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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Exciting FREE Email Filter! (woo hoo) 
computer power

Yes, I'm HOME today. Feeling lousy, but I think my throat is making it clear I need to TRY NOT TO TALK today. Hahaha. Yeah, yeah -- I was BAD yesterday. No doubt.

Anyway, I got off on a tiny tangent this morning. After SLEEPING IN, mind you, which was very nice! (Thanks, Marilyn! She never woke me at all this morning when getting ready and leaving for work. She's so sweet to me.)

My SPAM (junk email) has gotten completely out of control! And while at least there's some filtering from the Exchange at the office, that's certainly NOT true here at home. Anyway, I spend a TON of time just sorting and deleting SPAM. So I finally decided I needed to do something to 'help' me manage it.

I went online (of course) and looked for a legitimate and well-reviewed software. I found Cloudmark DestopOne -- and I'm already impressed as hell!!! This has the potential to SAVE ME TIME here at home. And if it works out good here, maybe it's actually something we could try in the office, too! And it's FREE.

Forgot to mention Fitbit in my entry last night. (I was tired, so I'm giving myself a break about that! Hahaha.) Anyway, I did have more than 7,000 steps yesterday. Not bad, huh? PLUS, we were having a bitch of a time with Marilyn's Fitbit! For whatever reason (???) the damn thing had stopped syncing days ago. This happens, but it's ALWAYS annoying! As Marilyn said, 'Why wear the things day and night if they aren't going to work?' And we DO pretty much wear them 24/7 (except when showering). Anyway, I spent ages messing with it and it finally went back to working. Not sure what did it. She has her iPad as her 'primary' Fitbit tracker, and I did shut it down and restart it (as shutting down the App hadn't worked). So maybe that was the 'trick' in this case.

I just have to say that even though we haven't been focusing on our steps recently, I still feel the Fitbit is a wonderful thing. It's been very inspirational, and I still think about my steps every day, even now when I'm sick. So it's clearly a good thing!

Well, I should probably get some actual WORK done now! After sleeping in and messing with email, I haven't focused at all on all the covers I need to do. And I should figure out what Christine can try to tackle, too...

I haven't talked to sister Sue lately. I need to call her. Of course, I need to NOT TALK too much, period, so I need to make that a very SHORT phone call. (smile)

July 15, 2015 (Wednesday) 10:31 pm (UTC)
Yay for good free software!

Hope you feel better soon!
July 15, 2015 (Wednesday) 11:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Frank!

I'm struggling right now. Mainly because I don't have TIME, really, to just go to bed and get over this. And I need to participate -- my expertise is actually needed and wanted. It's impossible to turn your back on that, I find.

Plus the whole air conditioning issue. It's still been really hot (especially for Portland), so you get hot, cold and hot and cold. Little wonder we're all getting sick...

That software ROCKS!!! I haven't been this happy in ages! I keep going back to both my home and work email and checking and am just amazed. It's going to save me at least an hour or more every single day. (Well, some days I just let it go, and what a mess when I did THAT.) So it's going to save my sanity, as well as my time. I should have done this months ago!!!

July 15, 2015 (Wednesday) 11:13 pm (UTC)
Sad you are sick, but happy you've got something that makes you happy!
July 16, 2015 (Thursday) 09:53 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for letting me know about Marilyn being on television. She really did a great job. She is such a great writer and speaker. She has a ton of talent and so do you. I am very lucky to have such great sisters. Loved being at the beach with you and so did the girls. We want to come again this summer if you will have us. We were pretty funny when we all had bathroom issues. Love you much.