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sister sue
Sister Sue and I went to Costco today. Before that, we went to the vet to pick up Henry's pills. And Sue's bank so she could fix issues with her pin (US Bank in St. Johns).

And we TRIED to pick up Henry's eye drops at Freddies Interstate, but they didn't have the order! I'll figure that out tomorrow (hopefully).

We spent a LOT of time in Sue's car WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING on a very, very hot day! And managed to survive somehow. I know that was common enough years back, but I guess with age I'm more sensitive to the heat. And I've certainly been very sensitive to the heat this summer, after being so sick.

I forgot to mention yesterday receiving my 'special invitation' to an event at Spirit Mountain Casino on September 16 (a Friday). This is a 'surprise' event (we've known the invitation would be coming for some time), so we don't really know any details of what will be happening. But it was a COOL invitation! It came in a decorated box with a tag that had my name on it. Inside was a darling succulent plant in a clay pot, plus a card with the invitation on one side, and care instructions for the plant on the other side. Marilyn brought it home to me yesterday. It's just darling!

I found a little clay 'saucer' to go under it today and carefully watered it. It needs bright light when indoors and sunlight is okay. I want to be careful with it so it will be around for years to come (fingers crossed).

Somebody at the office (Marilyn thinks it was Rich) brought in green pears -- and Marilyn brought several home for me. I LOVE green pears, so that made me very happy!

Last night in my blog I mentioned that our DVD movie had arrived, but didn't share any details. This was "The First Olympics: Athens 1896," a 1984 TV miniseries that tells the tale of the founding of the modern Olympics. (The two-part mini-series originally aired in the United States in May of 1984.) Marilyn and I are HUGE FANS of this mini-series, which they used to air frequently during the actual Olympics. This year they didn't play it, but we decided it was time to BUY it -- so Marilyn did!!!

Anyway, she put it on to play and then fell asleep on the sofa in the family room, while I watched the entire first part (it's two parts). Actually, that means I saw the entire first DVD (it's a two-DVD set). I can't say how much I loved seeing it again!

I know the mini-series isn't 100% accurate, but it's pretty good, even so. A great cast and enjoyable story that captures the spirit of all Olympics, in my mind.

Tonight Marilyn didn't get home until close to 9:00 p.m. She (obviously) had a very long day at work. This is a busy week for her, with lots of important meetings. She had a bite to eat when she got home, then I made popcorn and we watched Casino Royale," the first of the James Bond films that featured Daniel Craig. He's ended up Marilyn's and my FAVORITE James Bond -- and that's NOT an easy choice! We've been James Bond fans since childhood, reading our first Bond novels before any of the movies were made. (The only Bonds we didn't care for were David Niven and Roger Moore.) They did a WONDERFUL job with this film, which actually follows some of the novel in perfect detail, believe it or not!

Sue and I each got very little at Costco today -- which might be a first! I spent under $65 (and I swear she spent almost the same amount!). But I got our Chinet paper plates (both dinner and lunch size) that we love to use, along with a huge box of bird seed and some spaghetti sauce. Sue got garbage bags and couple other items. And we ate there (and I brought food home).

After leaving my Costco items at home, we headed back to her house so I could mess with her computer. I discovered some odd things about her Firefox browser that I changed. And I got rid of her Opera browser links (that just confused her). I got her logged in at Livejournal, so she should be able to comment to my blog again (it's been MONTHS since she was able to do that!!!). And I checked on some of her passwords, too...

Then we stopped at Starbucks on the way back to my house, which was fun. (It was very nice of Sue to treat me!)

That's TWO days in a row seeing each other -- and we have hair appointments tomorrow together. (smile)

I did water and feed my birds (and other critters) today. They suffer without water in this terrible heat! And I saw a hummingbird at the feeder, too.

June and Jim have offered an exercise machine that they have to Marilyn, who is excited to get it! I'll need to rearrange the family room to make a space for it. Maybe I can start that after I get home from my hair appointment tomorrow...

Fitbit Update: I got more than 6,000 steps today, and more than 4,000 yesterday. I'm proud to be getting back to my walking finally. It's been a difficult summer for me with exercise, due to illness...

Please keep good thoughts (or share your prayers) for my dear friend Donn tomorrow! He has his surgery to remove the bad finger. MANY THANKS!!!

Can't think what I'm forgetting, so I guess I'll close. Off to bed soon (it's nearly midnight).

Goodnight, all! Sweet dreams!
This was a RED LETTER day, to me! Sister Sue has her car back -- and after her show (Young and the Restless, on from 11:00 to noon) she came over so we could go to Freddies. I wanted to pick up some more Muscle Milk -- and for the two of us to have Starbucks together!

We had a nice time. We sat there and chatted while drinking our coffee for some time.

Other things I got done today:

I called Recology in Seaside about our garbage for the beach house. The woman said the can had been EMPTY when they went by in both July and August. I didn't want to call anyone a liar, but Ralph (our amazing handyman at the beach) had TOLD US there was garbage in the can. And he certainly wouldn't lie about it! I told the woman I'd check with Ralph again and get back to her. When I told Marilyn about it, she decided we'd drive to the beach house after she got home from work to check for ourselves.

I took out all the garbage in the house today (always a good thing).

I called the vet to get Harry's meds refilled. And I set up for text messages, so I got word via text when this was done. Hopefully Sue and I can pick them up tomorrow.

Sue and I made plans to go to COSTCO tomorrow morning. After that we're going over to her house so I can check some settings on her computer (and see if I can fix them).

I sprayed the floor of the garage and the can. We got some special spray to deal with odors. It seemed to work great.

I set up hair appointments for Sue and me for Thursday. Cut for me, and cut and color for her. Kathy (my hairdresser) is on vacation, so I'll see someone new. Sue will see Merrilee. I'm seeing Kelsey, who is also a Roosevelt graduate... (At one point it looked like we wouldn't be able to get in before September.)

I was worried about our cable in the office, but fortunately it was working today (not at all last night!), so I didn't have to phone Comcast today.

Adeena phoned in the afternoon and we spoke briefly, before Marilyn phoned me.

June called and has an exercise machine she's offering to Marilyn, who very much wants it! I'll need to do some rearranging to make room for it in the family room...

Can't think what else I'm missing!

As soon as Marilyn got home from work we headed down to Seaside, Oregon. We stopped on the way to see the ocean! Lovely.

We also got McDonald's on the way. We ate the fries while driving, then ate when we got to the house.

As for the garbage, I opened both cans and they have loads of stuff inside! So both Marilyn and I took photos so I can send them to Recology. Obviously I'll be calling them again tomorrow!

We didn't stay long, but I did grab some books that were there that I wanted in Portland. And left off stuff we were taking down to the beach house.

The drive home was fun. We listened to Monkee songs and sang along!!!

Home just past 10:00. What a nice drive!

Marilyn has a very busy week in front of her (and today was a hard -- and early -- day for her, as well). She has nominating tomorrow night. And a massage Thursday night.

OUR MOVIE ARRIVED TODAY! We're both very pleased!!!

I guess that's it for today!
grand king louis
We went to Wildlife Safari today in Winston, Oregon -- and had a really WONDERFUL time!

Both sister Sue and Adeena came to our house around 7:30 a.m. and we left by around 7:45. We got home today just a bit past 12 hours later (around 8:00).

Happy aside: Sue has her car back! Her daughter Candy has been driving it for most of this year, but recently got a car (with help from her dad and his wife -- as well as financial help from Sue). Anyway, it's been hard with Sue not having a car, so this is exciting news! She and I are looking forward to spending a lot more time together again! (woo hoo) And hopefully Candy will really enjoy her 'new' (used) car, as well. (We hope she got a good car that will be exactly what she needs.)

We had a fun time on the drive, chatting and laughing! And it was fortunately cooler today (in the 80's). We stopped for McDonald's on the way.

When we got to Wildlife Safari, we went in and walked over to where the Australian area is inside the park. We wanted to see aviary again (we had so much fun there last year!). You go inside and it's full of various birds. You buy small sticks that have seeds glued to one end that you can feed to the birds. The birds fly around and land on you to eat from the sticks. So cute!

After that we went for a ride on the train! It wasn't in operation last year, so we were pretty excited about it. (And we get train rides for free as members.) That was also nice as you can see a lot of things from the train, so Sue didn't have to try and walk to all those various exhibits.

After that we headed back to the car so we could drive through and see all the animals. Again, we're members, so we can drive through as many times as we want free of charge for the two of us and two guests.

This was Adeena's first time ever visiting, and we had a very good day for it! We didn't get to see the rhinos or hippos, but we saw everything else! The brown bears were quite active (which is sometimes not true).

And in one part of the park you can buy food and feed it to the deer and large birds, so we did that. (Adeena declined so she could act as photographer and take pictures of the rest of us doing the feeding.) What fun that was! Something totally new and just hysterically fun.

After we were done we hit the road again and went to the Heaven on Earth Restaurant in Azalea, Oregon. We had stopped there (Marilyn, Adeena, Nancy and me) on our way back from the Rosie Rally trip last year. So we decided to head there to eat and have yummy dessert! Sue had never been before, and it was a big hit. Very good homemade-style food (a huge menu of items!!!), and wonderful desserts. We all brought food back with us.

It's a long drive and I was uncomfortable on the way back. And Marilyn was pretty exhausted from all the driving.

But what FUN we four had! It's always a delightful trip.

We got home and Sue and Adeena departed. Then Marilyn and I watched American Ninja Warrior (which we love!).

Marilyn has an EARLY MORNING MEETING (auction) first thing tomorrow, poor thing! She kept falling asleep sitting up and is snoozing right now on the sofa in the family room.

Time for bed, I think! Goodnight!
Saturday, August 20: Just a mention: Today is Mitch's birthday. He died in 2012, but Marilyn and I think of him often...

Marilyn and I went to the Portland Reptile Expo today. For the record, it was a VERY HOT DAY, continuing our recent heat wave. As I've mentioned, we've never been before, but had seen signs for it for several years. So we were excited to finally attend. But what hadn't occurred to us was how HOT it would be inside the building! They had heat lamps everywhere to keep the reptiles -- especially all the snakes -- warm! Not a perfect day for being in a very hot building, needless to say. Hahaha.

We had a very good time and saw many, many snakes, lots of lizards, some turtles and spiders (!!!), too. One booth was just bins full of live mice -- which they were selling as snake food! Yikes! Hahaha. There were small and very large snakes (and everything in between). Some really beautiful snakes.

And there was every kind of product to help people take care of their critters. Tongs, cages, aquariums, stuff for them to lie in, lamps and on an on.

We stayed as long as we could stand the heat, and saw pretty much everything there was to see (and there was a great deal). The place was PACKED with people! We figure whoever organized did pretty well. They got fees from the vendors for booth space, plus $10 a head for attendees, so they must have cleaned up.

Then we had a lovely dinner with our friends June and Jim, going out for Chinese food. We always enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot. (LiveJournal is finding the 'other's' here as incorrect -- but LJ is wrong! Just saying.)

Last night we went shopping at Walmart (I needed a ton of my supplements). Marilyn was very patient, considering how long it took!

Sunday, August 21: We had a pretty quiet day today. Watching a lot of the Olympics, of course.

I did do my pills (now that I have all my supplements!) today for a week. It takes ages, so I often only due it for a few days at a time...

Marilyn and I did end up going to Freddies where I got some of the things we couldn't get at Walmart last night. Our bottled water never seems to be available at Walmart anymore! We use Dasani (Coke brand). Fortunately they had it at Fred Meyer.

Then we got some food from McDonald's and headed home to watch the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics. I was crying. I'm really sad to see it end! Both Marilyn and I are. It seems to get over way too soon...

We're both washing our hair tonight. Then heading to bed. We're planning to leave the house at 8:00 in the morning -- and Adeena and Sue are due here around 7:30. So we need to get up early to get ready for our trip.

We're off to Wildlife Safari! Can't wait!

Sleep well, all.
blood drop
This was basically a quiet day. I was taking it easy to be ready to go to the Reptile Show tomorrow. (smile)

But I had a hard time getting a nap. The phone was ringing a lot today. But that's okay.

I talked to sister Sue, and my friends June and Adeena today. Nice conversations in each case.

We're going to dinner this weekend with June and Jim. I can't wait!

And we're going to Wildlife Safari on Monday with Sue and Adeena.

Marilyn and Jeff had a very stressful meeting today that didn't go at all well, I'm sorry to say. Not everyone in Portland supports the festival, for whatever reason. Sometimes it's difficult to understand the motivation of people out to hurt a non-profit organization that serves the community. Oh well.

Unfortunately I had low blood sugar again today. (sigh) Frankly, I didn't feel that well today, but it's okay. Oh well. I wasn't hungry after having yogurt and Muscle Milk for breakfast, which is why I suppose I had low blood sugar in the afternoon.

I don't think I've mentioned that I'm in the middle of another ANT WAR. This time I'm treating it differently, though. Downstairs they've gone into an 'extra' bowl of food I had out for the cats -- but aren't bothering the main tray (less than a foot away!) where the cats eat. I call it 'ant diversion' -- and it works just fine. So I'm not going crazy trying to kill them right now. I just let them eat there, where it's not really bothering us.

Upstairs I noticed a few 'scouts' in the living room, so I put some food on the floor near to the area by the front door. There are TONS of them -- but they aren't bothering the tray of cat food way over on the other side of the room! Again, 'ant diversion' is working just fine...

As for other bugs, I had to kill TWO HUGE SPIDERS in the house today!!! (ugh) Sue was telling me they weren't dealing with ants, but they also have a ton of spiders. Of course, they believe in catch and release -- because Nicole doesn't want to kill them. I always tease Sue and say they just turn them outside so they can come back in again. Hahaha.

I made refried beans and deviled eggs for dinner. Yummy and easy.

Our heat wave was crazy hot today! I had heard we hit 100', but looking online I only say (only???) 99'.

Well, heading downstairs to see what Marilyn is up to!

Goodnight! Sleep well.
sunshine, sunny
Today was HOT. Basically hot from the beginning of the day -- and still hot now! Baking, miserable heat. (I think we hit 98' as a high.)

I got up before Marilyn went to work and puttered around the house a bit. Then I went back to bed and took my book with me and read for ages. And slept, too.

I did go out more than once to make sure the critters (especially my crows) had plenty of water (and food, too). And I filled the hummingbird feeder and put it out.

Plus when I got up I watched... surprise! ... the Olympics.

In the afternoon I talked for some time on the phone with my friend, June. Then I went over to her house and we visited there, too. We were snacking on her delicious pear bread (I ate way too much of it!), and I also ate a green pear from their tree (I love green pears!).

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner (no cooking in the heat!). Later I made popcorn again.

Now I need to head to do the garbage and recycling -- and then to bed! Marilyn is sound asleep on the sofa in the family room. I couldn't even wake her when I tried before coming upstairs...

I got a Fitbit badge today! So did June and so did Marilyn. Now we're wondering WHY all three of us would get badges on the exact same day. Really?

The last I heard Jeff's fitbit wasn't working. It went through both the washer and dryer (!!!) hooked to his pants. Little wonder it's not working! (Rich did the same thing in the past, but his still worked after that.)

We're expecting even hotter weather tomorrow! Good grief! Stay happy (and cool!) my friends...
Jesus Grotto
Trying to get back into the swing of things -- SLOWLY but SURELY. Hahaha. The goal is to get back to my (so-called) normal life again.

I decided to do some cleaning in the garage this morning. I wanted to do it early enough that the garage wouldn't be ridiculously hot, considering we're in a heat wave here. Hahaha. And I wasn't doing a lot, but I had a goal in mind. We have two 'shelf units' that somebody made out of old kitchen cabinets before we ever moved in. I took the doors off right after we moved in, so all you see is two open shelves, one on either side of the garage door. I completely emptied both, swept and wiped them out and then put things away again. (I also threw out an entire bag of stuff and boxed up other stuff for the Goodwill.

Then I moved all the containers of stuff on top of the two surfaces just outside the door into the house. I put everything out on the floor and went through it and organized it. (Well, first round. I need to do another more precise round.) The goal here was to make some space on top where there was nothing.

The other day I put my Starbucks coffee on the very corner -- the only empty space. I knew I shouldn't do it, as it's not really safe there. Marilyn bumped it with her purse entering the house -- but it was actually MY fault it was spilled. And with milk inside, you have to worry about getting odor! So I did clean it up immediately -- and decided I wanted to make space to sit down a drink (or whatever) without worrying about it in the future. Task accomplished!!!

I also bagged up all of Marilyn's cans and bottles to go to BottleDrop. They're out in the garage and ready to go! We've got some boxes for the Goodwill, too. And we've had shredding boxes out there for ages. Marilyn said we're going to finally get that done, too.

The garage is NEVER going to be perfect. I don't even care if it is. Marilyn gave me my MAIN guideline when we moved into the house: The garage is the house for the CAR. There must always be room to comfortably park the car and get in and out of it. I've always stuck by that, too.

But we store a TON of stuff out there! Our Christmas tree. Cleaning products. Brown paper sacks. Bottled water for us and the cats. Kitty litter for cleaning their boxes. Tools. Our ladder. And on and on. And I know where almost everything is, by the way. It's not that hard for me to find whatever we need...

What else did I do today? I washed my hair (why is that such a big deal?) -- hahaha. It's not as bad as coloring my hair, but there are days I really have to rag myself to get in and do it. And I loaded the dishwasher and did dishes and picked up in the kitchen.

I also gathered ALL the garbage and recycling in the house and took it out! It was pretty hot by then, so I was sweating up a storm by the time I got done. And while I was outside I put out food for the critters (my crows and the other birds and animals that come around). And LOTS OF WATER! When it's this hot they really suffer if we don't water them.

I also did my pills (that's an annoying task that takes ages, setting up all my damn pills!).

Yeah, I did a few work-related tasks, too. No big deal...

When Marilyn came home we drove out and got takeout so we wouldn't have to cook. That was very nice of her!

When we got back home there were around 14 plus crows in the yard, eating and drinking! My friend June reminded me about the hummingbirds, so tomorrow I'm going to finally clean their feeder and fill it again. I've been very bad about that lately...

Oh! That reminds me! I also watered my house plants today.

Anyway, it felt good to DO some things again! I was really feeling happy and productive.

Tonight Marilyn and I got "God's Not Dead 2," from On Demand. She's wanted to see it since her birthday back in April, so I'm glad we finally did. (I made homemade popcorn as a treat.)

It got bad reviews, but we both REALLY, REALLY liked it. In fact, it made both of us emotional to watch. We're huge Jesse Metcalfe fans, and I thought Melissa Joan Hart was wonderful in the lead role. By the way, Pat Boone was wonderful in his role -- and his singing voice is still good, too! If you're not a Christian, I can't say if you'd like this faith-based movie. But we did...

Marilyn and I were just talking (she was playing Zuma while I blogged) and agreeing that we're going to miss the Olympics when they're over. We have them on all the time, even when we're not paying close attention. (I had them on all day long today.) It's really delightful to see all those people from all those various sports and all those countries. Anyway, we both love it.

I need to phone June and Jim about maybe going to dinner this weekend. I'm DYING to have Chinese food again, and Marilyn suggested we four go...

Keeping my spirits up -- I felt much better today about things. Marilyn is always so good at talking me through this stuff. I was a bit down yesterday, but was very happy today. Life goes on, no matter what. And I like to remain a happy person. Life is so much better that way... (grin)

Off to bed soon!

Tomorrow is supposed to be EXTREMELY hot. I think I'll be pretty careful about anything I do...

Sleep well and be happy, friends!
Today is our friend Jeff's 44th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jeff !

(I'm not sure WHY we have so much trouble remembering this date. But last year it happened during the Rosie trip...)

Marilyn took him for a hike today, then out for drinks and food after. We have presents for him and would like to give them to him together. I guess we'll see how that goes. (She had a bottle for him today and forgot to give it. We also have a walking stick for him.)

I also got the results of my ultrasound today. It was pretty enlightening, really.

I have chronic liver disease.

Often there are no symptoms, however I researched and discovered that symptoms may include: Fatigue, weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain, spider-like blood vessels, yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), itching, fluid build up and swelling of the legs (edema) and abdomen (ascites), and mental confusion. I've had almost ALL of those (except the spider-like blood vessels), by the way.

After much discussion, Marilyn and I think the liver disease actually predates my diabetes, which makes a lot of sense. Diabetes doesn't necessarily cause liver disease, nor does liver disease necessarily cause diabetes. It's more a case of both having the same general causes. But apparently lots of diabetics have liver disease or some liver complication.

I'd say my doctor isn't too worried about this, by the way, as when I asked the assistant who called if I needed to come in for a consultation, I was told no. I'm already doing what they would advise, anyway. Losing weight, eating better and exercising. There is no medicine that you can take.

I did read this, however: "Those who drink more than two cups of coffee per day have less scarring or fibrosis of their liver. Adding coffee to the diet is therefore recommended." You know, I've been talking for years about the benefits of coffee!

The interesting thing is that in 2016 I haven't been drinking my usual four or more cups of coffee a day. In fact, I go days and weeks without coffee. I guess it's time to change that! Hahaha.

I should also make sure I get plenty of Vitamin D (a deficiency can result in increased inflammation). Plus Vitamin E can also reduce inflammation. And taking omega-3 fatty acids can prove helpful.

I'd like to know what to do about the pain and the fatigue, which make it difficult for me to exercise at all currently. This has been the case since contracting mono in June. I guess I'll need to power through somehow.

Marilyn came home after her hike and drinks with Jeff. We ate some in the shell peanuts, then had stuffed green peppers for dinner.

We also watched the Olympic volleyball match between the USA and Brazil LIVE using Comcast -- the USA lost, but it was an amazing match! Brazil played a fantastic game.

After that we'd talked about a movie, but I was just too tired. I'd already been napping when Marilyn got home today. So I went to lie down. When I got up she was sound asleep on the sofa in the family room.

There's a lot more I could share, but I'm just too tired tonight. I did talk with both my friends June and my sister Sue today.

And we're in the middle of a heat wave here in Portland, expecting temperatures in the 100's this week. (No!!!!!!!!!) I had planned to go to the eye doctor, but will skip that until it gets cooler.

I hope Jeff had a good birthday!

Stay HEALTHY and HAPPY my dear friends!!!
sisters, sisters ball
Marilyn took sister Sue to Emanuel hospital (the lab) to have a blood draw this morning, and I rode along. Afterwards we all went to Starbucks, then we dropped Sue home again.

Then Marilyn and I went over to Subaru to pick up her license plates, which they put on for us. So that task is finally done!

We watched more Olympics today. And both fell asleep sitting up. I'm a little worried that maybe Marilyn has my mono, to tell you the truth...

Tonight we ordered a pizza, something we haven't done in ages! In fact, I couldn't even remember anything about my online pizza account, it's been so darn long. Hahaha. I broke down and had a can of pop with dinner. Mostly I drink water all the time now...

Marilyn found a really nice movie for us to watch. "Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion", originally "Das Haus der Krokodile" (a 2012 German film). Here's what the film is about: "When Victor and his family move into his grand-uncle's mysterious -- and seemingly haunted -- mansion, the young boy detective makes it his mission to solve the case of a girl who went missing there forty years earlier." It was all dubbed in English, and we both liked it very much. A sweet movie that was quite well done.

We're having a staff photo taken tomorrow, so I'm going to work for the first time in ages!!! So we should be off to bed very soon.

I should wash my hair -- I think Marilyn wanted to do that, too. And we like to wash our hair at night (so we don't end up in massive sweats in the morning when we're trying to put on our makeup).

Can't think what else I'm forgetting to share...

I need to call my clinic tomorrow and see when I'll get the results of my ultrasound.

Pleasant dreams!
conrad relax, relax conrad
Saturday (August 13): We did sleep in, after being awake the night before until past 6:00 a.m. No surprise, huh? Hahaha.

And we spent some time just lying around after getting up, too. Marilyn planned for us to leave the house at 4:00 p.m. so we could arrive at Spirit Mountain Casino in time to eat before attending the 7:30 concert.

We both packed and got dressed and ready -- and got the house ready to leave the cats safely behind. Fresh water in two places, plus loads and loads of food out for them to eat. I also propped open Marilyn's bathroom door, so Colin couldn't accidentally lock himself in there.

We got off on time. It was a nice drive, though we always seem to get just a tiny bit confused in Salem while on our way. But that didn't even take ten minutes out of our drive time. We got there and got our room and then headed out to find some food. We were both hungry as we hadn't really eaten all day.

But there were crowds of people and HUGE lines everywhere! We finally settled for the snack bar and hamburgers (I also got some cottage cheese). There was supposedly a 40 minute wait for french fries (!!!), so we decided to skip that. We took our food and beverages and went back to the room to eat. We had already picked up our tickets at Will Call, so we headed over and got drinks at the bar, then went inside. The venue was sold out and PACKED WITH PEOPLE. Interesting demographics, with a LOT of people our age or older! There were some younger people, but not many!

The crowd was in a party mood. Loud and appreciative of the performers. Huey is an impressive entertainer with loads of hit numbers. He also did two new numbers that were quite good, as well. We had good seats and were next to a couple of friendly women (from the tribe). It was a good concert, and I only spaced out for a few numbers. (I didn't actually sleep, but I did shut my eyes and lean forward.)

We left right before the concert ended (to beat the big crowd). We went back to the snack bar and got french fries and a couple other things, plus some coffee, before returning to our room. Then we ordered the movie "Love & Friendship," a 2016 Jane Austen period comedy. I'd like to see it again sometime, as the TV screen seemed small compared to home, so it wasn't that easy to see from our beds. I did laugh out loud several times, but Marilyn slept through a lot of it. Little wonder she was worn out after all the driving for both Friday and Saturday!

The really ANNOYING and ODD thing: There was not only NO WiFi there, but there was NO CELL COVERAGE, either! So our iPads and cell phones didn't work! We got some text messages but couldn't really answer them, and I'm sure no one could call us, as we couldn't even keep one bar on either phone! As we both hate to be unplugged, this was very annoying, obviously. I can see why it doesn't matter to them, however. They are a casino, and they want people focused on gambling.

We didn't do ANY gambling and didn't even consider it. I'm not saying that Marilyn and I never gamble, but we haven't done it in several years now. In fact, I can't think of a time we have since buying the beach house. We just don't have the cash to spend on it. Walking past the casino areas I felt no desire to be there on the machines or at the tables, which was fine.

We had a non-smoking room. And I don't remember seeing people actually smoking indoors. But there was a constant underlying smell of cigarette smoke that we found unpleasant. We're both very strong non-smokers. We also had a hard time getting the right temperature in our room. It was a very hot day, so it was little wonder. Much of the time we had it way too cold! Marilyn found that very unpleasant.

My ongoing problem has been running fevers all the time. I seem to constantly be too damn warm, and want it to be cool so I can be comfortable. Poor Marilyn! She was actually chilled at one point. But we just kept changing the settings and got by okay, for the most part.

Marilyn was bothered by a bug bite on her leg, and I only had alcohol swabs to treat it with. She actually had a fever in the night (and nightmares) and I think it was due to the bite. She has always been very sensitive to bug bites (since childhood). No idea if she got it on the golf course, at Stonehenge or in the house (we've had a lot of spiders). But she needs to always spray when outside...

Sunday (August 14): We were up at a fairly early hour and packing by 8:00 to head back home. With no way to go online, we didn't know when the Olympic tennis matches would be happening, and we didn't want to miss them. So we were on the road by 9:00 a.m.

Jocelyn kindly comped our concert tickets and the room, so it was a very reasonable trip, financially speaking. We'd been ready to pay for our tickets and hotel, of course. Spirit Mountain Casino is one of our most important festival sponsors, and Jocelyn is a lovely representative and friend who we like and think highly of.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the drive home was lovely. We only got messed up when we reached Portland, as Bridge Pedal was today! Normally we don't go anywhere near downtown on Bridge Pedal day, as it's quite a mess for drivers! Marilyn figured it out nicely and we probably only added half an hour to the drive, thankfully. Plus that's the first time we've ever seen even part of it, so that was cool.

We got home and unpacked and immediately settled in to watch the tennis.

The cats were pretty unhappy with us, and kept letting us know in several ways. Poor guys. They don't like being alone overnight.

I didn't last long. Because of the pretty constant pain, I don't sleep that well. And because of the illness, I'm also constantly exhausted. So I went down for a nap fairly soon and slept hard! But I did wake up to see much of the Gold Medal match between Andy Murray and Juan Martin Del Potro (I was pulling for Andy, but Del Potro is a good guy, too -- and a really good player!). There was a lot of LIVE tennis on, anyway, so we watched a bunch in between sleeping and lying around...

I answered and sent a couple of emails, and I think we missed some calls while sleeping (but nobody left messages, so who knows -- it might have been spam calls).

Later we went out to get Starbucks and took a short drive (we had wanted to go to a farm on Sauvie Island, but were too late for that). We picked up some deli Chinese on the way home and had that for dinner, so we didn't need to cook...

The whole day has been sleeping and resting, basically. And watching the Olympics on TV.

This evening I made homemade popcorn and we actually watched a movie, "London Has Fallen." Yeah, it was pretty bad, just as the reviews said. Hahaha. Marilyn slept during part of it and I was nodding off, too. (I still keep falling asleep sitting up all the damn time. Oh well.)

It's well past midnight, so I guess we'll head to bed soon. I just needed to blog and put more bottled water in the fridge. We're both drinking a lot of water right now. Regardless, I'm still dehydrated! Not sure how that can be true, but I guess I need to force myself to drink more.

We have some errands tomorrow. But hopefully we'll get some more rest, too.

That bite seems worse tonight. I put different medicine on it, but wonder if Marilyn will need to see a doctor. I've had bad bites in the past, and sometimes you need to see a doctor...

I really need to set up my eye doctor appointment soon. (I'm nearly out of contacts.) And if I don't hear from my doctor, then I'll need to get an appointment to see her...

Today was Donn's birthday. I need to try and take him to coffee or lunch or something.

Night, all!
beauty cats
As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I was VERY SICK yesterday (especially last night). I spent an hour lying on the floor because I was too dizzy to get up.

Anyway, I agreed with Marilyn that I would spend Friday resting and sleeping, so I'd be ready to go to the Perseids Meteor Showers (at the Stonehenge memorial in Washington state).

I had a lovely chat with sister Sue this morning. We try to talk every day to make up for not getting to see each other very often. (Marilyn is taking her for a blood test next Monday.)

Marilyn and Adeena were both up early to go to the festival's golf tournament today. Adeena was helping out taking photos, and Marilyn was there to greet and to give a speech. Marilyn didn't get home from the event until around 3:00 p.m. (or later -- I don't remember the exact time). She was starving, as she doesn't eat when she has to be out in public right now. I was hungry, too, as I'd eaten very little in the morning and nothing after that (but I did have tea).

The pain in my side was pretty bad today. I don't know what it is (spleen or not), but whatever it is, it's a bother. And my psoriasis is really out of control. That spot on my hand bled a couple of times today...

I really didn't do much of anything, except try to figure out what's wrong with my work email (which I use for my primary email account). It has a serious issue, but I didn't really have the energy to address it, so it's not fixed at this point.

I read a tiny bit and saw a tiny bit of TV (not much of either one). Mostly I was lying around and much of the time I was sleeping. I had Colin and Henry by me on and off most of the time...

Marilyn woke me up around 9:00 to get ready. I got dressed and put on my contacts, and finished up my makeup after Adeena arrived (while Marilyn was out get gas for the car).

We took off a bit later than planned (past 10:00), and headed up the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. We stopped and got some french fries on the way and all had our bottled water.

I was trying hard to drink a lot of water today, as I was terribly dehydrated yesterday!!!

We had a nice time talking and laughing all the way there. We stopped at the Pilot truck stop in Biggs Junction (which Marilyn and I LOVE) -- and I got more water (plus some other items). Then we drove across the bridge to Washington state and headed to Stonehenge.

The sky was weird -- very hazy! But there were a lot of people there this year, which hasn't been true in ages!!! And it was quite warm. There wasn't much moon, which is a good thing. We got there just past midnight (the plan was to arrive at midnight -- we were close). The sky was hazy, but you could still see the stars. And it got better over time.

It was nice having others there, as it's less creepy when it's not just us. Marilyn suggested we go inside the monument, so we did -- a great place to sit and watch!

This was our best year EVER for seeing meteors! I saw around 16 (not counting the two Marilyn and I saw driving back home) and Marilyn and Adeena each saw at least 20! And some were really big, and lasted a long time. Amazing and beautiful!

We left there around 2:30-ish and got back around 5:00 a.m. A good time was had by all!

Adeena left for her friend's house and then home shortly after that.

Now Marilyn and I are off to bed to get some sleep before we need to get up and pack for our trip to Spirit Mountain Casino later today (it's now actually Saturday).

Again, not sure WHEN I'll blog for Saturday. Hahaha. (If at all.)

We'll be staying overnight and coming back on Sunday. The boys (our cats Colin and Henry) will be staying alone until our return. (Marilyn decided nobody needed to check on them, so we'll leave out food and water and all will be well, I'm sure. It's just over night, after all...)

Sweet dreams and a pleasant weekend, dear friends!
I let myself sleep in until 8:30 -- which was lovely. Then I got up and got ready for my ultrasound appointment.

Marilyn had her early meeting today, so left early. I never even heard her go out. She came home in plenty of time to get me to Emanuel hospital early for my test.

I got a call from Steven this morning about the laptop cable locking device and asked him to phone Donn. Donn called me so that I was returning his call from the hospital. But after that I was good until afternoon (after I was home again) for work and other computer-related things.

I ended up having a busy day.

No, that's NOT what I had planned. I even thought I might get a nap in the afternoon. But that's how it goes.

Stephanie did my ultrasound and was lovely. She didn't make me undress (!!!) which was a nice surprise. And she heats her gel so that was nice, too. But poking with the wand is painful, however you look at it. She started on my right side, and I knew it would be pretty bad by the time she was doing the left side (where I have the pain).

The awesome moment??? Marilyn took me right out for Starbucks after the test was over!!! She's so wonderful.

We came home and had lunch and Marilyn had a short nap before returning to work. I was falling asleep sitting up. Then I went to look for headshots of Marilyn for her upcoming honor in September. The next thing you know I was dealing with problems with Remoting and with my work email (which I use as my primary email, period).

I was working on festival-related IT stuff and needed to get back to the office. June called and was having computer problems, so I told her I come over for a few minutes to see what I could do. That was at 4:20. I didn't get back home until 6:30, so I missed phoning the office (which closes at 5:00). Oh, well. I'll call them first thing tomorrow morning...

Donn actually solved June's major problem for her. I did do a few things, but nothing all that big... She had a question about text on her iPhone, but SHE showed ME the solution to that one!!! Hahaha. She's better at this stuff than she thinks. But TOO BRAVE sometimes. Being overly brave can get anyone into trouble. I guess I'm more cautious...

Marilyn came home around 7:00-ish, and we immediately went to Freddies Interstate to get her the present I've been waiting to buy for more than a year!!! It's pearl drop earrings (that actually came with a pearl drop necklace). She's wanted those earrings for ages, and just recently found what she liked. I was excited to buy those as her 40th anniversary gift (which was last year, as I said).

Then we shopped for some shorts -- she has to go to the golf tournament tomorrow and give a speech and wanted to get a pair to wear. We found three pair and she got them on sale -- so she can make a choice tomorrow morning.

It's time for the Perseids Meteor Showers, which we like to watch in Washington state, at the Stonehenge memorial. We missed it last year because we were focused on our Rosie trip to California. And the year before that it wasn't great viewing. But it was amazing in 2013! We watched these year after year and really enjoyed it.

We're planning to go tomorrow night with our friend Adeena. Marilyn hopes to get home in the afternoon from work and to nap before we head out. We usually leave around 10:00 and get there around midnight, staying for an hour or so. Then we drive back. One year we were chasing the sun home (and then had to go straight to work!). Then we'll sleep in on Saturday and head to Spirit Mountain Casino in the afternoon for the concert we're attending Saturday night.

We bought McDonald's on our way home from Freddies tonight. We had both eaten and I was going to cook some cabbage. So I got up from my chair and had a major dizzy spell. I was on the floor with my head resting on the hardwood! I had to stay there for ages, I was so dizzy. It took me over an hour to get over the worst of it. I was sick to my stomach and dizzy and miserable. No idea WHY. But I really felt awful.

Tonight is garbage night, so I've gathered it all up and I've taken out the recycling. Aside: June told me that last week I put our composting into June and Jim's RECYCLING bin (instead of the compost bin). I feel pretty bad about that. In the future I won't be putting composting in their bin, as I don't EVER want to make that mistake again. I'm either going to put it into our garbage, or use our own compost bin...

I still need to go do the cat boxes. I'll get it done. While I was gathering the garbage I banged my hand against something in the bedroom and smacked my large patch of psoriasis on my right hand. It split open and started to bleed all over the place. What a mess! And did it hurt. I had one hell of a time getting the bleeding to stop... (sigh)

Anyway, it didn't stop me from continuing to finish up the garbage and recycling. I'm telling you, dizzy or no, bleeding or no, sore from my ultrasound or no -- I CANNOT BE STOPPED. I am not giving in to my damn health conditions. I will carry on!!!

Gosh, Marilyn is waiting on me -- and has to be at work VERY, VERY EARLY tomorrow (the golf tournament!!!). I can't believe I'm taking SO DAMN LONG to blog. Come ON, Charlie! What a freaking day. Good grief.

I'm leaving out things, but I need to go, as it's late. More tomorrow (it will be QUITE LATE TOMORROW NIGHT!).

Stay HEALTHY and happy, friends! And sleep well. I got such good sleep last night!!!
I didn't get up until just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. My blood sugar was 110 this morning -- perfect. Marilyn didn't get much sleep last night -- I felt bad for her. And apparently she bit her tongue in the middle of the night while asleep! She really bit it hard and messed it up pretty bad. Yikes. I feel awful for her.

She, of course, had another busy day at the office with some intense meetings.

As for me, I was puttering around doing a few things in the morning, then sat down on the living room sofa and fell asleep sitting up! Next thing I knew I'd taken a TWO HOUR nap, dead asleep!!!

After that I was DETERMINED that I was going to get some thing done today. So I started working in my bedroom. I didn't feel that great. I drank Muscle Milk for breakfast as I wasn't at all hungry all day. I just kept sipping on that container all day long.

My bedroom was a disaster, I'm afraid. It often gets messed up during festival -- and I was just so sick after the festival got over that I haven't been able to do anything to it. It's been a combination of fatigue and motivation...

So I ended up with piles of clothes on my bed. Clean clothes that need sorting, hanging or folding. And I sorted my dirty clothes and start doing some laundry. I was sorting and organizing and moving things around and I was getting so TIRED the whole time. I had to stop several times and rest. Very annoying!

I decided to quit around 4:00, as I really wanted to color my hair. It wasn't that long since I did it, but the color didn't turn out that great (too light), so this time I got a different shade.

I was also on several phone calls -- some work-related. I wanted to make sure Donn got his check this week. And I'd had requests from the office I needed to address.

By the time I wrapped up all the phone calls, Marilyn was home from work. And I was having low blood sugar (71). So then for the first time all day I was STARVING and just shoving food in my mouth. (sigh)

Anyway, we ate and watched TV and she finally laid down on the sofa to sleep. She had been feeling lousy all day long, poor thing.

So I FINALLY forced myself to color my hair. Such a pain. But I got it done. And I'm doing some more laundry. I and only eat OR drink (including water) for the next few hours, so I'm having both a cup of tea and some water right now...

I admit I'm a little nervous about the ultrasound tomorrow, not knowing exactly how it will go. Yes, I've had ultrasounds before and other similar tests, but it's been awhile.

Anyway, by noon it will be over and maybe we'll get some answers about my pain.

I had an interesting conversation with Sheila at the office who had mono when she was a girl (14). And June and I had a very nice talk. I also talked to Donn (did I already say that?).

I'm heading to bed very soon.

Sleep well, friends.
doctor stethoscope, stethoscope
I did very little (again) today. Annoying. I'm sick of not getting anything accomplished and not feeling motivated. I have tasks I want to tackle. Well, in theory, anyway!

I did have lengthy phone conversations with both sister Sue and my friend June. That was nice!

I had Muscle Milk and Activia yogurt for breakfast, with Tetley tea. That's a British brand and really good, by the way.

I put the bulb in the ceiling fixture in Marilyn's bathroom. Those are hard to take out and put in, I'm telling you! I don't know what the correct way is to do it, but I got it to work, anyway. They've changed those 'spot' light bulbs! They have a metal piece on them that jiggles. I thought the brand new bulb was broken!

I also put the lamp we'd had upstairs down into the family room -- and the old lamp into the garage to get rid of.

Other than that, all I did was a load of dishes. And I cooked dinner (we had refried beans again, with corn on the cob -- and popcorn in the evening).

Oh! I did set up my ultrasound appointment:
Thursday, August 11 -- 10:00 a.m. (signing in at 9:45)

It's supposed to take an hour and I can't have ANYTHING by mouth for eight hours before the test. Not even water!

I'm trying to think about whether or not to take my night time pills or not. I think if I eat with them, I'll be okay...

I'll be glad to get this test out of the way and get the results. I'm still having the pain on and off, so I'd love to know what's causing it. Maybe it's just another form of arthritis or something...

I watched a lot of Olympics during the day -- and Marilyn and I watched a bunch this evening, too. I saw and read some good stories about the Olympics, too. We're really enjoying the Summer Olympics!

Off to bed (as it's late). I absolutely need to wash (or color?) my hair tomorrow!

Sleep well!
Marilyn and I got our manicures and pedicures done today. We were proud of ourselves, as we didn't do our usual 'we really need to get them' routine that can go for days before we finally break down and carry through. As usual, I had stubbed both of my big toes at some point (no idea when) and chipped the edges, so I really needed the pedicure. I did gold again. Hahaha.

I did love the pink color I had last time, but changed to silver this time for my fingernails. Marilyn says it looks sort of pewter. Anyway, I really like how they turned out. And both were remarkably lacking pain today, which is always good!

Marilyn and I both agreed we were tired after we got home. It's been a busy time during our vacation. But we're happy with all we accomplished. For the record, as we both also agreed, getting manicures and pedicures is NOT relaxing. The exact opposite, really. Anyway. So we do it because it needs to be done, not because we enjoy it.

I had forgotten to contact the office last night about the issues and fix, so I did that this morning. I phoned Christine, then sent out an email to the full staff, just to be safe...

Vacation is officially over and it's time to go back to work.

And I have some things here at home I really want to get done this week, as well...

This evening Marilyn and I forced ourselves to go and tackle our large list of groceries at Freddies. Exhausting but necessary trip. This was the last big chore we'd been putting off, so we were proud (again) to tackle it.

Refried beans and green beans for dinner -- we love them.

I mentioned Muscle Milk recently in my blog. Marilyn and I have really been enjoying it. So we did pick up quite a bit more at the store (three flavors). And they commented to that entry with a reply that read: "Subject: Thanks from Muscle Milk! | Hi! So happy to hear you're enjoying our new Coffee House shakes! They've been a huge hit. Keep doing what you're doing! -The Muscle Milk team"

I thought that was both surprising and nice (and can't help wondering HOW they would find my obscure mention of their product... hahaha...). We continue to enjoy Muscle Milk, and I have to say I'm impressed by the stats of the beverage. I know it's not intended to be used as a meal replacement, but I do enjoy it as a breakfast drink with some yogurt...

Interesting aside: I was ordering my diabetic supplies today and mentioned that I found it odd I hadn't received my normal email prompt from them. There was some screw up on their end and they had me down not to get supplies again until September -- and said I hadn't had a shipment from them since June. Seeing as I get this stuff each month, that's quite odd. But this is a wonderful company (Byram Healthcare) and they've been GREAT the entire time I've been ordering from them. Today she asked about my lancet today and suggested I get a replacement (they wear out). Very helpful and always pleasant to talk to!

Watching LOTS of Olympic action!!! I was really liking the volleyball (both indoor and beach). And we saw a bunch of gymnastics and swimming, too. Marilyn said she watched a bunch of tennis while I was napping. Really special.

And that's it for Sunday! Sleep well, friends.
colin relax
Anyone surprised I didn't blog on Saturday? Me, too! I literally FORGOT to blog. Hahaha.

Saturday, August 6:

Yes, Saturday was mostly about the memorial we attended. It would be inappropriate to review the memorial, so I won't. The actual church (Catholic) ceremony was lovely, and lasted exactly an hour. Many family members took part. One friend spoke (far too long), as well.

We sat with both Jeff and Mark (member of our board and former President) -- plus we had several other festival people around us (it was a good festival turn-out).

After the actual memorial there was a LENGTHY reception. It was very, very HOT inside, and I was nearly sick from the heat. I was soaked with sweat and kept using napkins to wipe my face. I finally told Marilyn I couldn't stay any longer, so she told me to go and she'd follow shortly. Several family members were speaking at that point.

Outside Jeff and Mark joined us, then the four of us drove to a nearby bar to toast Bill (all in our own cars). I'd had very little to eat that day and Marilyn hadn't had a thing. But we had drinks, anyway -- and the four of us talked for some time (a lot about festival things, so you could say we were chatting about work).

We'd left the house around noon and didn't head for home until past 5:00. We stopped for takeout on the way home as we were both pretty hungry.

I don't think we would have been so out of it if we'd been able to eat before drinking, but oh well. We'd had a busy week, it was an emotional and long day and we were tired, as well as under the influence of drinking. So we both crashed. I think I fell asleep before Marilyn, but we both went fast asleep, anyway.

So that was Saturday. And why I never blogged. Hahaha.

Sunday, August 7:

Today was very gray most of the day. We were both tired from our long and busy week and not in the mood to really do anything. We played on our iPads and watched TV and that was it.

I did finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two," today. And while I was annoyed by it frequently while reading it, by the end I was finally okay with it. I might even say I enjoyed reading this play. It's hard to discuss what I did and didn't like without spoiling, so I'll refrain from details... You know, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Much of the best Harry Potter writing I've ever read has been fanfiction. Just saying...

The main theme (which I think I can mention without really spoiling) centers around changing time -- and that never seems to work out well. If you've ready "11/22/63: A Novel," by Stephen King, you already know what I mean. Hahaha. Time fights being changed in his book! And THAT makes a lot of sense to me. But I was never a fan of TV shows, short stories or whatever that dealt with messing around with time travel and changing time. It's all too convoluted. No. That's not true! I used to love "Voyagers!" -- which was an 80's TV show about time travel. Hahaha. Of course, that show really did NOT take itself too seriously...

I got a good nap today, too. Sleep is wonderful (and I still seem to need a lot of it).

I stepped on something at some point today. Suddenly I felt a weird feeling in my foot. And there was blood. I used a tweezers to remove it, which was hard -- I never did see anything! But I could feel it and hear the sound of glass against the metal tool. Annoying and painful. (sigh)

In the afternoon Marilyn realized she wasn't getting email from the festival office. So I tried to Remote in and could not. That meant we needed to GO DOWNTOWN TO THE FESTIVAL OFFICE (sigh), so we could fix it, seeing as tomorrow is Monday and a work day. We waited until late to go. And fortunately it didn't take very long. Now it's all working again, and we shouldn't get any calls tomorrow from the office.

We've been watching the Olympics, but are annoyed by how hard it is to get certain results -- or see things we'd like to see. We'd enjoy watching tennis, for example! It seems like there are fewer choices of what to watch than ever before. I wonder WHY that's true? Oh well.

Heading to bed. Goodnight!
Marilyn had to get up early to take sister Sue to her doctor appointment. The bad news? Sue isn't doing well right now. She had so much water weight gain that the doctor wanted to IMMEDIATELY put her into the hospital! But Sue resisted and promised to take her medication properly. They're giving her a couple of days to lose a bunch of water weight, but if that doesn't work she's going to have to go back to the hospital (again). Marilyn was pretty upset about it, as this is about not doing what needs to be done to stay healthy. Marilyn puts a LOT of her time into helping both Sue and me to stay healthy, so I feel she has a perfect right to get upset (even mad) with us when we fail to make an effort.

This took almost the ENTIRE MORNING today, by the way! Sister Sue wanted Starbucks -- via drive-through -- so Marilyn took her to get something. But Marilyn doesn't care for getting her own Starbucks that way, as she almost always wants to 'doctor' her drink. (Yes, she's told people this, so everybody knows.) Anyway, she later took me and we both had Starbucks (in St. Johns).

While she was gone I'd been sleeping in, but the phone rang early and woke me. It was a referral for me to set up my appointment to get my ultrasound and see what's going on with the pain in my upper left side (maybe spleen and maybe pancreas). I took the number to call, as I need to figure it out with Marilyn when she can look at her work schedule.

Anyway, I got up and started doing some cleaning in the living room. I dusted everything -- and moved everything to do it. I took every single book out of the writing books bookcase to dust them. And moved everything on the TV stand. It might not sound like much, but it's a big room and has a lot of surfaces to dust...

When Marilyn got home I threw on clothes so we could go out and get our prescriptions (and Starbucks, as I already mentioned). Then we came home again.

We were watching the lovely 2003 movie Girl with a Pearly Earring," that's so beautifully filmed. Every scene is like a painting, I swear! If you haven't seen it, it's well worth watching just for the quality of the light and the staging of the scenes, aside from fine acting and a wonderful sense of the time period. It's based on the novel and about the painter Johannes Vermeer (and obviously the actual painting by this name).

Marilyn took a nap and I did a few things before also taking a nap. We were up for a while after that, but we both took naps prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics which started locally at 7:30 p.m. Well, actually, they didn't really start until past 8:00 -- but as I'd been dead asleep and hard to wake, it was a good thing they didn't start exactly at 7:30. Hahaha.

They ceremonies weren't all that, but it's okay. We still watched. The best parts include the Parade of Nations, bringing in and raising the Olympic flag and the lighting of the torch (of course -- always true).

We had popcorn tonight during the Olympics -- and a light beer. And we finally ate our berries, too. Yummy, all!

I think I mentioned that I've been reading "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," the new play by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. I'm about a quarter of the way through it and really enjoying it, so far. It's very easy to like Albus Severus Potter and his friend Scorpius Malfoy!

Marilyn and I recently decided to buy all of the books for Kindle, seeing as there was a very good price per book. The wonderful thing? They are NOT packaged together, which is the annoying aspect of most books you buy as a set for Kindle. Each is a stand-alone book! Nice!

This is so much easier than dealing with the books in paperback and hardback. (Actually, I think most of my Harry Potter books are at the beach house in Seaside. All the hardbacks, anyway! And they're a pain to try and read in bed as many of you probably know...)

Yes, still re-reading my Dan Brown book, too. But you know me: I love to read several books at the same time and go back and forth from book to book. Hahaha.

Well, Marilyn and I have a Memorial to attend tomorrow -- plus a bunch of errands to get done. So I should head to bed soon (it's well past 1:00 right now). Jeff will be at that memorial, as well, as it's for Bill...

I had wanted to get my hair cut tomorrow, but totally spaced trying to get in to Kathy (my hair dresser). Oh well...

Marilyn and I are both LOVING our new furniture in the kitchen!!! That pantry cabinet honestly looks like it was custom made for us. And we like the idea that some other person used and enjoyed it (and took good care of it) prior to us. There's something so special about vintage pieces...

Sleep well, dear friends!
I got the OLD shelf unit in the kitchen emptied out last night. This morning I moved it into the living room and scrubbed the wall and floor where it had been -- and where we were going to put the new cabinet.

Marilyn couldn't pay for it until past 11:00, when Vintage Pink opened for the day. Then she contacted John (the mover) and arranged for him to come out. He had one heck of a time FINDING us for some reason using his GPS! In actual fact, we're very simple to find, IF you know north Portland at all. Lombard is the main drag out here, and we live right off Lombard. You almost have to try hard NOT to find us! Hahaha. John ended up over on N Wabash, which is a couple of streets over (and there's a house there with our same number, to make it more confusing!). But eventually he got here.

He and I got the cabinet inside between us. It was TRICKY getting it through the front door then to make a sharp right into the kitchen (as it was too tall for the doorway!). But we did it! (Even with me as puny as I've been all summer long.) Actually, I'm pretty proud of how well I did, as this was a long unit and it was heavy, too boot.

The new pantry cabinet FIT PERFECTLY in the spot! And the teak wood blends it very nicely with our kitchen cabinets, too!

Another exciting development. John knows a man who does recovering of furniture, so I'm going to contact him about our old (but very beloved) chair and ottoman that are downstairs (where I sit, as a matter of fact). An added bonus to the day.

After John left Marilyn had to take off to pick up Jeff at the office, as they were going up the Columbia River Gorge to go hiking today. I am NOT up to that, yet, to say the least.

I stayed home and had planned to put the items that had been inside the shelf into the new cabinet and tidy the kitchen (and the living room, where we had put everything temporarily. That went very well, by the way. While doing that, my LEFT hip and my back where pretty tweaked at one point (obviously from the heavy lifting). So I was doing a bunch of sitting around. I knew I wanted to take out garbage (it's REAL garbage night), put the books back in the bookshelf that's right inside the front door (we'd had to move it out of the way this morning) -- plus exchange the OLD plant stand with the green wooden shelf that had been in the kitchen. I wasn't sure if I could do all that, or not...

But I really wanted it all to be DONE before Marilyn got back home, so I finally motivated myself to do the work. And I also got up on the shelf above the kitchen windows and took down three ceramic cows to put on the pantry cabinet -- there's a shelf only good for decorative elements way up on top. Plus this gave me the chance to tidy up that shelf in the kitchen at the same time...

The plants needed the rearranging. And Colin is constantly over there pulling out chunks to chew on (aloe plants), so there was a mess on the floor. Anyway, that looks very nice, too. I put the old plant shelf outside in the back yard for now.

We're putting the old lamp that we replaced yesterday downstairs where we have a lamp that has a bad switch. (We've been having to unplug it to turn it off!) So besides the old shelf, I have two lamps to get rid of. I'll put them on the boulevard with FREE signs -- we've done this before several times! They usually go right away...

Marilyn sent me a text to 'send pictures' -- so I did that. I had NO CLUE she and Jeff had ended up at Beacon Rock over in Washington state! She'd told me they were going to hike at Starvation Creek (here in Oregon). I'd mentioned how hot it was going to be today (high 90's), and she'd talked about that location, where there's actually a lot of shade (we've been there many times). But Beacon Rock is ALL UPHILL (except coming down, obviously) -- and it's almost entirely in the sun!!! A crazy choice, needless to say.

She told me she was on the rock looking at my photos (of the cabinet and plant stand) just feeling amazed she could do that while on Beacon Rock. Imagine.

I never did get to the garbage, either yesterday or today (so far). But I finally forced myself to go and shower and wash my hair. I was sitting in a chair trying to get myself to go dry my hair when Marilyn and Jeff phoned me from the car on their way back.

I had suggested we three go to dinner, so they were checking to see if I was still up for it.

We ended up going out for Chinese (my pick), rather than Mexican (as originally planned). I made myself a bit sick on takeout yesterday, so I couldn't face it. We ended up with our favorite waitress who is always so sweet to us. And Jeff paid for drinks. We all had Coors Light -- and I had a shot of tequila, too. Hahaha. We figured we'd earned it!

We drove Jeff back down to the office (where his car was), then came home. We were too tired to go and pick up my prescriptions (we'll do that tomorrow).

We were watching some TV, but not for long. Soon we both went down for naps. I've been re-reading my Dan Brown book, but it wasn't turning off my brain, so I switched to the new Harry Potter book and drifted right off. (smile) Very entertaining, so far -- but I won't spoil, I promise.

How many of you have bought the new book so far???

When I got up (well past midnight), we started watching "Paint Your Wagon." Man, how we LOVE that movie! For those unfamiliar with the film, it's a 1969 musical set in No Name City, California during the gold rush days, starring Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg. Lee and Clint are partners in a mining camp that becomes the infamous city -- Jean is a Mormon wife who is sold to Lee. Eventually both partners become her husbands. Very entertaining, with great songs! As with many movies we love, we know it almost by heart and can recite along.

Well, Marilyn is washing her hair -- she needs to take sister Sue to the doctor first thing in the morning. I still need to go do the garbage, so I'm off to do that! It's heading for 3:00 a.m. and we're both REALLY BEAT.

We're pretty proud of ourselves this vacation, with everything we've gotten done! We plan to clean the living room tomorrow. Usually we do NOTHING worthwhile during this week and just totally goof off. So this is quite a change. We figure it will give us more free time for our vacation weeks that fall toward the end of summer...

Jeff is anxious for another beach trip. But we've got a funeral/memorial this coming weekend (Saturday) -- and we'll actually see Jeff there. And the weekend after is our trip to Spirit Mountain to see Huey Lewis (that's been planned for ages now).

Still not sure what's happening with the cats while we're gone. Maybe we can just put out a bunch of food and water and hope for the best... It's only an overnight trip, after all.

I talked with both sister Sue and friend June today. Poor June was having quite a day -- but managed to laugh about it, thankfully! I like finding the humor in crazy situations. That really helps a person get through things.

Her doctor wants her to try physical therapy for her poor knees, so I guess she's going to give it a go. I thought she should have mentioned her Fitbit and how she's been walking more, but she forgot to do so.

Well, garbage and cat boxes, here I come! Tomorrow will be another busy day, and I can't wait to get back to bed.

I'm very, very tired tonight. Hopefully I'll have more energy tomorrow!

But I DID get my 4,000 steps today on Fitbit! And I had well over 7,000 steps yesterday. (woo hoo)

Forgot to mention, I've been trying Muscle Milk -- specifically the Coffee House flavor. It's really tasty! And has 20 grams of protein for serving!!! Plus 0 grams of sugar. How about that??? (I'm actually out and need to get more now.) Delicious, I think. A good way to get some nutrients, especially when you've been lacking appetite all the time like I have...

Sleep well, friends!
busy caesar, busy
This was a busy day! We did sleep in (aw, vacation!), but we were going pretty much eight hours straight today with various errands and tasks.

We went to Lounge Lizard (both locations are over on SE Hawthorne Boulevard here in Portland) looking for a pantry cabinet to go in the kitchen. We wanted it to replace a shelf unit there where we store various items, including breads, other foods, our physical mail, some paperwork and so on. The current shelf just has everything hanging out there, and is pretty un-lovely. We wanted to find something that was partially contained behind doors -- but still left a couple of shelves visible (for easy access).

We didn't find what we wanted there, but we did find an amazing lamp! They hand make the shades in mid-century style (and colors) -- and the actual lamp is vintage brass (very heavy and sturdy). The primary shade is a lime-ish green that we both love! This now sits next to our vintage bar that we got a few years back.

While out we went to Vintage Pink, another shop on Hawthorne that we've been to before. There we DID find a perfect cabinet that fit the dimensions. The main issue is getting it delivered. Lounge Lizard has their own delivery service, but Vintage Pink does NOT. So they have a man they recommend. But without confirmation we could get it delivered, we didn't want to buy the piece. So Marilyn left the delivery man a phone message and the woman (Toni, I think) at the shop said we could call and pay over the phone when we had things arranged.

I said if it was meant to be, it would be. That's how we try to view things. If for some reason something doesn't work out, then it wasn't meant to...

After that we went to Starbucks.

We were heading to get takeout, and ended up stopping at the Portland Farmers Market in Kenton. We got some raspberries and blackberries, and some lemon cukes. Then we got Mexican takeout. We ate at home, then immediately headed out to IKEA. We have a lamp from there at the beach house and the bulb has burned out. Those of you who shop at IKEA know that their lamps use their bulbs -- so you have to get them there! We ended up picking up a few other things, including an electric screwdriver.

After IKEA we went to HomeGoods (which is close by) and picked up a couple of throw pillows for the living room.

Then we went to Ross (also close by), and got new sheers for our living room windows. The cats had snagged up the current ones pretty bad. The don't mean to, but their nails get caught... The sheers were very reasonable, so that's fine.

Marilyn and Jeff are going hiking tomorrow, and Marilyn was nearly out of gas. Plus we wanted to pick up some vanilla ice cream to eat with the berries. So we headed to Freddies. Our local Freddies includes a gas station now -- and we got there just in time before they shut down for the day! And we ran in and got ice cream and a few other items.

Marilyn got a picture at HomeGoods to go in her bathroom (where she used to have the mermaid that's now at the beach house). It's really pretty! And she got a pair of new bath rugs which she really needed tonight (at Ross? I can't recall).

We're both worn out as we did a lot of walking and so on. And never had our normal nap during the day.

I just emptied out the old shelf in the kitchen. I forgot to mention that the delivery guy finally called and is coming in the morning to bring the new unit (as soon as Marilyn pays for it). I'm a bit concerned that he's ALL ALONE to move what is a very heavy, teak cabinet. He said something to her about us helping him, and she made it clear that it's unlikely we can do that. There are STAIRS for him to get up in front. (sigh) And it's a very TALL cabinet! Gosh, I hope it goes well when he brings it over...

I'm going to see if Marilyn does want ice cream and berries or not. Otherwise, we're off to bed!

We're excited about that cabinet. We've wanted one for several years now. And there's something special about buying and using vintage furniture! We love the various pieces in our living room.

happy happy, sisters happy
We still slept in a bit this morning. But we took off for Sue's house around 10:00. After picking up sister Sue, the three of us went to Starbucks. Marilyn had tea, but Sue and I had coffee.

We sat there and chatted for a bit. Then we went for a ride.

We headed up the Columbia River Gorge. It was so nice to get some sister time where we could all catch up with one another. We drove up to Hood River, then took the back way across Mt. Hood home again -- which is such a lovely ride!

On the way home we stopped at Freddies so Sue could pick up a few things she needed -- and to have her take her blood pressure (it was 173/74 -- surprisingly high considering she's been having an issue with LOW blood pressure).

I went to look for the powercups that go with our Orville Redenbacher Presto PowerPop Microwave Popcorn Popper. We've been using this popper to make homemade popcorn forever, by the way! Works like a charm and only takes around four minutes in the microwave. I just saw the powercups for $2.79 on sale online -- but Freddies had the for $1.49 a package! So I got four. We eat a lot of homemade popcorn. (smile)

In fact we had some tonight!

We had stuffed green peppers and corn on the cob (that I got at Freddies) for our late dinner. Yummy!

We got home and were both tired out, so it wasn't long before we went to have some naps. Sleep is a lovely thing!

We watched some Fixer Upper on HGTV. We really love this show and love Chip and Joanna Gaines. It's not like watching flipper shows -- no matter how much you like watching shows where they flip houses, you're always aware of how mercenary the people are. Flipping is about making money -- but Chip and Joanna are really about something different! They're making lovely homes for deserving people...

We're heading to bed shortly. We want to go to Lounge Lizard, where they have amazing vintage furniture. We have several pieces we got there in our living room. (Don't judge them by their barebones website. They have two amazing shops!)

I didn't mention how beat up poor Sue is after her latest fall this past weekend. She was at a cribbage tournament in Sunnyside, Oregon -- where she did very well, by the way! Anyway, she was in the bathroom, got dizzy and took a terrible fall. She has quite a shiner! And is badly bruised (again).

Marilyn and I worry about her taking falls -- and our friends June and Shari taking falls, too! We think part of the problem is about lack of proper nourishment, so we encouraged Sue to try some protein drinks to supplement her diet. And both Marilyn and I got some to try, too! Marilyn has been using various protein drinks for years now. And I've been thinking about it a lot lately. So I got one kind and she got another.

There are a lot of different kinds out there, so we'll see how it goes.

And now it's time for bed! Goodnight, all.