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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Awesome Day -- Working On June's iPad and Computer 
computer power

What a day! Sister Sue and I had discussed going to America's Best to get her glasses today. I wanted her to set an appointment, but it turns out that she doesn't need one. She's already been for her exam, and has her prescription, so we can just go in and use it. Anyway, she still wasn't feeling well, so we're going to try going tomorrow, instead. And we might go to Costco after that...

I was freaking out about Notes for iPad. Apparently since updating to the (not-so-new) new IOS, Notes is not a plain text editor -- it retains formatting when you cut and paste into it! Frankly, as appealing as that might be for some people, I'm appalled by that! Ugh! Again, I really wish NoteTab Pro was available for iPad (it's a Windows-based software application). NTP is the finest application I've ever used, and I use it almost every single day of my life. Admittedly, less often now that I'm on my iPad so often.

So I ended up buying one crappy App (that was cheap, at least). Then I read a review for 1Writer, and ended up buying that. It's delightful, and I've only just started to use it! I'm actualy typing this into it right now...

I still need to use it more, but so far I'm very very impressed!

So I talked with Donn, who did his first Rhino training with Calisa today. He also disposed of all the old computers we can no longer use (that was several).

Anyway, in the afternoon, I went over to June's house. I was originally expecting to just tweak her Outlook and fool around with her iPad. How WRONG could I be!

She was getting a Windows error message about her hard drive (!!!), so I used the Check Disk utility. Then I used Scandisk and Defrag, as well. Hopefully this will eliminate that problem.

She was also complaining about her mouse, so I swapped the wireless mouse out for one with a wire. Sometimes I just think the wireless mice don't have the same touch that mice with wires do. In our office, only a very few people use wireless -- the rest of prefer the others.

Then we're on her iPad and I'm frustrated by how GMail works. It doesn't set up under Email, which is just odd. That means it isn't the default email. So when you try to send something -- like a link to a webpage in Safari -- via email, it becomes really complicated.

Anyway, I get it into my head (again) that I want to set up June's Comcast email on her iPad. I tried to do that ages ago, but I could never get it to work. I found excellent instructions at the Comcast website (with screencaps). But it turns out we don't know which password is current! (And we have several versions.) Eventually I phoned Comcast for assistance. It was quite a positive experience! As we were wrapping up, I was praising the guy who helped us, and he started praising ME, instead! He said I'd done most of the work, and he was impressed by how much I knew. He didn't have to tell me where to look things up on either the computer or iPad, and I had information that he told me people NEVER have when they phone in. So that made me feel pretty good.

Anyway, June can now use Comcast as her default email, plus her Gmail is working, too. I had that pretty messed up at one time, because (again) we didn't have the correct password!

While doing all of this, we had to reset a number of passwords, including her Google password and Facebook password. I made a good record of all of these, and June and I are going to try and put her tons of accounts with info into proper order soon. Right now these are a big mess!

But she's logged back in to Facebook and LiveJournal. And Google and Gmail.

The other thing we had to do was reset her Apple ID and password. Without those, you can't buy Apps, so you're pretty screwed.

We both felt really accomplished, like we'd gotten a lot done. I'm hopeful this will make everything a lot better for June...

Oh! And I bought a new $.99 game (Shanghai) and tried it out and loved it, so June bought it, too. I was playing it a ton tonight! Marilyn got it, too.

Marilyn got home while I was still at June's. She had a LONG and very intense day at work. I can't go into details, but an important Board member was wuite upset (with good reason). She had a long day with tons of meetings and no breaks. And has to be there early tomorrow, too, just like today...

We had an Amy's pizza for dinner. Yummy!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,936 steps, and I did 3,302 -- a total surprise! I really didn't think I'd made my goal today.

February 12, 2015 (Thursday) 01:44 am (UTC)
I love the game Shanghai. I didn't know it was out for the iPads...

I also dislike Notes not being plain text. I often do not want hypertext in as HTML and it annoys me...
February 12, 2015 (Thursday) 06:54 am (UTC)
Glad you did so much to help June with her computer. You are so good to help all of us and keep us able to use our computers. It was good to be with you today but I feel so bad about not going in to Costco to help you. Tammy and I had a huge fight tonight at cribbage she was telling me how terrible I was for being so loud and I really let her have it. She was mad but I was madder. We finally talked after the games were over, and I told her she was just like Dot who always complained about how loud I am. That made Tammy go crazy and then her boy friend Ross took my side which made her nuts. Oh well it is always something.