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happy happy, sisters happy
Marilyn's knee seems worse and is giving her terrible pain. And she just didn't feel well today. So she took a sick day and stayed home and mostly stayed OFF her leg. I'm not sure if that's going to be enough. She still might need to see a doctor...

But I'm sure aside from her leg she could use another day off. It's been so hard for her this summer!

Anyway, both she and I got ready and went to pick up sister Sue for her 1:00 hair appointment. We dropped Sue off then went to get Starbucks and brought Sue her coffee. And we sat waiting in the salon while she got colored and cut. She looked so nice after that! (Marilyn paid -- she's so generous.)

Then it was the TERRIBLE drive back to Sue's house. Awful traffic.

We want to take her to get some pants that fit her. The pair she had on today were WAY TOO BIG. (sigh)

After dropping Sue off we came home. We've been playing with our iPads and watching loads of TV (which we always do when we stay home sick). Today it was many episodes of "Diagnosis Murder."

And last night Marilyn say Dick Van Dyke doing an infomercial, so she taped that. Pretty damn impressive! The man is now 91 and still going strong! He's extremely likeable, by the way. I read his autobiography and it was wonderful. He pushes Tai Cheng (a popular form of Tai Chi) -- and I have to admit I'm interested in learning more about it.

Dick Van Dyke has become an outspoken advocate of Tai Cheng. The amazing benefits offered to seniors is reason enough. (The 91 year old singer, dancer and comedian is clear about knowing the risks older citizens face everyday. Balance, agility and strength are all reasons to make Tai Cheng a part of any physical fitness plan -- especially for seniors, who need these so much and might not be able to do other forms of exercise.) When you see who well Dick Van Dyke is doing at his age, it's pretty inspirational!

I made hot diggity dogs with cottage cheese and black olives for our dinner tonight (and a pot of coffee, of course). And later we had homemade popcorn as a treat.

Then I came upstairs to blog and suddenly realized it was THURSDAY (duh, Charlie!) -- which means it's garbage and recycling day! And this week is REAL GARBAGE week, so it needed to be done pronto!

I didn't have any of our 'new' kitty litter, but fortunately had the old stuff. So I used that. Glad to get it all done, anyway!

Today was gray and humid. But no rain. And we're due again for 90' weather, I guess.

I'm worried about Marilyn...

Finally, we're facing a BUSY WEEKEND, as Marilyn pointed out today. So I need to head to bed and get some sleep! (It's after 3:00 right now.) Yawn.

Candy was going back and forth via text with her brother Larry's wife Tammy. I won't bother sharing all her unpleasant crap here (Tammy is a piece of work -- always has been). Let's just say I don't blame Candy for being fed up -- or Sue for being hurt. But ultimately I didn't expect Tammy to be anything but a pain (and I could easily use much stronger language here), so it was no surprise.

She tries to get between Candy and Larry, which is unfair of her. Candy has spent so much of her life sticking up for her brother. But he's whipped and will never stand up to Tammy no matter what. So it is what it is.

And I didn't like Sue being with them, anyway, because we never got to see and rarely got to talk to her. Candy has lived with Sue for ages and I think she deserves consideration from all of us because of it...

I hope June's mouth is feeling better!

I hope Marilyn's leg starts getting better.

I'm happy for Sue about her hair -- which made her look so cute!

By the way, she does NOT seem to have dementia. She can remember amazing details about the people around her! Not just names of tons of people, but the names of their family members, too -- and details about their lives!

Okay, she has memory issues some of the time. Who doesn't??? And that gets worse with age. But she's also sharper than you might expect. Just sayin'. I think her former doctor really sold her a bill of goods. And they haven't begun to do enough testing to know for sure. It's like she's been brainwashed to think she's all washed up -- and old and sick. Bull!

Well, on that note, I'm off to bed! Sweet dreams, everybody...
My friend June and I spoke briefly. She just had a root canal on Monday and is still suffering pretty bad. Little wonder: It took two and a half hours for the dentist (specialist) to do it!!! And the very negative part??? She's had this SAME TOOTH worked on twice before! The other guy did it once, then she complained and he tried to do it again. This time around she had another person that Mary (our dentist) recommended, downtown. And he clearly stated that it was 'done wrong' the other two times!

So I went hunting for a way to REPORT this to someone. Isn't there ANYBODY who monitors the work of dentists and dental specialists? I couldn't find any place online that offered any suggestions.

Why did June have to pay the first guy TWICE to do it wrong? Now she's paid again for that same tooth! And dental procedures aren't easy on anyone -- much less a person who is in her 80's.

Marilyn says the only recourse is to hire a lawyer and go after them -- which most of us are simply not going to do (or can't afford to do).

Anyway, poor June! I'm just GLAD she finally got this tooth done correctly. Now maybe it can heal and stop bothering her. It's been TWO YEARS since she first went in with that bad tooth...

Dental care -- such as it is -- is truly a hit or miss thing. No matter how much you pay or how hard you try to take care of your teeth. Sad, huh?

In other news, sister Sue got an appointment to get her hair done tomorrow. Actually, her daughter Candy set it up. Marilyn had me phone to find out the exact time. Which is when I discovered I'd been spelling her hairdresser's NAME incorrectly! It's actually Marily (sounds like Merrilee). Sue and I have known Marily for years -- she was in the salon two shops back that we used to go to. In fact, when Mom was still alive she went there, too! She's now at Bahama Mama's in St. Johns.

I'm planning to go along and be with Sue during her cut and color, as it IS a work day for Marilyn, after all (and she has meetings). The appointment is for 1:00 p.m.

And Sue got a doctor appointment at her clinic for next Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. with a woman doctor (Jennifer) who has been in practice for 39 years. This will be her first time meeting her. (Dr. Young is now gone.) Anyway, I called to confirm and had to phone back twice. We're in a black hole for cell coverage, but we don't have long distance on our landline. Anyway, I did confirm both, as Marilyn had asked me to do.

I spent most of the day on a complicated project that kept me on my toes. Still not done with that -- I'll try to finish up in the morning...

Hot day! I had the AC on and off all day long.

Can't think what else. I did do a load of dishes today...

Time for bed soon.
This is annoying! I just discovered that my ENTRY for yesterday (Monday) DID NOT POST!!! I don't know how I missed that yesterday (???), but when I came into LiveJournal tonight, it asked if I wanted to 'restore' my draft! The 'draft' I thought had posted! Oh well. At least the full entry was still available to post and I didn't lose it...

As for today, it was another busy day at the festival office.

Three birthdays to celebrate: Steven, Angel and Lilia. Marilyn and I took along Cinnabon pound cake and some cookies and Wanda and I made up a tray for the Staff meeting.

Donn was in today -- he moved Tanya's computer to her new spot. And was there in case she needed help setting up the check reader (she didn't -- they did it Remotely from the bank). He also set up the new station upstairs. Well, the new and improved version! Exciting. There's finally really room to work on computers in this building!!! (About time.) I was promised that way back before we ever moved in...

Talked to Kris on the phone about the new (used) printer he bought and installed to replace the old 'Marketing' printer that had a broken drawer. It was so old they don't make parts for it anymore. But all our printers were quite expensive when we originally bought them -- and are work horses!!! They really made them well back then! Somehow Kris found a similar model that was an improvement on the one we used to have! Three instead of four drawers! It's immaculate! It looks brand new -- not a mark on it. I can't believe how clean it is! We tested it out and it works great. And best of all? He got it for $150!!! The original models were thousands of dollars!

I actually prayed with Wanda at one point today. We held hands and prayed out loud for Christine (we want her to get this job she's applying for). We won't make a habit of that, but she really wanted to do it...

She was excited when she found out I pray all the time. She has a cross tattooed on her arm. Marilyn doesn't like me to talk religion at work (it's not appropriate, of course), but Wanda and I will be careful in the future.

Christine was there for a bit today. She was going for a meeting about the possible job...

Hot day today! The air conditioner is running right now as a matter of fact...

Marilyn's leg is better, but so red, swollen and clearly infected tonight. She walked on it far too much today.

Marilyn and I went to Starbucks for coffee with Steven and Angel.

Jeff was back from vacation today.

Went to lunch at the Turkey Place with Angel (Marilyn and I). Marilyn bought for all of us. (It was recently Angel's bday, as I mentioned above.)

McDonald's for dinner -- we ate the meat and tossed the buns (as we usually do). And had the meat with cottage cheese. Yummy. (And much easier than cooking.)

Watched several "Diagnosis Murder" episodes -- Marilyn is now hung up on the series, too. (smile) We really enjoy Dick and Barry Van Dyke.

I got 7,000 steps today! Wow.

Never called sister Sue today. I should have checked on the 'tasks' Marilyn assigned her. (grin) She was supposed to get a doctor appointment and call for a hair appointment...

Tired, so heading for bed soon!

Sweet dreams!!!
sisters, sisters ball
Total aside: Marilyn and I were sorry to see Venus Williams lose at Wimbledon. But we were pleased to see Roger Federer win. Another year, another Wimbledon!

Marilyn's knee has been giving her a tremendous amount of pain. She had a hard time driving last week and this weekend -- and even getting in and out of the car was difficult. Of course, she had to be up and on the leg all during the week and only really got to rest it on Sunday (thankfully). But it does seem better today (Monday).

Saturday we'd been going to attend a picnic we were invited to, but ended up not doing that. We did take some food and drove to Champoeg park and had a picnic of two (just us, in other words). As children we used to go every year to Champoeg with our entire family -- Mom, Dad and sister Sue, yes. But Grandpa Ed, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Butch, Aunt Helen and their whole family, Uncle Alfred, Aunt Beverly and their family and on and on. Plus many close family friends would be there! It was the celebration of the annual Steamboat Picnic, and Grandpa Ed was a member -- so we all turned out. What fun we used to have!

As we got older, especially, we were allowed to go out and play on all the many paths that ran through the large park. We'd just disappear for hours playing in the woods. We have very fond memories of Champoeg.

Anyway, we think we should go out there now and then and spend time. Why not?

Since getting the beach house, we focus a lot on going there, or being here at the Portland house. And there are so many places in the state of Oregon and nearby Washington where we can go.

Of course, we couldn't walk much because of Marilyn's poor knee. I'm so glad for her that the pain is less and the knee feels better. She's really been suffering.

And last week was a tough week for her!

We're adjusting to the changes in the office, which are many and have been difficult. There's so damn much to do. I'm not suggesting it's unfair. But this should be a slightly easier time of year, considering we've just finished up six-plus months of very difficult work when we're 'in season' and then during our festival. But with the layoffs things are hard. And that's all there is to it! Marilyn has very little support right now...

And there's a bunch of stuff I have to do, as well.

Anyway, I need to head to bed. It's nearly 1:00 a.m. and I have Donn coming in tomorrow. Kris was in today setting up our new 'Marketing' printer. Now I think we'll have to 'find' in on the Server and set the various computer to be able to print to it...

Plus we need to get Tanya's computer moved and the check reader set up tomorrow. (sigh)

It's enough to deal with all the passwords and settings and so on!

I still haven't set up Carol's new access which I'd planned to get done last week.

I didn't do my pills for the week today!!! What's wrong with me???

Marilyn and I did see sister Sue today!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went over to her house (she's been home with Candy recently) and took her to Starbucks. Then back to the house where we saw Candy. Marilyn is going to help Candy with her resume.

As ALWAYS, I've been stubbing my little toe on my left foot, yet again. I've done it so many times this year (and broke it at least once -- maybe twice). It's been giving me fits. I did it again a couple days ago and broke the nail right off it! Little wonder, I suppose. But boy does it hurt!!! I have no idea why that poor toe is always getting stubbed, but nothing I do seems to stop it!

I'm hung up on Coke Zero right now. Hahaha. Funny, huh? We normally drink a lot of Diet Pepsi -- or I drink Diet Dr. Pepper (especially Diet Cherry). Go figure.

Still eating a ton of cottage cheese. And we had corn on the cob (off the cob for Marilyn) for dinner tonight!

No sign of Hector and haven't been able to reach him. Our yard is a mess! (ugh)

Candy and Sue have no working furnace -- meaning no air conditioning -- at their house! Yikes. I can't imagine. No clue what they'll do about that. They're talking about selling the house...

Been playing a lot of zuma...

Marilyn told Sue to set up a doctor's appointment and she'd take her. And a hair appointment (her hair is very white and long -- she needs color and a cut bad!).

We seem to have issues being able to email from work to any Yahoo account. You have to be kidding me. Not again!!! That damn Mail Chimp. (sigh)

Better get to bed now! Work tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!
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More NEWS from LiveJournal. You can now 'embed' Facebook posts here at LJ. If -- if -- you want to, that is. (Which I think most of us do not want to do...)

The comments to this 'news' item? Negative (including mine). Surprising? No, not at all. If you've been here (at LiveJournal) for any amount of time -- and bothered to read what users have shared -- this has been the attitude since 2002. Actually, it may have been the attitude from the beginning, but I only joined LiveJournal in 2002. (smile)

Hahaha. Well, it can hardly have been the 'attitude' all that time, because originally there was no Facebook. Just for the record, LiveJournal came FIRST -- long before Facebook and other social media services. (Remember: LiveJournal inspired Facebook in the first place.)

I think it's interesting that we're still trying to 'defend' LifeJournal against other social media -- and fighting to keep it 'pure.' Other social media crosses over, so why NOT LiveJournal? I bet the Admin gets both confused and frustrated by our response to their changes. Hahaha. Here's the thing: We still see LiveJournal as THE FIRST and THE BEST. And, yeah, we ARE protective! (And interestingly enough, many users here appear to only use LJ. That's not me. I have many other social media accounts. But, yes, LJ is my favorite, by far.)

What does it all mean? In the history of LiveJournal, users have ALWAYS been outspoken about the service. They have always felt that they 'own' LJ to some degree. They've always been very personally invested. But the Admin hasn't always listened. And there have been several times when members quit. Large groups of people quit, all at one time. They 'voted' against LJ by no longer participating here. They didn't like being ignored. Who does?

Shouldn't the Admin/Owners have the right to change (and potentially improve) the service here? Yeah, of course. But they need to be gentle. And to respond to users. Maybe even include them in decisions, like in the past. Or pretend to, anyway. The users honestly care about LiveJournal, which should be a good -- not bad -- thing.

I've worried many times that LJ would end for one reason or another. Or that so many of my friends would leave that it wouldn't be as much fun here. Or that the Admin/Owners will make more changes that spoil the experience for us, the users.

How much would it take to finally drive me away? I honestly don't know -- and I hope I never find out.

Look, I'm still blogging all these years later. Almost every day. So I haven't let it really bother me. Or, like others, I'd just leave, right?

(An aside: I miss those people who used to be here and are now gone. Just sayin'...)

And there's no reason to get angry that things change here. All things change. We have to continue to change with them.

Ultimately we users love LJ. And when you love something, you feel it's okay for you to bitch about it (right or wrong). Hahaha. We love you, LiveJournal.
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A busy day at the office -- both Marilyn and I felt it was productive.

Starbucks this morning.

I got more than 6,000 steps today (I also did on Tuesday when at the office). Poor Marilyn can barely limp around. It's very frustrating to her! She asked me if we could leave the office around 4:00, as she was in such pain she just wanted to go home and put her leg up. I think the bone is really bruised, aside from the wound, which appears to be infected. Poor thing! Just getting in and out of the car nearly kills her.

Adeena came in and was a big help with Marilyn's nominating project. Christine visited so she could work on her resume (I had her sit in Rich's space near Marilyn).

There was a huge drama about the check reader which wasn't working. Steven was trying to help Tanya fix it. They had moved it from Sheila's computer to Tanya's computer. I asked to be in the mix, considering I'm the only one currently on staff that knows the processes we went through to originally set it up...

Donn got involved when he came in, then we put it off for next week. I was also going to have him move Tanya's computer, but we put that off for next week, too.

I did have Donn set up the 'front desk' Profile on what used to be Christine's machine. It's now on both the Receptionist machine and the second computer in that area -- which should be perfect going forward.

The 'Marketing' printer is having issues. So Kris came in to deal with that. He got it to work again (apparently the machine wasn't reading the network card) -- but it has a bad drawer. So he found us another machine for $150 to replace it. So that's where we're going soon...

I helped Kate with her project, then I went and gave her access to change out the Director Distribution Lists. (It's not complicated, but just requires me to access my notes on my own computer.)

I also need to set Carol up with access to the locked drives. I didn't get to that today, but will tomorrow...

Kris is working on getting us on Comcast -- but apparently so is Jeff! That should prove interesting! Anyway, Marilyn is very unhappy with our internet connection in the office. Plus then we could get Xfinity cable TV instead of DirectTV (which she hates).

Kris and I went to lunch (he kindly bought) and brought some Chinese back to Marilyn.

I was working on a bunch of IT-related projects during the day, anyway. But have more to do tomorrow...

Wanda has been jumping right in and finding mistakes at the website -- she's sent me a bunch to check. Good for her!

I took several bags over to June when we got home. Clothes and stuff. Hopefully she can use some of it, anyway...

Can't think what else. Did the recycling, and now am headed to bed.

Good night!
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I had actually planned to do some more yard work again today -- and maybe color my hair. But things change and I believe in being flexible.

This morning Marilyn and I had a discussion. I'm not really ready to discuss the details, but it got me to thinking about just how important it is that I seriously need to start DOWNSIZING our house.

I don't think I need to say that we have far too much. I always call myself a borderline hoarder -- and, yes, I know that I'm NOT really a hoarder. But I think we all fall somewhere on that scale, and I'm often high.

I have such sentimental attachments to the things around me, it's ridiculous. Things become more than things, they become like people -- or they represent people to me (or both).

I had been working on this in 2016, then got very sick. That was pretty much the end of this work. It's physically exhausting for me. And I often end up doing it in the summer (hot) months. There just hasn't been a chance to really tackle it again until now, anyway.

Here's a funny thing: I never seem to be able to just stick with one thing! I was working on clothes in my bedroom. Somehow I ended up in the kitchen. Then I cleaned out the ENTIRE pantry cupboard, from top to bottom. From there I ended up in the office, where I cleaned out EVERY SINGLE DRAWER of our desk! The center drawer still has contents, as does one of the bottom drawers. The other seven drawers are now EMPTY. I'm pretty proud of that!

Clearly all the contents of the desk had to go somewhere. I reorganized and put some of it away at my computer table/desk. I got rid of some of it -- either packing it for the Goodwill, to give to my friend June or threw it out. I even boxed up some items I thought we could use at the festival office.

Back to the bedroom, where I packed up two bags of clothes for my friend June, and several bags for the Goodwill.

While going through my clothes, I 'found' some items that had been 'missing' for several months. This is because I never finished my closet, so I'd put things into a basket and never pulled it out again to go through the rest of it!

I have several pair of pants I'm having trouble parting with. I really like them. And figure I should keep some, even if they're slightly large on me. But I want to get rid of many of these. (sigh) I put those aside late tonight, as I didn't have time to finish up today.

I also had some work for the office to do, and email to go through. But that's another story! Hahaha.

I did see some of Wimbledon today -- Roger played great!

Candy (our niece and sister Sue's daughter) asked if we could help her with her resume. Marilyn is happy to help (of course). So hopefully we'll get the info from her soon. She has a lot of experience managing a store and is terribly taken advantage of in her current position, so it's time for her to find something new.

I did go out to the garage and organized all the boxes and bags out there. I want them ready to go to the Goodwill when we have the chance to take them.

I had written to both Rich and Christine yesterday. And I heard back from both of them. Marilyn and I would like to have them down to stay at the beach house. Both agreed to come, which could be great fun, I think!

Marilyn's leg is very painful and difficult for her right now. She's read up on how to treat it, and she's supposed to keep it medicated and covered. That really makes it look nasty when she's changing the bandages. We both don't understand WHY she's supposed to avoid scabs, but that's what we read online in our research. The bone is definitely bruised, and the wound is infected. What a mess. Plus she's been training for her marathon, and this is a setback.

We had sliced up sausage and cheese with crackers for dinner. And I ate a little cottage cheese, too. Plus we ate a few peanuts. Yummy!

Well, I'm tired, so this is it for today. I didn't manage to write to either my friend June or Shari today, as I had planned to. Maybe tomorrow.

Donn is coming in tomorrow -- we have things to tackle. And maybe Kris -- I need to have a chat with him, too, about a couple of things.

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, all!
how to, teach
Marilyn and I didn't get to the office until around 10:00 a.m. this morning. Terrible traffic on the way! And there was SOMETHING going on -- police cars EVERYWHERE blocking us from going through a bunch of streets. I wonder what that was about???

I tried searching for information but couldn't discover a thing. I'm not kidding -- there were police cars blocking a bunch of streets! Oh well.

And now it's 3:30 a.m. and I just woke up in my chair in the family room. Marilyn was sound asleep on the sofa and the movie "Aliens" was just ending on the TV.

As for today, the whole gang went over to Starbucks for coffee. Then directly into staff meeting when we got back. I had to do a bunch of prelim stuff before we could start Wanda's training, so we didn't really get to it until past noon -- which is not normal. At around 1:30-ish we broke so she could get lunch.

Adeena walked with me to get a sandwich, then we went directly into Communications meeting, so I never ate a bite of it. I left that meeting early so Wanda and I could get back to her training.

Even though I had set up her 'secondary' Profile (name) late last night, there were other things that came up. We needed to logged in as Christine at the other front area computer, as 'Front Desk' was never Profiled on that machine! Annoying.

I spent some time resetting a bunch of passwords that needed doing. And setting up Wanda's cell phone.

Things were interesting in staff meeting, which Marilyn ran (Jeff's on vacation). There's so much to do right now!

Wanda and I just barely finished up her training right before 5:00! Hard to believe. I've never had training run that late before.

I was really tired when we were driving home tonight. Marilyn was too, after a day dealing with her injured leg which was so painful! And it's just hard coming back to work any time after being on vacation. But right now there's so much extra work to because of losing Christine...

I love Wanda! Marilyn had told me I would, and she was right. She a quality person.

I'm so tired right now I can't stop yawning. Good grief.

I had planned to phone sister Sue today, but there just wasn't time.

We stopped and shopped on the way home, getting cottage cheese and some other essential items, like cat food. We had cottage cheese for dinner.

I did send a note to both Christine and Rich. I want to stay in touch with them.

So much more I was going to say, but I can't keep my eyes open. I need to go to bed. More soon.
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I keep forgetting to ask you guys!!!

Recently I got the following COMMENT to two of my LiveJournal entries:
LJ Top 25

The entries are:
June 29, 2017 (Thursday)
June 30, 2017 (Friday)

The whole thing seemed (and still seems!) very ODD to me. Um... I just don't get WHY my boring entries would be in the 'Top 25' of anything.

So, my question is: Has this happened to any of you, as well?

I read the Rating page they linked me to, but I still don't really get it. Just sayin'...

Very quiet day. We usually like to do something special on Marilyn Mondays -- and this was our first for 2017. But with Marilyn's poor knee all torn to pieces and bruised and very sore (plus she's just sore from the fall), that seemed ridiculous to me to even consider.

We watched TV, including Rafa Nadal's five set match at Wimbledon which he unfortunately lost in the fifth, 13-15. (sigh) And played with our iPads. And I napped. And that's pretty much it, which was fine.

Now I need to go wash my hair for work tomorrow, before heading to bed!

Yep. Vacation is over and we're back to work again tomorrow. And I'll be training Wanda, as I've mentioned before. (I just went in Remotely and created a Profile for her to tie to her Receptionist account...)

Talked to sister Sue twice today! She told us Larry and family want to move to Arizona. Seriously? She doesn't want to, no surprise. Candy says she'll take her back home again. Sue hates being alone all day. Not sure what will happen...

Sweet dreams! More soon (hopefully).
After we all slept in, we got ready and went out for brunch.

Like last night for dinner, Marilyn picked up the tab (she's a very generous host to her friends).

We went to Pig 'N Pancake in Seaside, Oregon (the place where we signed the papers on our home more than five years ago).

[click on photos to see larger version]

Here's the entire gang at brunch!
Me, Marilyn, Carla, Gary and Patty.

Unfortunately, after brunch Marilyn stepped into the street to take a photo and struck a hole, which ended up with her falling down quite hard on her left knee. This photo doesn't really show how bad it is.


I'm concerned because there was dirt really ground into the wound -- and I couldn't begin to get it out when I was cleaning it. What a mess and very painful! She also abraded her ankle and hand, and injured her shoulder.

She's been training for her run in October. I have no clue how this will impact that...

We had planned to go play Fascination, but went directly home, instead. We visited for some time longer and all headed out late afternoon.

Marilyn and I ended up back in Portland around 8:00 p.m.

We came home to a surprise: the house was 92' inside!!! Yikes. So we immediately turned on the air conditioning to cool things down while I unpacked the car.

We could also smell something that had gone bad! I spent ages sniffing all over to discover what this was. A couple of ripe tomatoes went over, but there was no odor. Nothing was bad in the fridge or freezer! I checked bread and so on all over the house. You'll never guess what it was! The sponge in the kitchen sink smelled AWFUL! Clearly it was damp, the house was very, very hot and it soured really bad. Ugh! I still can't believe I could smell it all the way downstairs...

We did have a bite to eat, and now Marilyn is asleep on the family room sofa. I feel so bad for her! But there's really very little I can do.

We did have a lot of fun with our friends both yesterday and today. We need to do it again sometime soon.

In other news, Jeff did very well in his golf tournament, coming in second in his category! We're both proud of him.

And Adeena got her new (red) car to replace 'Pearl' (who was totaled during her recent auto accident).

Also, sister Sue phoned us when we were driving home to check on Marilyn. She went to a cribbage tournament this weekend with her son Larry.

And she informed us she was putting her house up for sale.

We're both uncertain about this. I think we need to contact Candy to learn more. We know they were behind in their payments, so it's difficult to know the actual details, considering... Even with Sue living somewhere else, we're not sure why she'd try to sell -- or even if she can.

Tomorrow (Monday) is our very first 'Marilyn Monday' for this year! For those who don't know, Marilyn gets her Mondays off starting in July and running through December. We always try to make the most of these free days. (Heaven knows she earns them with all her hard work and long hours from January through June!)

Tuesday Wanda starts and I'll be training her. Tomorrow Kate will be covering the front desk.

Well, that's it for today. We've had a lovely vacation!

Here's hoping all is well for you, my friends. Happy summer!
fun - spinning ball
Slept in (heaven!).

Got up and got ready and packed the car. We wanted to leave for the beach house directly after the Rose Planting.

Bad traffic heading there, but we were right on time! Nice ceremony at Brett's house.

Then drove to the beach -- hit bad traffic near Seaside!

Carla and Gary arrived shortly after we got here, bringing our ROSE! We've wanted it ever since we moved in five years ago. Then Gary installed it on our front porch!

[click photo to see larger version]

Marilyn with Rose
Isn't it beautiful?

Then Patty arrived! She's so smart about "I Love Lucy"!!! Carla is, too, actually.

the gang
Here's the whole gang (minus me).
Patty, Carla, Gary and Marilyn!

We went out for dinner at the Shilo Inn, having margaritas and loads of food. Great fun! The view is amazing and the food was very good!

Then back to the house for trivia! Lots more fun!

And lots of chatting and visiting with our friends. Such dear people!

We're thinking breakfast out in the morning.

I don't know how long we'll stay after that. We plan to head back to Portland tomorrow.

We've certainly enjoyed our vacation. Wonderful!

Sweet dreams, everyone!
YIKES! I am really, REALLY late blogging! I just totally spaced it last night. (sigh)

As you can easily tell from where this appears in your stream, I certainly didn't blog in the middle of the night (as I usually do). Sorry, guys.

Friday was pretty quiet for us. We did a lot of laundry -- and especially things we want to take with us to the beach house.

Oh! About that: we decided to go on Saturday for our Saturday gathering! This all came about when we realized SATURDAY is the Rose Planting for our president for this year, Brett. That's an unusual time of year for the VIP rose plantings, but oh well!

Carla and Gary were not going to miss this (it's actually three plantings: our president, the president of the Rose Society and the current Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians!!!), and Marilyn and I don't want to miss it, either. We won't go to all three, though -- just to Brett's.

So we're going to pack up BEFORE we go to the event and then leave directly after that!

We'll only be at the beach house for one night, so the cats should be fine until we return. They won't like it much, though!!!

Anyway, this is our "I Love Lucy" weekend that we've been planning FOREVER with our friend Patty -- and now includes Carla and Gary. And, yes, Marilyn and I are huge fans and have been since childhood.

It's been fun 'drilling' on "I Love Lucy," by the way! We'll do more of that on our drive there...

As for Friday, we did make a quick trip to Costco to pick up a few things. I've been supposed to go since April! And Adeena was going to take me back in May. But it never happened. So Marilyn and I went out.

Because of back and forth with Jeff about Brett and today's planting, we went quite late, so we miss all the samples. But that was okay.

We got a HUGE BOX of light bulbs! And the batteries that fit in our remotes for the Cable/TV (which are always dead, it seems). And several other things, too.

Well, I need to go pack now and get ready for the Rose Planting. I wonder if I should be wearing my uniform or not???

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!
charlie 2012 beige
First off, it's 81' in the house right now, and I'm sweating bullets. I just changed out of one set of clothes because they were soaked, and now I'm sitting here soaking another set. Oh well. I did turn on the AC to give myself a much-needed jolt of cool air, but it's not much help so far...

Secondly, it's 2:40 a.m. and I just did the garbage and recycling (including the cat boxes) for this week. Yes, it's 'real' garbage week -- always welcome during the summer when the heat makes things stink during the period between the not-real garbage week and the real one. (sigh) And I'd love to hear a good solution to that one, all these years later...

After a chat with a household that deals with tons of adult diapers, I think I can better appreciate what a pain this is for so many. Yes, including those with babies, not just adults who need diapers. (Though adult diapers are much BIGGER than those a baby uses...)

I was up at 4:00 watching Wimbledon this morning for some time, before heading back to bed.

Marilyn got up and went to the track early. She ran two miles and walked another one. Good for her! Me? I was at home having a leg cramps. (sigh)

We had a pot of hot coffee when she got home with some of that cinnabon pound cake -- so good.

Then she had a shower and after I had a shower.

We went to Kathy's shop in time for my appointment. Marilyn took a new route to get there that was much better than June and I used. I'll have to be sure and tell it to June!

Kathy has flowers all over her yard, which looked so nice. She has a cute deck in the back where the door to her shop is located.

She cut my hair and we three had a lovely visit. And then she showed Marilyn her house, which is a 1930's home with many original features, like the leaded glass windows and built-in.

Her dog Lucy was friendly, as always.

We went to the store to get a couple things, then suddenly decided to take a drive up the Columbia River Gorge. On our way back, Marilyn suggested stopping for margaritas at a place in Parkrose that I've never been to, and I agreed. The next thing we knew, Carolyn and Bill showed up, and we all moved to a table together! Both of them are on our festival board and major volunteers. But they're also friends. And Carolyn is Marilyn's money manager -- and helped us to get our beach house.

We four are having drinks and chatting away and suddenly Jeff joins us! He had a beer but didn't eat anything (and refused a Margarita). He has an early tee time for his golf tournament in the morning.

I drank around a margarita and a half (not quite, thankfully!) and ended up a bit in the bag! When we got home I fell asleep sitting up at one point. We'd planned to come home and have a nap right away, but several things delayed me. I was certainly glad to 'rest my eyes' a bit at around 11:00 p.m., though.

I woke up around 1:00 and you know the rest. Hahaha. I'm still sweating like mad.

Well, I need to get back to bed. Marilyn and I plan to head to the beach house tomorrow. And I need to do laundry (which I should have done today!!!) and my pills and so on before we take off.

Vacation is lovely, that's for sure!

Sweet dreams, friends.
Marilyn went with Jeff to Multnomah Falls this morning (while I was still in bed). She'd warned him they would need an early start if they were going to climb up to the top of the falls.

For those who probably don't know it, Multnomah Falls is the most visited natural recreation site in all of the Pacific Northwest. They have more than 2 million people stop there each year to take in the views.

Jeff and Marilyn were there around 9:00 a.m. and it wasn't too bad going up. She has a fear of heights, and the path isn't wide. It's been years since I climbed it, but I remember it clearly! There's barely room for people to pass on the path. And there's really no room to stop and rest. So you have to keep on climbing...

They've been planning this for ages now, so it's about time they finally managed to go. Anyway, the total distance to the top of the falls and back is 2.4 miles -- so they got a good hike!

She phoned me on her way back. I was up and washing some dishes and so on. She told me she ASKED ME this morning if I wanted to go and I said no. But I don't even recall the conversation! Hahaha. I was that fast asleep. I was having leg cramps anyway, so I couldn't have tried it. And there's no place to hang out with so many tourists to wait them out. Oh well. Another time. At least I've done it before.

This was Jeff's first time EVER to go there! He's never even STOPPED THERE before now! That's hard to imagine for us as we go there frequently and have since we were kids...

I guess it was PACKED coming down again, which is no surprise this time of year. We often go there other times of the year when it's not as packed.

Marilyn and I had homemade coffee and half a banana muffin when she got back, along with half a Cinnabon Marble Pound Cake slice. Yummy!

Later we ate leftover baked beans and hotdogs (Hot Diggity Dogs) for lunch -- also yummy!

And we were playing Zuma, which after ALL THESE YEARS has never grown old for us. Or maybe it's just something about it being a game we've had forever, who knows? (smile)

Then there's Wimbledon tennis to watch! My goodness, but speaking of never getting tired of something: Roger and Rafa are amazing to see!!!

I did take time to phone Kathy McFallo for a hair appointment. She's opened a shop at her house now, off Interstate Avenue (which is close by our house, in other words). She'd had a cancellation, so could take me tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. -- and Marilyn can take me there. I really, really need a hair cut!

Can't think what else to share...

Did I mention I reached Hector by phone recently? He was sick (!!!) and unable to come out to work on the yard, I'm afraid... Sorry to hear that.

Well, that was our day, pretty much. I didn't begin to get any steps today, but that's okay, I guess.

Hope all is well with all of you! I've been reading (and commenting) a little bit, anyway. And plan to do more, too.
flag (burst)

Happy Fourth of July!

Today I had someone say that this was 'just any day' -- but Marilyn and I STRONG disagree with that. Even if you don't do something special on this day, it is a special day to Americans. Or it should be, anyway...

This is a special day for Marilyn and me. It always has been and always will be. We're very proud to be Americans.

That doesn't mean we can't appreciate that there are people in this country who aren't happy. No does it mean we don't appreciate other nations and support them. But we love this day. We honor this day.

Today we didn't do much of anything. Marilyn started her day by going to the track -- which is always a good way to start your day in our book! (No, I didn't go along. I've been asked that already. But I was having bad leg cramps again this morning... sigh...)

We ate our WONDERFUL banana muffins for breakfast. Yummy! With a nice pot of homemade coffee.

We watched a bunch of TV today. Including one of our all-time favorite movies, "The Great Escape." For those who might not know, this was a 1963 American World War II film based on a book, about a German POW camp and their escape attempts -- starring Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough.

Steve McQueen was WONDERFUL in this movie. Apparently his role was based on at least three pilots, David M. Jones, John Dortch Lewis and William Ash. He has been credited with having the most significant performance, but there were many wonderful performances and amazing characters that Marilyn and I love!

Critic Leonard Maltin wrote that "the large, international cast is superb, but the standout is McQueen; it's easy to see why this cemented his status as a superstar." McQueen served in the US Marines after WWII, and is credited for saving fellow Marines' lives during an Arctic exercise.

The Great Escape grossed $11.7 million at the box office with a budget of $4 million, and became one of the highest-grossing films of 1963 (despite heavy competition). Plus in the years since its release, its audience has broadened, cementing its status as a cinema classic. It was entered into the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival where McQueen won the Silver Prize for Best Actor.

We watched it BOTH TIMES it was on today -- and we were talking about it. It's so good that we can watch it over and over again. The characters are what matter to us! And these are so interesting...

Anyway, if you've never seen it, I highly recommend it.

I read the book years ago and enjoyed it. But the movie is actually BETTER than the book. Yes, the book is written based on actual events -- and much of the movie is fictional. But that does not detract from the film at all.

I went with my friend June to the Dollar Tree in the afternoon. We went to the one over at Lloyd Center, which is huge and has much more than our small local one (which I also like and shop at). I got a bunch of things and really enjoyed the trip.

June's car had a dead battery and Jim had to jump it before we could go...

I chatted with our friend Shari in the morning, which was nice. It sounded like she had some good plans for today (two picnics!).

After I got back, Marilyn and I took a nap. When I got up I made Mom's Hot Diggity Dogs.

Here's the recipe:
Gloria's Hot Diggitty Dogs

1 package hot dogs (we like Oscar Meyer all beef hot dogs)
In a flat bowl, mix mustard and ketchup (to taste -- whatever variety you prefer)
Using different kinds of mustard and/or ketchup change the flavor, so feel free to experiment!
In another flat bowl, fill with Kellogg's Corn Flake Crumbs (use a lot!)
(You can buy these ready made, or use Corn Flake cereal and crush it)

Preheat your oven at 350'.

Take a sharp knife and carefully cut the skin of each hot dog, one at a time. Go around like a barber pole (spiraling from end to end).

Roll each hotdog in the mustard/ketchup mixure, then immediately coat GENEROUSLY with a the Corn Flake Crumbs. The thicker the coating the better! This is a messy process, but you get better as you go along! As you finish each one, place it gently on a cookie sheet -- leave room between each hot dog.

Bake at 350' for around half an hour. This depends on your oven, but you want these to brown well -- and even get some spots of black. This depends on taste, but you're going for a crunchy exterior and juicy interior!

These don't require buns (but you can serve them that way, if you prefer). They don't require toppings (the mustard and ketchup are already on them!), but again, you can serve them with this.

Mom originally got the recipe from Kellogg's many, many years back. But immediately changed it from ketchup alone to the mustard/ketchup mixture. She also baked it longer than they did, which makes it very crispy (which we've always preferred).

Okay, that's NOT the 'official' recipe. We put it in the Centennial Cookbook back in 2007 -- but for whatever reason I can't find that cookbook! (Yes, I know I have it here somewhere!!!) But that's what I did today, so I just described it. I'll look for the 'real' recipe sometime, but it can't be much different! (smile)

You might not like hot dogs or want to try it, but I included it, just in case...

Marilyn's baked beans were DELICIOUS today. (Her 'secret' ingredient is a splash or two of Pendleton whiskey, by the way! Yummy!) So we ate a lot of baked beans and hot dogs...

Watched Macy's NYC fireworks (twice!), and the local fireworks over in Vancouver, Washington on TV.

Well, that's it for today! I'm off to bed. Wimbledon starts very early!!!

Sweet dreams.
First, there was an update to the news about the accident: UPDATE: Major Crash Team Responding to Fatal Crash on Marine Drive
The person killed on Friday...Collapse )
You can read the article online HERE at the City of Portland official website (or see the cut above for the copy from there).

Anyway, it's accurate now! That was all we wanted to see. I don't know who they talked to (it wasn't us), but they have the details straight.

I spoke with Levi AND sister Sue today, briefly. Always nice to chat with her!

Marilyn and I went shopping today at Old Navy. There isn't an Old Navy on Hayden Island anymore! We were surprised, as we'd never noticed that before. But we went to the one in Gresham. I got a couple of pairs of pants and some shorts. Marilyn got some dresses and some tops. Anyway, we got a lot of clothes at good prices and had fun. I got one pair of pants that cost $3.47! Can you believe that?

Later we went to dinner with our friends (and neighbors) June and Jim. We went to Red Robin and had a nice time. We always enjoy our dinners out with them!

After that we went quickly to Walmart to grab a couple things, then home again.

We watched American Ninja Warrior -- which was WONDERFUL, as always! We really love that show. Everybody pulls for everybody else to do well. The stories about contestants are amazing and heart-warming. And the actual competition is inspiring! You can't beat it.

I tried using the sprinkler system, but it has some MAJOR issues, I'm afraid. We'll have to water with a hose, I guess...

I almost forgot: Wimbledon started today (at 4:00 a.m.)!!!

I got more than my 4,000 steps today, somehow.

And that's it for today. I'll try and share more photos tomorrow -- we're headed to bed, now!
colin relax
It's actually nearing 1:00 a.m. But at least we're on vacation and can sleep in if we feel like it tomorrow. Hahaha. And I certainly DID sleep in this morning!

The sound of the garage door woke me, actually. Marilyn was heading for the Roosevelt High School track to walk/run. She did two miles (amazing, huh?). While she was gone I cleaned the cat water and did the cat boxes. Then she got home and washed her hair (showered).

And I took the new Mac computer Mark gave her recently and made room for it on the coffee table down in the family room -- which is right in front of her couch. It's crammed full of things, but I cleared a bunch off and set it up on the left side facing the couch. It's HUGE. I mean, it's like a big screen TV!

You'd think it wouldn't be that big a deal for us to set it up, right? Well... Look, this is our first-ever Mac. Thankfully we've had Apple devices, so there's plenty of frames of reference going on. And I'm not bad with computers, period (as we know). But it's the little things that make us nuts.

Like: there's no backspace key on Mac computers. WTF??? There's the Delete key. Weird. And the Command key (which appears in two spots) doesn't read 'Command' -- you're just supposed to know it's the Command key. I've always loved how Apple plays these little superiority games with people. 'This is how we do it. You should automatically know how it's done, and we're not going to make it easier for you to figure it out. And if you can't figure it out without help, then you are an idiot.' Okay, Apple, I guess I'm an idiot, because I don't automatically understand your crap. I'm glad I can reason it all out over time. But, boy, how you love to waste my time!

I may hate Microsoft, too, but they don't seem to waste quite as much of my time as Apple does. The arrogance is high for both, but Apple wins. And I've NEVER liked anything that makes anyone feel stupid. That's not how I operate! I'm always out to make people feel smarter and more confident. I know lots of other IT people who feel the same!

We're still reasoning out things right now. And when it asked for iCloud confirmation on the Mac it wanted info from one of our older iPads (that we rarely use) -- rather than our current ones (which we use every day). But NOT our oldest iPad. Go freaking figure that one! Hey, exactly how many times do we need to enter our Apple ID information before you figure out it's us and let us be good to go? I think this over and over again crap is ridiculous, Apple. Why do you make it all so damn hard???

And you wonder why people like PCs??? There's a damn good reason. I certainly wouldn't want to be dealing with Macs in the office, that's for sure! I've got enough issues with PCs.

We had a nice day. It's beautiful weather and we took a ride to Sauvie Island and had hamburgers there. Then we went to Hayden Island planning to go to Old Navy -- the store there is gone, though. We looked around Ross but didn't buy anything. We wanted new America tees for the Fourth.

I have a bunch more photos to share!

[click on any photo to see the larger version]

Again, random order, just selecting them from a gallery here...

Red Robin - June 29, 2017

Marilyn has good snacks!

Me, too!

I LOVE the burger with the fried egg
(minus lettuce and bacon)

Marilyn thought her onion ring looked like
a peace symbol!

I really ate up a lot of my burger
(and only took home this much!)

Sunday Parkways - June 25, 2017

Marilyn walked all over in the horrible heat
(checking out various booths and things)

I watched her from a distance, not up to
the terrible heat...

Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival - June 24

Fun times!

I got a good laugh!

With our friend, Gary!
(Matching shirts!)

Mugs from our friend Jan!
(We're going to keep them at the
beach house.)

Miscellaneous (Yard and Colin)

Colin stole this Santa Hat off
Marilyn's dresser!
Then tore it in two!

He likes the top of the hat best!
He stretched it out...

Colin often knocks books from the
bookcase in Marilyn's bedroom.
He ALWAYS gets 'Good Cats' every
single time! He won't let us forget!

Colin's fave spot, above Marilyn's head.
(On the couch in the family room.)

My rose by the garage looks so
great this year!

A large pile of branches I trimmed.
(In the back yard.)

There's our Whirly Vane! We really
love it!

More photos again soon!

Sweet dreams!
summer 2007, roses 2007
We slept in. At least, I did! Hahaha. (Not so sure about Marilyn.) The phone ringing is what woke me -- it was Angel. I'd asked him about borrowing some of his I Love Lucy books, so he was calling about that.

Angel and his wife Kathy came by just past noon and we visited for more than an hour. Very nice chat!!! And he left behind some books, which was sweet of him. We talked of getting together again soon...

I fixed Marilyn's computer -- her speakers haven't been working recently. I finally pulled it away from the wall (not easy!!!) and checked the plug in. It was loose. So it was an easy fix. (grin) Now she can hear the music and sound effects when she plays Zuma...

And we both played some Zuma today, too! (smile)

We watched some TV. And talked about taking a ride, but decided not to do that. However, we did run to Freddies to pick up a few groceries. We wanted more cottage cheese, for one thing. And got some watermelon and some other items.

Marilyn made her WONDERFUL baked beans today and we both ate a ton of them! Delicious!!! Really a taste of summer (and we always have them around the Fourth).

I also want to share several photos -- so here we go!

[click on these to see the larger version]

These are not in chron order -- because LiveJournal simply does not load things in order. I just don't want to fight it and hate spending ages trying to rearrange them. So it is what it is. Hahaha.

Oregon City Heritage Days - June 23, 2017

Christine, me and Xander at the
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Saw this wild rose!

Xander and me near some roses!

Marilyn with John McLoughlin
outside the Barclay House

Me with John Salisbury
at the Barclay House
He's holding the bear Marilyn bought me -- and went and
put on his own hat (we've named the bear John!)

Christine and Xander outside
the McLoughlin House

Marilyn with two living history characters
(she is obviously in the center!)

A living history character, Marilyn and

Lunch! I 'forced' Xander to get
a banana split (minus bananas as they
had none!) and 'split' it with me!

Christine by a tree at the
Mountain View Cemetery

Marilyn and Rolla
holding the book she's had for him
for weeks!

Me, Marge (Rolla's wife) and Marilyn
at the Mountain View Cemetery

Xander at the cemetery

Living history characters
(Denyse is on the left)

More roses (of course!)

That was such FUN!!! I'm so pleased to finally share some photos from that day!

MORE photos coming very soon!!!

We enjoyed our usual METV shows tonight. And we loved The Time of Their Lives on Svengoolie tonight -- it's a favorite of ours! We're huge Abbott and Costello fans.

Sweet dreams, friends.
Marilyn let me sleep in -- nice of her, but we were late getting away! We were driving up the Columbia River Gorge to cross into Washington state and attend Angel's show at the library in White Salmon. We were afraid we'd be late, but we got there just in time!

I guess TIMING is everything, by the way...

Angel put on his usual entertaining show. He had a big crowd of children and parents and we all laughed and laughed. Loads of fun!

After that we went to the White Salmon Bakery and had coffee and goodies. They have part of the room set up as the bakery and you can watch the baker rolling the dough! And there are bowls of dough rising and a fabulous oven! Delicious and entertaining. And we had a lovely visit with Angel before heading back to Portland again.

Then we had agreed to meet Jeff at a bar on Marine Drive. Traffic was awful! (I'll avoid say it was 'murder' or a 'killer' under the circumstances -- but both sprang to mind.)

We were chatting away and suddenly a car was FLYING THROUGH THE AIR, struck by a huge semi truck! It went directly in front of us and over the embankment. The first thing Marilyn asked was "Did he go into the river?" (Marine Drive is called that because it runs right beside the river.)

Then we're both staring at that truck heading DIRECTLY TOWARD US -- with traffic surrounding us and no place to go!!!

He had swerved to try and avoid the first 'flying' car, that turned in front of him out of nowhere. Then he hits the car directly in front of us and we both brace ourselves, sure he'll hit us and the car behind us will do the same.

And somehow -- somehow -- it doesn't happen. It's a miracle. Marilyn immediately starts to try and reach 911 -- which was extremely frustrating and difficult to do! I'm out of the car and looking down at the car that flew over the embankment. Five men -- other drivers (witnesses is how the news referred to them) scramble down the slippery hillside -- I don't even try it. I watch while they go down and are trying to get the man out of his smashed car (with the airbag deployed). They have no tools, so they literally grab the frame and bend it to release him, then move him to the ground and begin performing CPR.

One of them calls to me to make sure someone is calling 911. I know of four people by that time who are trying (and I'm sure there were more), so I tell them. Another woman from some car behind us somewhere comes over sobbing and crying and on her phone. She hands it off to someone down the side to talk to them.

I check on the Asian woman who was in the car in front of us and was hit (holding her arm to calm her). She's fine, although her car was totaled (her airbag did not deploy, so she was able to get out of the car on her own). I'm trying to keep people from stepping in the gasoline that's EVERYWHERE. We're nervous, as the embankment is covered in DRY GRASS. And it's a lot of gas, spreading down the highway. People are wandering everywhere.

When I was getting out of the car a guy on a motorcycle came up behind me -- Marilyn was afraid he'd hit me. He was one of the men who went down the side to help. For all I know the man was dead on impact. I guess I'll never know that. But I heard more than one person down there saying he was dead. Still, they kept doing CPR on him. And they kept calling up to ME and asking "Where are they?" "Are they coming?" Expecting professional help that didn't come and didn't come...

Finally I just step in the puddles of gas so I can check on the truck driver. He's looking all over the inside of his cab and finally comes down to talk to me. He's obsessed with telling me that he had lost his bluetooth and couldn't find it (he says that several times, as he's obviously in shock). I ask him how he is and he says he's fine, but he references the man below. And I tell him it wasn't his fault (it wasn't). And he says, "The car came out of nowhere." I held his arm and tried to comfort him.

A fire engine finally shows up. I check on Marilyn and get my iPhone which was in my purse. We didn't think to take photos through the window of how close everything was! But I take a couple of shots after that. I gesture the emergency guys down to where the car is.

A police car arrives and I try to talk to the policeman and let him know I was a witness -- one of the two closest to the accident (Marilyn being the other one!). But he ignores me.

Then I try to talk to a fireman (actually, a woman), who also ignores me. She asks if I was hit, and then orders me to go get in my car and stay there.

I'm a witness. I want to make sure the truck driver is not blamed. I can't get the officials to listen to me. I was calm and I was reasonable. But I was ignored.

I go back to get into the car. But it's NOT THERE. So I phone Marilyn (thankfully I now have my phone!). She tells me they forced her to move and she's now down 148. So I start walking that way.

Marilyn's concern with contacting 911 was not just to help the injured man -- but to get traffic control there. There was a TON OF TRAFFIC and people were so busy trying to get around the accident that she was afraid we'd end up with another one! Plus we were trapped right there, directly near the accident. Nobody knew if there could end up being a fire, explosion or what...

It's the beginning of a holiday weekend. We're in traffic heading to Washington (tons of people live in Washington and work in Portland and have to head home each night -- the traffic is always terrible, even without an accident).

We're crawling along in bumper-to-bumper traffic. We've let Jeff know what happened -- he keeps saying he's so glad we're okay, over and over.

It takes us two hours after that to get home again.

We both share at Social Media (the fastest way to let friends and family know). I also call June and Jim and tell them about it.

Later sister Sue calls -- her daughter-in-law Tammy has seen it on Facebook.

We hear about the accident on TV. Of course they've got the details ALL WRONG. After all, nobody would listen to me. I still want to reach out to the police at some point, but don't know if it even matters. You can't force people to listen if they don't want to. I'd get it if I'd been hysterical like the crying woman (who never did get herself under control). But I was there helping and perfectly calm the whole time.

It was a relief to get safely home.

Interesting start to our much-needed vacation. Poor Marilyn! I don't know how she could face the horrible drive home after that experience. She's so courageous. Traffic is awful here.

I just saw the story at OregonLive and people are automatically blaming the truck driver (as I was worried they would do). (sigh)

I guess there's nothing much more to share today after all of this.

We're thinking we'll treat ourselves to raspberries and coffee now.
Laughing over Frasier. Always funny...

I started my day going through emails, and did a load of dishes and picked up in the kitchen.

Later on I spent time trimming the front bushes. They aren't totally done, but I feel I got a good start. Marilyn will enjoy shaping them more.

After the bushes I was so tired. I was trembling again -- but did not have low blood sugar, so that's good. I think I just need to build up my strength for doing physical labor.

Anyway, I went into my bedroom and decided to lie down on top of it. Henry decided to join me. He insisted on being under the top blanket, however. It was pretty cute to see the lump on the bed next to me. I was out like a light and didn't wake up until Marilyn got home!

We talked a bit, and decided we'd go out for dinner. But Marilyn had been up since quite early, so she needed a nap. We both went to sleep.

Then when we got up we went to Red Robin for dinner, which was very nice.

Coming home we stopped at Safeway to pick up a couple of things.

When we got close to the house it was dark -- and we saw a coyote (!!!) walking across a lawn. We stopped to look at it and it just stood in the yard for ages before heading away.

I put out some dog food before we headed into the house...

Angel invited us to go see one of his shows tomorrow. And Jeff asked about getting together tomorrow, too. So at this point I have no clue what we're doing! But as of today we're on VACATION!!! We don't go back to work until July 11.

Marilyn hired a new woman -- Wanda -- to cover the front desk for the summer. Adeena sent her our way (she knows her from school). Marilyn really loved her. I'm looking forward to meeting her. I think I'll be training her on July 11...

Meanwhile she'll be coming in to learn the phone system.

And now I'm headed to bed. I'm still really tired.