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half full glass
The Board Meeting went really well. Marilyn did a great job speaking. She is seriously one of the best speakers I've ever heard, anywhere. Others, including Jeff, did well, too.

We did a board photo and staff photo (Vern took those).

Afterwards we went to Hooters with Jeff (Marilyn and me).

Now I still need to do the recycling so I can head to bed. I'm really BEAT.

I had a ROUGH IT day (yes, again). We've got some crazy issue with Outlook bouncing back to us that Kris doesn't seem to understand -- and I have no clue what to do!

We did restart the Exchange, for all the good THAT did. Actually, I was put out we did it without warning the staff...

I was on the floor in my good (uniform) pants SEVERAL times. (sigh) But it looks like we don't need a new ethernet switch, anyway. That was good news...

I got nearly 10,000 steps today -- only 500 shy. Damn. If I was going to walk 9,500 steps, why couldn't I get those few more?

I awoke to major leg cramps this morning, so I can only imagine how bad it will be tomorrow!

I drank quite a bit of wine at the Board meeting. So I had COFFEE at Hooters! (smile)

It was damn COLD today. It's supposed to be worse tomorrow.

Donn's coming to work to set up Profiles (thankfully!). Christine and I are going to go look for cubes or desks for the new spaces...

I need to help Kate with the eNewsletter for next week. I never got a chance to check her code today -- too damn busy with IT (for hours!).

Better get the recycling out if I ever want to get to bed.

Sweet dreams, all!
melvin briefcase, busy melvin
First, we're having COLD, COLD weather again (damn it, anyway!). June even had me looking out to see SNOWFLAKES at one point! Good grief. We're so DONE with this cold weather here in Portland. It's not normal for us at all.

I went out after dark tonight to stick the oil -- not easy when it's dark outside!!! And discovered a bunch of standing WATER pretty close to the house! Yikes! I fixed the second (smaller) tarp and hope it will hold this time. We'll be in a world of hurt otherwise.

We're not flooding yet, but June and Jim are! In their sunroom, again. Little wonder, considering how much rain we've been getting!!!

I did a bunch of work from here at home for the festival. Setting up Profiles, for one thing. CityFair now has a standalone email. And Jessica has a Profile, again. Plus three generic ones for the Group Sales team.

I was on the phone about work ALL DAY LONG. Every time I'd get on a personal call I'd get interrupted -- often several times! (With sister Sue, June and Shari. Ridiculous, but true...)

And I did a HUGE email to Marilyn spelling out all the IT regarding current things, including the three new personnel. More about that soon.

And Rich and I ran through a PR for Friday morning. I still need to get it ready for the website.

I'm tired and have dinner in the microwave (we just got home from the store), so I'm going. Marilyn was barely home from work (really LATE) before deciding we needed to pick up some essential items...

I also did a bunch of laundry today, between working on the computer and iPad. Man, I'm worn OUT tonight!

Anyway, sleep well, friends!
blood drop
It's currently going on 2:00 a.m.

I had been sound asleep, but my cat alarm woke me. One of the cats (Henry?) was sick on the carpet and I needed to clean it up, even though Henry was trying very hard to do that himself. Good boy. He hates it when he's sick and makes a mess, but doesn't know much to do except try to cover it over and over and cry...

I needed to blog, wanted to test my blood (around 140 -- good for now) and needed to take my nighttime meds, too.

But I did NOT get to every sleep during the day today, as I'd planned to do. Or see sister Sue. I still have her birthday card and gift (a Starbucks gift card) to give her -- and her bday is January 31!!! (We had planned to give it to her at the beach this past weekend, then she didn't end up going along after all.)

As for me sleeping...

I got up after 3:00 a.m. last night needing to wash my hair. That went fine. But after taking my meds I got stomach pains and had nausea. Marilyn reasoned out that it was the iron supplement (which can also cause constipation, a constant issue for me). I had tried to go to bed and had to sit up, and she came to sit up with me...

After eating some saltine crackers I finally got better and was able to go to bed and get some sleep. But didn't go into work after all, as it turned out. (Which was fine by Marilyn who was heading directly to her hair appointment after work, anyway.) So I had Donn stay home, as well.

I did my routine, including my insulin shot. I had noticed it was low before, so now I decide to call in a refill (you can't put insulin on automatic refill, more's the pity). And I'm told I have no refills! So I call my clinic. And am told Leslie is heading out of town for two weeks. But the helpful woman at the front desk will put in an emergency call to her assistant Latoya to call me back.

That means I don't dare lie down, as I often miss calls when I'm sleeping. Nor can I see Sue, as I don't want to miss the call while I'm gone.

I got wrapped up in some projects during the day, anyway, which was fine. But after 5:00 I finally call the clinic again. I'm told the insulin has been called in to my pharmacy. The same helpful woman tries repeatedly (while I wait on the phone) to contact them and confirm for me to no avail. Meanwhile Marilyn tires to phone me several times. I chat with her and update her. Then I call and finally reach them -- they have just received the prescription as I'm talking to them (!!!). Then the woman doesn't know if they have my insulin available to refill (sigh). Finally she says they have it and will get it ready. (Marilyn plans to swing by and get it after her hair is done on her way home...)

I fixed my mom's recipe for hot dogs (rolled in cornflake crumbs and baked -- so good) for dinner, with sauteed angel hair cabbage. Yummy. And Marilyn brings me home my insulin for tomorrow!

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Marilyn decided recently that she wanted to try Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty line. And she also got it for me to try. You might be surprised to hear this, but it really seems to work quite well! I've made jokes for years about the 'magic melon,' but the entire routine seems to really improve skin quality. I don't know if it's the melon, or what it is, but my skin feels really good (and looks better, too). The texture is amazingly changed for the better...

Well, I'm now heading back to bed, gladly! I'm so tired. I could use some sleep.

Don't know about working tomorrow -- I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Thursday is a work day FOR SURE. It's the day of our Board Meeting.

Good night!
Colin has just come in the office and is sitting next to me on his stool (not sure why he ended up with a stool and Henry with his own chair, but they both seem happy with what they got!). I just petted him and he purred...

It's actually past 3:00 a.m. and I need to GO TO WORK at the festival office tomorrow!!! And I have to yet WASH MY HAIR and get several things ready right now for 'in the morning' (um, it's morning NOW!). I fell asleep earlier and well, here I am!

I can hear Henry downstairs with his rope making a racket. (Just checked. Yes, with his rope. What a horny kitty. Hahaha.) He didn't appear to have bothered the sleeping Marilyn, thankfully! Actually, I'm grateful to him that he howled and woke me several minutes ago! My cat alarm.

We got back from our trip to the beach around 4:30-ish today (left around 1:30-ish from the Seaside house). We tried putting the cats way in the back of the car coming home, considering we had a MISERABLE TRIP DOWN on Saturday, with Henry howling loudly the entire time (sigh). This worked better. Which isn't to say he didn't howl at all, but we could stand it better without having him directly behind us screaming into our ears!

This, after I gave him two doses of his 'calming' drops, too. Um, can you say 'they don't work?' -- clearly they don't (sigh). So much for that hope! We hadn't done that for Henry prior to the trip there. Well, the drops are expensive, so what the hell...

From now on they ride way in the back! Not kidding about that one!

We had a LOVELY TIME at the beach house, in spite of the fact that it poured down rain the whole time. Oh well. It was still nice getting away.

We went last night (Sunday night) to see the new Fifty Shades movie (again). I enjoyed it more the second time and found it less boring than I had the first time. (I was so damn tired the first time, maybe that colored my experience.)

We did 'see the ocean' even though we didn't walk on the beach. That's been one of our goals ever since getting the beach house. But the wind was whipping and the rain pouring and it was COLD, so we didn't last much! The ocean was also way in. There was a lot of water EVERYWHERE down there, frankly. Flooding is a problem now... I'm glad our house has no issues that way at the beach. (Enough worries about that here in Portland!)

Well, lots more to share, but NO TIME tonight! I'll try and blog again tomorrow!

I hope everyone is doing well! Sweet dreams!
The meeting I was supposed to be part of via phone didn't happen. But Rich told me things would be done the same as last year -- WHEN I PHONED TO ASK HIM. I guess otherwise I'd have been in the dark. (sigh)

IT issues for today? ALL the festival computers went down at one point! A DNS issue that Kris helped me to help MARILYN resolve (Christine had been unavailable at that point). Recycling the Sonic Firewall did the trick, thankfully...

Donn thinks his appraisal went well today -- I hope that's true! He won't get the results until next week...

My friend Shari and I talked several times. She had her procedure for the removal of her kidney stones very early this morning. She also got her cast off her arm yesterday. When she talked to me late in the day she was in quite a lot of pain from her procedure BUT they were refusing her pain medication. WTF??????? I don't understand that at all!!!

She and I were talking about Star Trek ("no kill I") and Netflix and so on. Fun!

Sue and I also chatted about whether she would come with Marilyn and me to the beach this weekend. We'll figure that out tomorrow...

Marilyn and Adeena had their concert directly after work (which is why I didn't go in today to the office). They saw David Duchovny performing with his band. Marilyn didn't get home here until around 11:00 p.m. (!!!). Good grief, that was one long damn day for her! After one long damn week...

I spent hours (and hours and hours) on the festival website today. I didn't quit until nearly 9:00 p.m. But I got many of the major pages updated -- at least I got them on the Calendar, that is. And we were at least a month behind, so hopefully that got us closer to where we should be. And if nothing else, told us what we need to concentrate on to do a better job.

It's really a team effort, and I rely help from others to do my part of the work. Rich, Calisa and Christine have especially been a huge help to me. But Marilyn is ALWAYS a big help. And Carol has been helpful, too...

I just counted and I sent out more than 40 (!!!) emails about the website today. Good grief! Talk about busy.

I didn't eat much today. A piece of cornbread. And Marilyn and I had sausage and crackers when she finally got home (she was starved, of course!).

I'm surprised by how stupid I am about the festival events for this year -- and our sponsors and all the dates. Wow, it's hard for me to do the website when I'm as uninformed as I appear to be. I think I need to spend more time at the office to compensate for this lack of knowledge...

On the other hand, there are simply elements of the website that others cannot do -- and that I need to do at this point. Anything multi-page remains in my purview (I had to fix a couple of such today, including the rose show and fleet week). I need to explain the procedure again to other team members when we have the chance to meet...

I can't think what else to share. I got no steps to speak of, as I spent almost the entire day sitting in front of the computer in my home office.

Time for bed. It's late. Good night and sleep well, friends.
it management gotta
The day started with work on Katie's computer. I thought I needed to add it back to the Server, but that wasn't the issue. The cable connecting the phone to the internet/Server wasn't plugged in properly. Anyway, to be safe, we're going to get a decent surge protector for her space (it should have happened ages ago), as that space seems to be prone to power surges. And it didn't hurt to take her off and put her back on the Server. Anyway, it's all working fine now.

But it was a bit tense in the morning!

Then Marilyn, Rich and I went in the POURING DOWN RAIN to get Starbucks. Rich and I were soaked -- Marilyn had enough sense to use an umbrella. My hood kept my head dry, but wow. Nasty weather!

Then Marilyn did bring me back home again, as I was still under the weather. These bouts of constipation (which I've had since childhood) also tend to make me dehydrated, and that tends to give me leg cramps. I've already been dealing with leg cramps like CRAZY recently. That means I don't get normal sleep, so I was very tired today. I ended up napping for hours in the afternoon.

Adeena and I talked in the afternoon, which was nice. And I also talked to Donn -- who did not get his appraisal today (they postponed until tomorrow, instead). He's on pins and needles, so I hope it goes well!

We have a couple of court-related meetings tomorrow. And Donn and I need to start making a plan for all the new people who will be starting quite soon... He hopes to be in late morning (or early afternoon). He'll be taking me home after, as Marilyn is going directly from work to a concert with Adeena.

Marilyn got home tonight, where I'd been working on the garbage and recycling (it's that day!). Yes, Dad, it always rains on garbage day. Hahaha. Thankfully it wasn't pouring this evening!

We headed first to the Freddies further away (but still on Lombard). I got socks, she didn't find the tee she wanted. Nor did we find Hickory Farms sausage! Apparently Fred Meyer doesn't carry it except during the holidays, for whatever reason. (All they've had at our local Freddies is TURKEY sausage, not beef.)

But we went to Safeway and they had LOADS of the sausage, so we got several. Plus more cornbread. And some cottage cheese. And that's what we had for dinner! Yummy!!! We both LOVE cottage cheese, by the way.

Then we watched Frasier on Netflix. Marilyn's asleep, and I'm just getting ready to lie down. I still need to get up and FINISH the garbage and recycling -- but all that's left is the cat boxes and taking things down to the curb, thankfully...

Can't think what else I'm forgetting to share. Oh, yes! I wore my new green top (with sparkles) to work today. (Got it at Ross.) Everybody loved it.

Marilyn...Collapse )

Well, going to lie down now. I'm tired.

Oh! And I got more than 5,000 steps today, amazingly enough. I barely got 2,000 yesterday...
gag, alfred - gag
Home today, not feeling that hot. Don't worry, it's NOT a bug. It's a 'gastro' issue and one I'm very used to, really. But a pain, still. (And I had hoped it would be resolved by now -- no such luck.)

I hadn't planned to go to work again until Friday, actually. But today Katie was having some very serious issues with her computer. Things that must be resolved by sitting in front of the machine. And Donn has his appraisal tomorrow, so he's not free. I'll need to force myself in the office, anyway...

I took it pretty easy today. I did a little tidying around the house, did a load of dishes and some more in my bedroom. And answered some emails. I also did some minor website stuff. Nothing that big.

It was raining and chilly all day. It seemed like I couldn't get the house to warm up. Which reminds me that I still need to stick the oil again!

I did fool around with my Netflix profile, though. That was interesting! Marilyn and I just recently got Netflix, so we don't really know how to use it, yet. But it seems easy to understand. I was enjoying watching an episode of Frasier UNCUT!!! That was pretty cool, actually.

And I did the noon meeting via the phone about setting up spaces and profiles for this year for the office. That was primarily Marilyn and me, working with Jason (it's his team), and with Jeff mostly listening in and only commenting a little. Managing spaces at the festival has been one of my personal jobs for decades -- long before I officially joined the staff. And Marilyn is the Chief Operating Officer of our organization, so this is all her purview, of course. (We're pretty damn good at it, to tell you the truth.) We have limited space in this building, so we're having to get creative. But it should all work out. With Donn's help, of course!

So I need to create new profiles and prepare the phones and help Donn get computers in place and set up profiles on those.

I did talk to Donn today. He's pretty nervous about tomorrow. All good thoughts and prayers are really welcomed and appreciated, friends! His shop wasn't permitted when it was built, so he's worried they might have a problem (which I sincerely doubt, really). Anyway, he needs a good appraisal in order to get the mortgage to keep their home. So we're all pulling for him! He's been stressed about it for months now, understandably...

Chatted with sister Sue this morning. She was at her son Larry's house with him and his family last night for dinner (for Valentine's Day). Sounds like she had a nice time.

Marilyn went out with Candee and Roger after work. It sounds like they had a nice time!

I'm sure I'm forgetting other things, but I just want to go and lie down, so I'll call it good for today.

And I need to get up decently in the morning for work! So goodnight, friends!
under the weather
Marilyn had to bring me home sick in the afternoon. She, Angel and I had gone for lunch at the Turkey Place. I had soup and a sandwich, but only ate the soup. (Marilyn had cottage cheese and grapes, which she really likes. And Angel had a salad.) I don't think it was food poisoning or anything like that -- just gastro issues... Anyway, I was having an awful stomachache, so she was kind enough to drive me home.

She's still suffering today from the pain of her massage. It's not only painful, but it's always fatiguing, too. She's asleep on the sofa in the family room right now.

I started the day by handing out my Valentine goodies for everybody -- and making people 'do' their self-inflating balloons. (smile) These usually hang for months at desks around the office. For those who don't know what they are, these are SMALL. The package is maybe three x three inches. You smack it with your fist and it inflates into a little balloon, shaped like a heart. People in our office love them. They've become a tradition. Hahaha.

Also, we did go to Starbucks this morning for coffee (tea for Marilyn).

Marilyn and I both got a bunch of steps today. I ended up with more than 6,000 (I guess from walking to both Starbucks and lunch -- and my usual up and down the stairs at work). Still enjoying our Fitbits, in other words! (grin)

Staff meeting was interesting. And we did have champagne to celebrate the culmination of our three-year IT goal. Plus there were treats (it was Nasiem's birthday) -- and Calisa's mother brought in Krispy Kreme doughnuts, too.

I had a very short meeting with Kate about MailChimp (we're using it for the Half Marathon).

I was supposed to chat with Christine after lunch about getting my new cell phone -- that will have to wait until Friday, I guess...

Donn was there and sat in for part of Staff Meeting. He was working on several projects for me (and one for Marilyn).

I swapped out my one monitor at my desk. AND had to use the unused board from a shelf to put both monitors on (they were too wide for my monitor platform, which is actually designed for a single monitor). Donn is going to make me a better board to go there, but for now it's working fine.

So I took everything that had been on my desk and was all boxed up and went through it. I only put part of it back -- and I rearranged a bunch of it. I wanted to make my desk less cluttered with stuff. It was never a horrible mess or anything (I'm way too organized for that). But there was a lot of things. So I cut it back. I'd already taken a bunch out from under my desk, so I think it's pretty nice now.

When I got home I was lying down in my bedroom. And in the bathroom quite a bit.

I decided to pick up my bedroom a bit, so I did that in between not feeling well. I didn't tackle the clothes to speak of, but I am delighted by how much better it is than it has been. I've been down about the clutter and haven't had the time or energy to get to changing it. Now that I have a start, maybe I'll be able to do more this week... I guess we'll see!

June had mentioned that she knew someone who wanted our wood from the tree (what Rich didn't take). I think it's Chuck's brother. Anyway, a man came with a big-assed pickup today and loaded it all up and hauled it off, so that's great by us! We don't have to try to get rid of it, and he'll have it to burn. Win-win.

Byram Healthcare called ME (!!!) about ordering my supplies! Seriously? Well, that was great. I didn't have to contact them, and it seemed to go more smoothly, too.

And TWO packages came for me at work today! I just ordered my replacement scrubbing pads for my face and now they're here! Shock. And Marilyn had ordered my hair cream, which also came. It was so fast for both things! We got them from Amazon. I'm telling you, I can't get over the speed. Easier than going to the store...

Today was day two of the Westminster Dog Show. It started at 5:00 p.m. our time. So I was watching that when Marilyn got home -- and we watched the rest of it together. We were DELIGHTED to see Rumor win -- we'd been pulling for her to win last year.

Jason sent me a meeting notice for tomorrow. I started to answer it, but never did. Damn. I knew I wasn't going to be there tomorrow, so I was planning to decline. (sigh)

Christie talked to me about staffing briefly after Staff Meeting. She has Maleah returning in March. Thankfully I kept her Profile, so I won't need to create it again. But I don't think she's set up on a machine at this point, so Donn will have to Profile her...

I haven't heard for sure, but Jessica -- who was Marilyn's assistant back for Centennial year -- may be coming in to work for Marilyn and the events staff seasonally this year. It's exciting to have her back! She's an amazingly good worker and experienced -- aside from being a friend.

Marilyn and I have been eating some Lean Cuisine dinners, from their LIMITED EDITION line. Actually, I hope they end up keeping those items. But I guess it would figure if they didn't. Hahaha. That's what we had for dinner tonight. Along with cornbread from Safeway -- which I 'toasted' in the oven again. (It's a soft mess when you buy it, for whatever reason...)

Can't think what else I might be forgetting. Anyway, that's it for today!
I just really feel like I need to get on top of things here at home. Work is one thing, but I feel a bit buried at home...

Cute boy! Colin just jumped into Marilyn's chair here in our home office! He only rarely does that. I guess he's keeping me company while I blog.

Sister Sue took me shopping today to Freddies and the DollarTree. I got champagne and sparkling cider for tomorrow, plus plastic flutes at the DollarTree (for celebrating our three year plan). I also needed a few more items for my Valentine goodies for the staff. Donn is coming, but can't stay very long. He's working on his house prior to the appraisal this Thursday.

I did a bunch of chores around the house. Taking out tons of composting, plus food for the critters and birds. (In and out and in and out.) It was nice to get stuff out of the fridge (both of them). I also took out a bunch of garbage. And bagged up two big bags of cans and bottles.

I put together the bags for Valentine's Day for the office. It has one of those self-inflating balloons everybody loves, a cute eraser, a pencil, a sucker and some chocolates. And boxes of conversation hearts. (smile)

I picked up the kitchen and did a little bit (very little) in my bedroom. And tonight I colored my hair (it needed it), while Marilyn was in Donald, Oregon getting her massage therapy from Amanda. She's miserable tonight, poor thing...

Sue and I did get Starbucks while we were out, which was nice. It was a sunny day and warmer than it has been. But windy!

June phoned and has somebody who wants our wood, which is a good thing for us. I was going to put a sign out today (free wood), but didn't get around to it...

Marilyn and I got a lot of steps today. She had more than 6,000 steps and I had more than 5,000 (I can't recall the exact amount).

Well, I'm tired and want to head to bed, so I'll cut this short. More tomorrow. But I do need to start blogging every day again! I've missed so much.
I'm WEEKS behind on my blog. Just a heads up that I do plan to 'go back' and fill in as best I can...

Marilyn and I had a BUSY (and stressful) week last week -- which included her iPad dying, many IT issues at the office, a TON of meetings, plus early mornings, late nights and long days, too. My glasses were done incorrectly, so I had to send them back to be done again. Henry still isn't doing that well, but we're nursing him along as best we can. (Debating whether to take him to the vet again or not.) I think if we can get him through all the cold weather he'll be much improved. So far all the local flooding has not included our house. We had a couple more branches down in the driveway (sigh) again, but I was able to drag them out of the way...

Thursday night we went to see the new Fifty Shades movie directly after work. I managed to only fall asleep three times during it. Hahaha. (It had been a long and tiring day, what can I say?)

Friday night after work we went with Jeff to Hooter's after work (he really wanted us to go) and had food and beers (I also had a couple of tequila shooters). I should have skipped the food, as I'd had a bad reaction to my soup from lunch (too spicy). But what the hell.

We'd been planning to go to dinner for Jim's (and sister Sue's) birthday Saturday night, but when we discussed it with June, they weren't available because of company they were expecting on Sunday (and wanting to get ready on Saturday). Marilyn and I were fine with that, but did explain we'd have to put it off at least two weeks because of many other evening commitments coming up...

Yesterday we went to the Interstate Bridge 100th Birthday Party. I still plan to do an entry for yesterday, but will mention here that Marilyn had entered their essay contest -- and she ended up taking second place in the adult category!!! I was very proud. It's a wonderful essay that I should share here for sure. Her win was a total surprise as they had NOT contacted anyone to let them know they were finalists (!!!), for whatever reason. We would have gone regardless (obviously!), but were especially glad she got the chance to speak and tell the background of her essay.

We had been RUNNING ERRANDS all day long prior to attending that late afternoon/early evening event. So we were pretty worn out after. I know we were sort of watching the METV stuff we always do on Saturday night, but I barely recall seeing all that much aside from "Wonder Woman" and "Batman."

Today we wanted to get out and have a drive as it was a clear, sunny day. We decided to drive up the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at Arby's for a bite to eat. We were having a lovely time, but we hit HIGH WINDS in the Gorge and decided to turn around and head back home.

When we went to get gas for the car, I went inside. I ended up buying four magnetized hematite balls (around the size of shooter marbles). Great fun to play with. But hematite is supposed to have many medicinal properties. I used to ALWAYS have a stone in my pocket for my bad hip. (I wonder why I stopped that?) And supposedly magnets have medicinal properties, too. I still have a magnetic mattress on my bed (I tend to forget that!) in my room... That's all a crazy aside, but just sayin'...

When we got home June had phoned and their company hadn't shown, so they were open to going to dinner. So we set up to go to Elmer's at 6:00.

I'd been trying to reach sister Sue for hours, but couldn't. Now I called and called to try and let her know about going to dinner. It turns out she was at dinner with her friend Larry so couldn't go anyway, which was fine.

We took naps and woke up LATE! We were rushing to get there. I tried to call June on her cell to tell her we were on the way, but couldn't reach her. We ended up there half an hour late (!!!), but it worked out fine. We had a really nice dinner, then went out for ice cream after that. (Marilyn bought dinner and Jim paid for the ice cream.) Oh! And we gave Jim a Hooter's calendar (signed!!!) for his birthday. Hahaha.

We've been watching the Grammy's since we got back home. We tend to watch large national events on TV when we can, just because we are in the event business -- and we'll probably discuss it during our next staff meeting...

Marilyn's iPad RESTORATION -- from the backup of her old iPad -- went really, really well, by the way! She got all of her 13,000+ photos back again, which was nothing short of a miracle!

Say what you will about Apple (and you know I complain a lot), they certainly stand behind their iPads! When she took it in and they tested it, they told her she had a battery issue -- and they'd have to order a new iPad. And that her cost would be $99. She mentioned that she had an $800 device, but they said battery problems always cost the user $99. How about that??? And they got it in within 24 hours of when she went in to the store (even though we had to wait another day to pick it up).

We had to back up using the iCloud -- the port wouldn't work, so plugging it in to the computer to use iTunes didn't work at all. Anyway, it took ages to back it up -- and we were worried it might not back everything up decently. Then it took ages to restore entirely. But, again, it went really, really well. There were a few things that didn't back up or restore, but for the most part it was perfect. And now she has a brand new iPad -- after three years with the old one! We're both really pleased and happy.

My computer had another FAILURE today. I'd been using it in the morning, then in the afternoon I had a black screen! I unplugged my external harddrive (which is a WD My Passport) -- for whatever reason, this keeps the computer from booting back up again properly. Anyway, I got the computer back up again, but had one hell of a time getting my desktop wallpaper to display again! Hahaha.

I recently resolved my crazy Outlook issues, by the way. Which were tied to the SPAM blocker we use both at home and at the office. But I've been locked out of my email constantly for a couple of months! What a pain that's been...

And my home email is via Century Link (sigh). I've gotten nothing but damn messages that I'm exceeding my Qwest.net email box size. My limit is 25 mb. Are you KIDDING me??? That's all??? What the hell.

But I did clean out my email, which I really needed to do. I'd already done that at work. I get a ridiculous amount of SPAM, I kid you not...

Well, I'm dead tired and we're facing another busy, busy week. (Two, actually!) So though I have TONS more to share, I'm off to bed. Goodnight!!!
how to, teach
Well, that subject line is my day in a nutshell. Hahaha. Sometimes it can all be defined pretty simply...

Nasiem -- who is Calisa's friend -- has most recently lived in Hawaii. She told us in staff meeting this morning that she's actually enjoying the cold weather. She just got here, so she missed our really miserable cold weather. Hahaha.

Anyway, we took her to coffee at Starbucks as is our tradition (with a large group). Thankfully Carol went along, as Marilyn had forgotten her credit card (so we used Carol to buy for everyone). No, Donn didn't make it in early enough to join us, I'm afraid...

Donn did get in, though -- and had another very busy day! He finished up Christie's computer (adding her CS2) and Jeff's (adding his CS2). And he did Suzanne's Profile on her machine. He needs to do a new machine for Angel (who currently has a fairly bad machine and can really use the upgrade). We would probably not do that -- but the goal is to have EVERY SINGLE MACHINE on Windows 7 (at long last!!!).

Training of Nasiem went quite well and was done just past noon.

I got soup for lunch at Anne's, then met with Rich about the Sing-Off page at the website. (And made a correction to the Milk Carton Boat Race page).

I'd planned to meet with Steven and Nasiem about waterfront items at the website, but their schedule got messed up, so I told them we could do it tomorrow, instead...

I was working on the LOGO for the new Circus Corps (which will be replacing the Clown Corps this year). We wanted it to be pretty much what I had created years back for the Clown Corps (same font and design), so I had to go 'on the hunt' for that font. It's a REMINDER to me that when you make a logotype you should ALWAYS do something that simply tells you what font you originally used, so you don't have to keep going through fonts until you can find it. Hahaha. I could have saved myself some time and trouble, that's for sure! But I reasoned it all out, so it's good.

My hips (injection sites???) were bothering me today. I didn't even realize how much until Rich mentioned to me that I was limping... (sigh) So Marilyn went for a walk as her break with Angel -- but wouldn't let me go along. Good call. I was in pain today. I obviously did too much yesterday (which was what sister Sue had told me!).

I'm about 70% done with David Morrell's "Ruler of the Night." And enjoying it so much! He's really become an expert for that time period. I love the characters. Tonight when I went down for my nap I ended up reading more.

I was having a bitch of a time with my computer again today. But Kris fixed my Outlook (!!!) for me. And I couldn't open Paint Shop Pro, so I uninstalled and reinstalled, using my own version (rather than the one on our Server at work). Donn hadn't been able to use the CS2 disks at the office, so I brought my set from home today -- which thankfully worked fine (as I mentioned above). He took them home tonight to make copies for the office (so I can take mine HOME again).

Rafa is playing tennis right now at the Australian Open. Marilyn has been talking back and forth with Sue via the phone.

Her friend Charles passed. The memorial is tomorrow. I'm sorry for the timing, because I would have been glad to go with her if it hadn't been a training day. (sigh) It's a hard loss for Sue. Growing older sucks when it comes to losing family and friends who are also old (or older).

Carol said some nice things to me today about losing weight. It made me feel good! (smile)

I'm always tired after training days. Not sure why that takes it out of me, but it generally does. Anyway, I need to get to bed so I'll be fresh for training tomorrow.

Nasiem sent me a lovely email this afternoon, thanking me for my 'guidance and kindness.' Wasn't that sweet?

Donn can't come in until late morning/early afternoon tomorrow. But I certainly have a LOT for him to do. I'd like to finish up the rest of the equipment as soon as possible.

I took Christie a really nice wireless mouse (with a pretty design) today...

Donn sent me an email that people are plugging in electric HEATERS to the same surge protector/power strips as their computers (!!!). I need to fix that right away! (sigh)

We had frozen Mexican food for dinner tonight (we enjoy those). Plus both popcorn and PIE as treats! We were very good girls today. Hahaha.

Back to tennis and off to bed! I hope you're all staying healthy and HAPPY!!!
First off, I (FINALLY!!!) stuck the oil -- we have around 150 gallons. That's probably LOW, which is no surprise in light of how COLD it was in December and the first half of January! In the past on rare occasions when we had especially cold winters, we've had to order oil a second time. I'm going to watch it very carefully for the next several weeks, and stick it once every week. Marilyn is hopeful we won't have to reorder, considering we have a LOT of other expenses right now. Plus we had the tree (not expected) and we've got my eye appointment (expensive -- no insurance). I guess we'll see... On the other hand, I won't let it go too far down, so...

I started today with a bunch of work-related things. I needed to get Donn going with the Profile for Nasiem (the seasonal waterfront assistant for Steven for this year). I had created the Profile, but he didn't have her full name and title, or the password. And then I needed to get her phone set up (that's my job).

Next I needed to create a Profile for Suzanne, the seasonal special events assistant for this year (she'll be helping Marilyn). And make sure Donn had all the info on her, as well.

At one point I contacted Inflow again. Scottie had called on Friday right before we were leaving for my doctor appointment, so I'd told him we could talk today. I still wanted to see if we could resolve the issue. I ended up with another guy who was very helpful -- and happily we did resolve the issue, which was actually a Trusted sites thing with Internet Explorer. Originally when we moved Christine to her new OS (some time back), we had this SAME ISSUE. I never called Inflow about it, because I resolved it on my own. But for whatever reason, I didn't take notes! Now I've now only created notes to explain how to fix it, but I've created a page at our Admin HowTo website, and explained it all clearly there. So we should be good to go in the future!

I called sister Sue in the morning to see if she could take me shopping at Freddies today, which she kindly offered to do. But I got a LOT of interruptions about work before we finally set a time! Hahaha.

Had Starbucks at Freddies. (They have those holiday bears on a great sale now! I might have to buy them. They were ridiculously EXPENSIVE originally! But the price is right now...)

Before we went shopping I was able to set up the following:
1. A new hair appointment for both of us for next Thursday (replacing the old one that was snowed out).
2. An eye appointment for Friday morning.
3. A dental appointment for next Monday (12:30 p.m.).

So far today I have 5,200 steps, by the way. But actually I'm supposed to be limiting walking right now (after my bursa injection from Friday). Oh well.

I was tired out after shopping. I got cases of pop, bags of kitty litter, a case of water and several large bottles of water (we use for making coffee and for the cats). Along with other groceries. So it was HEAVY LIFTING TIME, believe me! (whew) I decided NOT to mess with putting away the Christmas tree until Thursday, anyway...

Can't think of other things I'm forgetting to mention. I was proud of myself for coding those instructions and putting them at the How To website, that's for sure! It's not always that easy to get myself to do written instructions as well as I used to -- it's a lot of tedious work. I used to have more free time, but I have a LOT to do these days.

Marilyn had a super-busy day, too (as she always does!!!). And she went to the dentist this afternoon. Her one break during the day was to take a short walk. It was a really PRETTY and sunny day today! Lovely!

Right now she's in Donald, Oregon with her massage therapist. She really needed to go, believe me.

I'm coloring my hair (boy, does it NEED IT bad!!!), before going to work tomorrow. I should have colored it the week before last. Hahaha. I wanted to wait until AFTER getting it cut, but gave that up. I hate to have a bunch of white hair mixed in with my dark hair. Especially went I'm practically sitting nose to nose training someone new! No reason to let them think I'm OLD -- because I'm not. And if we're getting technical, I started getting white hair just out of high school, so...

I'd love to have a nap. Wish I was DONE with my hair. (sigh)

I also had to spend time hunting down my CS2 disks to take to the office. The ones we have there have stopped working. I hope these will work!!! We really rely on that software! I originally got these from my friend Martha, years and years ago. They're very old.

I was going to make a copy to take in, but couldn't get my copy software to work, so I gave that up. I don't like taking the originals in, but what choice do I have? We really need this software to do our jobs...

I hope the training goes well tomorrow -- and Wednesday, too! I'm looking forward to the new staff members. And I have another new person to train on Wednesday of next week. It's that time of year!

I'm sure keeping poor Donn busy lately, that's for sure! Gosh, there's so much work to do.

I had to phone Kris about my Outlook at work. I couldn't get logged in. I wonder if he was able to fix that? I never heard back from him. (sigh) It's a pain having to do things on my iPad instead of my desktop!!!

Time to wash out my color!!!
Marilyn and I drove down to our beach house in Seaside today.

On the way there we stopped at the Svensen Flea Market -- WHAT FUN! I got some vintage tools (including an old crowbar). And we got a few other clever things, like potholders shaped to hold bowls (!!!) -- which can be used in the microwave, then in your lap! The people there were SO VERY FRIENDLY. We can't wait to go again. (They're open every third weekend of each month.)

The house was FREEZING COLD!!! Just AWFUL! At first we couldn't figure out why the doors to the laundry were opened, but then we realized it was about avoiding freezing pipes (little wonder!). It took ages to even begin to take the chill off the house...

Obviously we need to get there more often. But last year illness and weather concerns kept us away all the time.

The last time we went down -- also a day trip -- was August 23. Good grief!

The WiFi IS out -- we called about it and are going to get it fixed. Both TVs were NOT playing, as well. But I managed to fix those on my own. And we did have an internet connection on the desktop computer, even if we didn't have WiFi. (But we could use our iPhones as a not-too-great hotspot...)

We saw ELK both coming down and going home! They were ON THE BEACH. I tried to get photos, but it was too dark. Darn!

On the way home we stopped and had a bite to eat at the Berry Patch Restaurant in Westport, Oregon. We both had chicken strips and I had a cup of mushroom soup, too. And we got a pie to bring home. (We also got to meet Lucky the dog, who is apparently the mascot for the place!)

Nice day, all in all...

And the PIE??? Delicious! Terribly decadent!
winter branch
I had major insomnia last night -- a very common reaction to a steroid injection, so no worries. But I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I was up and down all night long. Hahaha.

We spent a quiet morning, then took a short drive to get a bite to eat for lunch and just to get out. We've had major cabin fever for sure.

We watched a lot of Australian Open tennis today. Andy Murray went out to the elder Zverev brother, Mischa (he's 29 -- 10 years older than Alexander who lost to Nadal yesterday). We were very impressed with Zverev's play against number one seed Murray, I have to say.

We both had a nap in the evening, then we watched the end of "The Incredible Hulk," and "Wonder Woman." Then tennis again, before Svengoolie came on at 10:00.

We were going to go out again and take the cans and bottles to BottleDrop. Maybe tomorrow. And we also need to get our manicures really bad...

We've got a new staff person starting on Tuesday, and probably a second one on Wednesday -- so I'll have a bunch of training to do.

I need to contact Donn about setting up computers and Profiles for the two seasonal people.

I took it VERY EASY today, as I'm supposed to after those shots from yesterday.

We had popcorn again tonight, as we usually do on Saturday nights.

Roger Federer is playing now, so I think we'll try and watch his match. And then head to bed.

I bought the Kindle download of the David Morrell book "Ruler of the Night," last night. Marilyn and I love this series and are sad that this is the third and LAST book of the same. Can't wait to start reading it. (I got to interview David via phone many years ago. He's an amazing -- and very friendly -- man.)

I guess that's it for today...
flag (burst)
As you can see from my subject line, today was a very eventful and busy day...

America has a new president. It's an emotional subject for people, however they might feel. I want to be sensitive to the feelings of everyone. But I have to say I always believe in honoring the OFFICE, regardless of who might hold it -- and that hasn't changed for me. And I'm STRONGLY OPPOSED to the burning of our nation's flag, regardless of why it's being done.

Here in Portland we had protests. I'm very tempted to discuss this, but I won't go there. Except to say I'm against violence and I'm against destruction of property, whatever you might be protesting.

I'm sorry to see anyone on either side injured. I pray that we'll be able to move on and try to come together. Yes, we must be vigilant to guard the RIGHTS of every citizen. We need to speak up when injustice takes place. And we need to remain hopeful and strong and united, as much as possible.

Aside from that, it's always interesting to observe the ceremony surrounding important events like this. As someone involved in special events, it was fascinating to observe the details of the day.

Rich came by to pick up the wood from our downed tree to use as firewood at his home for him and his wife, Merlin. He came in and had coffee with us, but both he and Merlin were making a point of staying away from the media and online today to avoid being upset. (The election and the results have been very upsetting for them.) I know a lot of people who decided to avoid viewing things on TV or going online. If it upsets you, that's clearly a wise choice.

I helped Rich load his wood and Marilyn and I did some raking of all the leftover branches that were in the driveway. It's a REAL MESS out there from where the tree was down. (sigh)

Jeff came over while Rich was getting ready to leave. We had coffee with Jeff and discussed the Inauguration. Then we talked and talked about work-related subjects for HOURS.

Jeff left in the late afternoon, right before we needed to get ready to go to my doctor appointment, which was at 4:25 p.m.

I had good reports. My A1C was better. My kidney function is better. The numbers were good, with room for improvement (of course).

I'm VERY ANNOYED that I didn't blog the last time I got my steroid shot! I know it was Latoya who gave it to me (in the right hip). And it was just the typical steroid shot I've had in the past. But TODAY Leslie gave me what she called a bursa shot (injection), which is: A bursa is a gel-filled sac that helps muscles and tendons glide over bones. You have bursae in your shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and other parts of your body. When bursae get swollen, they can cause joint pain. But a steroid medication injected into your bursa can help reduce the inflammation and alleviate the pain.

This bursa injection can ONLY be done by someone qualified. Leslie made a point of saying she does NOT do these for knees, by the way. But she did both of my hips. Here's a description of the procedure: The skin is cleaned with antiseptic liquid. You lie down and turn on your side to expose the area for the injection. I was given TWO shots in each hip. First was a local anesthetic, then corticosteroid was injected. According to what I've read, usually the doctor will give you instructions for after the injection, but she didn't really do this. However I read online that you should completely rest the part of the body injected for 6 hours, then limiting use for between 1 and 3 days (or sometimes longer). (Interesting! Very different from previous steroid shots. I remember having tenderness in the past, but never being told to take it easy...)

I just found my entry from 2015 (October 2) where Latoya absolutely gave me this shot...

Well, I wanted the shot this time more for my flare-ups than for allergies -- though I imagine it will work for both. (I don't have as much trouble with allergies in the winter.) Here's the AMAZING THING: Right now I have almost no PAIN at all in my right hip. Usually I have constant pain there, varying in how bad it is. But I'm almost never totally pain free (or close), so this is astonishing!!! I guess it's a good sign.

This is obviously what was done for June with her knees. Now I get it a lot better. I've previously had a more generic injection...

As I've noted in the past, these shots usually raise blood sugar levels for a few days. But I'm used to that...

Anyway, Marilyn was with me for most of my appointment, but did leave during the shot. She was surprised by how long it took. In the past it's been very quick.

After that we were in rush hour traffic, so we went directly home and each fixed something to eat. Later on I made popcorn.

And we were watching the Australian Open and Star Trek. Rafa won!!! (Star Trek is like comfort food -- I guess comfort TV. Hahaha.)

We were having fun playing our game tonight, too...

I took a short nap at one point. I'd given Henry is meds and then he and I snuggled for a bit... He hasn't been doing very well, poor guy. Winter is VERY HARD on him.

After we heard the 11:00 news and found out the local protests were over, we got in the car and took our bills down to the main post office downtown to mail them. Then we came straight home. No, we happily didn't see anything. We knew from the news that it had been quite a mess, though... (sigh)

Time to head to bed (it's VERY LATE now).
under the weather
I was feeling poorly last night before bed. And didn't end up going to the office today. That SUCKS, as I have a bunch of work I need to tackle! Oh well.

I was planning to stay down. But then I got on the phone with Donn about stuff at the office and had a long (managerial) chat with him. After that I decided that it was LONG PAST time to get 'Christmas' taken down, so I might as well tackle it. I figured I'd GO SLOW, so I didn't wear myself out -- considering today is also real garbage day (and I had a bunch of large bottles to clean out for recycling and a ton of composting to go, too). I started with the tree. I managed to take our ornaments from four boxes to three (!!!), which felt like a real win! I was careful and packed things very neatly, giving me more space. Then I brought up the other boxes and packed up everything else. I had to carry boxes up and down stairs, as we store all this stuff (very neatly!) in our laundry room, under the stairs. Some of it was heavy, which is just a fact. But I'd carried a bunch of heavy stuff yesterday, too. So I noticed tonight that I have that spleen pain I get (it's not good for the spleen when I carry heavy stuff, but tough!).

I would have LOVED to put the actual tree away. But here was the thing: The box alone is huge and heavy! Not kidding. It's designed to really protect the tree, I suppose. And the TREE is very heavy! So I didn't want to bring the box into the house as I used to do with the old tree. Instead, I wanted to take the tree out in pieces to the garage and put these into the box -- then slide the box back into the place I carefully made for it out there. This should have been the perfect plan. Except for the recent weather! Currently the floor of the garage is WET -- and I really don't want to put the box into the wet. This wet doesn't appear to have come in from either door -- it looks like it came from the car (it's in the center of the floor). So, annoying as it is, the tree is still standing in the room, sans ornaments. We haven't had it plugged in for ages, of course. But to the naked eye clearly Christmas has NOT gone away, quite yet. I have no idea when the floor will be dry enough, by the way. (sigh) Also, my best times to put up and take down holiday decorations are when Marilyn's at work (and the car with her). Our office is closed tomorrow, then it's the weekend...

Anyway, I've been 'off' all day. I'm having high blood counts -- and then low counts! I don't know what to make of it! I see Leslie tomorrow, so maybe she'll offer some ideas. I'm EXCITED to get my steroid shot, as I'm way overdue for that. I'm less excited to hear my A1C, as I'm not expecting good news there. (sigh) I'd also hoped to have my weight down more than this, though I'm pretty proud that I didn't gain a ton over the holidays. I really avoided lots of holiday goodies and stuck pretty closely to my new eating patterns.

I had stomach pain today, which could be constipation (sorry TMI!), as I have a constant issue with that. Or maybe I have a (hopefully small) bug. Who knows?

I went back to bed in the late afternoon and slept for hours! Marilyn managed to wake me up calling on her way home. (She has a wonderful hands-free option in her car and believe me when I say her eyes never leave the road. She's never distracted when driving -- unlike so many people.) Anyway, I finally woke and got to talk to her. We hadn't spoken all day, as she had constant back-to-back meetings ALL DAY LONG WITHOUT A BREAK. (I don't know how she does it!) It looks like we've hired Steven's assistant (I've already created that Profile -- now Donn needs to get it on the computer.) And maybe the seasonal for events, too (who will sit in Katie's old spot, right outside Marilyn's office).

I started dinner as soon as she got home. We had roast beef hash, green beans and cottage cheese. (And, yes, I did eat some chicken noodle soup for lunch, too.) I was shaking during dinner, as I was having a low -- the whole thing is so annoying! I've wondered if I should try insulin more than once a day. But I tend to have my lows in the evening! So when the heck would I take it? I guess we'll talk that through tomorrow afternoon...

I finally got myself to tackle all the garbage and recycling. There's quite a bit of both! Nothing has been picked up in ages, so I'm glad they'll be able to get it all tomorrow (finally)!!! Damn weather.

Most of our snow and ice is now officially and happily GONE. Of course there are mounds all over the place, but the streets and sidewalks are great!

I cleaned up the feeding area for the birds/critters and gave them fresh seed and fresh water, too. I can't remember if I mentioned the hummingbird 'experiment' or not (???). I'd read you should change up the 'formula' for their food mix -- going from one-to-four to one-to-three. Then I read that was bogus and dangerous and too sweet! So today I dumped out the new version and went back to the tried and true! I'd hate to make my little hummingbirds sick! We get a lot of them all year round, believe it or not.

I got sick and threw up in the middle of finishing the garbage. Fortunately it didn't wake Marilyn who is dead asleep on the sofa in front of Australian Open tennis. Obviously something isn't quite right with me. But as I said to Marilyn earlier, fortunately I can keep going and getting things done even when I don't feel well.

I guess I especially learned that lesson this past year! I mean, what choice do you have? You can't just let everything go because you're sick. Especially if it's not that bad. I'm happy to report that I don't feel that deep, deep fatigue that I was feeling for months and months. I'm back to being able to do things without being totally flattened. Well, I might need more sleep now, but at least I'm able to be productive when I'm awake.

On that note, I'm done working and calling it a day! When I was last down in the family room, Marilyn was asleep on the sofa, Colin was sleeping on the back of the chair and Henry was asleep inside cat-basket-bed. Everybody else is cozy downstairs, so I think I'll join them! Hahaha.

I might even watch a few more minutes of TV before bedtime. We did watch a few shows on tape after dinner (which was partly me stalling... hahaha...)

I hope you're all happy, healthy, safe and warm!
st. jude
Work day. We woke to icy, slushy, NASTY streets (!!!). So we didn't hurry to take off. Schools were on two-hour delayed opening, so that was true for us, as well.

I got a call from Jason that his monitors weren't working. It was more serious than that, but I just told him to wait until I got there...

Checked with Donn to be sure he could come in -- he had some other things to do, but was thankfully available today! Good thing: There's so much IT stuff to be done right now!

The drive to work was downright SCARY because of the road conditions! I mean, it was white-knuckle time for at least half the drive. Then while roads downtown weren't too bad, our parking lot was awful!!! Walking was okay, because Steven had made a path for me -- isn't that sweet???

Went to Starbucks with several people. No brownie (!!!), so got something else they talked me into, but never ate. In fact, didn't eat anything all day. (Marilyn never does, so welcome to her world. Hahaha.) She had hot tea, and that was it for her...

Very busy! Had to reason out how to set up the Half Marathon email to work! It turns out I'd duplicated settings. I wanted it to 'Send As' and NOT to 'Send on Behalf Of' -- those are two different options available. There are settings that are done on the Server, and settings done inside Outlook. I should share them here at some point. Partly because it's interesting!!! Anyway, once that was finally worked out, I got everybody who needed to have it access to that email.

Then I set up a signature for the account. And I helped Kate to get out the mass email to those who've been signing up for information about the race. (woo hoo) All very good!

Donn HAD given me the Auto Complete file for my Outlook, but I lost it somehow. So I had him do it again and just install it for me. I was in too big a rush all day long to deal with it. Man, does Auto Complete for Outlook save you a ton of time!!! Hahaha.

I helped Donn move some equipment upstairs and some downstairs, too. I was up and down the staircase a ton, as always. I don't know my final step count for the day, but I did get over 5,000 steps. Actually, I had 1,200 steps before I ever got to work today.

Shari called when we were getting ready for work. I meant to phone her later, but things were so busy at work that I totally forgot. I hope there wasn't something really important that I needed to know! I hope I can remember to call her tomorrow... (sigh) My memory is not the best anymore. And I have such a ton of IT crammed in there.

I set up Kate's phone today, using the method Kris helped me with. That works okay, but it would be nice to have the OLD option available.

Donn had to uninstall and reinstall Christine's Shoretel to get it to work properly. No idea WHY. But it's all good now. (It was my idea to do the reninstall, in place of contacting Inflow for support...)

The drive home wasn't great, but was an improvement over the morning drive. We still have a ton of icy crap on the roads, though! Can't wait to say goodbye to it. Managed to go pick up my prescriptions (including my insulin -- I was nearly out!) and Henry's pills (at the vet). Nasty walking in the parking lot at Riteaid!!!

Dinner was leftover hot dogs -- but I did fry up some sauerkraut to go with (heat it in a fry pan with no oil). We tried a new Green Giant veggie dish, but it was nasty! We won't be doing that again...

I had LOW blood sugar by then. It had been fine in the office (112), but was low by the time I was fixing dinner. (sigh)

We ended up with a bunch of HIGH WINDS this evening! Just shaking the house, I kid you not! Yuck. But we never had the terrible rain they said we would.

I was stuffed up and not feeling that great tonight. Probably just TIRED from a very long work day (with no break). I had a long nap tonight, anyway.

We'd planned to watch a new show on TV that just started, but slept through it. It's on tape, so we'll see it eventually, I'm sure. We've been looking forward to it!

Missed all our Tuesday night shows that we like because we were watching the Australian Open. That's okay, we've got those on tape, too.

Haven't decided for sure if I'm working tomorrow or not. I was planning to, but I think I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Time for bed! (It's nearly 3:00 a.m. now.)
frightful weather
Australian Open Tennis is on the TV as I sit here typing this. Marilyn is playing a game of Civilization (!!!) on her desktop -- she hasn't done that in a couple of years. Wow.

I always said that game 'saved her life' -- it was how she would shut off her head from all the stresses of work years and years ago. I think we got our first version of it back in the late 80's or early 90's. A gay friend gave it to us (Terry). But we quickly moved on to a version we'd purchased. Watching her play really takes me back. And it's very good memories, believe me!

She used to play Civ while I was playing The Sims on my desktop. In my case 'playing' was a relative thing! I could spend hours just searching for items to use in my game. It was incredible how many websites there were creating stuff for The Sims! Skins (meaning faces, hair, clothing designs and more), floors, walls, hacked items and much, much more. So inventive! I loved it back then...

The interesting thing? When did I EVER have all that time to play The Sims??? Yes, I still play games (like SimCity BuildIt). But I don't begin to spend that kind of time! If I did that, I'd never get anything done. Hahaha. Maybe I remember it as more time than it really was. I don't know...

Well, we're going NUTS from the damn weather here. It started to rain today. You'd think that would be a good thing, right? Rain comes in and scours all this damn snow out. But hell no. It's just a nasty mess. It's supposed to freeze again tonight, which should make things very dicey for getting to work tomorrow...

All we can do with the rain is watch. There's a huge puddle in back on the brick patio that's a spot we've never had this kind of water gather on. Hopefully it won't get into the house. At one point today I went into the garage and noticed wet on the floor!!! Don't get me wrong -- the garage gets wet from both the front and back door (it's not tight by any means). In fact, we have most things that sit on the floor resting on plastic crates that lift them from direct contact with the cement, which simply can't be expected to stay dry.

In this case I finally reasoned out that there had to be snow under the car that had been frozen there, and had started to melt (as the wet seemed to be coming from the area of the car -- and not the doors). Weird.

By the way, the garage does NOT seem at all warmer -- so how it could allow anything to melt is beyond me! I just brought in bottled water and it's far colder than the water in the fridge! I'm not kidding.

It will actually be great to get back to work. We're so far behind. And we have a ton to do. We'll see how it goes, I guess...

I hope we'll be safe DRIVING and WALKING. I can't believe how many of our friends have fallen and have injuries.

Obviously we've already dealt with the tree here. And we have SEVERAL branches down on that same tree and other trees in the yard. Oh well. That's what home ownership means.

Just thinking about the Inauguration. (Sister Sue has been to these -- imagine that. Wow.) Our office will be closed on Friday, in case of protests. The area just outside our office is a gathering place for such things.

Marilyn and I finally had something to eat this evening. She had a frozen dinner, and I made a couple of fried eggs on toast. That's all we ate all day long. We just weren't hungry (not sure why)...

One productive thing! I took down 'Christmas' in the family room, finally. You'd think I would have gotten that done during all this time at home. But it's hard to explain how I just haven't been able to get myself to tackle it. It's a big task. I guess I have to be in a certain mood, as crazy as that sounds. With all this weather crap, I just couldn't get my head there. Oh well.

Now that I've done the family room -- which seems strangely empty right now -- I shouldn't have any trouble getting the living room done. This means taking down the tree, as well as all the other decorations. Yes, I KNOW it's well past time. We normally would NEVER leave it this long. I can't remember ever doing so before this year...

I've got a stiff neck and seem to be fighting vertigo again. Damn. I don't have time for it. And that's that.

I guess that's it for today. I hope all is well with you!!!
mlk jr., i have a dream
In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- SOME AMAZING QUOTES:

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right -- temporarily defeated -- is stronger than evil triumphant.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

The time is always right to do what is right.

If you've never read anything written by Dr. King, I highly recommend you take the time to do so. What an incredible man...

In other news...

My blood sugar was EXCELLENT this morning! (woo hoo) 120. Exactly where I'd like to see it every morning...

Yes, we're STILL snowed in -- and (unfortunately) expecting FREEZING RAIN (!!!) tomorrow. Those are two words (freezing and rain) that should NEVER be put together. (sigh)

Actually, we WERE driving out in the snow at one point. But both yesterday and today we felt it was too dangerous. The snow has gotten packed down (very heavy!) and icy and slippery. Just a mess.

This morning Marilyn and I decided we'd go out and clear out our storm drains. The TV stations have been telling everyone to do that. But these are COVERED IN SNOW right now! The worst areas are right by the curb, of course. So we were digging and digging this horrible, hard, heavy snow -- and looking for drains we couldn't begin to remember exactly where they were. It was EXHAUSTING! Plus it's so very cold. Again, we don't have the right footwear for this cold weather. Our feet suffer pretty bad in a very short period.

Anyway, after half an hour we just called it quits. We were still worn out from the digging the past two days, in all honesty. Neither one of us was feeling all that well today...

You'd think we'd be able to remember WHERE the storm drains are. Or you'd think you could get a map online, wouldn't you? Not a chance. Oh well. We'll deal with it when it starts to thaw, I guess.

It was a quiet day after that. Taking it pretty easy and just watching TV and messing with our iPads.

But we DID do some work, of course. We do that as a matter of course ALL THE TIME (whether I mention it or not). I mean, we get email and so on, so of course we deal with it.

We were also texting with a bunch of different people. It's such a nice way to stay in touch, I have to admit.

I'm worried that I haven't heard from Rob -- and didn't manage to reach him by phone, either. I hope he and Jeff are okay!!!

I talked on the phone with friend Shari today. She not only has a broken finger, but her thumb is broken, too! How in HELL did they miss that the first time around??? So now she's in a cast (good thing!!!). But they didn't give her a sling, for whatever reason! That has to be a big pain...

The Australian Open is on, by the way -- for those interested in tennis, as Marilyn and I are. (Sister Sue, too!)

They've already CLOSED PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS for tomorrow (again). So we'll be home, yet again. It's going to be an AWFUL MESS anyway, so we're safer being right here.

We have a LEAK in the ROOF at our office, I'm afraid!!! The City (our landlord) is aware. Hopefully nothing is being damaged (especially our IT equipment!!!).

I just had a COMPUTER CRASH. I was typing this blog and everything froze up solid. Then I got a blue screen -- with a message I'd never seen before (!!!). It's back up and seems to be working, but still! Damn, it's been awhile since I got the dreaded blue screen of death.

Oh! Right! Marilyn just reminded me that PGE was out to our house today. Actually, they were at the house next door -- but messing with OUR BIG EVERGREEN TREE. There were five (!!!) trucks outside my bedroom window -- and one was a cherry picker. So I got bundled up and went out. They ignored me. It was a huge gang of people. And they were FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER! Yelling back and forth and mad at the results of the guy up in the cherry picker!

I guess the house next door only had partial power. Thank GOD that wasn't us! I was nervous they would screw up our power, but happily they didn't.

Can't think what else to share. More tomorrow, I guess...

I hope all of you are safe and warm. And not dealing with weather that has you totally shut down! (hugs)
Another really beautiful day -- but it was MISERABLY COLD! Marilyn and I spent more time digging in the back yard, with the goal of moving as much snow away from the house as possible (as we did yesterday). The difference today was that Marilyn suggested we open the gate and put a bunch of the snow into the side yard! Brilliant. There's just less deep snow out in the side yard. Plus this should keep all the water from getting in the ground where it can flood the house...

Anyway, fingers crossed that's true!

The pain today? The weather people started mentioning FREEZING RAIN (!!!) to go with the high winds and heavy rainfall. Good grief. Haven't we been through enough?

Well, complaining won't help, so I'll stop now. We did what we felt might help, right up until the point that I simply couldn't lift another shovel of snow. Then we quit and came back inside.

It was FAR WORSE around here for driving. We barely saw a car moving on our street. And we decided NOT to try going out. It's simply not worth the risk. There's nothing we need that much.

One of our friends was out walking, fell and broke his leg (Marilyn saw the x-ray at Facebook). How terrible is that??? Anyway, point taken, folks. Nobody in our area should be out unless they really need to be.

Marilyn and I spent a lot of time today enjoying the Decades channel on cable, where they've been showing old episodes of "Mission: Impossible." We always used to love that show growing up. Our parents loved it, too. It's been fun, anyway.

Marilyn and I had an intense discussion today that was eye-opening for me. I'm seriously going to make every attempt to CHANGE MY WAYS. I prefer not to go into great detail at this point, but in thinking over what was said, I realize this is something I've been doing since CHILDHOOD with very little (if any) improvement over the years. I believe in change. I think we're all capable of it if we try hard enough. So I'm going to start right now and work on it.

I realized that it was something I was very much aware of even as a little girl, though. And that I knew even then how wrong it was. In fact, maybe I knew that better then than I do now, who knows? It was funny how deeply moved I was as we discussed it. I guess time will tell if I'm up to the challenge, anyway.

In work-related news, I spoke to Donn and found out things didn't go at all well with setting up Christie's new computer. He's back to square one, actually. So far 2017 has been difficult for IT. But we'll muddle through somehow -- we always do! That's one thing I know as sure as I'm sitting here, anyway. No matter what, Donn and I (as a team) will prevail with the IT equipment for the festival. Somehow. Some way.

I have a whopper of a headache and a stiff neck right now, so I might even take a pain pill. Time for bed!

Still loving our game (SimCity BuildIt). I don't care if it is a possible waste of time. Sure, we could be doing more productive things, but what's wrong with just doing this for fun? Oh well.

But I should have started TAKING DOWN CHRISTMAS today, as I had planned to do. I will absolutely do that tomorrow. (sigh)

I need to get organized and get a grip on things. I didn't set up my medicine for the week, either...

I can't believe I haven't mentioned our friend Shari taking a terrible fall (she landed on her hands and FACE). She's got a broken bone, a big lump on her head and is pretty messed up in general. Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I'm sending a lot of those out her way.

June's cold is still really bad, but sister Sue is improving. Not so for Candy, though... So many are sick right now!

Stay healthy, avoid falls and sleep well, my friends. AND STAY WARM!