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What did I just spend the last 15 minutes doing? Replacing one of my two dual monitors. Specifically the PRIMARY monitor, meaning NO, I couldn't just wait and do it later. Hahaha. I couldn't do ANYTHING until I got it replaced. (sigh)

The GOOD news? Fortunately (woo hoo) I had a SPARE to use to replace it! I knew I had two down at the beach house, but I wasn't sure I even had one here at the Portland house. So it was a real break that I did. And interestingly enough: The former (dead) monitor was a Dell, while this one is an Acer. And my secondary monitor is also an Acer, so they now match! That's not all that important, but it's cool...

I'm in a HUGE HURRY to get my blogging done, as that MAGIC MIDNIGHT HOUR is quickly approaching. And if you play SimCity BuildIt, you MUST play between midnight and one o'clock. I'm NOT kidding. That's when all the very best stuff for the entire day happens...

Marilyn had a super-long day with a four-hour meeting ending it. She didn't get home until around 9:00. I was dead asleep and the phone woke me from quite the nightmare! It's still VIVID in my mind, actually, hours later! She had nominating to deal with today, which is tons of work. She didn't even get a chance to write her speech for Thursday night (she'll do that tomorrow).

The good news is that we'll be in uniform for the event -- and she came back on her way to work to pick up our jackets to get them to the cleaner. Her wonderful dry cleaner promised them for tomorrow (she's been going to him for years and years now).

Sue and I did NOT going shopping. I just didn't feel up to it, in all honesty. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow -- we plan to go in the morning...

Yesterday we went shopping at Chico's at the Woodburn Premium Outlets (in Woodburn, Oregon). Marilyn got several items there (pants and blouses), so I'd call that a successful trip! But boy, did it wear us out!

She wore one of her new tops to work today -- very cute, with stripes! (I picked it out.)

I actually talked to Rich today for around an hour. We have a project we're working on together, but we ended up just chatting today. I'm going to read over his document tomorrow so we can discuss it. And happily he's going to be there Thursday night! (But we both agreed that will NOT be a time for anything work-related...)

I did pick up in the kitchen and do a load of dishes today, at least. I spent most of the day up, though I admit I didn't do much. And I was nauseous in the afternoon and evening, so I ended up with low blood sugar yet again. (sigh) I can't seem to get that balanced right now. After all, I'm on a higher dose of BOTH my diabetes medications (double for BOTH) -- and I've been sick for weeks and weeks, and just not that hungry. So it just hasn't been easy. I'll get there, I'm sure.

I texted with Adeena (miss her!) today. And sister Sue and I talked more than once. I tried to call June, but missed her. I finally got her Donn's home address today (I promised that ages ago!), so I both called and emailed her, but didn't hear back. I hope everything is okay with her!

I talked a little bit with Christine today, too. Anxious to see her (it's been so long), and to chat more about her son Zander...

Watched a show about "Star Trek" (part of it) that was really good!

Have any of you watched the TV series "Gaycation" on Viceland??? I saw it today and was very moved. (Yes, I cried.) I saw about an episode and a half. I want to see more, for sure...

And that's ALL the time I have!!!

Sleep well and stay healthy.

sisters, sisters ball
Marilyn and I spent a quiet Sunday -- same old, same old. Watching TV, sleeping and playing on our iPads.

The only productive thing I did was take out some garbage...

Marilyn actually showered and washed her hair, though! I didn't quite manage it. While Marilyn was in the shower, I picked up the living room a little bit, as we'd invited our sister Sue to come over and watch a TV show with us! (The living room wasn't all that bad, to tell the truth. But there were some papers lying around and blankets, as we've been lying in there now and then. Stuff like that...)

I'd promised Sue popcorn and coffee, which I had for her when she arrived. I made a fresh pot while she was here, so she had two cups. Plus some ice cream!

We wanted her to see "Designated Survivor," which she'd missed seeing (and we had taped on our DVR). We both thought she'd enjoy it. Sue is very political and always has been. (As I've mentioned in the past, Sue was in the Oregon House of Representatives at one point -- and she has many friends in politics. She walked and talked with Jimmy Carter when he was in the White House, and she attended both of the inaugurations of President Bill Clinton -- plus she attended inaugural parties at Teddy Kennedy's house! I have a photo of her with Hillary Clinton from when Sue was a labor leader framed and in the living room. I guess you could say Sue was a 'mover and shaker.' And just because she's now retired, I don't let people forget that fact! In other words, I'm pretty PROUD of both my very accomplished sisters -- with good cause, I think.)

I've only seen the White House from a distance (I didn't get to tour it when I was in D.C. years back, I'm afraid). But I've seen several movies they've made with those very realistic sets -- and I think they've done an amazing job with the sets for this new series. (I can't imagine what it's like to be Sue when it comes to having been to the White House...)

After we watched that we put on a couple of "Leave it to Beaver" episodes to watch -- and Marilyn and I played SimCity BuildIt at midnight (the magic hour!) while doing that (Sue was okay with it). After that Sue headed home...

Marilyn reminded her that Thursday night is the event where Marilyn is being honored. We all have to figure out WHAT we're going to WEAR to that event (!!!) before then. (sigh) I'm so glad I got my manicure and pedicure done before then.

Sue will have to miss cribbage, so she'll need to let people know...

Well, that's our day (pretty much).

Sleep well and be happy, friends! And keep yourself as healthy as you can!!! (Marilyn and I are pretty SICK of being sick... sigh...) Good night!
ouch, bandaid
Today was a VERY quiet Saturday. We stayed up late again last night. Watching Star Trek and then we got a movie. We saw the 2016 film "Blood Father," with Mel Gibson. It was quite a good action/adventure movie about a young woman who gets mixed up with criminals through her boyfriend and has to seek help from her father. I highly recommend it if you're into action/adventure movies. This will really fit the bill.

It was chilly (and even cold) today. We wore socks and had our blankets on a lot!

We also saw the 2016 film "The Good Neighbor." This is really good -- and not what you expect. Again, I highly recommend it.

We watched a lot of TV again today. It's always a saving grace when you're too sick to do anything much... There was a lot of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." on today. (smile)

I talked to both sister Sue and June today.

June has been dizzy quite a bit lately and taking a lot of falls, but she finally got in to see her doctor. They did a lot of tests, and she has a bad sinus infection that's causing some of the trouble. She's bruised all over and they also took x-rays to see if she has any broken or cracked bones, poor thing! I'm anxious to hear more when she gets results back. The good news is that PooPurr is doing GREAT! Eating like crazy, June said.

Sue didn't do well at cribbage Thursday night, but had a good time. She really likes the new member, even though he lives quite a long way out and she had to give him a ride.

Annoyed by this spleen pain -- BUT at least now I know it's not in my head! (It really IS spleen pain, after all...) Anyway, pushing on, as always! (grin)

Slept a lot today (again). I guess that's a good thing...

I made homemade popcorn tonight for while we watched Svengoolie (which Marilyn and I love seeing). Tonight they aired "Island of Terror," a 1966 British horror film with Peter Cushing. It was so terrible it was delightful. Hahaha. We made tons of jokes during it and totally enjoyed it. (Angel texted Marilyn that he was watching...)

Oh! And I've been wondering WHERE the ants have gone. So I googled to see if they hibernate or not. Guess what? They DO! I read: "Although ants can be seen in various places from spring to autumn, they go into hibernation in the winter. In addition, from spring to autumn, many ants are seen to come from, and go into, the entrances of their nests, but these entrances are closed in winter and no ants are seen to come from there."

Good riddance, ants! So the war waits until spring. (Which COULD mean a warm day in February or March, actually!!! Hahaha.)

Still loving SimCity BuildIt. I've been doing the Vu Tower things, which is a new twist. Marilyn continues participating in challenges against other mayors...

Good night!
TMI - v1
Marilyn was home again today. She just got through saying to me that she had a bad feeling that if she got my bug she'd be sick with it for two weeks. I just feel REALLY BAD that she got it! I wish that hadn't had to happen... (sigh)

First thing today I had to do IT for the festival office... More on that later.

I managed to gather and put the garbage out in the can today (somehow). And to do a load of dishes in the dishwasher. And pick up the kitchen.

Tonight I made fried tomatoes for dinner (it's only the second time we've had them). We had a few left from when we picked them before (in the fridge) -- but a bunch were going bad, so we needed to eat them.

I made a BIG MESS cooking them, so I just finally got done cleaning it up...

We had a pot of coffee in the NEW coffee pot (Mr. Coffee -- we love it!), with a slab each of pound cake I got at Freddies when I went shopping. What a treat!

Most of today we both spent doing NOTHING, though. Watching TV, sleeping (napping, sleeping, napping), and playing on our iPads (including SimCity BuildIt -- and the 'midnight hour' is fast approaching for that game!!!).

And I gave both cats a bunch of attention -- it's the 'autumn cat thing' that has them both seeking constant attention from both of us. And I do mean CONSTANT. They want to be held and petted and held and talked to and they follow you everywhere...

Fridays are AWESOME!!! Marilyn and I LOVE watching Classic Star Trek!!! So nice. I can't get over how much we're enjoying that. (We loved it LAST Friday night, too!)

I wonder WHEN I'll get my lab results? I wonder if my spleen pain will ever go away? More on all this later.

Well, I have to run for the midnight play of our game! Please sleep well and stay healthy!!!

under the weather
Marilyn and I did pretty much NOTHING all day long.

She considered going in for an afternoon meeting, and even took a bath (just in case). But she wasn't up to it and finally decided to skip it. Good call. Sick is sick.

We did re-watch "Designated Survivor" -- again, this is just amazingly good TV! Great casting, great writing, great settings (so realistic), great direction. I can't say enough about how GOOD this series is! If you haven't considered watching it, I think you should.

I need to go do the cat boxes and recycling (at the very least). I guess I can gather the garbage up tomorrow (as it's NOT real garbage week).

Put out 'old' cat food for the outdoor critters and a cat was immediately there to eat, poor thing. So many hungry strays and wild animals around here. I hate to see any animal starve...

There's really nothing else to report today. I wonder when they'll get the results from my labs from Tuesday? I know it's too soon yet, but I'm pretty curious...

Good night and happy dreams!
sister marilyn
Marilyn was up most of the night -- and I ended up awake all night. We started watching the 2015 film "Pixels," which was just as bad as everyone said, by the way. Don't be fooled by the fact that Adam Sandler and Kevin James are in this movie. (I did really love Michelle Monaghan, however!) Kevin is especially unbelievable as the President (!!!). Just pretty awful, in spite of the fun many of us remember from the arcade game days.

I finally went to bed at 6:00 a.m. -- she fast already asleep by then, thankfully! Obviously she stayed home from work sick today. It was a miracle she went in yesterday...

Sister Sue phoned because her friend Larry was going to be in town and wanted to have lunch with the three of us. I was just too tired, Marilyn was down sick and Sue decided to tell him 'no' until we go all go...

Later in the day (we did a LOT of sleeping today), Marilyn and I watched the brand new 2016 film, "I.T.," with Pierce Brosnan. It's getting bad reviews, and I understand that. But Pierce still got good reviews -- because who doesn't like Pierce Brosnan? (grin)

Sister Sue very kindly took me shopping at Freddies this evening, so I could get POP (Marilyn was out and going crazy), and several other necessary items. (I forgot MEDICINE -- I am an idiot!!!)

We watched a bunch of Star Trek: Next Gen on TV today...

Tonight we watched the new ABC series "Designated Survivor," starring Kiefer Sutherland -- which we've really been looking forward to seeing! It was EXCELLENT!!! Just as good as we'd been hoping!

Time for a quick nap before the midnight hour of SimCity BuildIt.

Good night!
doctor stethoscope, stethoscope
Today was my appointment with Leslie, my primary care physician.

This morning I slept in (yes, again). But managed to get up around 9:30. Marilyn wasn't feeling at all well today, but went in for a meeting she needed to attend. She came home early (around 1:00-ish, as I recall).

We both showered and shampooed our hair this afternoon...

We had skinny meat sandwiches for our lunch. (I had yogurt this morning.)

The appointment was for 5:00, but they'd phoned yesterday asking me to check in ten minutes early. That drives Marilyn crazy, as it usually means we wait all that much longer! (We're NEVER late for these appointments.)

I last saw Leslie in February of this year, but I'd seen Dr. Columb several times since then. But NOT intentionally! I saw her in June because Leslie wasn't available, then she insisted I keep coming back to see her. So that's how that happened... I always wanted to retain Leslie, however.

Marilyn wanted me to remember to stay on goal, discussing the 'big picture' -- which was my overall health. We wanted to try and discover WHY I'm so unhealthy now -- suffering from my second virus in a row this summer, for example. And being constantly 'not myself' and fatigued all the time (enough that I sleep all the time).

The most interesting moment? Leslie informed me that it was in my records that Dr. Chan had found I had liver disease AND a slightly enlarged spleen back in 2006 -- TEN YEARS AGO. And he NEVER BOTHERED TO TELL ME about it!!! I just couldn't get over that! No wonder they didn't think it was a big deal to discover the liver disease with my ultrasound recently. And I still have a slightly enlarged spleen, by the way -- which explains the PAIN I've been feeling in the spleen area. (I guess I'm NOT crazy when I say it hurts there...)

It's hard to believe a doctor could KEEP information from a patient. But we had issues with him on more than one occasion (some of those involving his care of my dad years ago -- and not me). Oh well. He's not with the clinic anymore (he retired). So it's all moot now...

Leslie had labs done today -- a lot of blood taken, plus two x-rays of my lungs. She showed me those, and said she didn't see anything ("no cancer"), so that was good. She's going to wait for the results of the blood and proceed from there.

She suggested some more supplements for me to take, including zinc. Marilyn wants to discuss that with her, though. She was on zinc at one point, but if you take it regularly it can mess with your good cholesterol number. So I guess we'll see about that one.

Leslie wants to see me again next month. She said we'd talk about my steroid shot then (I get it for my allergies). And whether or not I need a flu shot. And review my diabetes...

We stopped on the way home and got deli Chinese from Safeway (fried rice and sesame chicken, etc.). Then Marilyn and I both took long naps. As I mentioned before, Marilyn wasn't feeling at all well today! Poor thing, all that long time with me at the doctor, when she could have been lying down and resting...

Oh! I did talk to Adeena today, which was lovely! We hadn't chatted for just AGES! I'm hoping we can see her this coming weekend (fingers crossed). I wish I was up to hiking and stuff. But just going to the doctor today (after showering) totally wore me out. (sigh)

I'm really hopeful we'll get some more answers about my health. My weight was down again, which pleased me. I was proud to talk about the things I'd been doing to improve my own health during this year. I don't know how much they've worked, but still...

Marilyn and I like to be awake around midnight, as it's a good time for playing SimCity BuildIt. It's hard to explain if you don't play the game, but this is a game you play while connected to the internet. You need to 'trade' with other players -- and the best time for trading is between midnight and one in our time zone. We usually watch TV and play at the same time.

(As anybody who knows us already knows, we're almost ALWAYS up between midnight and one, anyway. Hahaha.)

We've been trying to go to bed directly after that, when possible. Unless one or the other of us is just too sick to sleep at that point. (sigh)

Sister Sue called a couple of times today to check on me, including right after we'd gotten home from our appointment. (She's been so sweet with me while I've been sick.)

Oh! And I talked briefly with Donn today, too. THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and good thoughts about Donn! He's doing very well after his surgery, as he reported to me. The pain is under control and he's actually able to work in his shop already! He actually called about an IT issue for work. I guess I'll need to follow that up tomorrow...

And that was my Tuesday!

Sweet dreams -- and STAY HEALTHY, dear friends!
Marilyn, sister Sue and I tried to drive down to Sauvie Island to u-pick green tomatoes, but we couldn't get off the St. Johns Bridge!!! We literally sat for more than half an hour on the ramp leading down to St. Helen's Road (highway 30). When we finally got up far enough to see, they were laying blacktop below! There was NOWHERE for traffic to go! So why in hell wasn't that piece of road CLOSED???

Anyway, we turned up Germantown Road to turn around. This isn't a street we are happy to drive. Sue's ex was riding here years back and had his best friend killed by a driver. I know many other people who have had accidents on Germantown Road. It's narrow and curves like crazy and people drive it way too fast. They've put speed bumps to try and slow people down, but it doesn't help much... Anyway, not a place we like to go. But there wasn't much choice!

We gave up the attempt to go get tomatoes, anyway. Instead Sue took us to Starbucks (wasn't that nice of her?).

Then Sue was heading home, and Marilyn suggested she drop me to get my pedicure and manicure (it's near her home) -- and that Marilyn would come later to pick me up. So that's what we did. (Again, nice of Sue to drive me! And nice of Marilyn to come and get me in terrible traffic -- especially after her earlier bad traffic situation...)

I'm GLAD to finally have my pedicure and manicure done, as I really needed both.

Marilyn and I are both still coughing. Pretty bad, actually. Hopefully we'll be better soon...

The rest of the day? It was spent snoozing, watching TV, playing on our iPads. We had some frozen stuff I fixed in the microwave for dinner. Then I made homemade popcorn as a treat.

We decided to get a movie to watch and saw Michael Mann's 2015 film "Blackhat," which featured Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis and Wang Leehom. We LOVED this movie. I was surprised to read it was a bomb, but they surmised it was the campaign to advertise it that failed. You could see Michael Mann's hands all over it, which is no surprise considering he co-wrote, co-produced and directed it. Beautifully done. Anyway, I'd highly recommend you give it a chance. Very elegantly done...

And now I'm off to bed (Marilyn was already falling asleep when I came up to blog).
I slept until nearly 2:30 p.m. today. I have NO IDEA why -- I got to bed at a fairly decent hour, and slept fine last night...

And I was pretty much tired all day long, when I did get up.

Marilyn headed to the office to work (as planned) in the afternoon. And I sat reclining in my family room chair, watching TV and that's about it. And dozing. I guess because I was still sleepy!

Marilyn got home around 8:00 (I think). I was busy having low blood sugar at the time. I ran upstairs to test, was 62, then ate whatever I could lay my hands on to bring myself back up again. (sigh)

Marilyn wanted to go right out and get me food. But I was concentrated on just feeling lousy and lying there waiting to be okay again. We did finally go out and get McDonald's (I got dressed and went along). After that we watched more TV and I played on my iPad a bit. Yes, we're still obsessed with SimCity BuildIt. (grin)

I've had a couple of hot flashes this evening. Lovely. Just not my day, I guess.

I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow, so we can take a ride or something. We both love Marilyn Mondays!!!

Now I'm going to head to bed. Marilyn is already sound asleep. She put in several hours today at the office. She works very hard. And we're both still hacking. This virus is a bitch.

Sweet dreams, all! STAY HEALTHY if you can!

Happy Birthday, Donna!

I just wanted to post a (belated) birthday greeting on behalf of BOTH Marilyn and me for our dear friend, Donna pondhopper!!!

We both hope you had a lovely day, Donna!

Happy Birthday, Donna !

And we wish you many good things in the coming year!

Thank you for your friendship and constant support.
Friday Marilyn was home early in the afternoon, with the plan to depart by 2:00 or 2:15. I held things up, so we didn't leave until past 2:30. We ended up in terrible traffic for much of the trip to Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde.

Our festival sponsor -- Spirit Mountain Casino (one of our most major sponsors) -- was having a special event for their community partners. Many members of our staff were invited, including Marilyn and me.

We didn't exactly know what this event would be. We didn't know, for example, if it included dinner or not. We figured there would be some food, because it was slated to start at 5:00 p.m. And SMC is well known for their five star chefs!

I actually phoned Jeff on our way there and discovered he was encountering the same traffic issues we were! He was around five minutes in front of us. (That's not a good sign, as he's usually late for events...)

Anyway, we did make it there right before 5:00 and checked in to the event which was just starting (hardly anyone had arrived yet -- we were among the first!). So Marilyn went back out and checked us in to the hotel. Then we had drinks and hors d'oeuvres -- which were amazing. The chef was even serving one of them personally. We had a couple of drinks, then eventually everyone arrived -- it was a very exclusive event with an intimate gathering for the amount of organizations included. I think we had the largest showing from the festival, with eight people in attendance. (This included Carol and Steven who were also at our table, and Jeff, Calisa, Christie and her husband at the table next to us.) I think it was 10 different partner groups there, in all.

Jocelyn spoke, and a couple of others (including the head of the tribal council). There was a prayer and then they served a formal sit-down dinner! And what a dinner: Beautiful steaks and crusted salmon with amazing roasted vegetables and sauteed green beans, plus bread and coffee. Then after dinner while we were having dessert there was a country western singer who performed a private concert for our group. It ran until around 9:00 p.m. (I think that's right), before breaking up.

We were given swag bags that contained art pieces (lovely!) and SMC pins.

Afterwards Marilyn and I went out to the car and brought in our bags and were hanging out in our room. Jeff phoned and wanted us to join him for a drink, but I just wasn't up for it. But Marilyn did finally go and join him.

We did go to the snack bar and got french fries and some pop to drink and brought that back to the room. We were having a great time watching Classic Star Trek on TV. Plus there was a surprise! We managed to get WiFi on our iPads!!! So we were able to play SimCity BuildIt (which requires internet) as we were lying around relaxing. I guess it was the difference in our room, I don't know for sure. But the last time we were there (for the concert), we had no WiFi AT ALL.

We still didn't have cell phone service this time (just like last time). But it was fine...

Marilyn wasn't gone long with Jeff. Then we watched more Star Trek while resting in our room. The beds were comfortable, by the way.

What a difference having WiFi makes!!! We are not the unplugged type at all -- we always want our internet connection. It wasn't perfect (there was some dropout now and then), but it wasn't bad.

I understand that most casinos don't want their guests to have WiFi for the obvious reason that they'll spend too much time in their rooms rather than in the casino gambling. It makes sense, of course. We've experienced it before in Las Vegas. But in this day and age we all rely on the internet a great deal...

Needless to say, we didn't go in to the casino at all while there. After the long dinner and concert, we were pretty tired out. And it had been a long week at work for Marilyn.

We slept in today (Saturday), but immediately packed once we woke up. Jeff called and was getting something to eat, but that didn't appeal to either of us, so we went briefly to the gift shop, then headed for home.

We must have some bad luck about driving back from SMC! Last time we were in terrible traffic, and this time was the same (maybe worse). Poor Marilyn! But we finally made it home (after stopping to get gas) safe and sound.

The rest of today we've slept a lot and watched TV -- and played on our iPads. And that's pretty much it. We had a pot of chili for dinner.

We're both still suffering from the end of this virus, and coughing a lot. Ugh. I can't wait to finally get over it! I guess a lot of people have had it...

Marilyn and Jeff both plan to go to the office tomorrow afternoon to work.

I can't think what I might be forgetting to add. But that's my Friday and Saturday for this week.

Sweet dreams!
I slept in (again) today. I'm always SO TIRED. (sigh) No, unfortunately, my cough does NOT seem better. Hopefully it will improve in the next few days...

Tomorrow is our BIG DAY. We're due at the Spirit Mountain event by 5:00 p.m. (!!!), so Marilyn plans to get home pretty early so we can pack and take off (it's a long drive!!!).

With that event in mind, I FINALLY colored my hair (I got the color at Walmart last night). It was exhausting, but turned out very nice. I'm happy, in other words! (grin)

Marilyn had another hard day. She's probably going to need to work this weekend (sucks). And she's still not feeling that well, poor thing. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Donn's surgery went quite well, I'm happy to report! I spoke to him twice this morning. I'm hoping he'll heal quickly with very little pain...

June told me PooPurr was doing very well today! She even insisted on going out on the patio (Jim went with her to keep an eye on her). She wanted me to tell everyone how much she appreciated all the prayers and good thoughts!

I need to get in and do the garbage and recycling NOW (it's well past midnight). So I guess I'll get to it!

We're hanging in there. I'm sure tomorrow will go well.

Sleep well, friends.
beauty cats
I talked to June more than once today, and the VERY GOOD NEWS is that PooPurr both ate and drank today! In fact, June said she'd eaten quite a bit. I'm so happy to hear it! June thanked all of us for the prayers and good thoughts and asked us to keep it coming! I've been praying several times today...

I also talked to sister Sue more than once. (Nice to speak with both her and June!)

And I called Donn to wish him all the best for his surgery tomorrow. We spoke for some time (he's worried about my health -- pretty nice of him while he has his own health to concern him!).

Quiet day, pretty much. I did do one thing today. It's been driving me crazy how dirty the floor in the living room was right around my leather chair -- so I got down and gave it a good scrubbing, just in that area. I really can't say how good that made me feel! (grin)

I also sat up to my desktop computer in the office today and worked on email at work (via Remote). And here at home, too. I got it way down from where it had been. I'm at just around 240+ emails in my Inbox at the office. (But it's quite a bit more here at home... sigh... Maybe I'll do MORE tomorrow! Hahaha.)

Tomorrow I want to color my hair and do the garbage and recycling. (I think I'll probably skip my manicure and pedicure entirely. Oh, and I picked up hair color at the store while we were there...)

Marilyn had a KILLER day at the office! A lot of stressful meetings and a VERY LONG DAY. She didn't get home until past 9:00. Then we left immediately to go shopping at Walmart and got back around 10:30. She was pretty done in after that (considering she's still sick herself). I don't know HOW she does it. She never fails to amaze me!

Then we played SimCity BuildIt during the 'magic hour' between midnight and 1:00 a.m. (No, I have no idea why that's true, but it appears to be the case every day! Something GOOD always happens then, without fail...)

Now she's trying to sleep (on the sofa in the family room) while I blog, take my meds and head to bed. We're both VERY TIRED tonight...

She has another extremely busy day tomorrow, too.

She and Jeff went to a work-related (social obligation) dinner tonight. Marilyn sat with a woman (Sally) who she said was very intense and extremely fascinating to talk to. (Marilyn ate very little. But brought home an amazing pork chop to feed to our outdoor critters! Hahaha.)

I can't think what I'm forgetting to share, so I'll let it go (whatever it is). Time to head to bed!

Good night, dear friends! Sweet dreams!!!
autumn sunshine
First off, I had it in my head all day long that today was WEDNESDAY, instead of TUESDAY. Seriously, Charlie??? What gives with THAT?

Good News: PooPurr drank water today! Keep those prayers (good thoughts) coming, please! Thanks! June says she's up and down, but she's obviously a little better than before, anyway... (St. Francis is getting a lot of prayers from me... smile...)

Marilyn came home around 6:00-ish tonight, which really surprised me. She's often quite late on her first day back from vacation (especially a two-week vacation!). She hung in there really well for someone who is actually still sick (poor thing).

We ate leftover Chinese food for dinner -- it was great!

I did a tiny bit of cleaning up in the kitchen today, and cleaning out the upstairs fridge, too. But, NO, I did not overdo...

Actually, I slept in really late. Then sat around a lot upstairs (to get some sun!). And at my computer, so I could do some email maintenance for work. (I really needed to do that!)

I talked to Donn today. And June. And sister Sue.

I should color my hair, if I can work up the energy for it. Before our trip on Friday, would be good! And I should go for my manicure and pedicure, too... Again, if I can work up the energy.

Marilyn think the Ryan Lochte thing on Dancing With the Stars was deliberate -- otherwise how would those 'protesters' have gotten in there in the first place? She makes sense -- it hadn't occurred to me! Publicity, of course. Or trying to make people feel 'sorry' for the jackass...

We haven't been watching that show, so I didn't see it, but it was all over online so I saw video. Oh brother.

Still enjoying our SimCity BuildIt game. (smile) Fun, fun!

I've been SLEEPING A TON recently. I barely get to read for all the sleeping I do!

I have a doctor appointment for next Tuesday afternoon (at 5:00 p.m.) to see Leslie (hurray!!!).

Bedtime! Sleep well, dear friends -- and STAY HEALTHY!!! (Praying you all will!)
gag, alfred - gag
I don't believe in the concept of BAD days. What I mean is, even a so-called 'bad day' can include good moments. That's what I believe!

I got up this morning and had low blood sugar. I didn't eat anything to combat it, as I took a large swig of cough syrup to help my coughing -- and it's loaded with sugar, I'm afraid. (Let's not even go there...)

I was just collapsed sitting up (barely) in my chair in the family room. Marilyn got up and got ready to go out. She wanted to get her pedicure and manicure done. But there was NO WAY I was going to be able to do that. So she went without me, leaving me at home sleeping in my chair.

We had a long discussion about it today. We've both had a hard year, health-wise. Marilyn has been down sick three separate times in 2016. This has gotten less attention mainly because I've been so damn sick this year...

She wants me to get an appointment to see Leslie, but it will have to be next week at this point. (She's extremely busy this entire week.) She'll be going with me so we can have a serious talk about what I need to do now. If I exert myself even a little bit, I'm collapsed the following day. Getting really tired out and in a terrible sweat is probably what opened me up to this latest illness. Yesterday I did just a little bit around the house and today I slept most of the day!

It's pretty annoying, anyway.

Well, vacation is over. Marilyn goes back to work tomorrow. I'd hoped to do the same, but clearly I'm not ready, yet.

Marilyn was kind enough to bring home deli Chinese from Safeway, which we both really like! Tasty stuff, actually. They maybe make my favorite fried rice, believe it or not. (I like fried rice that's just rice, carrots, peas and egg -- which is what they do there.) And she got chicken for her (she doesn't eat fried rice), which I also ate. Delicious!

Later we did take a ride and get a dollar ice cream cone from McDonald's, before watching the finale of American Ninja Warrior. We HATE to see the season end!!! It's such an inspirational show in so many ways.

We're also still enjoying our SimCity BuildIt game, very much! It's been fun playing it this vacation.

So, yes, even though I felt pretty lousy most of the day, it was STILL a good day in so many ways! You've got to keep your chin up, no matter what...

About my nails: I might need to go over with either June or sister Sue and get them done sometime this week. But if it came right down to it, I could get by with the way they are. They don't look bad, really. It would probably be good to do them, but whatever. I'll deal.

If I'm not able to go in with Marilyn on Friday, she'll go to work in the morning, then come home to get me for the drive to Spirit Mountain Casino for the event (and staying overnight). If I really wasn't up to it, she would go alone -- but I don't want that to happen. It would disappoint our sponsor (who really likes me) and put more burden on Marilyn. I'll be able to do it, I'm sure!

I'm DELIGHTED to welcome my sister Sue BACK to LiveJournal! She's been 'away' a lot this year -- but she's BACK!!!!!!!!! I can't say how pleased I am!

I heard from Adeena today, which was nice!

I cancelled Hector early today. I just wasn't up to seeing him. Soon, hopefully...

Hopefully no news is good news about PooPurr (I didn't talk to either June or Jim today)...

And that's my Monday! Sleep well, everyone!
The good news from June tonight is that PooPurr is BETTER today! She wasn't hiding, ate a little bit and was following June around a little. And at Jim's feet to be petted. She's still bad off (not drinking -- June's giving her water with a dropper), but better than she has been this week. She had been hiding (which cats do when they're very sick) and not doing ANYTHING. Plus not eating and drinking...

June says her eyes have sunk back in her head, which happens to cats pretty quickly when they aren't eating. It's always been an issue with our Henry.

Anyway, keep those prayers (good thoughts) coming, PLEASE! June feels her improvement is nothing short of a miracle. (And some continued prayers/thoughts for June and Jim are much appreciated, too!)

It's hard to believe that today marks 15 YEARS since 9/11. I'll never forget that day as long as I live... (Which makes it easier to imagine what Pearl Harbor day was like for our parents and other family members who lived through it!)

Marilyn is very sick. She's feverish all the time right now. I'm chilled a lot of the time, so she'll be lying uncovered, while I'm burrowing under a blanket! Crazy.

She managed to TAKE A SHOWER AND DO HER HAIR tonight (!!!). I can't get over it! Now that I'm recovering I did that, but I don't think I could have done it the first several days I was sick with this damn bug. Too exhausting. (Plus I was dizzy...) But Marilyn can always seem to do amazing things.

We forced ourselves to dash out to the store for just a couple of items I didn't get when I went out with sister Sue. Marilyn was already feeling cabin fever after being sick a few days. I totally get it, believe me. We weren't out very long, that's for sure...

We didn't eat much (again) today. Partly we're not hungry and partly we don't feel up to fixing much. I don't think we're getting enough nutritious food, but oh well...

I did do the cat boxes, take out a bunch more garbage and clean up a little bit. That's about all I'm able to do, too. I was in a complete sweat after that small amount of work! But it's always nice to do some things, if you can.

Still LOVING the Classic Star Trek viewing we've been doing! Just wonderful. Especially seeing every episode uncut.

Hector phoned today and is coming over tomorrow. We want to discuss having him do some painting for us. We'll see how that goes...

And Marilyn and I are madly in love with SimCity BuildIt -- and having SO MUCH FUN playing it! Don't get me wrong, it's rather complicated to play. We've read a TON online about how to do things. And it helps that we're BOTH playing it, so we can explain things to each other as we learn them.

Marilyn is far better at the game than I -- she's very goal oriented when she plays any of these games. I play very differently, I admit. But we share the enjoyment of developing our two cities. And part of playing is going to other cities (that people have created) and 'visiting' so you can buy things from them and see what they've done designing their city. Very fun.

It's actually been designed to play over long periods of time. Some people we've read about have been playing the game for years! You start out very small and just slowly develop -- plus it gets harder and harder to do things.

It's been nice to have a game to distract us both while we've been sick. Something we can do lying in one spot for hours. Hahaha.

I spent a TON of the day SLEEPING again. Part of the time in bed, but a lot of the time sitting reclined in my chair, just snoozing with a blanket over me in front of the TV. It shows how tired I am, as normally I can't sleep with the TV on (unlike Marilyn). I usually prefer a dark or semi-dark room where I can read and sleep. But TV or the radio (or iPod) generally keep me awake. But not right now! I'm sleeping through everything... (Obviously I need it really bad.)

The cough I have is driving me crazy. Plus it's painful. Today I was having that pain again that I had before going to have my ultrasound (which I haven't been having lately). Annoying.

Marilyn and I must FORCE OURSELVES to go for manicures tomorrow, no matter what!!! We have an important work-related social obligation (with an important sponsor) the end of this week, and there will be no other time we can get it done before then! It's going to be VERY HARD getting up for that, believe me. (I don't like getting that done when I'm totally well!!! Hahaha.)

Well, I need to head to bed now. Hard to believe vacation is almost over...

Stay healthy (and happy), dear friends!
We're both sick. Right now I'm starting to recover (thankfully), but Marilyn is MISERABLE (poor thing). I hate for her to have this nasty bug!!!

Sure glad I shopped yesterday. I wish I'd gotten more stuff, actually, as I left a few items off my list. Oh well...

We mostly laid around or slept today. I did (finally) take out all the garbage, anyway. About time! And I did a big load of dishes, too. The sink is completely cleaned out now.

It was fun continuing to watch Classic Star Trek -- but we both slept through a bunch of episodes. So many good ones in Season 2!!!

I spoke briefly with our friend and neighbor Jim, checking up on poor PooPurr. She's bad. Just lying around and not eating or drinking. I doubt she'll last very long. So sad...

But I'm still praying for her. (And for June and Jim, of course.)

Still enjoying playing SimCity BuildIt on our iPads. I had REALLY, REALLY messed mine up last night. And it's not a game where you 'save' and can go back and undo your mistakes (I'm sorry to say). So I wasn't very hopeful I could 'fix' things -- and yet I did! So now I've made a bunch of changes and am back playing again and really enjoying it.

Marilyn is very GOOD at the game -- and her city is amazing! She has a beautiful layout. I'm just starting to get mine to look pretty and make sense... Hahaha. Anyway, it's great fun. I guess people play these games for YEARS and keep improving their city as they go along. Fascinating!

We had both homemade popcorn and some ice cream tonight. Might as well try to make a little 'party' out of being sick, I guess...

Loving our Keurig. Fun.

Praying Marilyn will feel better tomorrow. (But I'm not hopeful. She has a long way to go if you're going by me... sigh...)

Stay healthy, dear friends.
Marilyn absolutely has my bug now. (sigh) She's very sick, poor thing. I don't know WHY that had to happen...

We've been continuing to watch Star Trek (Classic) today -- GREAT FUN!!! The really cool thing? They are playing every single episode WITHOUT CUTTING OUT PIECES! Back then, they had far less commercials and they were shorter. So now to play old shows they always have to cut out huge chunks of what was originally aired! But they're just playing these one on top of another, and they keep going, playing the whole thing as originally aired! Isn't that WONDERFUL???

We used to be 'experts' about Classic Trek. We used to do what we called 'drilling Trek.' We had several manuals about the show, and we'd ask each other questions about every detail of each show. We knew all the episode names by heart and tons of little details. We did this with several Trek-crazy friends, as well. (smile) We'd do it while involved in other tasks, like cleaning house or whatever... It was a great way to pass the time in a positive way while doing something else that needed to be done.

Of course, it's been years since we did that! And there have been a good many other things in life to try to remember. So I'm always pleased when we can pull out the episode name and various portions of what happens (including famous quotes). We're still pretty good at it, actually! Hahaha.

Before I forget, I have a prayer request. (Or you can send positive thoughts, if you don't pray.) Please keep PooPurr -- June and Jim's beloved cat -- in your thoughts and prayers. The poor kitty isn't doing at all well right now. She has an enlarged heart and trouble breathing and eating and they are trying very hard to care for her. She's been to the vet several times and they're hand feeding her... Thanks, everyone!

I'll keep you posted about how PooPurr does.

(It's so hard to watch our beloved pets grow old and unhealthy. I remember how hard it was feeding April and later Kitty Scarlett...)

We didn't watch very much tennis today. But we both played with our SimsCity BuiltIt games.

I forced myself to shower and do my hair (I've been so feverish that I sweat heavily into my hair all the time), so I could go out shopping today. Marilyn and I needed EVERYTHING you can imagine! Thankfully our sister Sue took me so Marilyn could stay home and stay down (and not have to try and shower, as sick as she feels).

We went to Freddies and I got a bunch of essential things, including toilet paper (!!!), Kleenex, paper towels, cat food, kitty litter, bread, bottled water, pop, MEDICINE and on and on. It was a lot to buy and pack in the house and put away, so it tired me out a lot. I'm still VERY PUNY from being sick. And coughing like mad.

Marilyn and I ate chili for a late dinner. We've eaten very little in the last several days. I'm sure we needed the nutrition.

Donn worked on my computer at the festival today (I guess it's done now). And he worked on June's home computer, too. I have to admit I had little interest. I just didn't feel well enough to care much...

I would appreciate prayers (thoughts) for Marilyn's health. She's very frustrated, as she's been dealing with health issues most of this year.

She was supposed to hike with Jeff today but had to cancel (obviously).

2016 has been a rough year for our family...

Anyway, we keep our chins up, even so. And enjoy whatever we can! And right now that means our new game and an old TV series (Star Trek). There's always something to feel good about!

Good night. Sleep well, friends.
The first episode of Star Trek aired on September 8th, 1966.

Marilyn and I were there, watching the iconic show when it first appeared on TV! 50 years ago! Wow, it's hard to believe. And we were hooked from the beginning.

Call us Trekkies (we used to believe that was an insult, hahaha), or call us Trekkers (what Trekkies always preferred to call themselves). We have been from the first, no doubt. We were huge fans and the show truly did have an important impact on our lives.

The very first fanfiction (fanfic) either of us ever wrote was a story Marilyn penned about this show. Yes, we still have it (and I can still vividly remember it without a re-read).

We've spent a lot of time today watching US Open tennis, of course. But we've also spent a lot of time watching Star Trek. Actually, we've been watching Star Trek a lot during this vacation.

But TODAY it's about what is now called CLASSIC Star Trek (or Classic Trek) -- meaning the original series that featured Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Yeoman Janice Rand, Uhura, Sulu, Montgomery Scott, Nurse Christine Chapel and Ensign Pavel Chekov (plus slews of wonderful guest characters over the years).

It's on in the background as I type this blog. What a wonderful show!

The other fun thing we did today? Play an App for our iPads -- a game called SimCity BuildIt. We're both hooked. Hahaha.

Actually, this is NOT the first Sims game we've ever played. I was a HUGE FAN of The Sims for computer (the original version and subsequent expansion packs, created back in 2000). I spent hours and hours playing that game, way back when.

I always found The Sims very relaxing! Everyone who played the game played it differently. It was as if there was something for EVERYONE. You got to design and build houses, decorate houses, furnish houses, create the people who would inhabit the houses (how they looked and what they wore), you put people into houses and then determined who lived with them and what career they would have. But it was so much MORE than that!!! People had inherent personality traits, and you helped them to gain skills and make friends and fall in love. You had a neighborhood of various Sims who interacted with one another. Fascinating.

I never did get The Sims 2 (or later versions). Marilyn played The Sims Medieval at one point, though, and loved it. I just kept playing with the original Sims (and various expansions) for years.

SimCity was actually created for the computer back in 1989, but we never played it before today. It predates The Sims (which you can tell by the date). There was a plan to make a crossover game, but they eventually dumped that idea.

We finally ate some fried tomatoes (green and red) late tonight -- the first time this year! It's hard to believe we had none in the month of August... They were delicious -- but I still need to clean up the mess. (They're a lot of work to make, but worth it!)

It's also Thursday night, so I need to go do the garbage and recycling. Well, mainly the recycling, as happily this is not real garbage week. I can work on part of it tomorrow, I guess.

I'm still coughing and puny and I spent a LOT OF TIME sleeping today. (Actually, I slept a TON.) But I think I AM finally getting a little better, thankfully!!!

And that's Thursday!
tennis ball
Another LAZY vacation day. Mainly because neither Marilyn nor I felt like doing ANYTHING, to be honest...

We did watch US Open tennis, though...

And chat with sister Sue on the phone...

Talked to Donn about work (!!!)...

And lie around, watching TV...

And play on our iPads. (Right now we're trying out SimCity for ios. Not sure what I think. I'm seriously NOT READY to spend any $$$ buying things for ANY game, period! You can honestly pay $99 to upgrade this game! Are you kidding me??????? Not happening! How desperate would any company be to try and get that kind of money from users???!!!) Don't worry. We're not doing it.

Still sick, but some better, anyway...

I did clean out a drawer in the kitchen for our K-pod storage (go me!). That's a big deal, believe it or not.

And I unpacked our NEW Mr. Coffee coffee pot and set it up... ran the cleaning cycle and then made our first pot of coffee!!! (woo hoo)

And that's about it.

We couldn't get ourselves to go shopping, but we really need to! And we need manicures in the the worst way. (sigh)