was only 90 (and I had a glass of wine while getting our nails done). And that's without taking any Glipizide during the day! (I only take it at night now.) Not sure what to make of that!

Busy week coming up.

Marilyn and I plan to go to the Oregon City Heritage Days event on Friday.

Then head to the beach Friday night and go to the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival on Saturday (in Rockaway Beach, Oregon).

Yes. There are STILL Sanctioned Events of the festival taking place!!! (smile)

It's really HOT in the house upstairs! It's over 80' up here. Thankfully it's cooler downstairs! It was a very sunny day with blue skies. It didn't start out that way, but it burned off pretty quickly. I guess we're finally getting some nice weather now that spring is nearly over.

Tuesday is the first official day of Summer, by the way! At 2:20 p.m.

I wish this stomach pain would quit! (ugh)

Sweet dreams, all!
Marilyn and I are big Adam West fans. And we LOVED HIM as Batman! The show first aired in 1966. We were both young enough to be able to enjoy the series in spite of the camp thing (rather than because of it), as we'd been huge comic fans of Batman forever by then. (smile)

An aside: You know, I wish I could thank our parents for always allowing us to read comics. They even encouraged it at one point, as they'd been into comics themselves at some point (I think right after they got married -- they were both quite young then). There were times we were teased about loving comic books, but we never let that stop us from enjoying them. It's been years since we followed any particular comic series, but we did so well into our adult years, believe me.

Adam West actually made a very good Batman. And we loved the whole Batman and Robin thing back when we were kids. What a handsome man Adam was! And that amazing voice!!!

We just got done watching the two episodes of Batman "Hi Diddle Riddle" and "Smack in the Middle." If you've never been a "Batman" fan (of the TV series, I mean), then you might not know that every story was TWO episodes -- which aired two nights in a row each week. Holy Anticipation! It was so hard to wait for the second half of each story!!! (grin) We just LOVED that show!!!

And we were crazy about the twisted bible of the series, which always had one or both of the Dynamic Duo being captured and tortured EVERY SINGLE WEEK! You should have seen everybody in our neighborhood acting out "Batman" -- including capturing and torturing these two. Hahaha. Marilyn was the Catwoman (surprise). And I was Robin. My first excursion into understanding my male side. I can remember what a huge impression it made on me to DREAM as Robin for the very first time! I was that 'into' being Robin (being male). How wonderful it is for a writer to have experienced both genders, by the way. I've 'been' male many times since then... (Maybe you've never seen me dressed as Han Solo... Hahaha.)

Anyway, I guess you could say Adam West and "Batman" made a huge impression on us as kids. We've enjoyed a lot of different Batmans since then -- and we especially like Christian Bale as Batman. But you know what? I think if I had to vote for my favorite, Adam West would actually win!

Adam West was actually a good actor. I know people didn't think so after "Batman," but it's true. Watching him in other things makes it quite clear. And we've seen him in many roles over the years.

We slept in today.

We went to Starbucks for coffee and saw Nicole there. She was very sweet with us.

We also ran a few errands, then went to the Safeway deli and picked up some food, before coming back home.

I had a long nap later in the day.

And we watched Svengoolie, which is usually pretty entertaining. It was a werewolf movie tonight, one I'd never seen before.

Now Marilyn is playing Zuma (woo hoo) while I blog -- which she hasn't done in ages!!! How nice!!!

Henry continues to ENJOY his eye ointment. And that eye looks the best it's been since before his issues last year!!! Wonderful! I'm glad to be able to do something that feels good for him and actually seems to help, too. He hated the drops we used to give him, which I assume were painful.

Well, that's it for today. Good night and sweet dreams!
rain our house
Winter? No. But it was COLD and RAINY all day today! Ugh. It might as well have been a winter day...

It's hard to believe that it's June, that's for sure!

Marilyn looked nice today! She was wearing a skirt to work, which she doesn't do that often. But it looked really wonderful on her. Later she told me Suzanne and Jeff had told her she looked good.

I was yawning like mad right before she left. I was awake again last night because of leg cramps. So I didn't sleep at all well. I went to my bedroom and snuggled between two of the wonderful warm blankets we have. I always imagine the effect must be like sleeping between two soft furs. Especially when I'm reading a book like one of the Clan of the Cave Bear series (I'm on the third book -- I think it's something about Mammoth Hunters).

The first book is my favorite. And here's why: The subsequent books are like romance stories. Too much about men she wants and very detailed sexual encounters. Ironically, I find the sex pretty boring. Hahaha. I'm pretty sure that was the intent. But I still enjoy many aspects. It's a shame that the main character became a sort of super woman. There's nothing less appealing to read about than a 'perfect' woman who is beautiful, desired by two men and capable of doing everything and anything better than everyone else. It's not enough to have her be an amazing medicine woman. She also has to be the best hunter ever. And stronger than all the other women. Better at languages. And on and on. How Mary Sue of her! Hahaha.

So why do I read it? Good question! As I'm reading, I ask myself that. There's still something appealing. The author isn't your average writer of Mary Sue work. In spite of the heroine, the writing is appealing. But I think I read it very much in spite of many things, which is a shame...

I guess an interesting story CAN overcome bad characters. Her main boyfriend is something of a wimp. And his immature jealousy is annoying as hell (besides the fact that he appears to be a racist). Well, I guess I should quit picking the work apart and explain what I like, as opposed to what I don't!

I'm very taken by the early medicine descriptions. Fascinated by the way the cultural differences are explained. And the creation and use of tools are described. The more negative characters ring far more true than the so-called heroes do. And there's a certain fascination in spite of the redundancy of the story.

Or maybe I just like it because it's so familiar! I read the series such a long time ago, when I was far younger. Maybe I was less picky then...

I got the garbage gathered and out to the can (kept in the garage). And cleaned the cat boxes, too. This is odd: There must be something about the new litter that smells attractive! Last week I noticed the bag I put outside the garage was TORN OPEN. I also store these right beside the garage door outside, because no matter how well bagged they are, they stink. And I don't want the smell in the garage -- and certainly not in the house! This is only an issue now that we have to store garbage for two weeks, instead of having it picked up weekly. So I had to find something I could put on top of the bag to keep critters OUT and not allow them to tear it open. How ridiculous...

I didn't do much walking at all today. I spent a lot of time sitting and lying around. And I did nap, too.

I watched the usual shows I'm currently enjoying. Old re-runs of "Columbo." And "Diagnosis Murder." Usually that includes "Monk," too, but I didn't watch it today...

This was the LAST DAY for four people at the office: Braden (group sales), Caitlin (receptionist), Maleah (marketing intern) and Jessica P. (waterfront assistant). I'm going to miss them. I always feel sad when the seasonal folk begin departing...

Marilyn and Jeff had an important meeting today at lunch time. Discussing how this year turned out for the festival.

Marilyn and Jeff also went to the farewell gathering late afternoon for the four leaving.

I don't recall if I mentioned that Sue B. and her husband Dennis took off immediately after the Grand Floral Parade and headed back to Oklahoma (where they reside). She was such a HUGE HELP this year! And he was a big help on parade day, too. It was wonderful of her to fly out to assist us. And for Dennis to come for GFP.

I sent a note today to Bill, my Rosarian friend who takes their official photos. He's always so generous sharing these with me!

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner tonight. And we ended up napping pretty soon after that. We had wanted to have popcorn, but slept too late...

We'll have the food we'd discussed earlier tomorrow (it was too late by the time she got home). And popcorn as we usually do on Saturday nights! We still need to pick up a few things at Safeway when we go to the deli tomorrow.

Really, Charlie???!!! I can't believe I just remembered to go in and change the schedule for the phone system at work! I talked to Marilyn about it earlier, but spaced it entirely! I should have done it on Monday. But I needed to do it BEFORE Saturday morning! The phones were set to be ON for both days for several hours, as they have been the past three weekends. Yikes. Glad I thought of that! Hahaha.

Actually, I'm glad I'm able to do work like that from here at home!

I did do some minor festival work today -- mostly email. And I didn't do it on the computer, but using my iPhone and iPad. Man, the world has really changed!!! Just sayin'.

But I'm typing this in my home office, sitting at my desktop computer. It's still the easiest way for many reasons. That's especially true if I need to Remote to the office!

Yet there's so much that can be done on mobile devices...

I also need to contact Jeremiah at Atmosera. He can totally switch our service back to normal now...

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm certainly glad I'm clear-headed at 1:30 in the morning. Hahaha. Even when I'm tired. Because that phone thing was pretty essential! And my memory is better than I think, I guess.

Which brings up another thing: Why didn't my Outlook at the office remind me about the phones??? It only did that the very first weekend, even though I supposedly set it to remind me EVERY weekend. Reminders on my Outlook haven't worked right for years. Annoying!!! I put things in my calendar to no avail. Hahaha.

I almost forgot! Henry's eye seems much better with that ointment! And he really seems to like having it put in the eye. I'm so glad. He's really suffered with that poor eye.

Colin was sneezing earlier, but seems much better. And I only heard Henry sneeze a couple of times this morning. So hopefully they're both feeling pretty healthy. Colin was RUNNING through the house again, the way he does. (smile)

Good night and sleep tight!
rosie robot, cleaning
After pulling a very unwilling Colin out from under my bed on Tuesday, I knew I needed to clean. I've stored things there for years. But when Mom and Dad were both gone, I put a really large, flat box there to hold family mementos -- including the letters Dad wrote to Mom during World War II.

It's actually difficult to even move the box, which won't slide under the end of the bed. But I got it out, dusted it off and emptied it. Then managed to find places for ALL of the contents (no small feat).

There was a second large, flat box -- not as large, thankfully. This was full of comic books. Some are 12 cents -- meaning they're some of the first comics we ever purchased as children! I need to re-box those and figure where to store them. But maybe over the weekend we should read a few. (smile)

I got the floor cleaned under the bed. And finally removed the phone cord that ran behind several pieces of furniture. We haven't actually used a phone cord in there for years. Hahaha.

I rearranged some minor things. And cleaned the rug, which really needed it.

I put my fur stole into the smaller closet, in the corner. It seems like the perfect spot for it...

I also did two loads of dishes in the dishwasher. And picked up a bit in the kitchen.

And I made two long lists. One for the grocery store, and another for buying supplements at Walmart.

Marilyn and I went to Freddies immediately after she got home from work to shop. We'll try to get to Walmart soon, too.

I still need to do the garbage and recycling. I'm really tired, though...

I think I'll get a nap, first!

Henry is always good about taking his daily pill. Plus he seems to LOVE his new eye ointment! He does fight putting it in, nor does he try to rub the eye after it's there. Marilyn and I figure it must feel pretty darn good to him. Imagine how bad it must feel!

I managed somehow to get my 4,000 steps today.

Tomorrow is the last day for several seasonal staff members.

Time to nap. More tomorrow, hopefully!

Sweet dreams.
gag, alfred - gag
Marilyn and I went in late today (around 10:00). Mostly because Marilyn wasn't feeling that hot.

Even so, Donn came in later. I can't believe he didn't beat me to the office today... Donn tackled some tasks I needed done, including fixing Angel's monitor. And he totally cleared the final area (where Sue was sitting at one time). I plan to use it for storage, only.

Jeff went to a golf lesson instead of attending the movie. Donn didn't come, either.

The group walked to the theater downtown. Marilyn bought the tickets. Marilyn and I got popcorn and beer.

We were seeing Tom Cruise's "The Mummy." Awful. Really boring. It was so terrible that Marilyn and I left part way through. And I'm sorry we wasted our time seeing any of it.

We walked back to the office parking lot and headed home.

We were both so tired that not long after we got home we took naps. When we got up we started watching episodes of "The Fall" again. (With Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.) We started watching it yesterday and did some binge viewing. It's about a serial killer and the investigation to try and capture him. Very entertaining! Good cast, good writing and well produced. It has 91% at Rotten Tomatoes. Actually, it had 100% for the first two seasons, then 73% for the third season.

I somehow managed to get my 4,000 steps today. The last two days I didn't even get 2,000 steps a day. Plus I've been having some bad leg cramps again.

Colin seems better today. Now Henry is sneezing. (sigh) But the vet phoned with his blood results which were quite good. So all is well.

I'm really tired, so that's it for today. Sleep well!
good cats
I need to get in touch with Jeremiah from Atmosera about the website. He upped our service for the period during festival. And he wants to discuss how long to maintain it. We'll go back and forth a bit and figure it out between us. He's an amazing guy -- such a huge help!

I need to get Donn in to fix Angel's monitor issue. It appears to be the video card. I think we have a spare on hand, otherwise he'll need to get one. He's got some other tasks he needs to get to, too, that we put off until after festival.

Tomorrow is movie day at the festival, so I'll probably be going in. I want the chance to say goodbye to the people who have their last day on Friday of this week. It's always sad when people who are here for the season are done working for us. It's nice to be 'staffed up' (as I always say) -- with lots of people around!

Today was another cold and gray day -- totally ugly. I can't believe how cool it is in the house! Another day where I considered putting on the furnace. But I just can't bring myself to run the heat in June!!!

I saw an interesting episode of "Diagnosis Murder" today: Dr. Sloan was pretending to be a priest to help out his friend, a sister.

Colin sneezed a LOT last night when he was sleeping next to me on the bed. But he seemed better this morning, running up the stairs. He didn't stick around, though. He's clearly still not feeling that great. He was down in Marilyn's closet in his cave sleeping for hours...

Henry seemed okay, but he sneezed a couple of times this morning...

Sister Sue called and we chatted a little bit -- mostly about the parade. Then she got Marilyn's number from me so she could call her.

I read the article in "National Geographic" titled "Why We Lie" -- it's fascinating!

I still love reading National Geographic! Such interesting and informative articles. I've been reading it since I was a kid.

I showered and washed my hair in the afternoon. Marilyn came home before 3:00. Our vet appointment was 3:30.

Then it was time to box up Colin. Good grief! He had a fit and hid under my bed. It was nearly impossible to get him out from under the bed!!! I have a huge box of family mementos stored under there. I guess I need to put all of that in smaller boxes and find somewhere else to store it, so I can clear out the space under my bed (which I'd actually like very much!). I wonder WHERE I could put those things? They're important to me -- and need a place to be kept. But it would be great to get them out of that spot, on the other hand...

I digress! Sorry.

We finally got Colin into his box, howling and unhappy, and into the car. He howled loudly all the way to the vet.

When we got there I called the front desk and they told us we'd be let in the back door. We've never done that before! Then we went into a sort of creepy room way in the back corner that we've never seen before.

Henry went first. His weight was really good -- nearly 14 pounds! I can remember when we had a terrible time keeping weight on him. He sat on my lap while Colin was examined.

Colin was not running a temperature. He didn't sneeze at all at the vet! But he was clearly congested, though not bad. It's viral -- so they can't do much for him. It has to run its course! He probably would have gotten better on his own.

Then they took Henry off to draw blood and clip his nails. He has pemphigus foliaceus, and is under constant treatment for it -- that's why the blood draw.

Finally I took the cats back to the car while Marilyn paid the bill. It was just shy of $400. Four HUNDRED dollars!!! I have to admit I was stunned. I wonder how families with other expenses afford caring for their cats... Little wonder we try to only take Henry in once a year (when they always do a blood draw). And we don't ever take Colin in unless he's sick.

Anyway, we got home and Marilyn and I were tired and ready for naps! We ate some food and watched a little TV. Then I went for a nap -- I can't say for Marilyn.

I got almost NO STEPS today. I was having terrible leg cramps in the morning and on and off all day. No idea why.

Well, that's was my day, pretty much. I know I promised photos, and I hope I'll get to that soon.

Sleep well, and good dreams.
brr, cold
Today was a cold, gray day. A blah kind of day...

I did emails (still trying to get these down at work!!!) and some website tweaks.

Marilyn was really too busy to chat today. She did the follow-up to the Bloom Project today -- going to their facility to turn yesterday's flowers into the actual bouquets today. (Marilyn said it was freezing cold there -- just miserable.)

Colin is very, very sick, poor cat. I got both him and Henry a vet appointment for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 p.m. Henry, too, is sneezing. But for that matter, so is Marilyn -- and me, too. It's just been so darn cold!!! (I even considered turning on the heat today! In June!!!)

Here's the latest with my clinic (sigh). I wondered today where my latest order from Byram Healthcare might be -- my test strips and syringes. It's pretty hard to inject insulin WITHOUT syringes! I called them, and it turns on my clinic hasn't turned in a prescription for these. WTF??? You have to be kidding me!

So Byram sends a request (again). And I phone them. I don't get the feeling AT ALL that this is going to be taken care of. So I call Byram again. They tell me they're going to send the request AGAIN. And to call them back on Wednesday to check. It had better happen soon, or I'll be out of syringes!

I should have noticed sooner that the shipment hadn't come. But I guess the festival distracted me. Hahaha. It should have been here around June 5...

Hector DID come and do our lawn, such as it is. It looks pretty damn bad where he took up all the grass! And now there are weeds everywhere. And, by the way, WHY does he keep leaving behind a bunch of branches that have fallen out of the tree? He didn't get them last time, or this time. (sigh)

Rich was very upset with his wife today when we were chatting. I guess they've been fighting recently. Over a cat, no less. What a shame. And Marilyn told me he went home sick today...

Well, Marilyn hasn't felt well for the past week, but that doesn't keep HER from going in every single day without fail. And staying later than anyone (as she did yet again tonight). Go figure. I guess it's all that seniority she has. Hahaha.

I spent much of the day looking after both cats.

I refused to just let myself lie around and sleep, however. It just didn't seem right with everyone else working! (Especially Marilyn.) I'm tired tonight. She is, too.

I did clean out the mini-coolers we take to the Grand Floral Parade each year. WHAT A MESS! Because there was no place to put them, they sat in a dirty corner in the mud and just got filthy. They were a lot more work this year, I have to say. But at least they are now air drying so I can put them away. We rarely ever use them except during the festival. We used to drag them places sometimes, but it's been ages.

I'm so sick of getting all these 'Now that you're turning 65' items in the mail -- plus random phone calls! Wow, is this what they do to all people turning 65? No wonder it's so upsetting and confusing for people!

We've received a lot of nice notes, text messages and emails about the festival and especially about the parade. It really was a BRILLIANT parade this year.

Well, off to bed. Hopefully Marilyn and I won't really go down sick this year. It is pretty common, though, that people fall sick after the festival ends. NOT that things have really ended, yet!

This coming weekend is light for sanctioned events. But the following weekend is a big one! I think we should get a jump on our weekend Press Release/News item. I guess Rich didn't start that, if he went home. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow...

Sweet dreams!