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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
A Lousy Day... 

First off, I woke up in the early morning with an ear ache, and very dizzy. I was cleary having a bout of vertigo, which I haven't been dealing with for some time. Can you say annoyed?

Marilyn had an early meeting (GFP Creative Team), so I got up just before she left arond seven-ish. I started right in trying to deal with the lost domain issue. I think I put four hours in on it today. Not easy when you're not feeling well...

I just can't bring myself to go into the details. It's too upsetting. We had spent ages figuring it out, but Marilyn found information that might resolve this, strangely enough. What a huge waste of time, anyway...

And I worked on some website stuff, too. With more phone calls.

By afternoon I couldn't stand any more work, so I took a Meclizine and went to bed.

Fitbit Update: Interesting note? I still managed to walk 2,219 steps, even as dizzy as I was, and spending hours in bed. Marilyn's asleep, so I don't know her exact amount of steps, but she did more than her 5,000.

I just can't go into feeling crappy today at length, or discuss the wasted hours of work.

It turns out that the website error on our Home page was OUR fault, not Fish's mistake. I'd explain, but I just need to lie down...

Marilyn has to work all day tomorrow -- she's attending special board training. I miss her already. I don't know what I'll feel like doing, but I have work for the festival that needs to happen soon.

The good thing today? I wrote more on the fanfic -- another 1,300 words. I was having issues with my tenses (a sign of the vertigo, I guess), so I had to do some correcting when I read it out loud to Marilyn. But that's okay. At least I wrote!

There's more, but I'm done in...

January 24, 2015 (Saturday) 12:25 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry it was so bad. Hopefully the weekend will be better!
And, good on you for still getting some writing done!