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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn is Still Home Sick -- Sue Helps Out 
sisters, sisters ball

Needless to say, Marilyn is still sick today, poor thing. She's being very good and staying down and resting. She's sleeping when dhe can, but is pretty miserable.

Whether this is a bad cold or the flu (I'd say flu, because of intestinal complications), it's mainly in her sinuses -- in her head, rather than her chest (like the long illness earlier this winter).

Sister Sue very kindly took me shopping today, so I could pick up medicine and some essential items (like toilet paper and more Amy's frozen meals). It was good of her, allowing for Marilyn to stay down and not go outside.

She's been actually avoiding phone calls. But she's been doing work from home, answering emails.

I also answered some emails and did some other work from home today. Not a lot, but some things. I talked with Christine to encourage her to move forward helping Steven with the RoZone ticket work for the website.

I did work at getting my steps in, which is much harder when I'm home. But I walked outside while waiting for Sue, and at the store, of course. And I went up and down stairs a lot, plus walking around the house to finish up the last several hundred steps.

We watched some TV, including "Sherlock," which we're really enjoying.

We had Amy's meals for dinner. Yummy and healthy.

Marilyn had to miss the 2015 Newsmakers of the Year banquet tonight. She's been attending for years and has hardly ever missed it. I feel bad for her...

Fitbit Update: I did 4,049 steps today.

March 12, 2015 (Thursday) 11:04 am (UTC)
Wow Charlie good for you getting your steps in. I was happy to take you shopping and I am glad that we got your meds also. Candy picked up my two prescriptions for me and now I can take them the rest of the week. I am sorry that Marilyn had to miss the Newsmaker dinner. I know she loves that event.
I have several books that you may want to borrow and read. I am enjoying reading all of Donna's books that I got when I went to the tournament in November. I only have two more to read of the ten that I got there.

Hope I feel better tomorrow. Did bad at crib tonight, but Larry did great he took second and is getting very close to me. I had an 11 and of course needed 12 to get points. Oh well if I cannot be club champion this year maybe in the future.

Hope Marilyn feels better real soon.
March 13, 2015 (Friday) 12:53 am (UTC)
Sorry Marilyn is sick! I know you were both sick a lot last fall too!
I hope you don't get it and she feels much better soon!