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autumn cobweb
First, I should mention that my prayers and good thoughts go out to friends and neighbors June and her husband Jim. June's step-sister is in hospice and not expected to live much longer...

Donn and his wife Denise are still struggling to keep their home, so prayers and good thoughts go out to them, as well...

And sister Sue was quite sick today (I suspect she was unable to attend cribbage tonight, she was so ill all day long). Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow! We were supposed to go to lunch together today, and take some things to drop off at the Goodwill, but she suddenly got sick and was miserable, poor thing!

We're hoping to go to Costco tomorrow, if she's feeling better. (But I'm not counting on it. She's had some rough times lately...) And I do need to try and pick up prescriptions that are waiting at Riteaid, if I can ever remember that. Hahaha!

Excited for our friend, Shari! She went to a Halloween party and WON the costume contest! I think that's great.

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner (along with some bacon). She was hungry, so I felt pretty bad for her! I can only imagine how hungry she gets not eating all day long until evening when she has dinner. (I couldn't do it.)

I did a little bit of yard work today. I cut the branches of the tree that were hanging down into the alley. I took some of these and put them into the brick planter by the front door. I like how they look (as there's nothing planted there), plus I'm thinking we'll put our pumpkins on these for Halloween (maybe).

Then I pulled up dozens of mushrooms growing in the side yard. The branches I cut, this week's compost and the mushrooms all went into our rolling cart (green) for compost. I don't usually have enough to put it out, but the branches were too big to stuff inside June and Jim's cart.

I also did the garbage and recycling, of course, as it's real garbage week. I was just running outside with the flowers from Marilyn's huge bouquet which have finally died. We were calling the last vase of these Halloween flowers, because they looked like something the Addam's Family would have in their house. Hahaha.

I tried to get the garbage and recycling (and composting) all done BEFORE Marilyn got home from work, but failed. So I was taking a bunch of it out in the DARK AND RAIN (of course). I had good intentions, anyway. (sigh) It was dry earlier. But as Dad and I always used to say, it always rains on garbage night. (grin)

We watched "The Middle" and "American Housewife" (On Demand) from this past Tuesday (we missed both), which both had Halloween themes.

Still suffering from stomach pains again today (especially tonight). These appear to somehow be tied to the insulin. I guess it's the adjustment period, so hopefully it will improve. Right now I'm pretty tied of always being in some type of pain.

Donn and I talked REPEATEDLY today about work. He's still dealing with the Symantec antivirus situation. Plus Carol's computer is about to bite the dust. This is NOT a surprise. She's needed a new one for some time now. I guess there's really no choice, now. He's going to baby it along and see what happens. But neither of us are hopeful the current machine can be saved. It's a cluster-f, as her setup differs from everyone else and is a big PITA. (sigh)

What ELSE did I do today??? I can't seem to recall right now. I'm just tired and ready to head for bed...

Oh! We got a Halloween card from our friends Arthur and William in Massachusetts in the mail today. So nice of them.

I'm ready to give the boxed lamp/table and over-sized metal bucket both to Candy, if she wants them. Both are brand new. We bought the lamp a few years back and didn't end up using it. And the bucket was a gift we also never used. (It's to hold ice and beverages for parties. We used to have a plastic one like it years ago and it was quite handy...) Otherwise it's off to the Goodwill for both of them. I'm tired of storing them when we have such limited space in the garage. And I've been slowly trying to tidy up the garage more and more...

Well, off to bed! Sleep well, friends.
firefox, i heart firefox
I'm usually pretty crazy about Firefox. But I decided to update today to version 49.0.2 -- and shortly after I had a MAJOR CRASH of my desktop (blue screen of death style). And it's still f-ed up right now. (sigh)

Thanks a TON, Firefox. (Not.)

I saw several places online where people were complaining about system crashes related to Firefox. I suppose I'll have to try and find an earlier version and revert, or not use Firefox at all. Disgusting... I don't want to deal with this right now!

And I have enough computers issues without dealing with Firefox issues, by the way.

Apparently my friend June found a really AMAZING computer guru to help her with her desktop, where she's now running Windows 10. I'm not at all familiar with Win 10, so I've been no help to her at all since she got the new OS. Well, good for her! I'm glad she has the help...

I want to go to Windows 7 here at home (finally). I'm still running Win XP. Not sure when that's going to happen, though. We're going to get all the office machines up to Win 7 fairly soon (the goal was before 2017, so there's not much time left!).

Talked to Donn a couple of times today. We're dealing with Symantec issues at the office.

Marilyn was at the office until past 9:00 tonight. She was working on Jeff's contract (it's time for him to renew). And she had a ton of other work, too. Lots of HR stuff going on...

We just went to McDonald's when she finally got home and grabbed takeout for dinner.

Loving "Designated Survivor" (which was on tonight)!!! It's our favorite new show -- and there are a number we enjoy.

Washed my hair today. Did more 'tweaking' in the garage and the kitchen, as well.

Marilyn's Fitbit isn't working -- no idea why. I guess we'll need to replace it. (sigh)

Can't think what else I'm forgetting. Oh, yeah. Got the bid on the work for the house from Hector. It's WAY, WAY HIGH. There's no way we'll be able to go with him. Now I need to get some other bids, quickly...

That's it for today, anyway.
marilyn-amazing, amazing
Marilyn was sick again -- and we were up most of last night. She actually prefers NOT to discuss it. She said she's tired of the subject (and I can't blame her, of course -- and I'm the one who can't seem to drop it!). Anyway, your good thoughts (and prayers) are still appreciated, even so...

We made good use of the time by me reading out loud for the two of us. We're reading "The Boston Strangler" by Gerold Frank -- and it's beautifully written!

But after sleeping in, she was off to work -- and stayed quite late tonight.

As for me, I got some cleaning/organizing done in the garage today. I want to get some stuff to the Goodwill as soon as I can, and needed to figure out exactly what all that is...

Talked for more than an hour with Donn about IT at the festival. We discussed closing the books for this year, things to start after November 1 and work to get done right away. He'll be working tomorrow and the next day (and possibly a third day) on the current task with Symantec (our anti-virus). And I gave him several other tasks to get to.

Got more done, but I'm in a hurry, so whatever. Hahaha.

Talked to poor Rich about their cat. He and Merlin had to have Puma put down. He was healthy one day and then a blood clot moved and put him in terrible pain -- and his hind quarters no longer worked! Awful. Marilyn and I feel so bad for them. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Actually, Donn and his wife Denise are having a terrible time with their home (and his beloved workshop). They may lose both. Any prayers and good thoughts there are GREATLY appreciated, believe me.

Off to bed, as it's quite late!
halloween animation
Okay! So I decided to share MORE photos of Halloween decorations. I hope I'm not boring anyone with these. Hahaha.

We've added some, and I missed some items the first time around.

[click any photo to see the larger version]

We bought a new Halloween sign for the mantle. It's very sparkly (that doesn't show all that well in the photo).

This is the 'newer' version of the cardboard skeleton -- we got him when Marilyn and I were teens! If you hold him next to the 'old' fellow, he looks much fresher, though he's no spring chicken, either! Hahaha. He has magnets on the back, so he can attach to the peace symbol, which is metal (and in our living room year round).

Marilyn and I both love Indian corn, so we got some new ears at the Pumpkin Patch we went to. Our other ears at down at the beach house... These are in front of our TV in the living room.

Another shot of the Indian corn.

We got this Hallmark guy at Walmart. He's a rapping mummy -- really cute!

Baby pumpkins (gourds) from the Pumpkin Patch.

We arranged them around the bottom of the vase of flowers...

We have another peace symbol in the living room. Those pumpkins are from childhood, believe it or not! (Again attached with magnets.) Mom was a great one for keeping everything we made as kids...

The first really decent photo I've ever managed to take of this guy! He belonged to Mom, who gave him to us. He's made of metal and has a face on both sides (he's hollow). Designed to hang, he's over a doorway in the family room.

Our friend Debbie gave us this hanging bat back in the 1980's.

Debbie also gave us this hanging Dracula at the same time.

These two haunted houses were done while I was still in high school. Marilyn did the top one, and I did the bottom one. (We'd been doing them in my art class at school.)

Marilyn's haunted house.

My haunted house. These came out quite different, partly due to the paper used. You colored a house on paper, then did a watercolor wash over it...

Very OLD decos. Mom had the scarecrow head (cardboard) for years (somebody added the sticker when we were kids). The 'boo' card is from our teenage years (we always used it as a deco). The paper plate was from our grade school days...

This teddy bear came from our friend Martha (I may have shared it before...???). It's in the family room. She gave it to us in the 1990's.

The new mummy with the teddy gang!

Another shot of the new sign.

My pumpkins.

Marilyn's pumpkins. We haven't decided what we're doing with them, yet...

Cute Halloween bag (hanging on the side of our rolling bar).

A ghost decoration that sister Sue gave us years and years ago (I can't recall exactly when). He always hangs on the door of the coat closet. (There's a witch hanging on the bathroom door, also from Sue.)

Marilyn and I spent a VERY QUIET 'Marilyn Monday' here at home. We didn't go out at all, and decided our errands could wait until later this week (including our manicures and pedicures). We watched TV and played on our iPads. We were both having 'hungry days,' so we ate more than we've been eating for days and days. Which included hot cocoa early in the day, coffee with pumpkin bread and bacon and tomato sandwiches later on. With a lovely snack of cheese on crackers to end the day.

We saw a couple of good old Hammer horror films -- fun!!!

And obviously I added some decorations around the house. (grin)

Plus I did do a couple of loads of dishes today...

And that was our Monday.

Pleasant dreams, everybody!
Very little to report today...

Sister Sue had a good time at her cribbage tournament. (She actually got back yesterday/Saturday.)

Marilyn and I spent most of the day at home, relaxing. I was up all night, so I slept a lot during the day.

We went out to a Pumpkin Patch (NOT on Sauvie Island!) and got a few pumpkins. Cute place. (I'll share more tomorrow, maybe...) Nice venue. Cheap, too.

But we forced ourselves to go shopping at Walmart in the evening. I needed all kinds of supplements, and they're much more reasonable if we get them there...

And that's it for this Sunday!

Sleep well, friends!
Marilyn was already DRESSED when I got up today (!!!) and ready to go for a ride. So after doing my new morning routine, I got dressed and ready, too.

As for my new routine, it includes a lot of hand washing -- hahaha. I have to wash my hands very carefully for testing my blood, for example. And before doing my insulin. I'm now combining those so that I don't have to wash twice for this. I test my blood, record the number (and comments), then I get out my insulin pen and do that whole routine (swabbing my stomach, attaching the needle, setting the amount and so on).

Then I wash my hands AGAIN before putting in my contact lenses. Then deodorant, perfume, and clothes. Hair and makeup. Finally jewelry and watch.

I also feed the cats (duh) and check their water (and add to it).

Then I take my iron with orange juice on an empty stomach (meaning I can't eat or drink anything else for 30 minutes after that). Next I SHOULD eat immediately and NOT wait -- you're supposed to eat directly after your insulin. I'm still working on THAT! And the rest of my many (many) pills are taken after food...

So we headed out, our plans originally including getting sausage biscuits at McDonald's (with coffee). Then we thought we'd like hot dogs from 7-Eleven (it was more lunch time than breakfast or brunch). And we'd been considering going to Sauvie Island.

The TRAFFIC that direction was CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY! It's impossible to describe how bad it was!!! Anyway, first chance she got, Marilyn turned around and we got out of there!

We'd also thought about Starbucks at one point in time. But we ended up getting sandwiches (not breakfast) from McDonalds, and heading back home.

The drive was nice in that the weather was clear and the sky was blue and pretty. And the changing leaves were so nice! Plus it wasn't raining. But toward the end it started to cloud up, so we were perfectly happy to come back to the house.

We had SEVERAL downpours during the day. It's been raining like mad for days! It's fine when we're inside, all cozy. We were downstairs for ages, watching TV and playing on our iPads and sleeping. We came upstairs in the evening and had dinner and watched all the FUN shows on METV on Saturday night.

And that was our day, pretty much.

Marilyn is having a GOOD day today. She said on days like this, it's 'normal' and seems like she'll be just fine. Right up until it all happens again... (Poor thing.)

They tried to push up the date of her appointment with the specialist, but that didn't happen, unfortunately.

Well, off to bed now, I think... Sleep well AND STAY HEALTHY, my friends!
charlie 2012 beige
First off, many of our Halloween decorations are at the beach house in Seaside. We like to spend Halloween there. But because we have so many decos, some are here in Portland, too. In case we feel like decorating for before heading to Seaside -- or for years like this one, when we can't make it to the beach house...

These are fancy by any means. Many are made of plastic and were very cheap when they were purchased. Part of the appeal for us is in how long we've had some of them. Plus the colors of autumn really do cheer up a room! We're both enjoying the decorations a great deal this year.

Anyway, here we go! I left these in the order that they uploaded -- which is NOT the order they were taken. But I didn't have the energy to rearrange them. One of the negative things about the LiveJournal 'Scrapbook' feature is that it never loads photos in order (I have no clue why).

[Click on any photo to see the larger version.)

This wreath is actually new as of last year. It hangs on the outside of the front door.

We got this many years ago at a bazaar. I love the way it's made with string! It hangs on the inside of the front door.

We saw this at a bazaar (1990s), but the woman had sold the last one just before we got there. So we 'commissioned' her to make us one and she mailed it to us -- and we've been using it ever since.

Bottom of our fridge -- the towel is a new gift we got this year. The others are cardboard and from our teenage years (we added magnets to hang them).

Our Halloween magnets on the fridge. Some go back decades, and others are more recent. Many were gifts and some we bought (or made) ourselves.

Living room mantle (over the fireplace). The pumpkin was my lantern as a child. Our friend Sue made the witch for us several years back. (The painting in the background is there year round.)

The other side of the mantle. This pumpkin is the one Uncle Al sent to me in the hospital when I was five and had an emergency appendectomy. Uncle Al didn't go out much, but wanted me to know he was thinking about me. It was filled with suckers where I've put leaves. The witch beside it is made from a clay plant pot painted black. It was Mom's before she died.

New window decoration I got this year. I thought it was cute and colorful.

Not a great photo (sorry!). The picture behind is NEW from the Auction this year and we're both crazy about it. Those are clothes lines with clothes pins. Great colors! In front of it is a glass AWARD dish that we have out all year round (given to Marilyn Centennial year). On top is a Halloween 'dish' done with that glue and tissue effect (I love the colors). The pumpkin was a gift from Mom -- she bought it at a bazaar. We keep it out during Autumn (for both Halloween and Thanksgiving).

We have a collection of Halloween bears -- this is most of them. The witch was a gift from Mom. The two bears in back are part of the Starbucks Barista Bear collection (we have several). The baby bear is not a Starbucks bear.

Here you can see all the bears we have on display upstairs. I can't remember the order we got these in, but they are all dressed for Halloween. (We also have a ton of the Christmas bears.) That stool is in the living room year round -- and these are in front of the TV.

A 'new' bouquet for this year. I got those silk flowers at the Dollartree, if you can believe that! But the vase was Mom's, and is quite beautiful. I originally brought it in to display part of the flowers presented to Marilyn at the Auction. She got such a HUGE bouquet that I made up three different vases full! The huge rock is out year round and belonged to our dear departed friend Mitch. The dishes are also out all year round. Those skulls are plastic, but still pretty cool!

Yes, I took a TON of photos of this vase with flowers! I'm really in love with it this year. Great colors, I think!

I took this with the lights off, trying to be artistic, I guess. (smile)

Hanging over the stove in the kitchen, this hot pad was made for us by our friend Shari. (We never use it, except as a decoration.)

New kitchen towel for the season hanging on the front of the stove.

Another new kitchen towel. Marilyn and I bought these at a bazaar last year.

The mantle in the family room, downstairs. Those two pumpkin scarecrows on the end were designed to hold suckers. We got these as little kids. The pumpkins in front of them pop open and make noise (also from childhood). The glass candleholder was a gift from our friend Shari. Marilyn gave me the teddy bear in the 1990's. Those ghosts glow in the dark. Can you see the Pez?

You can barely make out the cricket pumpkin here -- I hung it on the candle holders we have out year round. We each have one and they are also from childhood. The cat/pumpkin was given to Mom with flowers and she kept it until she died.

The seasonal garland is new from last year (I got it at the Pioneer bazaar). The cross is out all year round. The HUGE framed tapestry behind it (you can't see very well) came from Grandpa Harry. He brought it home from France after World War I. It hung in our house for years when we were children, then Mom stored it away. Marilyn had it carefully stretched and framed after Mom died. It's up all year long.

The ghost behind the fence lights up and makes spooky music when you press a button. This was Mom's, but she gave it to us. The two plastic pumpkins we've had since we were teens. Same for the tiny troll in the center. One of the cricket toys is barely visible.

Several ceramic decos. Plus a tiny plastic spider!

That 'vase' is actually a vintage canning jar (we both love it!). It's holding some of Marilyn's flowers (sorry they don't show!). The skeleton head lantern was first Sue's as a child, then inherited by Marilyn as a child! The squeeze noisemaker pumpkin is from our teen years and from Mom. We had two, but one year Mom and Dad gave it to one of the grandkids (I can't remember which one). The painting in back is out all year round, as is the ship in a bottle that comes from our Uncle Bob (who was an artist).

This bat is a puppet and is on the top of one of the handles of the exercise machine (hahaha).

We've had this cardboard skeleton since we were little kids! For all I know, Mom may have bought it before we were born. It went up EVERY SINGLE YEAR and was falling apart, so one year I took it and carefully reinforced it, adding cardboard to the back in several places that were tearing. It had been taped up and needed new 'black' added in several places. We use it with great care, as it's probably one of our oldest decorations, and we treasure it, even though it's just cheap cardboard -- I guess this gives you an idea of what we're like, huh? (grin)

Three different decorations. On the left, it goes out for the season (and stays through Thanksgiving). The center one is a metal bucket with a witch inside (it came from a bazaar years back). The silk sunflowers on the right are in a new vase this year. In the family room.

Here you can see the left decoration a bit better. The pumpkin is made of wood (very nice!), filled with silk mums and leaves.

Back upstairs to the living room. This pumpkin is made of metal wire and is in front of our windows where the plant stand is located. It stays out for Thanksgiving.

Yes, it's that same bouquet again! Hahaha.

This is a shot of the full mantle in the family room. You can see the painting that hangs year round. The deer used to be a Christmas deco, but now we keep it out year round.

Well, that's what I've got. Sorry I was so long-winded describing things. Hahaha. But for those who want to know, there you go. There are other decorations I didn't include, but only a few things. This is the brunt of them. I'm a little disappointed I didn't include the larger teddy bear that our friend Martha gave us (it's in the family room this year).

Anyway, I'd really like to get back to sharing more photos again. I wish it was easier!!! There should certainly be an easy way to do this from mobile devices, for example, considering I take most photos with my iPhone now (and now my camera). Oh well.

I hope you enjoy these. I'm really glad I went to the trouble! (grin)
courage - lt and red
After going out to eat when the board meeting ended, we came home and did our usual routine (which now includes game-related stuff starting at midnight). Then we headed right to bed, as we were both dead tired. (Well, obviously I stopped to blog, but you get my point!)

In the middle of the night Marilyn got sick, and was up for hours dealing with it, poor thing. And she had to get things under control this morning before she could head in to work. She couldn't afford to stay home sick, because she simply had too much to get done... Talk about courage. I mean that!!!

I was dealing with severe stomach and back pain, personally. It's been happening now around half an hour after I inject my insulin, so I suddenly realized today that it was NOT tied to my joint pain flare-ups. You can't really find it online googling 'stomach pain and insulin' -- yet you do find it if you google back pain and insulin. Odd, huh? I finally read that it's actually stomach pain that radiates to the back. I guess it's tied to the injections somehow. Not surprising when you realize you inject into the stomach day after day...

Supposedly it will die down over time. I certainly HOPE SO, as it was very, very painful today! I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING most of the day because of the pain. I just wanted to sit in my chair, wrapped in my blanket and watching TV. Sad, huh?

I did watch two movies today. Part of "An American Tail," and most of "Pit Pony." I personally found the first movie both boring and depressing (and I get SICK of mice as heroes and cats as villains!!!), but I enjoyed the second film. I was SURE it was a stand-alone movie, but when I google it I only find references to a TV series! So maybe it was just one episode (it didn't feel like a TV series to me)...

Marilyn hung in much longer than I'd expected (for someone who had been sick all night, plus had no sleep and no food on her stomach). But I was certainly glad when she got home! We both ate a little peanut butter with crackers (all I had eaten was a yogurt in the morning).

We did end up running to Freddies for a few things. When we got back we decided to skip actual dinner (neither one of us felt hungry), and had popcorn, instead.

We LOVE Friday nights, watching Classic "Star Trek" episodes on cable TV!!! Great fun!!!

I had been trying to phone Sue during the day and hadn't reached her, so I called the house and got Candy. She told me Sue was at a cribbage tournament today and this weekend.

I talked to our friend Shari who still has a bad cough (but seems better). We spoke for more than an hour...

And Leslie (my nurse practitioner) phoned me today to follow up on how it's going with the insulin! That was a surprise! She told me not to worry that my morning fasting numbers are higher right now -- she said they would take the longest to come back down. But was glad to hear about my evening numbers. So I guess it's all good. I explained to her why I hadn't set a follow-up appointment yet -- with Marilyn's current health. She was very understanding...

We had SEVERAL downpours today -- really hard rain! At one point the rain was so loud I thought it must be hail, but it wasn't! And it was a cold day (I had the furnace going). Almost winter-like weather for Portland.

Well, that's pretty much my day. I want to go take some photos I can share sometime soon, so I'll say goodnight now. Sleep well, friends!!!
thumbs up
The annual board meeting is finished. This is the one where the gavel is passed from our recent president to the new two-year term president -- plus other officers are announced. And we welcome new members to the board and awards, including volunteer of the year and directors of the year.

Afterwards, Jeff, Adeena, Marilyn and I went to Hooters (Marilyn kindly treated all of us). We had a nice time.

I did get my garbage out to the can and the recycling out for pickup (it's garbage night -- but not 'real' garbage week). And composting and glass recycling, too...

I'm having spleen pain and I'm tired, so I'm heading to bed. I had a backache and stomach pain much of the day, so I barely ate anything until we went to Hooters. (And obviously Marilyn didn't eat at all until then!)

Anyway, I'm heading for bed...

Marilyn and I need to get manicures this weekend (ugh). Don't get me wrong. I love having a manicure. I just hate GETTING IT DONE. Oh well.

I got a lot of compliments on my weight loss. But maybe the sweetest thing said to me was not to lose too much weight (by a tiny woman who has ALWAYS had a perfect figure!). There's something special about that, I think. Maybe it's her way of saying that she likes me just fine without me losing any weight. I'm not sure, but the was she said it actually made me feel very good...

(My brand new pants were hanging around my middle tonight, as I showed Marilyn. I know that's good, but it's a little annoying, too...)

It was POURING DOWN RAIN today! We had a terrible downpour at one point. Glad I got Hector out here again this week! This evening the weather was quite nice, though.

Well, there's more I could share, but I'm too tired. Off I go! Good night! Sleep well and have nice dreams.
happy halloween
First off, I DID blog last night -- but it crashed, so I gave up on it. (sigh) But now I think it might be here (at least in part), so I just might finish it up tomorrow. (grin) Computers. Gotta love 'em. (Says the IT Manager! Hahaha.)

Marilyn has always liked saying 'kaboom' when she feels I decorate for any given holiday to excess. Hahaha. Which is pretty much ALL holidays, to be clear...

She had a tough day at work today (and yesterday, for that matter). Still dealing with her health issue which won't allow her to EAT all day long (until she gets home in the evening). Today she didn't drink, either, until in the afternoon. I can't even imagine that -- it has to be really hard.

She went to her monthly lunch with Marcia and Gail and just sat there visiting with them while they ate. Poor thing...

Anyway, I did decorate for Autumn and Halloween today! We can't make our annual trip to the beach house for Halloween, because Marilyn has an appointment with the specialist that day. It's okay. But that's why I wanted to decorate HERE.

We've actually taken a lot of our decorations to the beach house. So most people would probably be AMAZED to see how much we still have here. Hahaha. The fridge in the kitchen is COVERED with Halloween magnets (and I remember where most of them came from!). We have stuff mainly in the family room (downstairs) and the living room (upstairs). Mom used to decorate the whole house, though! And encouraged us to decorate our bedroom and office as kids.

We have decorations that used to belong to Mom. And many from when we were kids and teenagers! I have the plastic pumpkin that was given to me in the hospital when I was five years old and there for an emergency appendectomy. It was a gift from my beloved Uncle Al (long deceased now -- he died when we were kids). It has a hole in the top that was filled with suckers. (smile) I can go around the room and point out various items we've had from various times...

I like to think Mom would be very pleased by the decorating, as it always meant so very much to her.

Marilyn was EXTREMELY PLEASED by the decorating this year! She kept saying such nice things about it. She said it made her feel very warm, especially after the day she had had. That made me very happy.

Should mention that I did do my task for the office for the board meeting tomorrow night. I was working with Christine to get a video Jeff wanted working so it could be played at the meeting. I did finally manage it, so all is well with that project.

And Hector came by at 10:00 a.m. for our meeting about work on the house.

After that, sister Sue took me to the store so I could get kitty litter (garbage day is tomorrow) and some other things. She's very kind about that! I was pretty tired after hauling in bags of litter and large bottles of water! (whew)

Hector worked on the gutters and the yard for HOURS again today! So I spent time outside cleaning out the critter dishes and filling the water dishes and putting out seed and food for the crows and other creatures. They kept Colin very entertained watching them out there during the afternoon...

I also did dishes and picked up in the kitchen a bit, before starting on the huge job of decorating! Boxes are stored downstairs in the laundry room, so I was up and down the stairs a lot.

An aside: I got my 4,000 steps today! I don't know the exact amount, though. But I guess it was walking while talking on the phone to work, walking at the store, walking around outside and walking up and down the stairs. Anyway, I'm proud of it... (smile)

Finally, Marilyn came home earlier than expected!!! (She'd been thinking she'd be there until 9:00 or later.) I'd been cooking so I'd have a nice dinner for her. I made acorn squash (baked), roast beef hash and string beans (to stuff the squash). And we had a pot of coffee, and some pumpkin bread after dinner. Very yummy! This is one of our favorite meals for this time of year.

I'm going to ride in to the board meeting with Adeena, rather than with Marilyn in the morning. That way I don't have to wash my hair tonight, as I'm pretty tired out. Adeena offered, which was kind of her.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing, as we're in street clothes, not our uniforms. And obviously wash my hair in the morning, too.

Still worried about both Shari and Rob (friends who are sick), and praying for them...

And still dealing with fatigue and stomach pains. My back was hurting a LOT today (no idea why).

My clinic called about setting a follow-up appointment for tracking how things are going with my insulin (and probably my steroid shot, too). That will have to WAIT until we see what happens with Marilyn, though!

Well past time for bed (it's after 3:00 a.m. now), so I'm off...

Stay happy and healthy, friends!!!
I suspect Marilyn and I would have spent this 'Marilyn Monday' doing what we did all weekend long -- lying around sleeping. But Marilyn got a text from Jeff that he was having a bad day, so we talked it over and decided to invite him to drop by our house. So she sent him a text and he agreed.

Fortunately Jeff doesn't care how we -- or our house -- look! Hahaha. I did pick up the living room a bit, as well as my bathroom. And we both threw on clothes and combed our hair...

I baked some refried beans into another dip in the oven, then also fixed homemade popcorn.

We watched the first episode of "WestWorld" (which Jeff hadn't seen). Then after that we let him vent about everything that had been going on at work today (and recently). He'd had a pretty bad day...

The problem is he hasn't had a vacation and really needs one! Nobody can function without the proper rest.

He was excited that he'd played golf yesterday and WON. (He's very competitive.)

And Jeff was worried about both Marilyn's health and mine, of course...

Anyway, he headed home in the evening, feeling better, I think.

Just in time for me, as I got sick shortly after that. I'm supposed to go to work at the office tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll be up to it, frankly.

Rich and I have a project to work on, so even if I have to stay home, we'll need to get that done. Maybe via the phone (which we done in the past, of course). Right now I just want to head to bed, as I don't feel that well...

This week is our annual Board Meeting (Thursday night). It will be a relief to be done with it, coming right on top of the Auction. I'm hopeful Marilyn won't have too much pressure with that slated soon. She's always heavily involved with the event.

Speaking of, I need to deal with the video (Christine sent me an email about it). So far I haven't been able to figure it out. (sigh)

On that note, I'm heading to bed.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that our dear friend Shari has pneumonia!!! Your prayers (and good thoughts) are greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!

I also got word from my friend Rob that he's home sick, as well. (He was writing to find out how I've been doing, as we haven't been in touch recently.)

STAY HEALTHY, friends!
As you can see, I have a couple of weeks to catch up here. And they've been busy and eventful days, so it's NOT going to be that easy.

But for NOW, I'm just going to catch up on today...

The annual Auction of the festival was last Friday night -- and as always, we had a busy and tiring week leading up to it, plus the day itself was exhausting. (And we spend hours on our feet at the Auction, aside from the mingling and so on. It's actually hard work.)

Plus Marilyn has been VERY, VERY SICK leading up to the Auction. (And is sick again tonight, I'm afraid.) I'm not even sure HOW she managed to get everything done last week. She's amazing, there's no doubt about it.

We survived -- and did have a good time at the Auction, in spite of how tiring it was. Personally, I've been dealing with major leg cramps this weekend (still am right now). I wore heels (which I rarely do) and was on my feet for ages -- and my legs are frankly out of shape after months of being ill. Plus I got dehydrated. Oh well... I'm not all that bad off. It's poor Marilyn who is really suffering.

We had wanted to try to get together with sister Sue and Adeena and have a "Designated Survivor" marathon this weekend, but we just weren't up to it. Another time, I guess.

We've been having VERY STORMY weather here in the Pacific Northwest, by the way! High winds and loads of rain. And it's been cold! (Yes, we've been running our furnace for ages now. In October! We often don't turn it on until November, but we needed to do it now this year...)

We spent most of the day yesterday and today lying around and barely leaving the family room except to get food and beverages (and use the bathroom). Sleep has been a big deal. And watching TV and playing on our iPads.

Oh! And I did finish my recent novel about the daughter of Queen Elizabeth I that I downloaded recently. So I've been reading, too...

Marilyn made a WONDERFUL bean dip yesterday that we both enjoyed. Her 'famous' recipe from years and years ago that she used to make all the time, with Velveeta Cheese and refried beans and cottage cheese and so on. I can't even say how tasty it was! Yummy.

I'm so very glad we bought the new coffee pot (just like the old pot -- Mr. Coffee), so we can have pots of coffee whenever we feel like it. We went more than half the year not making coffee here at home.

I just took some watermelon out to the compost bucket by the garage (outside). I had gotten a slab to eat, but we basically forgot about it until it was too late. So out it went. It was DARK and rainy and COLD and just a very nasty night! But at least we didn't have high winds again today. There was a lot of damage all around here.

We felt blessed not to lose another tree (!!!) or our power, thank God! Marilyn slept through most of the bad storm yesterday...

I need to update on a bunch of medical stuff (I saw Leslie the Friday before last), but I don't feel like it tonight. In fact, I'm forcing myself to get back to blogging. I really DO want to do it, but I'm very much out of the habit. And I've been so tired I just let it slide.

I'm hopeful everyone is doing well and is in good health.

I think I'll call it good for tonight.
Potentially TMI (too much information) -- so feel free NOT to read, please.

It's actually the middle of the night (making it Wednesday). But I'm blogging about Tuesday...

Marilyn had a long day (again), ending with going to get her hair done.

I think her current illness is two-fold. It's her digestive issue that she's had since college, which is on and off bad (or terrible). Plus I think she's still getting over the most recent virus she had. I know she had no choice but to go back to work, but she's been feeling awful again since last Friday (Friday, Saturday -- both work days -- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday/today -- also a work day).

She goes to work with nothing but water on her stomach. And maybe she'll have tea (but no coffee). Then she doesn't eat all day long until she gets home again. There's no way to know if she'll have serious issues at work if she does eat, so I don't blame her one bit.

But it's pretty hard for ANYONE to function without food for all those hours every day.

Then when she DOES finally eat in the evening (late tonight, because of her hair) and HAS issues, she's miserable. She was VERY, VERY SICK tonight (still is). She's finally trying to sleep at 3:30 a.m.

She had one of those take-home testing kits, so she did it so she can take her to her doctor. They need to figure out if she has some intestinal bug or what (there are so many possible conditions, after all).

It's nice that sister Sue has given her some of her 'good' pills (over the counter pills don't help much). But pills can only do so much...

Leftovers for dinner -- I don't know if that was the problem or not. (sigh)

Marilyn is feverish and miserable. But on the GOOD SIDE, her hair is fabulous! I love the cut and the color!!!

And she wore her new plum colored jacket to work today, which looks WONDERFUL on her.

(You have to look on the good side...)

Time for bed. I'll try and write more soon.

Both Sue and I did watch the Vice Presidential Debate, by the way... I think I'll skip discussing it (I hate political discussions online), but it was INTERESTING, to say the least.

It's pretty much a miracle Marilyn could go to work on Friday -- much less all day Saturday, as well! She really isn't feeling at well right now.

I wish she didn't have to go to work tomorrow, either, as I know she's still feeling lousy. She had to go back to work, still sick or not. But she's still got the tail end of that damn virus, and it's making her pretty unhappy. Yesterday and today she's been feverish and coughing and clearing her throat constantly and so on... Just awful. And she's EXHAUSTED (sound familiar?).

We did very little (aside from her WORKING on Saturday, that is!) this entire weekend. Oh, and my little bit of cooking, I guess.

Still, I plan to go back and blog for the days I've missed recently (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). And to maybe ADD some more to today, as well...

Needless to say, we'd planned to try and go to dinner with June and Jim and sister Sue -- to belatedly celebrate June's September birthday. I'm not sure when it will happen, but there was just no way this weekend...

And now I'm off to bed.

I do want to tell about making homemade pizza today (which I haven't done in YEARS AND YEARS -- but used to do all the time). But it will keep.

And I'd still like to share some photos (if I can get them over to my computer!). Maybe tomorrow...

Stay healthy, friends! My seasonal allergies are on me like CRAZY (like I needed anything ELSE to deal with!!!) now. I hope Friday we'll talk about how to deal with that issue.

Good night!
marilyn-amazing, amazing
It's currently past 2:00 a.m. and I'm EXHAUSTED. But I have happily finished up real garbage week, putting out a ton of garbage, cleaning the cat boxes and doing the recycling and composting. I'm a little more proud of myself some weeks than others, when it's a bit harder to do this task -- and tonight that was certainly the case...

My spleen has hurt all day long. Annoying. (No, I don't get used to the pain, I'm sorry to report...)

This afternoon and evening (and into tonight) it was all about Marilyn and her A Place With No Ceiling Award, presented by the Portland Business Alliance (this is the fifth year they've had this event). A Place With No Ceiling is an event that connects and inspires women in the business community. Every year, one female executive is celebrated for blazing a trail for women, and one company is recognized for fostering opportunities for women. Marilyn was nominated and then selected to receive the award this year.

Anyway, Marilyn came home around 2:00 p.m. to get ready for the 4:00 p.m. event. Adeena and sister Sue came to the house at 3:00-ish and then we four headed downtown to the Oregon Historical Society (the venue where the event took place -- it was an outdoor event). Sue looked really nice in her black pants and her new gray top with bling. The rest of us were all dressed in the festival uniform (khaki pants, white blouses and navy blue jackets) -- the idea was to have as many people there in the uniform as possible, to show how we had turned out for this.

This event has been SOLD OUT for ages and was just PACKED with people (mainly women, but there were a lot of men, too). There was wine and hors d'oeuvres (I understand the food was quite good) served (Marilyn and I did NOT eat).

Then came the speeches. A funny moment was when Marilyn was referred to by her first name -- and our CEO's last name (I was teasing Jeff about that later on... hahaha...). But the second time she was mentioned in the introduction the woman managed to correct herself (without Marilyn needing to do so).

Marilyn did her usual AMAZING job with her speech -- which honestly blew people away! I heard a TON of comments that weren't just positive, but where people were just raving about how well she spoke. She was sincere and informative and humorous and passionate -- as she always is! (The man representing the organization being honored who spoke after her was candid that she was a really hard act to follow...)

Then there was further mingling. We ended up with a huge turnout of festival staff and board members -- and other friends of Marilyn who showed up. In many cases we were surprised, because some attendees had gotten tickets on their own, so we had no idea they were coming! (The event wasn't super expensive at $35 each, but obviously this does differs from a free event.) We heard over and over and over again people saying, "I wouldn't have missed this for anything." I thought that was quite a tribute to Marilyn, but certainly one she has earned.

Adeena was kind enough to bring her camera and act as Marilyn's official photographer (as she did last year for Marilyn's 40th Anniversary event). She got some amazing shots! I'll try and share tomorrow (I'm just TOO TIRED tonight).

Then several people wanted to go for a drink, so we did that with a good-sized group. Adeena got some french fries and Marilyn and I both ate a couple. We only had one drink each (that's a long story as to why). I can't recall exactly when we headed home, but I think it was past 7:00...

Sue headed home right away -- I'm sure she must have been worn out! We were on our feet for much of the event, plus we ended up walking quite a bit after. (I actually got my 4,000 steps today, believe it or not!)

Adeena stayed and I made leftovers for dinner -- all three of us were starved! (Marilyn never eats during the day because of her digestive issue, and I had only had yogurt and a pear -- plus Adeena's french fries, thank God -- prior to dinner...)

Then Adeena was pretty tired and needed to head out. It was so good to see her, as it had been ages!

Finally I made popcorn. But didn't eat that much of it. And I needed to QUIT EATING, as I'm having my fasting blood work in the morning (and need to fast 10 hours before with only water).

Sue is picking me up at a quarter to 9:00 for that tomorrow. Then after we'll go get my other prescriptions -- which were FINALLY finished (!!!) today. WTF???

I did speak with Leslie today about the results of my labs from last week. More about all that tomorrow.

And I did fix up the critter area (where I feed the crows, other birds, squirrels and whatever comes), under the big tree by the garage...

Oops!!!!!!!!!!! I almost forgot to mention that Marilyn was interviewed by TV at the event -- and it played tonight on the news. (They also included some footage of her in her office from another time. Nice piece!!!) I'm hopeful they'll do something in the St. Johns Review, our local newspaper. Rich sent something out, but you can never tell with them. (Back in 2012 when I won my award, it was like pulling teeth to get them to print it, even when The Oregonian had included it weeks before! Small publications can often be snobs this way, I think. So odd...) We'd just like local people to know about it...

Time for bed. I am SO BEAT!

Sweet dreams, dear friends.
hat, charlie in hat
Marilyn wore her absolutely darling new pants from Chico's (a leopard print that fit her beautifully!) to work today. (I can't believe NOBODY said anything to her about them! What is WRONG with people???) She looked great!

And sister Sue and I went shopping right around 11:00 over to the Ross in the Jantzen Beach Mall, near Sue's home. We both found a lot of things to try on (!!!), and ended up getting quite a few items, too.

I found khaki pants to wear with my uniform (woo hoo), plus TWO new white tops, and some black pants, as well. (Everything on the 'list' that Marilyn had wanted me to buy.) I started out trying on size 20, then went to 18 and ended up with 16s (!!!). What a pleasant surprise!

Sue, too, was trying on size 20 at first -- and even some 22s, crazy girl! Hahaha. But she, too, was fitting in 16, though she didn't end up getting any pants today. But she did get several new tops! So she has a choice of what to wear tomorrow night.

The last I'd heard Sue had shown her daughter Candy what she bought, but hadn't put anything on for her to see. The minute Marilyn got home from work I dressed in every single item. Hahaha. It was just fun to show it all off! We don't go shopping for clothes all that often, so this was fun for both of us.

After our shopping trip, Sue took me to Freddies to get more bottled water. Now that we're making all our coffee with bottled water (those big bottles we think of normally as 'cat' water), we need a lot more than before. I have to say the coffee does seem to taste better using that, in place of tap water. (Portland is notorious for having poor quality water! Our Dad used to be crazed about that, always watching public TV reports local water. Hahaha.) Don't get me wrong, we use the water to wash with, wash DISHES and clothes and (importantly) brush our teeth -- so it's not horrible. But we don't DRINK IT here at home -- and never give it to our cats to drink, either.

I got several other items while there (including a case of small bottled water for US). And I guess I was hungry, because I got a few food items I had planned on! Then we went to Riteaid to get my prescriptions. Get this: Two were ready -- three more were NOT. The woman asked if I wanted to 'come back' to get them! Right. I told her, 'not today.' No kidding! Supposedly they were working to have all my meds at one time, but clearly they aren't working very hard on that...

I got home and hauled everything in. I'm still not great with packing stuff around, so it was rough. But I got it all put away. Sue headed home and had told me to eat and nap! (Typical sweet sister stuff. Hahaha.)

I wolfed down an egg roll from the fridge, instead of fixing the food I'd bought to cook for lunch. Then I sat down and promptly fell asleep sitting up (for a change!!!). Hahaha. Good grief!

Marilyn left work early (!!!) to go pick up our jackets from the dry cleaners. Which unhappily put her into rush hour traffic! We have TERRIBLE TRAFFIC in Portland -- especially downtown and nearby. So it was an awful drive home for her. Normally she NEVER leaves the office any time close to 5:00 for exactly this reason...

I made meatloaf and green beans for dinner -- with a 'red' (tomatoe) sauce to go with that turned out really tasty! Spaghetti sauce as a base, thickened with flour and seasoned with my 'secret' spices and some ketchup. Wow, it was GOOD. And I'd bought some slices of watermelon, as we'd never had a bite all summer long! So that was our dinner.

After dinner we both took NAPS. She needed to WASH HER HAIR for tomorrow (which I can do in the morning). And then we'll play our games (again) at midnight and head to bed as close to 1:00 a.m. as we can manage.

Which often isn't that close, I'm afraid. The problem is that when we're sick we often stay awake all night long. And end up watching TV and movies during the middle of the night. Plus, as most of you know, our 'normal' pattern is to be up from midnight to around 2:00 (or even later), after taking a nap in the evening. We've been trying to change that this year, with some success, actually. But right now we're struggling to get back to that.

And Marilyn has actually been sleeping in her BED for a couple of nights (which she rarely does). So that's quite a change!

She did NOT get her speech done today -- but I'm NOT worried about it. If she has to make it up on the fly, she'll still do a great job. She's sincerely one of the VERY BEST PUBLIC SPEAKERS that I know. And, no, this isn't bias on my part. It's a big part of her job -- and one that everyone agrees she's really good at! I had asked her if she wanted to 'practice' in front me (right), but she said she wants her speech to be a 'surprise.' I know a couple of minor things she has in mind, but I'll be as surprised as everyone else when she gives the speech.

Well, that's pretty much it for today! Tomorrow is garbage day, so I'll try and get some of it done early on, I guess. And I need to mess around with the outdoor animal feeding and watering area again. And clean the hummingbird feeder, too (hopefully). We'll see what I'm up to.

What I WON'T be doing is anything that tires me out before the BIG EVENT!!! Actually, everything else can WAIT until Thursday night or Friday, if need be.

Oh! I did call my clinic today. I never got the RESULTS from my labs from last Tuesday (it's more than a week ago, obviously, as this is Wednesday). I wasn't getting them today, either, as Leslie is off Wednesdays... The woman on the phone was wonderful. And she looked it up and said she could see that Leslie had reviewed my results. (sigh) Anyway, I left a number for her to call...

Then I set up NEW labs for Friday (at 9:00 a.m.) -- fasting labs for my A1C (which is every six months). That's the diabetic test, for those who might not know. Sister Sue is kindly taking me.

And I set an appointment to see Leslie for next Friday at 5:00 p.m. (with Marilyn). Marilyn really wants to PUSH about what's WRONG with me -- and has more ideas to discuss...

That's all the time I've got!

Good night, sleep well and have good dreams! And STAY HEALTHY, dear friends!!!
What did I just spend the last 15 minutes doing? Replacing one of my two dual monitors. Specifically the PRIMARY monitor, meaning NO, I couldn't just wait and do it later. Hahaha. I couldn't do ANYTHING until I got it replaced. (sigh)

The GOOD news? Fortunately (woo hoo) I had a SPARE to use to replace it! I knew I had two down at the beach house, but I wasn't sure I even had one here at the Portland house. So it was a real break that I did. And interestingly enough: The former (dead) monitor was a Dell, while this one is an Acer. And my secondary monitor is also an Acer, so they now match! That's not all that important, but it's cool...

I'm in a HUGE HURRY to get my blogging done, as that MAGIC MIDNIGHT HOUR is quickly approaching. And if you play SimCity BuildIt, you MUST play between midnight and one o'clock. I'm NOT kidding. That's when all the very best stuff for the entire day happens...

Marilyn had a super-long day with a four-hour meeting ending it. She didn't get home until around 9:00. I was dead asleep and the phone woke me from quite the nightmare! It's still VIVID in my mind, actually, hours later! She had nominating to deal with today, which is tons of work. She didn't even get a chance to write her speech for Thursday night (she'll do that tomorrow).

The good news is that we'll be in uniform for the event -- and she came back on her way to work to pick up our jackets to get them to the cleaner. Her wonderful dry cleaner promised them for tomorrow (she's been going to him for years and years now).

Sue and I did NOT going shopping. I just didn't feel up to it, in all honesty. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow -- we plan to go in the morning...

Yesterday we went shopping at Chico's at the Woodburn Premium Outlets (in Woodburn, Oregon). Marilyn got several items there (pants and blouses), so I'd call that a successful trip! But boy, did it wear us out!

She wore one of her new tops to work today -- very cute, with stripes! (I picked it out.)

I actually talked to Rich today for around an hour. We have a project we're working on together, but we ended up just chatting today. I'm going to read over his document tomorrow so we can discuss it. And happily he's going to be there Thursday night! (But we both agreed that will NOT be a time for anything work-related...)

I did pick up in the kitchen and do a load of dishes today, at least. I spent most of the day up, though I admit I didn't do much. And I was nauseous in the afternoon and evening, so I ended up with low blood sugar yet again. (sigh) I can't seem to get that balanced right now. After all, I'm on a higher dose of BOTH my diabetes medications (double for BOTH) -- and I've been sick for weeks and weeks, and just not that hungry. So it just hasn't been easy. I'll get there, I'm sure.

I texted with Adeena (miss her!) today. And sister Sue and I talked more than once. I tried to call June, but missed her. I finally got her Donn's home address today (I promised that ages ago!), so I both called and emailed her, but didn't hear back. I hope everything is okay with her!

I talked a little bit with Christine today, too. Anxious to see her (it's been so long), and to chat more about her son Zander...

Watched a show about "Star Trek" (part of it) that was really good!

Have any of you watched the TV series "Gaycation" on Viceland??? I saw it today and was very moved. (Yes, I cried.) I saw about an episode and a half. I want to see more, for sure...

And that's ALL the time I have!!!

Sleep well and stay healthy.

sisters, sisters ball
Marilyn and I spent a quiet Sunday -- same old, same old. Watching TV, sleeping and playing on our iPads.

The only productive thing I did was take out some garbage...

Marilyn actually showered and washed her hair, though! I didn't quite manage it. While Marilyn was in the shower, I picked up the living room a little bit, as we'd invited our sister Sue to come over and watch a TV show with us! (The living room wasn't all that bad, to tell the truth. But there were some papers lying around and blankets, as we've been lying in there now and then. Stuff like that...)

I'd promised Sue popcorn and coffee, which I had for her when she arrived. I made a fresh pot while she was here, so she had two cups. Plus some ice cream!

We wanted her to see "Designated Survivor," which she'd missed seeing (and we had taped on our DVR). We both thought she'd enjoy it. Sue is very political and always has been. (As I've mentioned in the past, Sue was in the Oregon House of Representatives at one point -- and she has many friends in politics. She walked and talked with Jimmy Carter when he was in the White House, and she attended both of the inaugurations of President Bill Clinton -- plus she attended inaugural parties at Teddy Kennedy's house! I have a photo of her with Hillary Clinton from when Sue was a labor leader framed and in the living room. I guess you could say Sue was a 'mover and shaker.' And just because she's now retired, I don't let people forget that fact! In other words, I'm pretty PROUD of both my very accomplished sisters -- with good cause, I think.)

I've only seen the White House from a distance (I didn't get to tour it when I was in D.C. years back, I'm afraid). But I've seen several movies they've made with those very realistic sets -- and I think they've done an amazing job with the sets for this new series. (I can't imagine what it's like to be Sue when it comes to having been to the White House...)

After we watched that we put on a couple of "Leave it to Beaver" episodes to watch -- and Marilyn and I played SimCity BuildIt at midnight (the magic hour!) while doing that (Sue was okay with it). After that Sue headed home...

Marilyn reminded her that Thursday night is the event where Marilyn is being honored. We all have to figure out WHAT we're going to WEAR to that event (!!!) before then. (sigh) I'm so glad I got my manicure and pedicure done before then.

Sue will have to miss cribbage, so she'll need to let people know...

Well, that's our day (pretty much).

Sleep well and be happy, friends! And keep yourself as healthy as you can!!! (Marilyn and I are pretty SICK of being sick... sigh...) Good night!
ouch, bandaid
Today was a VERY quiet Saturday. We stayed up late again last night. Watching Star Trek and then we got a movie. We saw the 2016 film "Blood Father," with Mel Gibson. It was quite a good action/adventure movie about a young woman who gets mixed up with criminals through her boyfriend and has to seek help from her father. I highly recommend it if you're into action/adventure movies. This will really fit the bill.

It was chilly (and even cold) today. We wore socks and had our blankets on a lot!

We also saw the 2016 film "The Good Neighbor." This is really good -- and not what you expect. Again, I highly recommend it.

We watched a lot of TV again today. It's always a saving grace when you're too sick to do anything much... There was a lot of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." on today. (smile)

I talked to both sister Sue and June today.

June has been dizzy quite a bit lately and taking a lot of falls, but she finally got in to see her doctor. They did a lot of tests, and she has a bad sinus infection that's causing some of the trouble. She's bruised all over and they also took x-rays to see if she has any broken or cracked bones, poor thing! I'm anxious to hear more when she gets results back. The good news is that PooPurr is doing GREAT! Eating like crazy, June said.

Sue didn't do well at cribbage Thursday night, but had a good time. She really likes the new member, even though he lives quite a long way out and she had to give him a ride.

Annoyed by this spleen pain -- BUT at least now I know it's not in my head! (It really IS spleen pain, after all...) Anyway, pushing on, as always! (grin)

Slept a lot today (again). I guess that's a good thing...

I made homemade popcorn tonight for while we watched Svengoolie (which Marilyn and I love seeing). Tonight they aired "Island of Terror," a 1966 British horror film with Peter Cushing. It was so terrible it was delightful. Hahaha. We made tons of jokes during it and totally enjoyed it. (Angel texted Marilyn that he was watching...)

Oh! And I've been wondering WHERE the ants have gone. So I googled to see if they hibernate or not. Guess what? They DO! I read: "Although ants can be seen in various places from spring to autumn, they go into hibernation in the winter. In addition, from spring to autumn, many ants are seen to come from, and go into, the entrances of their nests, but these entrances are closed in winter and no ants are seen to come from there."

Good riddance, ants! So the war waits until spring. (Which COULD mean a warm day in February or March, actually!!! Hahaha.)

Still loving SimCity BuildIt. I've been doing the Vu Tower things, which is a new twist. Marilyn continues participating in challenges against other mayors...

Good night!
TMI - v1
Marilyn was home again today. She just got through saying to me that she had a bad feeling that if she got my bug she'd be sick with it for two weeks. I just feel REALLY BAD that she got it! I wish that hadn't had to happen... (sigh)

First thing today I had to do IT for the festival office... More on that later.

I managed to gather and put the garbage out in the can today (somehow). And to do a load of dishes in the dishwasher. And pick up the kitchen.

Tonight I made fried tomatoes for dinner (it's only the second time we've had them). We had a few left from when we picked them before (in the fridge) -- but a bunch were going bad, so we needed to eat them.

I made a BIG MESS cooking them, so I just finally got done cleaning it up...

We had a pot of coffee in the NEW coffee pot (Mr. Coffee -- we love it!), with a slab each of pound cake I got at Freddies when I went shopping. What a treat!

Most of today we both spent doing NOTHING, though. Watching TV, sleeping (napping, sleeping, napping), and playing on our iPads (including SimCity BuildIt -- and the 'midnight hour' is fast approaching for that game!!!).

And I gave both cats a bunch of attention -- it's the 'autumn cat thing' that has them both seeking constant attention from both of us. And I do mean CONSTANT. They want to be held and petted and held and talked to and they follow you everywhere...

Fridays are AWESOME!!! Marilyn and I LOVE watching Classic Star Trek!!! So nice. I can't get over how much we're enjoying that. (We loved it LAST Friday night, too!)

I wonder WHEN I'll get my lab results? I wonder if my spleen pain will ever go away? More on all this later.

Well, I have to run for the midnight play of our game! Please sleep well and stay healthy!!!